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People often ask me how they can donate money to the PLA, to pay for all the years of entertainment we’ve provided. The problem is that while I do like money, I kind of feel like a jerk taking people’s money and not giving back anything in return. So this page is going to list a bunch of ways that you can give back a little to the PLA, by giving us your support without giving us your money.

Tell everyone you know about PLA
Tell your friends, your family, your church, your school, the police, your pizza delivery man, and complete strangers about our website, our pranks, our book and our YouTube. Even people who aren’t into prank call humor can appreciate some of our shenanigans.

Share our stuff on social media sites
After you’ve run out of people in real life to tell about PLA, start sharing our videos and pranks on every social media site you can think of. Share us on your Facebook, your Twitter and your Tumblr. Post our stuff on Reddit and Fark and Digg and Ebaums and Funnyjunk and Cracked and College Humor and 9gag and Break and anywhere else you can think of. The more people that know about us, the happier I am.

Leave some iTunes and Amazon feedback
A really good way to help our podcast content get noticed is to leave a review on our iTunes page. This shows iTunes that people listen to us and makes it more likely that we’ll end up in the Comedy charts or on their other lists. You could also give the PLA book a review on Amazon.

Post PLA Flyers
There are a few PLA flyers in PDF format that you can print out and hang up. Post these on every bulletin board and telephone pole you can find. Hand them out in crowded places. Put them on car windows. Glue them to the front windows of your local police station. Take a look at our page of PLA flyers and print out no less than 1,000 of them.

Get PLA’s material on shows and in publications
If you’re a regular listener of a radio show or a podcast and think their listeners might benefit from hearing PLA material, send our pranks or music or anything else of ours to them. Track down the emails of wacky morning radio DJs and get them to play our pranks. Tell them about us on their Facebook pages. And get blogs, newspapers and magazines to write about us.

Use Our Material In Your Creations
If you make music or videos or art or anything else creative, feel free to use any of PLA’s stuff in your creations. You don’t even have to credit PLA for the things you use, though it’s always nice when you do.

Buy PLA Merchandise
We’ve been selling shirts and stickers for about as long as PLA has existed. There’s also a PLA book (both paperbacks and e-books), pencils, buttons and other miscellaneous things in the PLA store. So buy a thing or two. Then buy some things for all of your friends and family. Then start buying shit for complete strangers. Click here to look around the PLA store.

Turn off Adblock
I know that Adblock is great because I use it myself and I couldn’t live without it, but I turn it off for awesome websites such as, which serve small, non-intrusive and non-annoying ads. This site has some ads in the sidebar and occasionally ads on the pages, but we never do popups or seizure-inducing blinky ads. So click on your ad blocking icon and select the “Don’t run on pages on this domain.” Even if you don’t buy anything, the increased ad displays will help us look better to potential advertisers, and you’ll barely notice the change.

Unblocking our ads on YouTube would be nice too, since we rarely run the 30 second ads before the videos, but I realize that you’d have to manually choose not to block the ads on each individual video and that’s a lot of hassle just to help us out. Mostly we just have the ads on the bottom of the videos and occasionally a video ad will play AFTER our video is over, so if you can figure out an easy way to unblock us on there, that’d sure be nice of you.

Do all of your Amazon shopping through PLA
Whenever you want to buy something from Amazon, come to and type your product into the Amazon search box in the right sidebar. Doing this doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it gives me a small percentage of whatever you buy. I’ve set up a page at, which has the Amazon search bar and some other useful Amazon widgets.

If you only do one thing on this list, you’re helping to keep us going. But if you do everything on the list, you are guaranteed a spot in Heaven. If you can think of anything else I should add to this list, please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks a ton for your support of PLA!

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