PLA Radio Episode #19 – Hacking Answering Machines

AT&T 1719 is very hackableThis episode of PLA Radio covers a few updates, a crazy Craigslist prank, voicemails set to the love theme in Flashdance, and answering machine and voicemail hacking.

00:00 “Tits are greater than PLA” – Stankdawg, 2006
00:05 Intro by Trevelyn
01:10 Prank call contest winners
01:30 PLA Voice bridge – I was wrong about the number in the show. The new number is actually 218-339-8070.
01:58 HOPE PLA Panel
02:51 Altalp’s Craigslist prank
06:15 Musical interlude
06:42 Answering Machines
07:18 Movie theater answering machines
12:38 Picture Me portrait studio –
15:37 Voicemails – Call (505) 796-4020 to leave your own or click here for other options..
18:50 Cell phone voicemails (Click here for a caller ID spoofing account.)
21:30 More answering machine info
21:04 PLA/UPL Twitter (
22:10 PLA Facebook (
22:15 PLA Radio Myspace ( and
22:25 Ben Bernanke by Lemon Demon (based on this)

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