Yet Another Episode of PLATV…

3/21/2003 – There are now TWO new episodes of PLA TV up! Once again, the PLA manages to annoy both employees and customers of fast food joints by adding new signs to the drive-thru menu boards. The results are a little like our Happy Birthday video except this time we allow the customers the freedom of choosing their own song for a free meal. And if they can’t sing, they can always tell a dumb joke instead! This time the video runs a little over 10 minutes and includes such hits as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday and Let It Snow. And the newest PLA TV features RBCP in 1996 making some prank calls for the camera.Click here to visit PLA TV.

We Need Your Help! We want to keep bringing you these videos but this site is a little low on bandwidth. Do you have some space on the net that you could spare? Put it to good use by uploading some PLA TV to the space and telling us where’s it’s located. In return, we’ll give you a text link next to the video download link. Even if you can only spare a couple of megs, that’s enough for some of the low-rez video files. (This new one is only 2.3 megs for the crappy quality version) If we can’t handle the bandwidth we’ll have to take down much of the video and you’ll be reduced to searching for us on Kazaa!

Thanks PLA WV for hosting some of our clips!

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