Comedy Central’s New Show Sucks

Crank YankersWelp, the word is in. It appears that most people aren’t liking the new show on Comedy Central called Crank Yankers. That’s just the people I’ve been talking to, your own opinion might be different. I forgot to watch it this Sunday but I’ve been told that I didn’t miss anything good. Maybe it’ll get better though, or maybe it’ll get canceled. We’d like to hear your opinion of the show. Click here to read a review of Crank Yankers done by Ese Bastardo Amarillo and you can post your own comments about his reivew and about the show. And while you’re there, check out the rest of! It’s got a nice, interactive, PLA-themed look that you might get into.

And thanks to everyone who used the Crank Yankers web site features to prank call my house this weekend! My answering machine was filled with the same Crank Yanker prank calls, over and over and over and over. I sure did enjoy that. Yeah. –RBCP

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