Elite Cactus Squad

Elite Cactus Squad

Welcome to the Elite Cactus Squad membership page! Supporting the PLA helps us create more content, more shows, more videos, more music, more merchandise, and just a ton more awesomeness in general. Plus you get an extra free show every month when you support us.

Unfortunately, using this website for supporting the show really sucks and you shouldn't use it. It's a nightmare for everyone who uses it. Instead of using this, you should support the PLA on Patreon or NewProject2. Those both have the same benefits as this site, but are much easier to use. For other ways to support PLA, take a look at our support page.

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If you'd like to cancel your current subscription with this website so you can switch over to Patreon or NewProject2, here's the link to do that.

If you still want to use this site to support PLA's wacky projects, even after all the warnings I've given you that it sucks, you can sign up below with PayPal or Stripe.

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