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Hi. I’m Brad. The good news is that I’ve created a membership site for you. The bad news is that I barely know what I’m doing, so on this page I will attempt to document updates to the membership system as often as I can. Some things are moving slow, so be patient. You can leave questions and comments at the bottom.

1/3/2021: I created quarterly and yearly payment options for all of the membership levels. So if you’re paying monthly, you’re totally getting ripped off now. You can switch that to a yearly account by going to the main Elite Cactus Squad page and choosing a new type of membership from the list. I’m not sure how the membership site will handle pro-rating your account, if at all. So if you feel like you were double-charged for a month, or even part of a month, let me know and I’ll refund whatever I need to.

All of the Hobosodes are now available! I finished changing the filenames on the last 100 or so of them, so they should all be available to listen to now.

I didn’t even try to fix the podcast feed.

1/2/2021: Yesterday I spent hours trying to make the podcast feed go, and still no luck. There’s surprisingly very little documentation to make this happen. I feel like the biggest dummy ever because it seems like it’d be such an easy thing to do. Whatever. Oh yeah, I broke all the $5 monthly memberships last night while messing with the podcast settings. I just now noticed that and fixed it. And by noticed it, I mean someone emailed me and asked wtf.

Today I spent another 30 minutes screwing with podcast things, but then decided to work on something that matters a little more and I know I can actually do – the Hobosode links. I got 5 more pages of those done, so now there’s just one page left to go. What this means is that you can now listen to Hobosodes all the way back to Hobosode 149. I shouldn’t have a problem getting the rest of those done by the end of the weekend. I also tried using .htaccess to make the entire Hobosode directory available to members, but that isn’t working either. I guess Memberpress is messing with the permissions around here, which I’m sure is why the podcast thing won’t work. Don’t worry, I’m slow but determined. This will all work soon.

If you’re really desperate for those first 148 Hobosodes, it’s pretty easy to manually change the file name and listen to it before I fix them. Just put in the URL of https://phonelosers.com/media/hobosode/members/ followed by the full Hobosode file name and it works just like magic.

THINGS TO DO: Make yearly options for the youtube and sponsor level payments. Right now you’re forced to pay monthly. I want to give the options for yearly and quarterly with discounts, just like the old system. Don’t let me forget that.

1/1/2021: Happy New Years everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on how the site is coming along. Podcast feeds are still not here because I suddenly had to devote all of my website time to figuring out why automatic PayPal payments weren’t working. And I did! Yay. Turns out my old 1990’s PayPal account isn’t compatible with certain modern features.  So I had to make a new one. That’s weird.

So next on the agenda is to work on that podcast feed stuff. And maybe make THIS page more useful, but for now it’s just my updates about the membership stuff.

You can currently listen to exactly 1/7th of the Hobosode archive. Basically just the first page of them. That’s the other thing I really need to work on, opening up every single Hobosode post and changing the play URLs so they work again. Please yell at me if I don’t do that within a week.

I just now enabled comments on this page. If you want to ask questions or make suggestions here, you can do that below and I’ll try to keep an eye on them and answer. You can also email me at brad@phonelosers.com.

12-30-2020: Okay, this is the site you see when you’re a member. Pretty underwhelming, isn’t it I’m still setting all this up so please be patient with features. The main thing missing right now is a secret podcast feed, which is giving me some issues but I’m sure we’ll have it soon.

You’ll notice some weird social media features that resemble Facebook and then there are forums. I don’t know if I’m keeping any of this stuff. I’m just playing around with it all. I do plan to keep pretty much all of it members only though. I think most of the things are up in the menu bar, in the MEMBER AREA. If you’re having problems or there’s anything else you’d like to see around here, send me a message at brad@phonelosers.com or whatever other email address you have for me.

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