Snow Plow Show – August 10th, 2013 – Home Alone

This show starts out really slow, for the first 5 hours or so, but it’s worth it because RBCP gets married in this show.  I edited about half of the boringness from this show, but it’s still pretty long and boring.  Just skip this one.  Don’t even listen.  Why bother.

  • Tonight I broadcast on the new Madhouse Mixlr, which is located at, and has a little less delay than the shoutcast streams on and
  • I’m also broadcasting on YouTube streaming, but that only lasts about half of the show so I probably won’t do that again.
  • Gaaawwwwdddd, I left the music on during a call.  I’m sorry.
  • MUSIC: Jenny’s New Area Code  (Get it here or watch the video here.)
  • I’m referencing a song that I cut out of the podcast about linear.  It’s called linear.  Sorry to confuse you!
  • The best phone number identifier AND touch tone decoder is MCI at 1-800-444-4444.
  • I attempt to prank residents of the Home Alone neighborhood. Click here to see the Home Alone house on Streetview.
  • We’re calling out from Scatman’s World.
  • END MUSIC: I’m Not Afraid Anymore by Rappy McRapperson

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