A few announcements…

PLA will be at HOPE! Rob T. Firefly, murd0c, sidepocket, I-ball and others will be representing the PLA at this year’s Hackers on Planet Earth conference in New York. This will happen during the weekend of July 18th – 20th, so start making your plans to attend! They’ll be talking about the PLA’s major book deal, the new prime time PLA series premiering on FOX this fall, and the major motion picture about PLA that’s scheduled for release in 2010. They’ll also be talking about PLA history, giving away a few t-shirts and answering your questions. For a condensed version of how the PLA panel was at 2006’s HOPE conference, click here for a YouTube video.

UNITED PHONELOSERS are BACK!! Remember the time the UPL went missing for a few years, came back, then went missing again? Well, the UPL is back once again! What will happen next? I have my bets on the UPL going missing again, but I could be wrong. But for now, all the old UPL archives are back and so are the forums, which are actually pretty active already. So go sign up on them before linear loses them again at www.phonelosers.net.

WE’RE on TWITTER! If you’d like to receive updates from the PLA and the UPL, you can phone mob happens, when a PLA Radio comes out, when RBCP gets arrested and needs PayPal donations for bail, and when UPL comes back once it disappears again. You might also want to follow linear or RBCP on Twitter, so you can find out what they’re having for lunch, what kind of pants they choose to wear each day, who they’re going steady with, etc.

ONE MORE THING… This isn’t exactly related to the PLA, but a few months ago RBCP set up a new website called Sign Hacker, which features signs in public that have been manipulated in some way. The first entry there featured the PLA’s McDonald’s sign hack, and there’s some pretty good entries since then too. You can take a look at Sign Hacker by visiting www.signhacker.com.

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