I have been a listener of the RBPC Show podcast for months now. No, not just because their show looks like a dyslexic version of my name. It’s a good show! My favorite podcast, in fact. I mentioned their show in my journal awhile back and the guy who runs the show even signed my guestbook to say thanks for listening. So the other day I join their forums and introduce myself. But instead of a nice, normal “hello” I threatened them with defamation of character lawsuits instead. All in good fun, of course. But then the accusations started flying and suddenly I’m the one on trial. There’s too much to explain but go visit the RBPC Show forums and try to sort it out for yourself. I think I’ve decided to give up on proclaiming my innocence. No matter how much I explain, they refuse to believe anything I say.

What really pisses these forum users off is the fact that PLA Radio happens to have more votes than them right now. So even if you hate PLA Radio, click on the button below just for spite. It’ll give Halo something more to freak out about.

3/13/2006 UPDATE: Their forums crashed and they lost all the original posts with the PLA bashing in them. It’s too bad because it was good stuff. But at least I can pretend that I haxed their forums to scare them into being nice to me.

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