PLA Radio Episode #9 – Fast Food Shenanigans

6/2/2006 – We have lots of fun with fast food drive-thrus in this episode. Much of this is taken from old episodes of PLA TV. Here’s a rundown of the episode:

* 00:00 Cactus Intro
* 00:30 Fast Food Song by the Fast Food Rockers. Click here to watch their video.
* 01:48 Happy Birthday signs from this episode of PLA TV
* 03:00 American Fast Food by Randy Stonehill. Click here to watch a video using that song.
* 03:48 More drive thru shenanigans from this episode of PLA TV.
* 06:00 Lera the Jack in the Box girl is nice but retarded
* 07:35 Rock and Roll McDonalds by Wesley Willis. Here is a flash video of that song.
* 07:55 Checking the voicemail
* 08:38 Call to Orvil and Verna
* 09:40 More voicemails
* 12:07 Nate and Di podcast promo
* 13:18 Wendy’s frequency hijacking
* 18:01 Really old McDonald’s commercial and some talk about the Great McDonalds Sign Prank
* 18:59 Taco Bell Canon by Michigan Amazin’ Blue. Buy their CD.
* 19:50 Taco Bell frequency hijacking – playing the victims
* 22:05 Goodbyes
* 22:40 McDonalds girl by The Blenders. Originally written by Dean Friedman

Bonus Extras! Listen to Jammie leave some voicemails for Adam Curry and some voicemails that I left off the regular show since I didn’t want the show to get too large. After that, hear RBCP beat the geeks on a game show. Click here to listen to it.

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2 thoughts on “PLA Radio Episode #9 – Fast Food Shenanigans

  • December 24, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    154.6 is most walmart frequencies just put it in that modified Yaesu and you are now talking to every employees in the store.

  • June 29, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Did anyone hacked Wal*Mart, it would be great to hack their freqencies

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