PLA Audio – Christmas Portraits

Cactus Christmas lights (photo by Staci Stack)

Hi there, readers of RSS feeds. Have you been feeling neglected since I quit 2 of my podcasts last summer? Do you love the YouTube videos, but hate fascist YouTube because you use Linux and smoke American Spirits, goddammit? Then have I got some great news for you! I’ve been feeling like a huge jerk for ignoring the RSS feeds on my website lately, so I’ve decided to take the video that I’ve created using audio files, and convert them into audio files for you so I can release them on the feed! Isn’t that genius!?

I’m going to make this a regular thing, rendering my videos not only to MP4, but also to MP3 whenever I make them, so you can expect plenty more of these. I’ve even made a directory on my computer called “Videos to convert to audio” and filled it with all of the videos I’ve created in the past year, to nag me into doing all of the older videos. So for realsies, lots of content will be happening regularly on our main RSS/podcast feed.

If you’re into listening to podcast feeds on the billions of podcasts apps available today, all you need to do is search for things like “Phone Losers of America” or “PLA Radio” or “prank calls” until you find our feed. If that fails, then manually set your podcast listener to Or if you’re an iTunes users, click on this link.

Enjoy the new audio and try not to be too annoyed when you hear things that have already been released in some form on this site. There are definitely going to be some duplicated things at first. If you feel you’re missing anything because these podcasts tell you to look at things in the video, then you should find the corresponding video on our YouTube page at This first episode contains the two portrait studio videos I did over the Christmas holidays, which you can find here and here.

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