The PLA Radio arbitron ratings are in!

I just took a look through the access logs for the past month to see how the show was doing. From February 1st, 2006 to March 3rd, 2006, here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

Episode #1 (Brady Bunch, released on Feb 4th) – 2,319 show downloads made by 1467 unique IP addresses
Episode #2 (Social Engineering, released on Feb 25th) – 1,614 show downloads made by 824 unique IP addresses
Episode #3 (Deaf Relay Operators, released on Jan 31st) – 1,663 show downloads made by 872 unique IP addresses

I was surprised at the numbers – I kind of thought it would be much less. So, you know…thanks for listening! I’m not sure if those numbers are necessarily good, as far as podcasts go. Episode #1 is definitely the most downloaded mp3 file on this past month, though. I have no plans for future shows. But I didn’t exactly plan these first three either. So we’ll see what the future of PLA Radio brings. Really, though, thanks for listening!

And I’m not sure why the numbers of IP addresses are half of what the downloads are. I can only assume that everyone liked the shows so much that they just had to download them each twice.

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