Hacker Programs for your Palm Organizer

Palm Hacker ProgramsMany phone phreaks have utilized the usefulness of a Palm organizer over the past several years. What they don’t realize is that their Palm organizers can help them in their everyday phreaking activities. Here are a few of our favorite Palm programs:

  • Pay Phone Commander v2.4 – phone company technicians use their TechNet terminals for everything from finding spare pairs when installing new service to basic pay phone maintenience. The Pay Phone Commander emulates the TechNet commands that let a technician access public phones via the infrared port that is found on most pay phones below the coin box. The layout of the program is very simple to use and lets you perform routine tasks like changing the way the phone bills you (making LD calls free) and emptying out the coin hopper with one stroke of the sylus.

  • Palm Red/blue Box – you’ve heard people claim that red boxing won’t work on the Palm since the Palm can only handle a single tone at once and a red box emmits 2 different tones simultaneously. Well that problem is solved thanks to the Palm Red/blue Box. Instead of playing the tones simultaneously, it alternates between the 2 tones very rapidly which fools the phone company’s system into thinking you’re really depositing money. This program works perfectly for all the coin tones as well as the blue box tones.

  • ToneLoc Palm Edition v1.0 – based on the best war dialer ever made, ToneLoc makes it’s comeback once again. Now you can program your Palm to dial thousands of numbers in sequence without fear of the phone company catching on and tracing the calls, you just place your Palm inside a TNI box or telco box and let it dial away. Just like ToneLoc, it saves any computer carriers it finds for you. You can also use this program as a pager bomber, just enter a pager exchange and the number that you’d like to show up on thousands of pagers.

  • Cell Phone Toolbox – this is a great program to use in busy malls. It uses the Palm’s infrared port to grab ESN/MIN pairs from nearby cell phone users. Most digital cells phones have built-in infrared ports that shoot out their ESN/MIN pairs and phone number every few minutes while the owner of the phone is using the phone. Go to a busy place and you’ve got ESN/MIN pairs bouncing all over the place and the Cell Phone Toolbox will grab them and log them for later use. You can use the ESN/MIN information to clone that person’s cell phone (which this program will do with the proper cables) or since it also grabs the phone numbers of nearby users, you can use your own phone to call them up and screw with their heads. This program is sure to bring you plenty of entertainment.

Okay, I guess it’s time to state the extremely obvious now – APRIL FOOLS. Did you really think that there were programs that cool for your Palm? Come on, a program that empties out the coin boxes on pay phones?? A program that grabs secret cell phone information out of the air via infrared?? It seemed like a harmless little article to me but a lot of people took it seriously. Click here to view the email, guestbook posts and usenet posts asking for the programs.

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