Screen Savers Plugs PLA

Tech TV6/3/2002 – On Friday (May 31st) TechTV‘s show called the Screen Savers did a whole 90 second bit about the PLA and their tech support calls. They were doing a segment about strange phone calls and one of PLA’s tech support calls was the first clip they played. Martin Sargent actually seemed to understand how the calls were done and explained that he felt he should plug our site to keep us from crossing his phone lines with a feed store. For this, we will spare you our wrath, Martin.

We caught the rerun of the show today and made a clip of that segment. If you have Windows Media Player, you can view that clip by clicking here. You can also visit the Screen Savers page that lists our site along with a couple of other good phone call sites. (Leave some comments on that page.) We realize that it’s only a matter of weeks now before TechTV will see how cool we are and will give PLA TV their own 30 minute weekly show on the TechTV network. Thanks in advance for that, Martin & Leo! We promise to cast both of you as extras in our big budget motion picture after Hollywood sees our TV show on TechTV and offers us a lot of money to create PLA: The Movie. –RBCP

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