Social Networks for the PLA

Social Networks

Here is a list of the various PLA communities that are still active. The more active ones are at the top, while the completely dead ones are closer to the bottom. I’m keeping the dead ones listed since they still exist and people could join them if they really wanted to. Click here if you’re interested in the history behind many of the PLA communities.

PLA Forums – These are the official forums for the Phone Losers of America. They’ve been around since about 2006 and include discussion areas for various PLA projects.

TinyChat – TinyChat is one of the primary chatrooms for us Phonelosers. It supports text, video and audio chat.

IRC (#phonelosers on efnet) – Our official IRC chat room. This is a good place to go if you hate Tinychat.

Voice Bridge – PLA has always tried to maintain a meeting place on a regular phone line for us to get together. These days Skype and Tinychat are replacing the POTS line, but we try our best to keep some kind of phone line out there for us. This page will tell you if one currently exists.

Reddit – Here is a PLA reddit group. It’s got upwards of 7 posts on it right now!

Yahoo Group/Email List – This doesn’t get used much anymore, but there are still quite a few members there if email discussion lists are your kind of thing.

PLA State Sites – This is another project from the 1990’s that nobody ever does anymore, but if you set up your own state site, I would probably list it.

Myspace Group – This Myspace group was created for PLA Radio in 2006. It doesn’t get updated much these days because not a single human on Earth uses Myspace anymore, but if that’s your thing then there it is.

Facebook – This is one of the best places to stay updated about current PLA happenings.

Twitter – Our Twitter doesn’t get updated quite as much as our Facebook, but most of the important things are posted on it.

YouTube – Our official PLA video channel. Most PLA videos are posted here before anywhere else.

Google+ – Just for giggles, here is a Google+ PLA account. Sometimes we even log into it and update the status.

Flickr – If you have some PLA-related pictures, this is a good place to upload them to so that all 6 members can view them.

DevArt – This is a gallery in RBCP’s personal DevArt page, but it’s mostly PLA book art.

Orkut Community – you’re probably surprised that we have an Orkut community still, but you’ll be even more surprised to see that people are actually members of it.

LiveJournal – if you know what we were up to in the mid-2000’s, here’s a good place to look since nothing has been posted on there since then.

Usenet (alt.phonelosers) – Even in the 90’s, our Usenet group had more spam in it than real PLA posts. Visit here to find out how little things have changed since then.

3 thoughts on “Social Networks for the PLA

  • February 3, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    I listen to yall on tunein radio on my smart phone. When do yall do live shows on there?

  • February 3, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Hi Tom. There’s no schedule for shows I do. They happen at random times of the day and on random days, just whenever I feel like it. I used to hate keeping a schedule for shows.

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