Prank Call Contest Entries

Before we get into the prank call contest entries, here’s a quick site update…you can now receive emails whenever new content and updates are posted to We were using Feedblitz to accomplish this before, but it was slow and they probably sold your email address to Nigerians. The new system emails you immediately after entries are posted and you’re not giving up your email address to a 3rd party company. You can use the form below to sign up. Or you can just keep using the RSS feed like a normal person.

Now on to the contest entries! There have been quite a few entries that don’t follow the rules of this contest. People are sending in just regular prank calls that have nothing to do with the PLA. And one person send in a deaf relay call transcript. Sorry people, but I’m only accepting PLA-themed prank calls for this contest. Here’s are the current entries.

That’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who’s submitted calls so far. Keep the PLA-themed calls coming because you still have until January 15th to win some prank call CDs and tapes!

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