New Shows on Cacti Radio

Cacti RadioSeveral new shows have been added to the Cacti Radio schedule this week! Carlito from Madhouse Live will be doing a live prank call show on Tuesday nights for the 3 hours preceding The Phone Show. Visit to learn more about Carlito’s show.

And Trevelyn from WeakNet Labs has started up a new show called Taming The Electron, where he plays music and talks about coding every Sunday at 4pm PST. You can view this weeks show at the Taming The Electron page, which is at

linear is also premiering a new show this week, which will air immediately after The Phone Show on Tuesday, at 10pm PST. Be sure to listen for that. And don’t forget to listen to The Phone Show tomorrow night! Between Carlito, The Phone Show and linear’s new show, it’s going to be an action-packed 5 hours.

For a complete listing of shows on the Cacti Radio Network, visit

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