Hotel Soundboard Pranks

Yesterday I noticed some hits coming to from an unfamiliar YouTube page, so I clicked on the link and heard a prank call by Mr. Spessa where he was calling up hotel guests and pissing them off with his impromptu policies. Only these were brand new calls that I’d never heard before. This YouTube guy, w3baholicX, took one of Mr. Spessa’s hotel pranks, turned it into a soundboard and started pranking new hotels with it. Take a listen…

w3baholicX was nice enough to send me the soundboard, so I’m putting it up here so that everyone can use it to make prank calls to hotels without using their real voice. Click here to use the soundboard. (WARNING: It’s HUGE. About 11 megs.) If you do anything particularly hilarious with this soundboard, post a link to it in the comments section.

You might also enjoy the one other soundboard on this site – the RBCP Soundboard. It was made by Curtis Lee Jones pranks. (I used to have a Curtis soundboard, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.)

To hear the original hotel pranks, visit our hotel page. And if you enjoy soundboard pranks, you’ll really like w3baholicX’s YouTube page, which is filled with them.

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