Other PLA Sites on the Planet

Other PLA Sites On The Planet

Curious about the security problems in your own town? Or maybe you just want to meet some locals who are into the same shenanigans as you are. For over 3 years now PLA has given the average hacker/phreak the opportunity to to meet other local h/p’ers by setting up PLA State Sites. “But it’s pointless because nobody around here is into h/p except for me!” Yeah right, there a guy less than a mile away from you probably thinking the same thing. Try it out, set up a state site today! Today there are over a hundred of them, many in small communities.

If your PLA site disappeared from this page, resubmit it. Scroll until you find the state site nearest you, then click on it. Don’t forget to check out the FTP storage sites and other links on the bottom of this page! You can help out greatly by reporting any dead links to us. This list was last updated and verified on 2/9/2003. (That does not neccesarily mean that things haven’t been added to the list since then, though.)

If for some reason you don’t see the list that should be below, try looking in the Yahoo Directory for PLA Sites. If you’re not listed in the Yahoo directory then you might want to add your site there.

Site Located Within The United States & Canada

Alaska: PLA AK: PLA AK, don’t call us PLAK, our dentists will be mad, AND THEY GOT DRILLS! This site is maintained by The O

Arizona: Northern Arizona Phreaking United: Northern Arizona Phreaking Info, numbers, freqs., etc. The goal of this site is for N. Arizonan Phreaks can meet. This site is maintained by MaaDHaatR

Arkansas: Phone Loser’s of Arkansas 501: This page is a page for people to unite in Arkansas i thught Arkansas needed more than one page up! This site is maintained by CoZMiK

California: PLA San Diego: This site is maintained by Tupac

California: Phone Losers of 661: This is a PLA site for the 661 areacode,which is the Bakersfield area. This site is maintained by Darhkcor

California:Phone Losers of 714 Site for Orange County Phreaks. This page maintained by IDontLikeRabbits.

Canada: West Coast Phreakers: An H/P scene for Canada and the West Coast. We have a monthly issue and media. This site is maintained by Spam Man Sam

Canada: Phone Losers of Uzbekistan ;) Home of BC Hell (AC 250): The Official Site of BC Hell: All the 250 info you’ll ever need. This site is maintained by Doktor Che

CONNECTICUT: PLA of Connecticut 860: If there is anything we can do to pester, leech, or otherwise piss off the phone company with, we sure as hell will do it! This site is maintained by pla_ct_860@yahoo.com

Connecticut: Phone Losers of Connecticut (860): New page, will soon contain larger list of payphone numbers in the area and other fun places to call. This site is maintained by Lachesis

Florida: Phone Losers 352: We are here to bring hackers and phreaks, from 352 area code, together to share information, techniques, stories, etc. This site is maintained by Phreakazoid.

Florida:954 Phone Losers: For the Fort Lauderdale and 954 area. Maintained by PHISH-PHREAK

Florida:352 Phreak: My goal is to group as many of you who live in the 352 area code together. Maintained by Sneek

Florida: PLA 407: This site is great, you should visit it if you live in the 407 area. This site is maintained by phreon

Georgia: PLA770: Come and see whats happening with the H/P scean in GA its worth your time…really. This site is maintained by TheNextThreat

Georgia: Georgia and North Flordia – The Syrup Pirates: The Local Scene of Cairo, Tommyville and Tallahassee. This site is maintained by N3k0-X

ILLINOIS: PLA 847: A site for local Phreaks to unite and harass…uh I mean learn. This site is maintained by Sh0ck

ILLINOIS: Phone Losers of 847 [Chicago’s NW ‘Burbs]: Phreaking Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs since 2002. We also have the ‘zine Exile! This site is maintained by Evil_Tree

ILLINOIS: Riverbend Phone Losers: This site deals mainly with Alton and it’s surrounding cities such as Wood River, East Alton, Godfrey and St. Louis, Missouri. This site is maintained by RBCP

Indiana: The Lafayette, IN. PLA Page: A Page for the Lafayette, IN. area for Phonelosers. Not too much local stuff yet, but im working on it. This site is maintained by Depravity

Indiana: 812 PLA: Brand new site for the H/P scene in the southern indiana, and lousiville kentucky area. It’s new, so give us some time to put up local phone information. This site is maintained by xenophobx

Iowa: the P.P.P. (319): -=The P.P.P.’s Web Site=- Iowa’s one and Only Phreaking Site!! -=Phone Phreak Plan=- This site is maintained by CRiMSON

Kansas: 785 — The NPA of Champions: This is a site to show what’s up in salina, ks phreaking scene. lots of good things. This site is maintained by 785sicc

Kentucky: Phone Losers of Murray: For all you racers who have nothing better to do than play with the fone system.. this is for you. This site is maintained by liquidacid

Louisiana: Phone Losers of Louisiana: If you live near Lousisna, come to our site. This site is maintained by Reverend truK

MARYLAND: Upper Marlboro, Maryland: This site is maintained by NetX

MARYLAND: Baltimore, Maryland: Phreaking info, some files, txt , soon info about our BBS and maybe a list of a bunch of phone numbers and CNAs for this area (i’m working on it) This site is maintained by xBrucex

Massachusetts: Hell Atlantic: Phreaking geeks from 617. This site is maintained by KP2

Massachusetts: Phone Losers of Massachusetts: This site is mainted by The Loser Punks and is a place for all phreakers and hackers of anywhere to go and laugh at my poor attempt to make friends. This site is maintained by George, MrPeanut

Michigan: Project Nexus: 616 PLA Site: 616 Local Information, contains local payphone numbers and the Amway project. This site is maintained by RijilV

Michigan: PLA269: Rare telecom manuals for download, exchange listings and more. Site updated frequently, run by people who have a knack for getting hard-to-find information. Focusing on the newly-formed 269 NPA, but includes general information as well as specific information for the entire Midwestern United States. This site is maintained by Shortfuse

Minnesota: PLA-MN: Minnesota? Phreaking? You betcha! Come on down and get in on the phun — new members and submissions are always welcome. This site is maintained by nwbell

Minnesota: PLA 612: Info on the local H/P

Mississippi: Phone Loosers of the 662: The old site has long since dissappeared, so im just trying to help phreaks find each other out in north mississippi. This site is maintained by droops

Mississippi: (228) Mississippi Gulf Coast teleph0ny: scanning/dtmf, phone #’s, original stuff, come here if you are a local phreak, organizing the biloxi, ms 2600 meeting! This site is maintained by purpin

Nebraska: Phone Losers of Middle Tennessee: For phreaks in Middle Tennessee. Site includes files, telecom & CO stuff as well as local phreaquencies & miscellaneous technical info. This site is maintained by Wraith

TEXAS: North Texas Phone Losers: Info on North Texas pay phones, pranks, phreaking in general, local telco tricks and interesting numbers. This site is maintained by Doctor_X

Texas: phonelosers of pasadena,houston/tx/usa: crap a/b phreaking or what ever. This site is maintained by krazy

UTAH: Salt Lake City, Utah (pla 801): just a pla site for utah, with numbers of interest, scanner shit, war dialers a list of payphones in slc, and we will be putting up some of or prank calls..i am also werking on a msg wall cgi script, so that messages/infoz can be posted anon. This site is maintained by fr4ud

Utah: phreaklinx of utah: meet local 801 phreaks. includes a voicebridge, free email, voicemail, 2600, chat, free isp, webhosting exc….check it out! This site is maintained by m651

Virginia: Phonefreakers: A organization based in Southwest Virginia mainly based on prank calls. Just started the orginization in 2003. looking for massive upgrade of the organization in the next several months. This site is maintained by Bill Jones

Virginia: Phone Losers of Virginia: Phone phreaking across Virginia. This site is maintained by The Shadow Hamster

West Virginia: Prophets of the Blue Alien: Local H/P information for the West Virginia scene. This site is maintained by RickDogg

OTHER: University of Michigan’s PLA Archive: This is the original PLA internet site. All of the issues can be downloaded from here This site is maintained by etext.org

OTHER: The3rdWorm: We will talk about the “PLA Obsession syndrome.” Also, this is a very promoting text for my site. Go there now, weeeee. This site is maintained by Mr. 3rd Worm

Guidelines For Making Your Own PLA Page

Why start your own PLA page? People are always complaining that there is no H/P scene in their hometown and that they are the only ones who would ever be interested in learning about phone companies. But who knows, maybe some guy just a few blocks away from you is saying the exact same thing. By setting up a PLA page for your home town, you stand a better chance of meeting other people with similar interests and learning about the phone company together, rather than by yourself or not at all. The original intent of inviting others to create their own PLA pages was to learn about the H/P scene in other specific areas of the world. So far the results haven’t been too bad and a few people have even managed to meet other H/Pers within a few miles of them by creating a page.

How do you make a PLA page? Easy, you just set up the page somewhere and email us the URL. We will most likely link any PLA page as long as it’s really a PLA page and not just some regular H/P page that you’ve added the words PLA to. To make your page useful, you should include information that would benefit other aspiring phreaks such as pay phone numbers, toneloc scans, scanner frequencies, telco test lines, information about local phone and cable companies, etc. You can host the page anywhere you want.

  • The page MUST state that it’s a PLA page and have detailed useful information about your city such as scanner frequencies, toneloc scans, pay phone numbers, telco test lines, fun stuff to do there, etc. Try to be original.

  • You may make links directly to this site, even everything on this site if you want, but you must also try to put some original content on the page. Local H/P happenings, organizations, anything. Just try to be original.

  • Before making your own PLA page, visit some of the other PLA pages first just to get an idea of what you can do. There’s also a lot of examples of what not to do on the state sites.

  • Here are some graphics you can use on your state site.

Submit Your Site

So you think you’re ready to submit your site to be an official PLA State Site? Well before you do, check off the following items to make sure your site is ready. Then send your site information and it should be added shortly. But please BE SURE that your site meets all of the requirements listed below. We will review and add your site usually within a week. Or two. Or nine.

    My site has some original content on it such as local information and/or insight about the local H/P scene.
    My URL is working.
    My site doesn’t say, “Soon to be the home of the ________ PLA!!”
    My grandmother will be proud of me when she sees my site.
    I’ve read the State Guidelines (above) and have tried to follow it to some extent.

Include the following information in your email:

What State (or country/province/whatever) do you represent

Title of your page (e.g. Phone Losers of Iran)

Describe your page (this will appear for all users to see so make it good!)

Your name, nick or alias

Your e-mail address

The URL of your state page

Information for State Site Owners

First of all, I think I should thank everyone who’s created a PLA state (or other country) page. Not only have you helped support PLA, but it’s really helped bring a small portion of the h/p world together. I think if we can all work together, we can make this whole state idea a lot bigger. That’s where this section comes in.

We can only do so much on this end to promote your state site. The real work has to be done by you to promote your site around the area you live in. This will get the locals interested in you and soon they’ll be watching your every move and eventually you’ll be arrested. This is your first step to becoming a cool hacker guy, because everyone will think you’re just like Kevin Mitnick!! These are some basic ideas we’ve either personally tried or have had suggested by other state sites. If you have any other ideas, let us know..

  • Public Access Computers: Internet computers are popping up all over the place, especially in public libraries. Run into the library and demand to use the internet computers. Once seated, start modifying their bookmarks. Not only should you insert several of your own pages into the links, you should use your elite knowledge of Netscape and IE to modify the toolbar selections and make them point to your site.

  • Now that that’s done, create a bunch of new shortcuts all over the system pointing to your URL. Give them all flashy interesting names to ensure people will stumble upon them and click them. After you’re done with one library computer, go to the next one. Then find more libraries. Then head over to the cyber cafes and then do the same with computers at places like CompUSA, Babbages, etc. Those computers actually GO HOME with people.

  • Go to every search engine imaginable and search for keywords that would describe your city. Find and bookmark just about every commercial & personal page that has anything to do with your city. The best are those touristy pages that offer fun things to do in town and usually contain pages of local links. E-mail the webmasters of every page you find and ask to please be added to their links page. E-mail the people who have regular homepages and tell them how much you enjoyed their page and ask to be added to the links section. Then keep pestering the hell out of them all until they get you added.

  • Ask the local print shop to print up 1,000 bumper stickers with a catchy phrase and your URL on it. Then in the middle of the night, sneak over to the police station and completely cover all of their off-duty patrol cars with the stickers. Your URL will get plenty of attention then!

  • Whenever you go to a major public event, hand out flyers to random people standing around, or waiting on a line (like a ticket, concession, bathroom, or payphone line).
  • Put up flyers at payphones – the one place you’ll ALWAYS find a phreak!
  • Find a place where there’s a “Take one” box, such as a real estate listing. Pull them all out and burn them, because they’re of no use now, and replace them with flyers for your site!
  • Whenever you see someone about to use a payphone, slam down the switch hook, and say “It’s okay, I’m from the PLA, I’ll take care of this call for you.” Place their call (and pay for it), and say, “There you go sir/ma’am”. Then hand them a business card with your URL displayed on it.
  • Slip half-page flyers in all of the 2600s at a local bookstore. Slip half-page flyers under people’s windsheilds. Slip half-page flyers through the cracks under every closed door that you find, anywhere. Slip half-page flyers into every mailbox on a given street. Slip half-page flyers into every passerby’s pocket as you’re walking. Slip half-page flyers into a napkin dispenser, so that anyone who wants a napkin pulls out a half page ad for your page.

User Comments

Feel free to post your own comments about this page below. If you’d prefer to make a general comment about phonelosers.org, try signing our guestbook instead.

03/03/06 – kelsokid18 from 360: Or if you are really good, hack into the giant electronic billboard at the front of the mall and make a looped message about your PLA State Site

03/01/06 – Jim from Vermont: vermont needs a site!

01/05/06 – nick from south dakota: anyone from south dakota want to start a site?

12/02/05 – PaTcH from 270: The Kentucky site was horrible, I feel I am the only phreak here :(

08/29/05 – Akiradawn from 517: Wow man, that state site owner thing was pretty harsh. Anybody out there in Lower Michigan that wants to setup/run a site?

04/23/05 – war from edmonton, alberta, canada: whatevs…pla. :/ and yeah, same as grave. clean up.

04/14/05 – -grave from 301: alot of sites in the PLA sites index are wack….. so, you should clean house..

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    This site has a podcast section as well for my own content or for stuff that may be shared or recoreded from the bridge.

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