Play some Desktop Tower Defense with the PLA

A couple years ago, murd0c showed me a flash game called Desktop Tower Defense. Since then, my productivity with everything has decreased by about 75% or so. Work, fun, PLA Radio, everything. I’m no longer content to just waste my own life away with this game, though. No, I want to ruin yours as well. Go start playing Desktop Tower Defense today, and add your score to the PLA Scoreboard. Beat my scores so I’ll have a new goal to work towards and my life will have meaning again.

Or you could do me a huge favor by hacking and ridding the world of that game forever. If you do that, more PLA Radios will come out. I promise!

Click here to play the game.

Click here to view the PLA DTD Scoreboard

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2 thoughts on “Play some Desktop Tower Defense with the PLA

  • September 9, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    i checked out a video on the you tubes where it shows that you just put a few squirts in the middle and upgrade them to level 5 and you can beat it easy….i did that and it worked….i beat that motherfucker….i am very excited about this….

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