The Phone Show – March 30th, 2009

Last night linear co-hosted the Phone Show and we averaged about 15 online listeners throughout the hour in addition to whoever happened to be awake and listening to their radios which we estimate at around zero. Someone suggested I write out show notes and list the songs that I play, so they are below. I don’t plan to put this show on the PLA Radio feed regularly, but I’m going to do it occasionally, starting with this one. So don’t get scared regular PLA Radio listeners – this show isn’t replacing PLA Radio.

00:00 Fading in with Ants by Dr. Octagon
00:10 Introducing your wacky morning DJs, one which is distorted because he’s yelling too loud.
02:30 Music: linear by rbcp
09:00 Tombstone calls in to plug the forums at
10:58 Brad gets a call from a Sheriff
12:35 Twitter is popular with old people now
13:19 Music: Blackalicious – Deception
14:22 Are we really on FM radio?
16:00 Godot calls in and we find out the T is silent and that he really was at Shmoocon
20:10 Brad promotes The Phone Show to Hudson Valley listeners
24:00 Music for Rushpwnsx: The Trees by Rush
24:15 Music: The Vandals – My Girlfriend’s Dead
26:48 yeti7 calls in fucked up on vicodin
29:00 Live calls to potential Hudson Valley listeners
31:50 Brad epically fails at Skype
32:00 Music: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton (robot version)
32:56 Music: Tunak Tunak by Daler Mehndi
37:08 Tanner calls in to suggestion PLA Radio ideas
39:12 linear manages to get a plug in for
40:21 Music dedicated to Mildred Monday: It Is Pitch Dark by MC Frontalot
44:35 Mildred Mondady calls in
47:28 Angelina, a hooker from Florida calls us
51:00 Big Love by Fleetwood Mac

For more information on The Phone Show, visit You can listen live each Tuesday morning at 2am EST on

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