Rubicon 2002 Is Near

click here for more information Start saving your money, quit your job, leave your girlfriend and plan to attend Rubicon this year. It will be held just outside of Detroit, Michigan from April 5th to April 7th. Founder/chairman of Microsoft Steve Wozniak will NOT be the keynote this year. Most of you probably know him better as the guy who invented the Blotto Box back in the 60’s or as Cap’n Crunch’s weird roommate on the early 90’s NBC sitcom, “Phreak Me Out”. But it’s pointless to tell you all this now since he backed out of his appearance there. You can click here to learn more about Rubicon. Mention “phone losers” at the door for dirty looks from the Rubicon staff.

UPDATE: MexicanBob Points Out Wozniak Mistake If you’ve read our Rubicon announcement (over there on the right) and if you’re not a complete moron, you probably noticed that most of the things in that paragraph are obviously a joke. A self-proclaimed geek named MexicanBob, wrote me the following email:

On the main page of your website, you have listed: “Founder/chairman of Microsoft Steve Wozniak will NOT be the keynote this year.” The founder and chairman of M$ is Bill Gates, not Woz. Steve Wozniak was one of the cofounders of Apple Computers. He designed and built the Apple I. It is an insult to every computer geek on the face of the planet to mention
the name of the great Woz and the putrid name of M$ on the same line. -MexicanBob

This is actually about the 3rd email like this I’ve gotten. You’d think people would know that neither Steve Wozniak or Bill Gates invented the blotto box. And that there was never a sitcom with Cap’n Crunch in it called Phreak Me Out. But noooooooooo…. This reminds me of the old PLA issue where I gave out a “secret code” you could punch into any pay phone in the world and it would make all the money come out of the phone. People emailed me for years after that, telling me that they tried the code on every pay phone in town but it just didn’t seem to work. Wake up, people – this site has a lot of parody and humor in it and not everything you read is going to be 100% true!

Now that that’s out of my system, everyone go to Rubicon this year, okay? I’ve got the new 2002 Payphone Coin Return code which I’ll be handing out to everyone who wants it so it’ll definitely be worth your time to attend this year.

Brad Carter

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