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Phone Mobbing refers to the act of organizing groups of people to call into a specific number (or group of numbers) all at once. Such as banks of pay phones, radio call-in shows, conference call lines, etc. There’s no point to it really, it’s just to see the reaction of the target(s). This page will showcase our collection of Phone Mobbing projects.

There is a Phone Mobbing section in the PLA Forums, but you need to be a member to access it. You also have to make a few posts before you have access. Everyone is welcome to join the forums, but please don’t join and make a bunch of garbage posts just to get access to the phone mobbing section. Be patient, read the forum rules and introduce yourself.

A good place to learn about Phone Mobbing would be by listening to PLA Radio Episode #13 which tells a little about Phone Mobbing and plays some of the best mobbing clips.

  • March 2008 – NWBell’s Phone Mob Another auction radio show. This mob features a host which has dealt with cactusing before, so he kept completely quiet about it.

  • March 2008 – RogueClown’s Mob This is yet another mob to the infamous What’s Your Bid station. Unfortunately, the hosts refused to react to our calls this time, which is what made the first one such a classic. But there’s still some good stuff on it.

Our Prisoner

Our Prisoner was an internet TV show where a guy named Kieran locked himself into a house for 6 months and encouraged viewers to make all of his decisions for him. As unoriginal as that sounds, it got publicity on CNN, which is where Altalp first found it. Members of the PLA Forums spent a few weeks calling the show. It wasn’t a very organized Phone Mob, but it was fun. Here’s a few clips from it.

  • Altalp #1 Tells about her worst date and drops the name Brad Carter, along with the word cactus. They love that.
  • Altalp #2 Altalp drops the full name and home address of the show’s producer, live on the air. They sure weren’t expecting that.
  • Roy RBCP calls in as Roy, acting depressed.
  • Fake RBCP Someone called in with clips of RBCP’s voice and tried to talk to Kieran.
  • You Support Terrorists? Not sure who this guy was, but they hung up on him after he accused them of supporting terrorists.
  • RBCP Curses Even though this was an internet show, they wanted to keep it clean for some reason. This is why RBCP called in and cursed.
  • A girly voice insists on
  • Jammie Jammie asks what the show is about, then gives a shoutout to Brad and his big cactus.
  • Roy from Verizon They were having problems with their phone, which is why Roy from Verizon decided to try and help out.
  • Atomical Atomical doesn’t get to speak much in this very long clip.

Russian Bride Conference

We happened to find a conference line that held weekly conferences for people who were interested in marrying Russian girls and bringing them back to America. You know, the old Russian bride mail order scams. So in January 2003, we joined the conference for some phone mobbing fun. Unfortunately this conference had a moderator that was able to kick people out and mute people. So it didn’t go as well as it could have. Also, the first 10 minutes of this mobbing were not recorded so the best part of this mobbing was lost forever…

Russian Bride Conference

Project #2 – Radio Garage Sale

Our 2nd phone mobbing project was to call up an AM radio station’s Saturday morning show with our usual sillyness. This happened on Saturday, September 27th, 2003 and went fairly well! The targeted show was called Garage Sale where local residents were supposed to call in and sell things on the air. There was no screening involved and no phone-to-radio delay like most radio stations use. The Garage Sale event didn’t go very well since only 2 people got on the air. The reason it didn’t go well was because it was way too early in the morning – 9am on a Saturday – and because most of the program was commercial breaks and newscasts. Very little of the hour-long program actually went to taking calls. Here is a clip of the Garage Sale program with the 2 calls:

Garage Sale Show

Since that went so bad, we decided to extend the phone mobbing into the next show called What’s Your Bid. This is an auction show where the radio station sells items from local businesses and the listeners call in and bid on the items. This was another hour-long show but most of the hour was actually spent taking phone calls so a lot of people were able to get through. The results are hilarious! Take a listen:

Whats Your Bid Show

A big thanks to everyone who participated in this event! Let’s hope the next one goes as well.

Project #1 – Love Line

Our first phone mobbing project was to have everyone call up the radio sex show called Love Line and try and work the word “cactus” into your question/problem as often as possible. Judas Iscariot did an excellent job of setting up and organizing the event. Unforunately it didn’t go well for several reasons:

1. The show was on too late at night.
2. The Love Line screeners are very good at screening.
3. There was no streaming audio of the show available.
4. The show isn’t available everywhere.
5. Our forum users are lazy bastards.

Here is the thread about this event and here is the private announcement sent to all the participants. Apparantly Judas had 15 people signed up to participate in the event. Only one person got through though – Sarah601. A big thanks to her and the bogus (we assume) story she used to get on the show and talk about PLA, tone dialers and dildos. Everyone else either couldn’t get through or the screeners would drop them. Here is the sound clip of Sarah601’s portion of the show:

click here to listen

Sure, she didn’t say “cactus” anywhere in there but it was still a great bit. Funny that Davey Havok knew exactly what a tone dialer could be used for! So our first phone mobbing wasn’t that spectacular, but I’m sure our next one will be much better! Join the phone mobbing forums to help us organize our next project! And thanks to everyone who participated in this one.

User Comments

11/21/05 – commisar_rand from ENGLAND!!! woot!: WICKED SICK— cactus, well, cactus, i cactus, had cactus fun, cactus, listening, cactus, to, cactus, these, cactus, here, cactus, calls! CACTUS CACTUS CACTUS CACTUS!!!!!

09/30/05 – Floofy from 505: Too bad the mobbing forums are pretty inactive. It’s hilarious shit, and I’d love to participate sometime.

06/09/05 – Tim from Australia: cactus cactus cactus cactus cactus cactus

06/09/05 – green man from yo mummas house: whooooooo some funny SHIT

03/28/05 – yomama from love line hq: we got to try loveline again its a great show to prank justg makesure that they belive you

01/25/05 – Brides from USA: Mail Order Brides

01/25/05 – Brides from USA:

02/28/04 – Person from Place: Comment

02/24/04 – studentunderpressure from school: from 9 am till 10 pm try this number 440-964-9916. peopel reactweird to payphones ringing off the hook trust me i got bored and used a few cellphones to dial them all one day. This is eastern time

02/19/04 – Jimze from Freezing Butt Hell: Ah, you need to call 701-232-7363 and ask for Dick Hardwell in room 1201 at anytime you see this.

02/17/04 – H1D30U5 from 780: email if you want to get in on some funny shit (telecom related)

02/16/04 – dimebagkyle from CA: Klye is gay

02/14/04 – dimebagkyle from CA: Murdoc, stop signing my name on stuff.

02/12/04 – brett from USA!: Hey i wanna be in one of them things heheh i can make funny voices

02/11/04 – Crumbles from The Shitter: Can anyone get in on this? I haven’t completely combed this site yet but OutFuckingStanding!

02/11/04 – Ipokesmot from nowhere: try cnbc they have alot of callin shows

02/06/04 – tex from Minesoda: do this shit to rush limbaugh

02/03/04 – Lamby from Cambridge, UK: Haha I love your MP3 files… have you any more?

01/30/04 – Dimebag Kyle from CA: Fuck you sarah, I hate you

01/25/04 – Chuck from home: I have a suggestion for phone mobbing. Larry King Live. It might be difficult to get past the screener, but he always does his show live.

01/25/04 – Amic from 403: WooHah! good stuff, My clip made it on to the mobbing page.. enjoy !

01/20/04 – sarah601 from 740, yo!: yeah, I have a crazy since of humor :) I wish I didn’t miss that russian bride conf. I bet I could have made that real interesting, beign a chick and all

01/18/04 – zmaster from i wish i knew: sarah you are one sick bitch :-)

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