Snow Plow Show – January 6th, 2014 – Lube Jobs and Portrait Euphemisms

This show is sponsored by Brenden from Massachusetts for buying me Skype credits.  Thanks, Brenden!

  • The opening song is So Many Fwends by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  • Congratulations, SyncsItaXXxXxXqewrfd and Jackiee for losing your Snow Plow Show virginities!
  • I’m not sure exactly what shows contain all the amazing Power Ranger prank calls, but if you look at the past week of show archives on Spray’s Mixlr, Turbo’s Mixlr and Madhouse’s Mixlr, you’ll probably find plenty of the calls in there.  Hurry up and make a compilation video, someone!
  • Jiad’s Art of Phone Larking show raised over $400 to help a lady get Christmas gifts for her kids.  Tons of thanks to all the Madhouse & PLA listeners who donated.
  • Brenden from Massachusetts bought me an entire year of Skype Premium.  HOLY CRAP.  Thanks, Brenden!  All pranks made for the next year are officially sponsored by Brenden.  Of course, this also means that any legal ramifications happening as a result of my prank calls are 100% Brenden’s fault and he will deal with the consequences.
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  • A new Denver, Colorado hacker conference is happening on May 3rd, 2014!  “Calling all hackers, makers, coders, designers, explorers, geeks, cyberpunks, steampunks, cryptologists, phreaks, circuit benders, memesters, DIY, reverse engineers, script kiddies, tech enthusiasts, artists, demosceners, sci-fi writers, BBSers, warez crews, security agents, gamers, digital subculture addicts, mixers, networkers, bloggers, open comunications advocaters, black hats & white hats and nerds!”  The websites are and
  • The pee break song was They Won’t Get Me by Roger Miller.
  • When This Song is Over You Will Die by Tom Smith
  • Leave a voicemail for the show at 814-422-5309
  • The end music is Go Hard by Kreayshawn

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