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Ever since I killed PLA back in 1997, people have been saying that we should start up a new zine. Well here it is. But rather than release it in text file format and give it away for free, we’re going to print it out and expect you suckers to pay for it. It’s my best scam ever! But here’s the best part, I won’t even write original stuff! Instead I’ll take old updates that you can read for free on and I’ll print them in my newsletter. You will pay me $1.00 per issue for this! I fucking rule!

Okay so here’s the thing – usually when a person orders PLA Merchandise I’ve always enclosed some sort of thank you note. Originally, it was just a hand written thank you. Then it evolved into a photocopied thank you. Then I started putting advertisements for other PLA products on a full sheet alongside the thank you. Then I started putting other fun things into this thank you note, like puzzles, phone call transcripts and drawings. So I figure, why not just turn it into an official newsletter that I can give away with each order. But screw that, instead I’ll call it Phoneloser Monthly and charge $1.00 for it.

So that’s what I’m doing. Only it’s more than just recycled articles and advertisements. Each issue is at least 8 pages and contains different items like word searches, phone number lists, facts, crossword puzzles, mazes, phone call transcripts and other things you’ve never seen before. There is no official format and no strict schedule for releasing issues. So you won’t have to read through a 3 page update of us apologizing for being late and making up excuses. And you won’t have to read paragraphs of us begging the readers to write articles for us. You may not find it useful, but you’ll probably have fun reading it. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

SPECIAL PROMO! To sucker you into our scam, we’re offering the first 2 issues (January 2003 and April 2003) for just $2.00 total. That includes shipping and you get both issues, meaning you save a whopping $1.00! So PayPal us $2.00 (or mail it) and you’ll get our first 2 issues to try out. At the very least, you can just use them as toilet paper so it’s not a complete waste. Click here and place your order immediately!

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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