PLA TV is a collection of video clips created for the Phone Losers of America. Not much on this page is updated anymore, but there are a lot of new PLA TV videos on the official PLA YouTube page, located here:

You will find some extra information and pictures if you continue below, but you’ll also find a lot of dead video links. Someday we’ll get around to fixing all of this.

Drive-Thru Shenanigans Once again, the PLA manages to annoy both employees and customers of fast food joints by adding new signs to the drive-thru menu boards. The results are a little like our Happy Birthday video except this time we allow the customers to have the freedom of choosing their own song for a free meal. And if they can’t sing, they can always tell a dumb joke instead! This time the video runs a little over 10 minutes and includes such hits as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday and Let It Snow. (c) 2003

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Taco Bell Takeover After weeks of messing with the frequencies of a nearby Taco Bell, we decide to film ourselves messing with ourselves. Just so we could witness the employees reactions to the prank. RBCP and a neighbor of his drove to Taco Bell to place an order while RijilV and Is0tek stayed behind to mess with their order.

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Prank Calls by RBCP This is an old video from 1996 of RedBoxChiliPepper making a few prank calls. Some of the prank calls you’ve heard before because they were on the original PLA prank call CDs. You’ll hear RBCP try and put a new roof on Mildred’s house, a prank call to the legendary OCI phone company and a prank to El Jefe. So also get to see a little old-school diverting and watch as RBCP refers to his massive list of stolen Mastercard numbers to make free calls. (c) 2003

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Happy Birthday! The PLA TV Crew decided to help out a local Hardees fast food joint with a little promotional advertising. After making a sign reading, “Sing Happy Birthday to the drive-thru girl for a free meal!”, EvilCal and RBCP sit across the parking lot with a scanner tuned to Hardees frequency and videotape the results. (c) 2000.

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Cat Shit: A Simple Tutorial About a decade ago we’re sitting around the house, bored, one things leads to another and the next thing you know we’re filling up purses with cat shit and throwing them out in the street for people to pick up. Watch people feel elite as they steal our kitty litter filled purses, laugh as they dig through the purse hoping to find money but only coming out with stinky fingers. As pheer our really bad camera work. The two individuals featured in this video are Gina and RBCP. (c) 2001

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Here Comes Cal! This series of videos details Cal’s world travels and all the wacky adventures he has along the way. So far there are 2 videos in this section.

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Elephant & Bird Episode #1 Bird Gets a Red Box. Meet Bird. He’s tired of paying Ameritech’s outrageous pay phone rates. Luckily his best friend Elephant happens along just in the nick of time to help Bird save a buck or two. Watch as Elephant & Bird have all kinds of wacky telephonic adventures. (c) 2002

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Soda Cup: RBCP & EvilCal get some magnets and use them to stick a soda cup on top of RBCP’s car. This causes the cup to stay in place no matter how fast they go. This also causes everyone they pass to yell, “Hey, you guys left your soda up on top of your car!” Waste your time by watching a video of a dozen different people saying basically the same thing. (c) 2001

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Technical Support? If you like our technical support phone calls, then you just might enjoy this video clip. Filmed at the St. Louis 2600 meeting, we passed around a cell phone that was mysteriously recieving tech support phone calls from real customers. On the end of the tape you can watch as EvilCal walks a guy through the steps “help him out.” Also featured is Black Sun as “Ed Stoner.” (c) 2000

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Miscellanous Clips Here’s a bunch of random PLA TV clips that aren’t exactly episodes but you might enjoy them anyway. You’ll find things like the Little Ceasar’s pay phone, Doc Richardson, Nekid Amy and the #quiltchat video. click here to watch these clips

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  • December 10, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    That was the most unfunny thing you’ve ever done… but it was still funny :P

  • December 1, 2009 at 6:35 am

    he he he he he he he aaaahhh im pissin pebals people plz plz make a different 1 but just as funni lol x x x xx love u all peps x x x x

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    Oi badaman tron if u can badmouth everybody at least do it to there faces ….ol i forget if you did go and badmouth some u will have to bring u gay mandem wid yaaaaaa…………pusssy holllllee…………..

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  • May 9, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Dear Brad,

    I am a viewer of your video: PLATV: How To Hijack Fast Food Drive-Thru Frequencies ( It was really funny, and seemed like you knew what you were doing, so I decided to try it. In your video, you basically did a tutorial of how to insert a 6.5536 mhz crystal into a Realistic TRC-207 CB Radio. I purchased both the radio and the crystal. I had an issue installing the crystal, which is why I am messaging you.

    Once I unpackaged both the 6.5536 crystal and the Radio, I immediately went back to your video to watch how you installed it, because I similarly used the same exact model radio. I watched how you unscrewed the screws, and was paying very attentive detail. The first thing I noticed was this: When you unscrewed and took apart the radio, the crystal, located in the spot where you said it should have been plugged in, was missing. Here is a link to a picture of a screenshot from your video of you for the first time opening up the radio:
    I was curious as to why the original crystal was not connected to the radio, unlike you said. I continued to watch, and then noticed an obvious video cut (just from editing the video, i understood why), but then the original crystal appeared in its place. I was wondering, “Why could that be”? I’m just curious, I am certainly not accusing you of making a non ligitament video or anything. Here is the screen-shot in your video of how it appeared to be in place:
    Here is a screen shot showing you inserting the new crystal into a “socket”:

    As took the back off my radio, I looked at once to the place where you had installed this crystal, and I was surprised to find out that there was no original crystal already connected. Here is a picture I took of my radio, where the original crystal should have been: Now a little skeptical, I peered around for the “socket”, like you described, and I found no obvious socket or port in which the wires on the end of a crystal could be fit into. There was, however, a gap between the circuit board and a strip of circuit board on the grey, outside wall of the radio, which had balls with pointy tips that stuck out on them. (mini boobies haha). I managed to wedge my crystal in between this gap, and it seemed to fit, however, I did not seem as though the wires underneath the crystal had made any type of connection. Here is another picture I took of where I fit the crystal:

    You also said in the video that the two CB Radios would no longer be compatible with each other once modified. Well I bought 2 crystals and 2 radios, and after installing them both, they still seemed to work, decently… So I figured they were never modified correctly anyways.

    I put the radio back together, and went to McDonald’s, and sat 10-20 ft away from the worker as she gave orders, trying to tap into the frequency. I cycled every single channel multiple times and never got any feedback.

    I would really really really appreciate any help you can offer me. I invested about $40 into the crystals and radios, and I really need them to work!!

    I have no doubt your video is legit, and all I need is help with the installation, this is not hate mail!

    Thank You!!
    aka Sportzfanatic4

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