PLA Issues Are Prettier!

I spent my weekend revamping all the old PLA issues into a more modern format which matches the rest of the site. Isn’t that sad, I really need something better to occupy my time. They are now much easier on the eyes and they don’t look like they were designed in 1996 anymore. I tried not to read them while I changed the code around them but at times I just couldn’t help myself. And as I read, I began to realize something – they really suck. Why do you people LIKE that garbage???

I mean, I tried to put myself in a 1995 state of mind to make them more enjoyable but they still sucked. And I’m not trying to be sarcastic or funny here, I really do think they’re horrible. There are the occasional classics like Dino Allsman, Beige Boxing, Fred Meyer, etc but overall the old PLA zine was really crappy. Nevermind the horrific HTML that I wrote back in the 90’s, the new format just makes them look pretty. But the content – sheesh. It’s pretty bad that it’s taken me 7 years to realize this. When I was writing them I thought they were funny. My god, what have I done with my life… –RBCP

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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