1st Annual Rubicon Pie Fight!

As if you don’t have enough reason to attend Rubi-con this year, the staff at Rubi-con has decided to make this the most memorable hacker convention ever by organizing a massive pie fight in the hotel’s lobby. The plan goes something like this – everyone attending Rubicon this year should try to bring at least one pie. Friday night there will be a social engineering contest and points will be awarded to those who can trick local bakeries into bringing in carts full of pies. On Saturday evening everyone will converge in the lobby with their pies and on the signal we all start throwing pies like a bunch of lunatics! Rubicon will be awarding prizes for the most comical-looking hits to the hotel staff. This year’s Rubi-con is one that should not be missed! (A good pie recipe for those who don’t know how to cook pies can be found here.

This year’s Rubicon will be held in Detroit’s Holiday Inn from March 28th through March 30th, 2003. Tickets are an outrageous $50 per head but if you donate 2 dozen canned goods to the staff they’ll give you a 75% discount. This also works for a 32% discount on the cost of your hotel room so be sure to bring 4 dozen cans of food for each person that’s attending with you. Besides the official Rubicon site there is also the unoffcial Rubicon site which has a lot of good information. You can view the PLA Crew’s past few years of pictures here. That page will soon contain some preparation info for the upcoming Rubicon. Once again, Microsoft founder Steve Wozniak will not be giving the keynote and neither will Defcon’s Dark Tangent. We also have information from a very good source who is quite sure that LOD’s Erik Bloodaxe will not be giving the keynote either. Keep watching Rubicon’s website for updates.

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