Murd0c is a Lying Bastard

your loyal webmasterLast night I’m chatting with Murd0c who is a regular user on Cal’s Forums and the guy who helped me hack a movie theater’s recording line awhile back. We’re chatting on Yahoo IM and he casually mentions that he’s going to be flying from Kansas City to his home in PA tomorrow and that he has a layover in St. Louis which is just 40 minutes from my house and that I should meet him at the airport. I ask him what time is the layover and how long. He says it’s a 2 hour layover which starts at 1:30pm. And I tell him that I can’t make it because I’ve got other things to do.

So this morning I’m talking to RijilV who happens to live next door to me. I mention that murd0c will be in town in an hour so we decide that it’d be fun to go visit him. And we do. We don’t know his flight number so we manage to get his mom’s number, hoping that she’ll answer her phone and she’ll tell us. But the only problem with this whole plan is that MURD0C WAS LYING TO ME. He never had any kind of layer in St. Louis, he’s just a compulsive liar and I was retarded enough to believe him. We spend about 30 minutes walking around the airport and looking at the Arrival screens trying to find the flight that might be Murd0c. Then we take a shuttle bus


Paging Mr. Murd0c Walking around asking random people if they’re murd0c doesn’t work so we have the information booth page him. RijilV writes down the number they use to page people.

to the other side of the airport and check all the monitors there. Nothing really resembles anything that he could be flying in on. I call up Southwest Airlines to see if he’s on any of their flights today and he’s not.

Ever since we’d left the house, I’d been calling his mom’s cell phone so I could ask her the flight number. And around this time she finally answers the phone and she thinks I’m murd0c at first. When I tell her I’m not, she gets really pissed off and demands to know who I am. I tell her that I’m a friend of his and that he was supposed to be at the airport and I just wanted to meet him. She gets really defensive and says that he didn’t have any layovers and was flying straight to Pennsylvania. I mean geez, you tell a lady that you’re a 30-year old man wanting to meet her teenage son in another state and she gets all mad. She finally hangs up on me and RijilV calls her back, gets her voicemail and says something like, “Yes, we have your son here and we need you to confirm his identity. Please call us back…”

We wandered around the airport for another 30 or 40 minutes. RijilV played around on an unattended Windows machine in the luggage area for awhile and finally rebooted it, hoping it might somehow crash murd0c’s flight. Then we videotaped some guy trying to sell us some kind of book on reincarnation. After pondering stealing luggage from the carousels, we finally decided that murd0c really wasn’t going to show up and we left. I made another call to murd0c’s mom and told her that she was right – her son really didn’t have a layover flight in St. Louis. Then she quizzed me about who I was for a few minutes and I hung up. Then RijilV decides to call up and apologize for the voicemail he left for her. She hangs up on him. Right around this time is when Murd0c starts calling RijilV’s cell phone. RijilV answers and yells at murd0c for about a minute straight, for lying and making us drive to the airport. He tells murd0c that my car got fucked up while it was at the airport and that it’s making a horrible noise. Which was really believable since my car happened to be making a really horrible noise at the time. And he told him that as soon as we get home we’re going to delete his account on Cal’s.

Neither of us were pissed really, we just wanted to make murd0c worry. And it worked. Murd0c starts calling RijilV’s cell phone over and over and over and leaving messages. For the entire drive home, murd0c calls and leaves voicemails to RijilV. Then he calls my cell a few times but doesn’t leave any messages. When we’re almost into Alton again, RijilV makes me stop the car as he’s calling and answers the phone. He jumps out of the car so that murd0c can hear the traffic rushing by and is yelling things like, “Yeah RBCP’s car broke down, we’re not even out of St. Louis yet. Hey I gotta go, the tow truck is here!” And he hangs up on him.


Frantic Messages RijilV won’t answer his phone so Murd0c resorts to text messaging him in addition to leaving messages.

About 10 minutes later after we’ve made it across the bridge and back into Alton, murd0c sends a text message to RijilV begging us not to destroy him for this. Then he starts calling my cell phone over and over which I don’t answer. We decide that we won’t talk or chat with murd0c for a full 24 hours just to make him sweat and lose sleep. I guess that won’t work now since I plan to upload this update in a few minutes and he’ll see it tonight. But that’s probably a good thing, I imagine murd0c isn’t too happy right now. Don’t worry, murd0c, you’re still our friend! We had a pretty good time at the airport and listening to murd0c panic definitely made the pointless trip worth it. But I hope murd0c never actually has a real layover here cause I sure won’t visit him after all this.

UPDATE 4/23/2003: Today I pranked murd0c’s mom again. And it was funny as hell. And I screwed up the recording of it so I can’t share it with anyone. And that sucks. But then his mom called me back and I wasn’t able to answer in time so I called her back. Murd0c didn’t seem happy about this. So here is the 2nd phone call and here is the chat log of murd0c not enjoying the news.

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12/22/05 – Dave from Ownz: I am ?Teh Zexy > R u TeH Secksee ? :{__

09/28/05 – Nawleed from Murdocs ass: Haha, Murdoc sucked my dick

09/25/05 – L`Ollonais from IAH: bahahah

07/15/05 – worm3rd from probably near you: Pwn that Murd0c!

05/16/05 – D31337 from your ass: Hahaha! Murd0c got pwned!

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