TheN’s Voice Bridge

Some jerk named TheN has created a voice bridge to compete with the PLA’s TinyChat room. The phone number to reach it is 253-397-1819. As if people ever use phones anymore. Get with the times, TheN! It’s all about flash-based chat rooms that crash your browser and slow down your computer to 1996 speeds. If you’d like to talk to then about his outdated thinking, you can usually find him in PLA’s TinyChat room in the evenings.

TheN also runs a website called After The Tone, where you can leave a voicemail at 253-242-8995 and it will immediately be available to listen to at, which is nice for phoning reminders to yourself throughout the day, but we’re sure this violates some kind of privacy or anti-terrorism laws and will be reporting him to the appropriate authorities very soon. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, TheN!

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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