Important Links on the Web

  • The Web Page You Have Reached… A site full of telephone recordings.

  • Cyber Telephone Museum An Exhibit of Common & Rare Antique Telephones

  • PHONEBASHING These guys really hate people who use cellular phones. So much in fact, that they dressed up as human-sized cellular phones and went around town grabbing cell phones out of peoples’ hands, smashing them to pieces and then running like hell. Watch the video clips, they rule!

  • The Mojave Phone Booth The booth is gone but it’s memory remains. Read the story of the most popular phone booth in the world.

  • Celebrities With Phones Pictures of famous people holding telephones.

  • Old Telephones as Entertainment This is a great archive of old telephones and telephone equipment. Excellent pictures.

  • This site claims to have the lowest prices on pay phones. But it also doubles as a cool gallery of pay phone pictures.

  • Aussie Phone Brotherhood Great Australian phone page by several lads who have an obscene fascination with phones.

  • Telephone Tribute History of the telephone, technical information, research resources, etc.

  • Phone Trips Legendary phone phreak Mark Bernay records a bunch of phone sounds from the 70’s and puts them up on his page. Really cool stuff here.

  • The Ten Project Telephone numbers used to begin with two letters, which were an abbreviation for a word. This site will give you the entire history of the old phone exchanges.

  • LincMad Telephone area codes and splits. Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest of all these insane area code splits, hear other peoples’ opinions on them and read up on the history of area codes.

  • Bell System Memorial Keeping the memories of the old Bell System alive.

  • Private Line Magazinea journal of inquiry into the telephone system

  • Telephone Prefix Location List Not only does this site list every area code in the country and beyond, it lists the location of every prefix under every area code in the country and beyond including cellular prefixes and more. Very accurate and updated often.

  • This isn’t your ordinary telephone sex page, you’ll love this one!

  • Bakelite Telephone Collection Lots of old phone pictures.




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