PLA Issue #45

Phone Losers of America Issue #45
released on April 6, 1997

table of contents:

Starting A Cordless Phone Scene
Ramsey Forum Fun
PLA Does Not Exist!
Free Videos
More Calling Card Tips
A Few Phone Tricks

Police Log

PLA is a publication of information, humor and satire.
Nothing in any issue is to ever be taken seriously.
We are not responsible for your stupidity

“Maybe if you treated people as people and not as toys to play around with
you wouldn’t have this superficial Redboxchilipepper life.” -Chris Tomkinson,

Starting A Cordless Phone Scene

Lack of cordless activity in your area got you down? Sick of flipping through
your scanner’s cordless phone channels only to hear a couple of them in use,
usually by old ladies talking about their bladder problems? Well cheer up
because your listening pleasure is about to get a lot more exciting where you

The reason your police scanner is so boring is because not enough people in
your neighborhood take advantage of the modern convenience of a cordless
phone. Hopefully this file will help your neighbors overcome this problem and
bring your city out of the dark ages, spawning a whole new world of fun for
scanner buffs all over town.

Getting to Know Your Neighbors:

First of all you need to figure out which of your neighbors need to get
cordless phones. Any inexpensive scanner will pick up a 2-3 block range, even
further if you invest in an antenna to mount on top of your house. (Or you tap
into the next door neighbor’s 80 foot CB antenna.) Find a map of your city,
usually located in the front of your phone book. Using the map, figure out
which houses you could pick up on your scanner if they owned cordless phones.

Now tromp on over to the public library and ask to borrow the reverse-search
directory for your city. Going street by street, write down the name, address
and phone number of every house within a 3 block radius of your own house.
Now that you have this list of names, you must do everything in your power to
make sure that these people purchase cordless phones. Let’s say to start out,
you’re just going to take care of the people on your own block and that
includes six houses. It’s a small block, okay?

House #1: Stake out their house and whenever they go somewhere, follow them.
Continue to do this until they take a trip to Wal-Mart, or another department
store that sells cordless phones. This may take several weeks to accomplish
but will be well worth it in the end.

Go into the electronics section of Wal-Mart and pick out the least expensive
cordless phone on the shelf. Tell the cashier that you’re going to pay for it
at the front. If she objects, mace her and run away with the phone. Now follow
your target all over the store, paying close attention to what they buy. If
they don’t happen to buy a cordless phone, walk by their cart and casually
toss the phone into their cart.

Hopefully they won’t notice this and won’t think anything of the cashier
charging them an extra $30 – $40. Stand out in front of the store and when
they walk out the door, run over and grab the receipt out of their bag, then
take off. This way they won’t be able to get a refund on the phone.

When they get home, they will see the phone and think, “Hey, I didn’t buy a
cordless phone. They must have put it in my bag by mistake.” They will try to
be sneaky and keep the cordless phone, thinking they really pulled one over on
‘ole Wal-Mart.

Even better would be to cut the UPC box off of the back of a candy bar, steal
some glue and glue the candy bar UPC over the cordless phone’s UPC so the
cashier will ring up about 59 cents for the phone. Oh no, she won’t notice
this at all.

House #2: Some people own cordless phones but they rarely use them because
the other phones in the house are more conveniently located. Hang out on their
sidewalk, inconspicuously playing hop-scotch or some other innocent-looking
game so as not to draw any undue attention to yourself. Wait for your
neighbors to leave.

When they finally leave, break into their house and take note of where all of
their phones are located. Rearrange the location of all the phones so that
their cordless phone will be in the spot where it will get the most use.

An even better idea would be to steal all of their other non-cordless phones
so that they would have no choice but to use the cordless one. If you feel bad
about stealing their phones, bring a supply of cordless phones with you and
replace all of their old phones with cordless’s.

House #3: Get a t-shirt and use a permanent marker to write “Phone Upgrade
Committee” in big letters on the front so you’ll look official. Now take your
driver’s license or student ID card, white out the “ID Card” part and pencil
in the letters “Phone Upgrade Committee” so that you’ll have an ID incase
you’re carded. You can also use this ID to get beer at 7-Elevens.

Go to their door and explain to the lady that you’re with the Phone Upgrade
Committee in case she doesn’t know how to read your shirt. Now comes the social
engineering part. A conversation will usually go like this:

*knock knock*
HER: Yes?
YOU: Hello, ma'am, I'm with the Federal Telephone
     Upgrade Committee and it's come to our
     attention by an anonymous source that the
     equipment inside your house may not be up to
     standards. May I have a look around?
HER: Why yes, of course you may.

Nose around her house a bit and pretend to be taking notes.

YOU: Well, ma'am, it does seem that two of your telephones
     are not up to code. The one in the kitchen and the one
     in the bedroom are both in very hazardous conditions.
HER: Hazardous?
YOU: Yes, the new Telecom Bill of 1995 states that no phone
     in the house should have any visible wiring around it,
     meaning that you have no choice but to go buy a
     cordless phone right now. By owning these old phones
     you're clogging up the phone lines and using up resources
     that could costs lives if there were an emergency.
HER: I had no idea...
YOU: Well, I've heard that one before. Since this is your
     first offense, I'm only going to write you a warning but
     I will have to visit you again in 48 hours to ensure
     that you've upgraded your equipment. You'll need to buy
     standard 10 or 25 channel cordless phones on both of
     those lines.

House #4: Call up your neighbor and say in a really fast voice, “Hi, this is
Ken McCarthy from KPLA radio and you’re live on the air! You’ve got a chance
to win one of ten fabulous prizes this morning if you can answer our trivia
question. Are you ready!?! …Okay, now listen carefully…what time is it
right now? You’ve got ten seconds…” – “Uh… 10:43?” – “You’re absolutely
correct!!! You’ve just won yourself a brand new state of the art cordless
telephone! How do you feel??!”

Go on like that for awhile, take down his name and address so it’ll sound
official, then use a stolen credit card and mail-order a cordless phone to his
house. Hopefully he won’t think anything of the invoice attached to the box.
A good catalog to card a cordless phone from is Damark. Their phone number is

House #5: Get your little sister to dress up in her girl scout outfit and
start going door to door selling Girl Scout Cordless Phones really cheap. Most
people have a hard time saying no to little kids. If you don’t have a little
sister, either kidnap one or dress up in the outfit yourself.

House #6: Call these people pretending to be a telemarketer selling cordless
phones. Keep going on and on and on until you sell one. If they hang up, call
back. Explain to them that this particular cordless phone has a feature called
annoyance block which blocks all incoming calls from all telemarketers. Tell
them the phones are earth-friendly. Tell them that 90% of the profits go to

help poor kids in New Jersey. If after a week of bartering them they still
won’t buy a phone, ship one to them anyway, COD.

Cordless Returns – Tricking Employees:
In a few of the examples above, you replaced people’s old rotary dial phones
with cordless phones. If this is something you cannot afford to do then you’re
going to have no other choice but to scam Wal-Mart.

You’ve all heard of the old “turning your 2400 baud modem into a 28.8 baud
modem” trick where you buy a nice, modern modem, take it home and return your
2400 baud modem for the same price. Well, this also works with cordless phones
and is very easy to pull off.

First you’ll need to buy a good supply of replacement antennas for cordless
phones from the nearest Radio Shack. Any kind will do, just get a lot of them.
Shoplifting is optional. Now go home and open your closet. If you’ve been
doing a good job at replacing your neighbors’ phones then a pile of old crappy
phones will tumble out of the door when you open it.

Hopefully when you bought the cordless phones you saved the boxes and receipts.
Take one of the old crank phones and using black electrical tape, attach one
of the cordless phone antennas to the handset of the phone. Looks just like a
cordless phone now, doesn’t it? If the black tape is noticeable, try using
multicolored electrical tape.

Now shove the phone into one of the cordless phone boxes, find the receipt and
take it back for a full refund. The refund lady should give you no problems
because if she opens the box and sees your “cordless” phone in there, she’ll
have no reason not to believe you. If the phone is bigger than the box, just
shove it in sideways or something and if the box bulges just tell the lady
that you couldn’t figure out how to get it in there. If you have a large
enough assortment of phones and boxes, though, this shouldn’t be too much of a

This will be the third issue of PLA that I’ve published the cordless phone
frequencies in. You’d think that we’re getting pressed for material… well,
we are, okay? Below is a listing for 10 & 25 channel cordless phones. It’s
best to use the frequency listed under “base” because you’re most likely to
get both sides of the conversation there. Sometimes if you also program in
the handset side, you can hear what’s going on in their house while they’re
not on the phone. I’ve found this quite common in most areas but don’t usually
bother with it since the sound quality sucks.

               Channel   Base     Handset
               -------   ----     -------
                  1      43.720   48.760
                  2      43.740   48.840
                  3      43.820   48.860
                  4      43.840   48.920
                  5      43.920   49.000
                  6      43.960   49.080
                  7      44.120   49.100
                  8      44.160   49.160
                  9      44.180   49.200
                 10      44.200   49.240
                 11      44.320   49.280
                 12      44.360   49.360
                 13      44.400   49.400
                 14      44.460   49.480
                 15      44.480   49.500
                 16      46.610   49.670
                 17      46.630   49.845
                 18      46.670   49.860
                 19      46.710   49.770
                 20      46.730   49.875
                 21      46.770   49.830
                 22      46.830   49.890
                 23      46.870   49.930
                 24      46.930   49.990
                 25      46.970   49.970

Channels 1 through 25 are the 25 channel phone freqs (of course) and channels
16 through 25 are the 10 channel freqs. If you only have a ten channel scanner
then program in 16 through 25.

With voicemail boxes attached to pagers becoming so popular these days, I’m
hearing more and more people call in to check their messages. After you get
their voicemail dialup and pass code you’re in for a lot of fun and possibly
even jail time. (opportunity to hack the jail pay phones!)

You’ll be able to listen to all of their messages, erase all their saved
messages, change their passcode (31337), change their “user name” and some-
times you can even set up a phone number to be called when messages arrive.
This can be fun to set up to a person’s house who you don’t like, especially
if it’s a call-back system that asks for a code. If the person doesn’t know
the code then they’ll continue to get calls constantly until they figure it

What’s even more fun is that you can send a message from your victim’s mail-
box to any other user on the system. Just punch in random mailboxes and start
leaving messages for everyone else. It’s fun to hear them reply and yell at
you. If you want to ensure that your neighbor will disconnect their cordless
phone forever, you can record the cordless conversations and play them back
into their voicemail.

Don’t get too eager with their box at first, though. Give it time, write down
the specifics of their messages, do a little spying and don’t change anything
around or delete anything. They’ll notice if you listen to their new messages
because when they call in later, those messages will have turned into “saved”
messages. So don’t be so eager, you’ll get to hear them on the cordless
anyways. Keep it cool at first, then give ’em hell. They’ll probably change
their password a billion times and never figure out how the hell “hackers”
keep getting the new ones.

Decoding Tones:
After listening to your scanner for awhile, eventually you’ll hear information
given out that people should just not give out over a cordless phone. People
have the mentality of, “Oh, I know it’s possible to listen to cordless phones
but there’s nobody like that in my neighborhood.” Only once have I heard a
person switch to a non-cordless phone because they were about to give out a
credit card number.

An even bigger mistake by cordless phone users is to assume that even though
they’re smart enough not to “say” a calling card or credit card number over
the cordless, it’s plenty safe to type it in because nobody can understand
touch tones. By listening into people’s phones, you WILL hear all kinds of
account numbers, credit cards, calling cards and voicemail dialup numbers
and passcodes. Here’s just a few easy ways to decode these tones. Of
course, this always assumes that’s you’ve taped the tones. Always have a
tape recorder with you when listening to your scanner.

By Ear:
Some people can actually tell each tone apart without the help of a tape
recorder or anything. But let’s assume you can’t. Pick up your phone and
play the first two or three numbers from your tape recorder. Keep rewinding
and playing these same three tones over and over. Each time you play the tones
try to imitate them with your phone. (or your un-modified red box.) After you
feel you’ve mastered the first few tones, continue to the next couple and go
on until you’ve figured out the whole thing.

If the person who originally dialed the number dialed slowly, then this will
be rather easy. If they dialed fast or used a speed dial button, you’re going
to have to work at it for awhile. If you know it’s a calling card number that
was keyed in, then most likely the first six digits will be your own area code
and prefix. If you already have the person’s phone number, then you have the
first ten digits and only have to figure out the pin code. Some cards don’t
use the home phone number, though, and are just a random string of digits.

If it’s an access number (to a voicemail box, for example), the number might
start out with 1-800 so try that at first to see if it matches. If you’re
getting a calling card number, make sure that you get the access number if
needed. For example, MCI cards will only work with their 800 access numbers,
which is 1-800-888-8000. Sprint will usually work with any carrier but their
access number is 1-800-877-8000. Don’t slow down your tape speed because this
will distort the pitch of the tones. (duh)

Sound Blaster:

Record the tones onto your computer in WAV format. Basically, you use the
same method to decode the tones but it’s a lot easier because you can cut out
all the tones except the one tone you’re currently decoding and just loop the
sound. You’ll be able to decode each tone in just a few seconds. I
recommend the Cool Edit sound editing program because you can have the entire
string of numbers in a file and loop any one part of the string without having
to do a cut and paste job like on most editors.

DTMF Decoder:
You can actually buy a box that has an LED display which will show any number
it hears. This can be hooked up to any audio source, including your scanner.
This devices usually run about $100. You can also find shareware DTMF decoders
which interface with your sound blaster card. Most of the ones I found were
limited to only 5 or 7 numbers until you registered the program.

Invalid Mailbox Number:
Call up a voice mail company where you’re prompted for a mailbox number. When
it asks for the number, play your tape recorded tones into the phone and the
voicemail company’s computer will reply with, “I’m sorry. Mailbox number 8402
(or whatever) does not exist. Please try again.” Most voicemail boxes are only
four digits long so you’ll have to play in each part of the recording until
you have all the numbers. Once you have it all, repeat the process just to
verify that all the numbers are correct. Sometimes you’ll accidentally hit a
good mailbox. If it doesn’t read you the mailbox number, just forward the
recording a little and try again.

If you or a friend has a pager, you might be able to get the whole code in
one shot. Just call the pager number and when it asks you to enter in the
number you’re calling from, play the recording, then hit “#.” You’ll be paged
with the results. Try this several times just to make sure it’s decoding the
numbers right.

Once you have the 800 number do NOT call it from your house directly if you’re
going to cause trouble with it. Unless you know how to cover yourself, use a
pay phone. I know it’s a stupid warning but there are people like Mr. Hack
reading this who wouldn’t think of that.

Ramsey Forum Fun – Logic Box

Most of you have probably heard about the six-year-old child beauty queen
JonBenet Ramsey who was molested and murdered recently in Colorado (and if
you haven’t, well then you’re retarded, ok?). While searching the World Wide
Web one day, we stumbled upon a WWW message board created by Boulder News
in Colorado which was intended as a means of communication for those who were
interested in the JonBenet Ramsey case. Now, we all felt really bad for that
girl when we heard she had been murdered, and in no way did we mean any
disrespect toward JonBenet Ramsey herself, but we just thought it would be
kind of fun to trash their forum. I think me, Tannest, RBCP, and Colleen Card
are mostly responsible for it, along with several #rock idiots.

We started off just arguing against anything and everything that people
posted to the forum, and it was funny to read all their half-witted replies
to our rants (the forum is mostly dominated by a bunch of 80-year-old women
who have no computer experience whatsoever). Later on, we thought it would be
fun to start impersonating people on the forum and posting as them, and we
managed to drive several regulars off the forum this way.

Later on, we told RBCP about it and he thought it was pretty funny too, so
him and Colleen started posting on it. He used the name ErikB and posted all
kinds of LOD/MOD war t-shirt ads on it, then an ad for the new JonBenet Ramsey
murder t-shirts which really riled up a few folks. By this time the forum was
just completely fucked, but we were having too much fun to stop. Tannest
decided to search the web for lots of odd and perverted things, and started
posting all kinds of weird shit to the forum.

Desperate to get the hell away from us, the forum regulars decided to turn to
IRC for their Ramsey-talk, figuring that they could just “kick the hackers
off.” This proved to be rather difficult for them, as they experienced
constant harassment from all the wonderful #rock regulars. Thanks to me, they
now get extremely paranoid when anyone with a hostmask located in Santa
Clara, CA enters the channel. Fucking morons.

Through all of this, one especially crazed forum regular who calls herself
Teacher has refused to be driven away from the board. In spite of this, she
has been driven insane by our mad posting frenzies and nonstop attacks
against her. While we haven’t been able to track her down, we have gathered
that her first name is Jayne and that she is a librarian. We’ve also
completely ruined her previously good reputation on the forum by constantly
impersonating her and using her handle to slander the rest of the morons who
post there.

Recently, RBCP received e-mail from a Ramsey forum regular who was curious
just as to what the hell the PLA is and why they have been doing to this
message board (we posted lots of PLA advertisements and other strange
things). The e-mail read:

“I find it hard to believe this person is PLA, they lack your obvious comedic
brilliance. I suppose they are just PLA wannabes. Sorry if I intruded on your
day with a foolish question but you were the first one listed on the e-mail
page.” Regards, Hominid,

While it is true that a lot of the posts some of us made were utterly stupid
and lacked creativity, much thought was put into several of the posts. This
letter and its writer annoyed RBCP, so he sent the following reply:

“Hahaha, actually I’m one of the people intruding on the Ramsey board. You
might remember me as erikb, the t-shirt salesman. No offense intended but we
had a lot of fun stirring up shit there. I haven’t posted anything in about
three weeks now but I’m sure that others are still at it. If you want to yell
at them, go into’s #rock.” See ya, RBCP,

Soon after this reply was sent, a post appeared on the forum that read “I’m
so glad to hear that is pulling the plug on Mike Ockurts.” Mike
Ockurts is the fake name that RBCP used for his account at Peak. This freaked
Colleen out and annoyed RBCP even more, so he posted the following snide
message to the forum:

“Is this what you consider to be detective work? Don’t jump the gun just to
be the first, put some effort into it and you can really find out who I am.
It’s not that hard, I’m not exactly ‘not listed.’ But the question is, what
do you suppose you can do once you find me? Have fun!”

They haven’t made anymore attempts to try to stop us yet, other than a couple
of stupid and incredibly inaccurate tries to guess RBCP’s real name. We don’t
post to the forum as much as we used to, but there really isn’t a need to
since it’s been invaded by a zillion other people just like us. They still
get freaked out when I come to their channel and sit for hours without saying
anything, and I usually get kickbanned on sight because my hostmask contains
the words “Santa Clara.”

That about wraps up our antics on the Ramsey forum so far. The forum is
located at
if you want to
check out the latest assortment of insane postings. Their IRC channel,
#cybersleuths, can be found on the NewNet IRC network (,, or Go there and tell Jameson that the PLA
says hi. Let us know if you experience anything strange or interesting with
these weird people.

PLA Isn’t Real! – Kenshiro Cochrane

h0la. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am Kenshiro Cochrane. My
nicks are kcochran, or chran. You can find me on the EF, usually in #rock,
and any number of other channels. Now, as for those of you who don’t think
that I should be writing this article, I have two things to say. This ‘zine
is edited by Colleen Card and RedBoxChiliPepper. Colleen said I could write
it, and if you are seeing this, then RBCP made the decision to run with it.

Hopefully we are going to clear AT LEAST one thing up with this, once and for
all. And, hopefully, people will stop their petty bickering and kick-ban

Topic #1 on the agenda:

THERE IS NO GROUP CALLED THE “PLA” or “Phone Losers of America”!!! PLA is a
‘zine. The topics of this ‘zine range consist mainly of phone-phreaking,
prank calls, telephone harassment and of course, humor. Anyone who has ever
read EVEN ONE ISSUE would realize this.

The PLA website is not the “group’s” website, it is a support site for the
‘zine. Visit the site. Check it out. Then you will see what I mean.

Lately in #rock, there seems to be a pissing match going on. People arguing
over whether they are a member of the PLA or not, arguing who is or isn’t, and
arguing over whether there is even a PLA. ALL OF THIS IS MOOT. There is no
PLA, no one is a member. Apparently, this point just can’t be stressed
enough. So, just for the record, let’s give a brief rundown on the history of

1) Zak (el_jefe) tells RBCP that he want’s to start this el33t euber-hacker-
ninja-phonephreak group, and that he is going to call it the “Phone Losers of

2) Zak comes down to Austin to vist RBCP for HoHoCon. They get some business
cards printed that say, you guessed it, “Phone Losers of America” on them.
They stick these all over shop windows and store aisles for some poor SOB to
clean up.

3) Here there is a pause…nothing happens for a while. RBCP decides to pull
out some old text files that he wrote a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far
away. He freshens them up a bit, then adds a header and a footer to them that
says “Phone Losers of America” and releases them. This is where we get PLA001
– PLA013 (or around there).

4) RBCP and Colleen Card write/edit/produce/release about 30 more issues of
PLA, as the ‘zine has come to be known. OCCASIONALLY, there is a guest writer,
or someone contributes a small piece to the ‘zine. But, usually, it is a work
produced solely by the efforts of RBCP and Colleen Card.

Perhaps where people get the idea that the PLA is a group is that most, if not
all, of the issues of PLA have a footer that state “Contact the PLA Nearest
You!”. Yes, that is a little confusing, it sounds like the PLA is a group.
But if you have ever read the ‘zines, or visited the webpage, you would know
that this is not true. The footer merely contains the email addresses of
contributors or major supporters of the ‘zine, PLA. So, let’s take a look at
the footer on the latest issue:

ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄContactÄTheÄPhoneÄLosersÄOfÄAmericaÄNearestÄYou!ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ a.k.a. el_jefe contact Colleen Card Losers of America Homepage of all other PLA sites
Nekid Amy nude workout pics now available. E-mail for info.

Ok. First two entries are FTP sites where you can get the 0-day PLA. We have
next 4, count them 4, email addresses. Those addresses belong to, as you can
see, RBCP, el_jefe, Colleen Card, and Apok0lyps.

SOMEWHERE along the line, just once in the, what, 5 years? the ‘zine has been
being published that there would have been a member list? The fact that there
hasn’t corroborates my point (for those of you with out a high school diploma,
that big word there means support).

Now, take a closer look at those four names there. RBCP and Colleen Card have
been the two people that have been writing and publishing 99% of the PLA for
as long as it’s been around. I can’t remember an issue that Zak contributed
to (well, there was that PLA099 thing), but he is the one that came up with
the name of the ‘zine, if nothing else. Apok0lyps has, I believe, contributed
to at least ONE issue of PLA, if not more, and wrote the l33tin’ PLA.IRC

Now, there are people who are claiming to me “members” of a non-existant
group. As Colleen pointed out last night, before I wrote this article, what
has anybody besides those four people mentioned, EVER contributed to PLA (THE
‘ZINE, MORON)?? Zip, zilch, zero, nada, NOTHING.

Then, last night, in attempting to get this point across, I stated that I
myself was a member of the “group”, PLA. According to one person, no I
wasn’t. Apparently because el_jefe invited him to “join” meant that he was a
member, but the fact that RBCP, albeit jokingly (sarcasm kinda loses it’s
impact thru IRC and text communication), invited me to join didn’t mean shit.
Apparently that means that RBCP isn’t in a point to make decisions.

Let’s get one more thing straight. RBCP *IS* PLA. No questions about it.
There would not be a PLA ‘zine if he had not created it, there would not be a
PLA ‘zine if he had not supported it. If he quit publishing the ‘zine today,
then it would die. Sure, maybe someone else might pick it up and attempt to
carry-on RBCP’s “legacy”, but then it would not be PLA. It would be a cheap
hack, an imitation. Sorry folks, but once RBCP decides to quit publishing PLA,
it’s dead.


Give it up. You are not in a group called the PLA. There is no group called
the PLA. Don’t make me say it again. Your page, if you can call what most of
you have a page (no offense, you just need to learn one thing: HTML), is
merely a support page for the main PLA page. By showing your support, you
increase the readership. You increase the chance that “Phone Losers of
America” will show up when someone does a search on “phreaking” via Yahoo.
Sure, if you want to inflate your ego’s among your friends or competitors,
tell them your a member. No one who matters really cares. Just don’t get a
fat head and join #rock and act like a jackass about it, and don’t lie and say
“I know RBCP, I visited him at his house!”. Just give it a rest, be cool, and
you probably won’t get kick banned.

ONE MORE HINT: get a decent ISP, something other than UU.NET, AOL.COM, or any
of the big, nationwide ISP’s. Most of the op’s in #rock, for some reason,
don’t like those domanins for some silly reason, and will kick-ban you on join
if you are from that domain.

Anyhow, that’s all that I have to say for now. I hope that clears a few things
up, and I hope that some people change their attitude. More than a couple of
people are getting pissed. And one last thing, said last night by EightBall:

“#rock was not created or ever intended to be a support channel for the
PLA. That said, I’m going back to idle.”

[I feel that I should make just a few comments concerning this
editorial. First of all, PLA hasn’t been around for five years,
only a little over two years now. I know the dates on the PLA
headers suggest otherwise, but that’s because I left the dates
that they were originally written on there. I get a lot of mail
from people saying that our history file clashes with the dates
on the issues.

Also, Zak (el_jefe) has done a little more for the PLA than just
think up the name. Much of the creativity, input and criticism
regarding the issues are done by Zak. A lot of the jokes I make
throughout the issues were either thought up by Zak or thought
up by me because of something stupid that Zak said. Just about
everything you’ve read by the PLA was brain stormed by me and Zak
while talking on the phone and bugging the shit out of random
numbers. PLA wouldn’t be half as cool as you think it is now if
Zak were not a part of it. If I did sit down and write out a
“PLA Membership List” it would include two names. RBCP and Zak.

People have written me many times asking how to be a member of
PLA and suggesting that I form a group out of PLA but for some
reason I just fail to see how PLA could possibly benefit from
this. If you want to be in PLA just to have your name in print,
then write an article. A cool one. Regular contributors to the
PLA like Apok0lyps, Colleen and pneyz are what help me put out
more than 3 issues per year. These people (and a lot of other
unmentioned people) are more a part of PLA than anybody.

Thirdly, #rock is a channel full of idiots. (efnet’s #rock,
anyways.) If you don’t have close ties to the PLA then expect
to get kicked as soon as you join. For awhile, even Colleen
Card was getting kicked because Dazen didn’t recognize her at
first. There was a time when #rock was a really fun channel
because we’d sit in there and wait for headbangers to come in
so we could type obscene messages at them until they were
disgusted enough to leave. Now they just get kicked and the
channel’s ban list includes most major countries and ISPs.
What’s the fun in that?

And lastly, the “PLA State Web Pages” were created because some
guy in Virgina asked me if he could create a PLA site for the
east coast. I thought that would be a great way for people to
get to know what the phreak scene was like in other parts of the
United States, so started offering links to people’s “PLA City”
pages to whoever claimed them first. More than one person has told
me that I’ve sold out the PLA because of this idea but I don’t see
it that way. After all, the state pages have not changed the
content of the actual PLA ‘zine in any way. (Other than this rant
I’m on here.) Some of these state pages consider themselves a
group and write their own issues which is fine by me – I’m just
not a member of this group. So those are my thoughts on the whole
situation right now. Hopefully kcochrane’s article has cleared a
few things up. -RBCP ]

How to Get Free Videos (or close to free) – by pneyz

Have you ever wanted to own a copy of that new release, whether it is
Hackers, Trainspotting, or Up To The Hilt VII, but you didn’t have enough money
or it was only in the videostore? Well, here’s how you to can score those hard-
to-own movies. Hell, you could even make some money selling them to friends.

The first way only works if you live in a small town with a low crime rate
(like me!). You can usually just go to the video store and rent the movie. Go
up to the counter and check it out normally. They’ll ask for your account or
membership card. Tell them you left it at home and don’t remember the number.
A lot of the small stores will then just say, “Okay, what’s your phone number?”
You give them someone’s number and name (in a small town, most people will have
accounts at the video store). THen take it home and never bring it back.

The next way is a bit more complicated but it’ll work if the store requires
the card or account number. It’s also a lot more fun and the video store won’t
even know they’ve been ripped off. Rent a video like normal, take it home and
copy it. Most of you are saying, “You fucking idiot, I can copy a tape, but the
copy’s not as good as the original, which is why I’m reading this.” You’re
totally right. But shut up anyway and let me finish.

When you have a copy (of the WHOLE movie, including the FBI warning and
credits), rewind both tapes and take them out of your VCR’s. With a small screw
driver, open them up and exchange the actual tape reels. Close them up and
return the copy in the original case to the store. Now you have two options.

1) You can just return it as usual and go about your life. The drawback
here is that next time someone rents that movie and sees that it’s all
crappy, they’ll go to the store and complain. The store will check the
records and see that you were the last person who rented it. They won’t
think to much of it, unless it happens a LOT, then they’ll figure it
out and probably call you and get pissed.

2) You can be the person who returns it and complains that the quality
wasn’t very good. The drawback is that they’ll start to see a pattern
after an even shorter time than with Option #1. The pro side is that
you can probably get a free rental out of it, copy that, and just
return it like in Option #2.

Switching the tapes is pretty hard at first, but it gets easier as you do it
more. Here are a few things to remember:

– When opening it, fold it open so you don’t rip the label, and open it
so the reels are facing down (ie. swing the top up).

– The tape goes like this (from the left side of the tape): up by a pin
on the inside, then on the outside of a larger pin and across the head
to go between two other pins and into the other reel. This is really
hard to explain but you should see what I’m saying after looking.

– Make certain not to lose the spring(s) that are located in the middle
of the bottom, because these control the things that let it play, fast
forward and rewind.

– When you’re putting it back together, it might seem a little stuck
unless you’re just setting it right down (which requires ripping the
label). You should be able to just force it, and it’ll pop in with no
damage to the tape.

– Make certain not to get the tape itself caught on anything when you’re
putting it back together.

– As a technical note, all the tapes I’ve done this on use a small
phillips head screwdriver.

– There should be no compatibility problems so you don’t need to get the
same brand of tape as the rental. This is because the VCR needs to
know where to look for the tape and switches.

You could also set up a fake account and charge it to there, but a lot of
stores require a deposit or startup fee to stop people from doing that. And if
you’re not 18 or 21, forget it unless you’ve got a fake ID.

*** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE ***

Hey you schmucks. I know you love the PLA FTP site, and so do I. But stop
sending me all your PLA questions and stuff. I don’t run PLA. If I did,
you wouldn’t be reading this because I’m too lazy to run a zine. But RBCP
is running this thing and doing a half-decent job too. So email him with
all your pathetic shit, not me!!!

Oh yea, the FTP site is currently at:

Email RedBoxChiliPepper at: *or*

*** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE *** NOTE ***

More Calling Card Ideas – RBCP

These are just a couple of ideas for stealing calling cards. I’ve never been
able to pull off the ‘ole, “Yes, this is Bell security and your card has been
massively abused. Just give me your old card and I’ll renew it.” I’m a fairly
good social engineerer, but that one just never worked for me. But several
months ago while annoying random people on the phone, I accidentally talked
someone into giving me their card number. Minus the obscene words I used in
the original call, this is sort of how it went:

THEM: Hello? (a lady answers)
  ME: Yes, this is the AT&T operator, I have a collect
      call from Mr. Heggie, will you accept the charges?
      (Note: I picked the name Gordon Heggie at random
      from the phone book.)
THEM: Yes, of course.
  ME: Okay, let me put the call through. (click, click)
      Hello? Ma'am?
THEM: Yes?
  ME: It's not going through for some reason. Do you
      have a collect call block on your phone?
THEM: No, I shouldn't. We've gotten collect calls here
  ME: Well, that's odd. It won't let me put the call
      through. You'll have to contact your local phone
      company about that problem. I'm sorry for the ring.
THEM: Well, wait, which Mr. Heggie do you have on the phone?
  ME: I don't know, they just said Mr. Heggie and that it
      was an emergency. He'll have to call you back another
THEM: But where is he calling from?
  ME: It's from a pay phone but I don't know the location.
      If you'd like, I can bill the call on your end to a
      third number or maybe a calling card.
THEM: Okay, let me get my calling card...

Easy, eh? And I swear, sit down with your phone book and about every third or
four call will work out this way. Sure, you’ll get the occasional, “He can’t

be calling collect, he’s sitting right here” but most of the time they’ll
accept the charges or just assume it’s another “Heggie.” One lady even said,
“No, it can’t be Mr. Johnson because he’s here at home. It must be Eric.” to
which I wittily replied, “Yes, it’s from Eric, TO Mr. Johnson.”

Once you have the calling card number, claim that you’re putting the call
through, then hang up. Or claim that the person on the pay phone hung up.
Some people will know something’s up when they talk to the “Mr.” and find out
he wasn’t really calling, then they’ll cancel their card so use it while you
can. Only a small percentage of the people do this, though, thinking it was
really an AT&T operator but a prank caller on the pay phone.

Pay Phone Transmitter:

This can be done several ways and it very easy to set up. All you need is the
telephone conversation recorder from Radio Shack ($15.00) and some kind of
transmitter. Any transmitter will work, such as Radio Shack’s FM transmitter
for $19.99. The little kids walkie talkies that you see at toy stores are also
acceptable since you’re dealing with a very short range.

Select your pay phone and make sure it’s a phone that gets a moderate amount
of use, preferably where higher-class folks hang out such as a nice restaurant.
Look for the wires that come into the phone, splice them open and hook up the
conversation recorder. (Most likely it’s the red and green wires you’ll want
to splice into.) Now plug the conversation recorder into your transmitter and
hide it all wherever you can. You might have to duct tape it all to the under-
side of the phone or something.

All you have to do now is sit on a nearby bench or table with your walkman and
tape recorder and wait for customers. If you’re smart, you’ll fill the pay
phone’s coin slot with glue and put the other nearby phones out of commission
with a sledge hammer so that making a collect call on your phone will be their
only choice.

Phone Tricks – by wiretapp

Refunds from non-Bell phones:

You can actually hit the jackpot getting refunds from non-Bell fones. You can
get the big checks from AT&T, and hit the little guys up for 3-4 bucks each.
From a COCOT, call an expensive place (Canada or a far-off U.S. place). Most
fones won’t allow calls to a foreign country.

Now, look on the fone for the number it has for refund/repair. They are
required BY LAW to display this, however, some still don’t. Usually it’s 211
(after dialing, you can hear the fone dialing an 800 number). When the
operator answers, tell them that you just dialed this number and lost your
money because the fone got screwed up. After that, they will want the same
info as the AT&T operator (number you were calling, what happened, etc). This
part is easy. They will mail you a check for the amount you “lost” in the

A friend of mine dealt with a COCOT company which sent him a 3 minute prepaid
card. I don’t know which company it was, but most will send you cash.
Surprisingly enough, most operators at the COCOT companies I’ve dealt with
have been fairly courteous. Most however, are also very unintelligent, even
more so than AT&T operators. Sometimes, you have to explain exactly what
happened like you would to a six-year old, but I usually get my check within
2-3 minutes of explaining.

If I go to a few fones (one Bell fone for the jackpot and a few COCOTs with
different carriers), I can make around $20 a day. Also, if AT&T sends you
that letter from the Coin Refund Investigation Unit, located in a nice big
window PO box, you still have the COCOT companies to get checks from!

Free Calls via Relay:

You can call anywhere in the U.S. free via relay if you op-divert. Just have
the operator call relay in the destination state of your call. Once you’re
connected, they will ask for the number you’re calling FROM. Give them a
number local to the one you’re calling. They will place it as a local call,
and nobody will be billed for it!

Free calls through Sears:
If you have a Sears nearby, call them and say you’re from the phone company
and you need an outside line. Here’s how it usually goes:

Them: Sears, may I help you?
  Me: Hello, this is Richard Nixon calling from
      Pacific Bell.  I'm running a test right now
      on business lines in the area.  Could you
      give me an outside line?
Them: One moment.
  ME: MUHAHAH!  I've got them now.
Them: Here you go....Click...BONG
  ME: Dials 911 and tell them that I'm being raped
      RIGHT NOW by the manager in the ass. I then
      proceed to have my friend yell "SHUT UP!",
      while grunting.  Then, I go down there and
      watch the phun!

Another method is to get transferred to the main desk from an extension and
then just say “Hi, I’m calling from (the extension that transferred you),
could I have an outside line please?”. This works sometimes as well.

Just one note, be VERY careful to hang up by the time Sears closes, or they
will notice that the guy from baby clothing is still there making a call. Of
course, if you use the phone company scam, then stay on as long as you want
(within reason).

Free Juno from anywhere in the US:
If you don’t have a Juno local access number, just go to the extension box
under dialing options, click yes, and enter 18005754518. Now Juno will dial
their toll-phree number everytime you call in to get an “outside line”. It
will also dial the number you gave it, but by then, the call will have routed
already, making that dialing useless. Now Juno can be free for all! Just
remember that if you do have a local number, use it so they don’t completely
remove the 800 number or place restrictions on it (such as only new accounts
can dial in), and the rest of us without local numbers can continue to enjoy
the 800 number.

Police Log

Clerk, money missing from store – Taken from the Alton Telegraph, April 1,1993
WOOD RIVER – Police are looking for an employee who apparently cleaned out a
safe and disappeared from a 7-Eleven Food Store early today.

An undetermined amount of cash and money orders was missing from the store
in the 600 block of Wood River Avenue, said Sgt. Terry Mason who is
investigating the theft. “A customer walked in the store about 3:20 a.m. and
there was no one inside,” Mason said.

Mason sped to the store and found the employee had fled with the cash and
money orders. “He left in a cab with a girlfriend,” Mason said.


I was wondering where I could get one of those cool phones the Bell guys
carry around. I’ve tried PLAN A:(Breaking into a Bell Truck) but the
doors are always locked and I besides I don’t feel like going to jail on
a stupid charge like that. Perhaps I could purchase one or possibly
there is another solution.


[A company called Inland Distribution sells them in the back
of 2600 for $65.00. Their phone number is 1-800-253-3605.
Really, though, it’s so much easier to just borrow one. Try
the Zak method – send a Bell truck to a local business, wait
outside for it to show up and when he goes inside, loot away!]

I’m 15 and live in Rhode Island (401). I walked to the local Radio Shack
on Saturday afternoon to buy myself a brand-spankin’ new tone dialer. I
asked the employee where I could find them and he showed me. As I picked
it up and proceeded to walk to the counter the manager came FLYING out of
the back room and kind of stoped himself short because he looked like a
total idiot. He quickly gathered himself and said to the guy at the
register “I wouldn’t sell that to a minor.” The man looked at me and asked
how old I was and I told him 15 because there is no way I could pass for
18. So another employee man took the dialer and put it back on the shelf.
Then the manager called the confused employees over and whispered something
to them… I’m not sure what. I was pissed off so I left. I went to a
different Radio Shack the later that day and they sold it to me with no

I’m not sure why he did that… maybe the Radio Shack employees are
catching on to us. The number of that Radio Shack is 401-821-9005 if you want
to call them up. By the way, I’m going on my first beige boxing expedition
tonight with my friend. I printed out your list of #’s and I’ll be sure to
call Chris Tomkinson multiple times!


[I thought I’d be fun to pose as a Rhode Island newspaper and
call the manager pretending to do a story so I called him up
and asked him why he wasn’t selling tone dialers to minors
but he just kept denying everything so I had no choice but to
be really stupid at him.]

The detailed account of the cordless phone adventure reminded me of a
similar incident that happened to me several years ago. I picked up the
frequency of a cordless phone in my apartment complex. It belonged to a
young lady who had a (bad?) habit of spilling her guts out over the
phone to her female friends, her mom, etc… I fell in love (love?) with
her voice, her personality, over months of time.

At one point, she told someone that she was about to leave her place,
and drive away in her truck. Naturally, I immediately spotted her in the
parking lot. She was beautiful, and I had her innermost thoughts
recorded on tape. It’s not like I was stalking the poor girl, she just
happened to use a cordless phone — what can I say?

I sent her a few anonymous letters of admiration — nothing too wild or
scary — just hi, I’m out here, I think you’re beautiful, and by the
way, here’s a few personal things I know about you…

She called her mom everytime she got a letter, and couldn’t guess who
this “stranger” was….

Well, anyway, I eventually met her formally, when I began sharing an
apartment with her ex-boyfriend.

Wow, and I thought I was being a bit freaky (phreaky?) back then. Thank
God I’m normal — just like all of you…. ‘-)

well alritey then.. hmm.. hey check this out.. i was out redboxing
yesterday in springfield(my girlfriend lives there.. its HUGE, perfect
for every kind of phreaking known to phreak kind) n e wae.. so i pick
up the phone get ma bell Op and explain to her that i need her to lick
my balls.. she asks if i need to make a call.. so i say no.. i need
you to lick my balls.. so she says hang on.. (now i know somethin’s up)
so i get another operator and i ask her if she wants to lick my balls..
she says no but i have your number and im calling the cops.. so i
say go ahead bitch and hang up.. then go hide and wait and sure as
shit a cop shows up.. gets out of his car (mexico mo police are a
bunch of donut eatin slob ass over weight punk bitches.. we jokingly
refer to them as “mexico’s finest”) any way so he looks the phone over
a bit and then heads on his merry way.. wierd huh? so i go back to the
phone and think well hell might as well do a little red boxing.. im
already here.. so i whip out my tape recorder and dial the big 0. i
explain to the op that this phone is all fukkd up and the 8 is broken
off.. she says what is the number your trying to call.. i tell her
and she connects me.. not asking for a quarter.. which kinda pissed me
off so i tried again.. same thing.. so i went to another phone ..
same thing again.. finally i headed for some fortress fone lookalikes
by hardees.. and was greeted with the quarter question… but i got
3 free local calls … gettin so a person cant even honestly rip
the phone company…


I found an interesting fact in a magazine the other day and thought I should
share it with my fellow losers. Rutherford B Hayes, the 19th president of the
United States was the first president to use the telephone.


This is about the poorest excuse I’ve ever seen for a hacker mag in my
entire life. You suck. Your publication is shit and you don’t know how to
write. Don’t be surprised if I hack your web page just because it pisses
me off how lame you are. Troll.

[Uh…yo mama. I learned that from OCI. Why is it that you
had to spoof your e-mail, by the way?]

i am watching cops, and i saw someone get pulled over. they ran from the
police and were chased. the guy run off the road, and the cops got him.
turns out the cop that got him was Roy Miller of the Roy PD. no kidding.
they caught some drunk guy with some electronic equipment that looked like
phone stuff.

it was on channel 4 (FOX) at 7:00pm. cops. roy miller of the roy pd (they
didn’t say which state), pulls over this guy and he runs off. when they
finally catch him after all four cars (which i think there was only 1 roy car,
the rest were highway patrol or a different town or something) chase after
him, with roy miller on foot, the drunken guy says his name is “mind over
matter”. then he pulls some piece of what looks like bell equipment from
behind his head, and in his drunken stupor, says “whats this?”, then it
clicks, and he shuts up. i’d put money on the table they caught a drunken

phantom operator

I am a 28 year-old systems administrator who has been a hack and a phreak
since the early 1980s. I have read all of PLA’s published material and I
just wanted to say that you are one of the most twisted and sick people I
have ever encountered, anywhere. Period. Your only saving grace is that
you have put those traits to good use by releasing some of the funniest
material I have ever read in my entire fucking life. Your publication is a
breath of fresh air and I hope you never stop!! Reading PLA brought back so
many memories of my early phreaking/phone phun days – only I was never so
creative. Your 7-11 torture article had me laughing so hard I thought I was
going to get busted (I read these at work when I am supposed to be
configuring Unix networks). Anyway, that’s it – I just wanted to say thanks
for all the spiffy laughs.


How do I join? How do I become a bonafide PLA memeber? Where do I sign to
sell my soul into total damnation, trickery, and lowbrow fun? What tests
must I face? How does a guy (bum) like me become an elite member of a
group like yours?


[See, I TOLD you I get mail like this all the time.]

A friend of mine is in the Florida state prison system. The only way they
can call is to make a collect call. I have heard that thier are over-ride
codes to connect them to an outside operator, so they can use a 1-800 number
or a phone card. The sequence they get is as follows: They pick up the phone
and get a dial tone, then a recording comes on to enter thier access code (
thier prison DC number), then a dial tone, then a recording comes on to
enter the number they wish to dial.

Any help at all will help out my phone bill. I have a 1-800 number for them
to call, if they can only get an outside line. Send all info to A. Carr at .
Thank you in advance.

[I’ve been in three different jails for a total of about two weeks
in my life and just about the entire time I played with their pay
phones. None of the phones would let me do ANYthing except for
make collect calls. The only trick I discovered was that I could
call random people and press the “2” for them so they’d be forced
to accept the call. We didn’t have access codes, though.

You could set up a phone or find a phone somewhere in your city
that doesn’t get used for incoming calls that much, such as a
7-Eleven’s credit card line. Order call forwarding for them and
forward all of their calls to your own house. After that, just
have your jailed friend call that number instead of yours which
will charge the forwarded line even though you get to answer it.
Read the PLA issue on call forwarding for instructions.]

I’m trying to get an unlisted phone # to some one who recently changed
their listed phone # to an unlisted #. Could you recommend anything for
me to check(i.e. updated phone search sites)? Please E-mail me back and
let me know,

Thank you,

[Phone search sites are usually only updated every year or
every six months and mostly include only listed numbers. Your
best bet would be to use FACS which is detailed in PLA issue
#37. (Assuming you have the address of the person.) Also, you
could go to their house (if they’re local) plug your phone in
and dial an ANI number. Also, check out the issue called
Alternatives to CN/A which lists a bunch of ideas that might
help you out.]

I just read the most recent issue of PLA, (44, i think?) – And
someone submitted something talking about using 3-way to accept
collect calls. (via OCI) .. Well, did OCI update their ANI system or
something? Because about a month or two ago, me and my friend were
bored, and having no lives and all, we were using a standard op-divert
and saying stupid shit to them.. So the second time, (I’m * sure * we
op-diverted), they read out the home phone number we were calling
from… Do you know what’s up with that by any chance? Weird.


[As far as I know, OCI is just as unadvanced as they’ve always
been. I’ve never op diverted to OCI and they still haven’t
read off my number or called me back and they always ask what
number I’m calling from.]

Hi do you know how to get a oh account that is really real and how do I tos
some one. Can you send me a program that I can format my a:\ to 1.6 or 1.7.
If you don’t have it do you know where I can get it? Thanx and can you write

[I’m sure if anyone can stop laughing at you long enough to
punch in your e-mail address, you’ll get plenty of response
to your questions. Really real oh accounts can be obtained
by going into alt.2600 and simply asking for one. They’re

I recently obtained an Itronix T5000 EFP from a friend of mine, I haven’t
really used it yet, but from what I understand it does the following

-runs DOS 6.2
-has a built in modem and radio communications
-a serail port
-LCD display with back-lighting
-alligator clips to connect to a phone line

and mine has 10megs of flash RAM. For more information take a look at the
itronix web site ‘’ As soon as I make or buy a power cord I’ll
tell you what else it can do…


PS- You probably already know this, but an easy way to get someone’s
address from thier phone number(even unlisted ones) is to call the
nearest Domino’s pizza using *67…when they don’t get a number they will
ask for yours…tell them the person’s number who address you want and
the’ll read off the address to make sure it’s correct.

My business teacher taught me a new way to commit credit card
fraud. He said thatthere is a federal law that says that if a card is
stolen the card holder can only be held liable for $50. This means you can
card using YOUR OWN CARD by “stealing” it, maxing it out as if it were
someone else’s card, then throwing it away and reporting it stolen. For
added effect you could do the same for all of your card’s and even get a
new diver’s license, etc. as an aliby. I know jack shit about credit fraud
so this all could be a waste of time, but the teacher said it would work.
It seems like it would for some reason be less risky than using someone
else’s card. PLA is Great!! The PLA is in the mofo diggitty-dog house.

[Yep, I’ve heard about the $50 policy before. But before you
try anything, you should call your bank and ask exactly what
their policy is if you encounter fraud. It’d suck to go to
all that trouble and end up having to pay for it.]

I promised you an update (well, the full thing) of the Jamey story when it
all came out. Well here it is.

The whole Jamey saga started in about August last year. We saw Jamey on
a web chat site, and didn’t like him. Always bragging about how cool he
is and his legendary sporting acheivements, not to mention taking XTC with
his mother. Cool guy. So we got together and formed the THJ. Team
Hassle Jamey. Any time we saw Jimmy Jammy Jokey Jerky Jamey as he was
soon to be dubbed we would call all the others, and sit there harassing
him, changing handles to appear as him and trah his reputation, and
genrally be obnoxious pricks. (Hey, we DID have the PLA as inspiration!!)
All the time, posting messages such as JAMEY’S A FLOGGER JAMEY’S A FLOGGER

So we set up hotmail accounts to send him nasty email. Pretty lame, but
it did the trick to get his mother’s name. From there we could find out
his address and fone number. But we couldn’t be sure. Until the day a
girl called Tania came on to Jamey’s fave chatline. She was like a female
Jamey. All the same interests, but with a possible glimmer of a
personality. That didn’t stop us from taking over her life. A couple of
hotmail accounts later, we had Tania writing to, and
Jamey writing to This way, we could get info from
Jamey and Tania. We left Tania alone though. So Jamey asked Tania out a
few times, which “she” tactfully dodged, and he gave her his fone number
begging her to call him. So she managed to avoid that too, and said hey,
your b’day’s coming up, what’s your address, so I can send yu a birthday
card? So he gave us his address. Dumb boy.

That was where the phun began. So “Tania” sent him a valentines day
card, all cute and lovely, and the THJ sent him a deads rose in a mailing
tube. We didn’t want our maaaate to go without at that special time of

So that brings us to today. My friend Josef and I were at university
today during one of our 3 hour breaks with no classes. Nothing better to
do than hassle people like “Our own little Dino” as Josef puts it.

There is a payfone in the physics building that is fully closed into a
little room, making it great for phun fone calls, as it has the acoustics
of a regular fone. So bored as we were, we thought yeah, lets call Jimmy
Jammy Jokey Jerky Jamey. So off we went. We’d tried the week before for
his birthday, but he wasn’t home, so we left a message on his mother’s
machine, and took down the cellyer fone number (oh god. Using the alias
Dino Allsman is turning me into him!! Where are my goddam cocksuckin’
cigarrette, you motherfuckin’ jack-offs?) and resolved to call back. So
today we did.

JJJJJ:  Hello?
   ME:  Hi.  Is Jamey there please?
JJJJJ:  Yah, 's Jamey.
   ME:  Do you know who this is?
JJJJJ:  No...
   ME:  No?  Take a guess.
JJJJJ:  Nah...
   ME:  No idea at all?
JJJJJ:  Yeah, I got an idea.
   ME:  Who, Jamey?
JJJJJ:  Umm....Summwun from da innanet, I fink...
   ME:  Yeah?
JJJJJ:  Yeah, I recognised your voice, man, how ya
   ME:  Pretty good Jamey, pretty good.  How are ya?
JJJJJ:  I'm 'right, how you doin'?
   ME:  We were just calling to apologize about your
        birthday card being so late.
JJJJJ:  Wot card? (Jamey's none too bright.)
   ME:  Oh, it hasn't got there yet?
JJJJJ:  Nuh,
   ME:  It should be getting there in the next couple
        of days, probably,
JJJJJ:  Ahh... right.
   ME:  We passed it around, we aaaallllll signed it.
JJJJJ:  Cool.  (I'm trying desperately not to laugh.)
   ME:  So whatcha been up to Jamey?
JJJJJ:  Oh,  School.
   ME:  Hang on, here's Josef.
JOSEF:  Hey Jamey, why aren't you answering our emails?
JJJJJ:  Huh?
JOSEF:  Why aren't you answering our emails?
JJJJJ:  Oh, I haven't got any time for the net anymore...
JOSEF:  Oh, you seem to.  You're replying to Tania's
JJJJJ:  Yah, I know.
JOSEF:  But you're not gonna reply to ours?
JJJJJ:  I din't reply to Tania's!!
JOSEF:  Ohhhh, as far as we could see you did.
JJJJJ:  How could you see?
JOSEF:  Oh, a little trick in the book...
   ME:  (Calling out across the room) MAGIC!!
JJJJJ:  What's that?
JOSEF:  Magic.  Oh, we're just legends.
JJJJJ:  Nah, what've you got?
JOSEF:  Don't forget who Dino works for.  Anyway,
        I'll pass you back to Dino.
JJJJJ:  Who's he work for?
JJJJJ:  Oh, right.....(he obviously has NO idea what
        the CIA is.  He probably can't even spell it.)
   ME:  Yep.  The Agency.
JJJJJ:  Which is that?
   ME:  THe CIA.
JJJJJ:  Oh, right.
   ME:  Ok.  We'd better get going.  We've got stuff
        to get to.  Or something.  Ok.  I'll see you
        'round Jamey.
JJJJJ:  Where you livin'?
   ME:  Where ARE we living?  Bye Jamey!!!

>Josef hangs up<

So that's it. My other friend who calls himself Dusty Jones might be
getting an ISP, (well, his dad is) but that means you'll prbably soon be

Jamey's a flogger!!
Connor MacIsaac / Dino Allsman

I'm a senior at Ohio Hi-Point JVS, and here recently they (the oppressive
administration) has crippled my only livelyhood. My payfone! Everyday at
lunch, instead of eating i usually go out to the fone. Mainly just to
harass OCI (Willtel?) and force a few select hawaiians to accept my collect
call (via OCI).

Anyway, about a week or so ago me and a friend were doing the daily
lunch ritual, when he stopped and said, "hang up it sounds like someone
is tapping the line" apparently he was hearing a series of chirp and
tones. i said, yea whatever, and continued to call oci, again, and what
seems like for the LAST time. suddenly i heard some tones, just sounded
like standard DTMF. So now I was pretty sure that one of the fuck-up
adminstrators was listening to my call, so i proceeded to tell 'em to
fuck off and what-not. So my friend dials 711, and in bellefontaine 711
disables the fone(shuts it off or something) for about 3 mins. (What
does the telco use that feature for???)

Not a second later, a group of 5 people (admin & 1 bell) are rushing
down the hall like gangbusters, yelling something about "everyone needs
to get off the payfones now!" They dial 1-311, which gives you an
Operator there. It's fun to dial that # because i think only bell people
use it and it really confuses the hell outta the Ops, when I've asked
them to dial 800 numbers for me before, I get responses like "and why
did you dial 311 to place this call". After the Admin and bell people
rushed over to our fones and dialed the op I overhear them say something
like "well we can't prove it was them blah blah blah *i'm a big
dickhead* blah" and then we got chased off by the principal Joyce
Roberts (what a bitch).

The next day that we come out to our beloved fones, there it a sign on
them saying "Local Calls Only". We were like ha! we'll just call the

operator and have her dial OCI, WRONG. anytime you dial 0, 1 +anything
(via the keypad) the fone makes a weird ass "VEEP-VVEEP!" and gives you
a dialtone. You can't dial 800's 10XXX-0 or anything. It really pisses
me off. I have found a way to call collect and the op but it is a huge
pain in the ass, by blicking the reciever. What I think happened was the
school thought that we were billing calls to them (which is one thing we
didn't do).

Now, I've got a couple of questions... Isn't it the law that payfones
have to let you dial 800 #'s, or is it they just have to be free. ALSO
what is up with OCI?? everytime I call, dial 0 at the dialtone, the
voice now says "please hold for the Wiltel operator", but when one of
the OCIdiots completes a call for you they say "thank you for usuing
OC--Wiltel" was OCI bought out?

One more thing, I have found that in order to do the "Forced Collect
call" through OCI (Latest PLA) you don't even have to have 3way calling,
you can call up OCI have them place a collect call, and then when you
hear the person on the other end pick-up just say "HELLO!" loudly, and
in a slightly deeper(or higher) voice so that OCI cannot hear the other
person and go ahead and accept for them. OCI is so dumb...


[That sucks about your pay phones. Maybe you should give the
billing office a call and change the pay phone services back
to how they used to be. I'm not sure which way the 800 number
law works, but I've come across plenty of CoCots that either
disallow you to dial 800 numbers, or ask you for 50 cents
when you dial one.

About OCI - I've been trying to get information out of their
operators for awhile now and none of them will admit to even
knowing what the hell OCI is. A few months ago they started
answering "Wiltel Operator." Then a week later they started
answering "OCI" again. Then, yet another week later they
once again became Wiltel Operators and still are of this
writing. I finally got one operator to admit that OCI and
Wiltel were both owned by the same company but she refused
to give me any details. The only important thing is that
they have no clue where you're calling from.]

Hey what's up. I forgot to ask you. What was the great quarter roll scam?
I can kinda guess but I'd like to know for sure and how you went about it and
if you got caught. I found something cool to do and I don't know if you
ever did this because you never said anything about it but you probably did.

Anyway, me and my friend like to call people up on three way and just talk
to each other and ignore the people on the other line. This is so funny
because the people yell and shout asking who it is for 5 minutes and then
they think that there is a mix up with the phones and there listening in on
our conversation. They always stay on and listen. How stupid people are! We
try to have the most boring conversation and see if they will still stay on,
and they always do.


[If they stay on long enough, you should start making references
to that person. Make false plans about what you're going to "do"
to them, read off their address and phone number, plan out where
you're going to meet before you strike. Then ask your friend what
number you can contact him at when you're ready to go and have
your friend read off the number of somebody that you're not too
fond of. hehe.

The quarter roll scam was simply us passing off rolls of pennies
as rolls of quarters, buying a cheap item and collecting the
change. Didn't get rich off of it but it sure was fun.]

When I called OCI today, I heard two OPS in the background yelling at two
kids on speaker phone. This made me think that like every other call to OCI
is a prank call. Pretty funny, but with such a high volume of pranks, will
OCI ever decide to find out who calls them?? Just wondering...l8r

Jolly Spamhead

[When they do finally start getting the numbers of people
who bother them, they'll probably just call you back and
yell "yo mama" jokes at you. I wouldn't worry too much.]

When are you going to start writing articles on hacking? I'm really
interested in computer hacking but i don't know where to get my start.


[Probably never. I'm not a hacker and have never been a
hacker. Most everything that you read in PLA has been
verified to work before I print it and I'd be unable to
make this claim with hacking articles since I don't have
the time or patience to try to hack. Just do a ToneLoc
scan of your city, start calling the computers you find
and teach yourself. When you get stumped, do a web search.]

Hey dude I'm busted :(. Ok I'll try to tell you this long story as short as
possible. A couple nights ago, I was really really bored. So I called up
dave, we decide to pick random names out of the White pages and try to get
their calling card info. Well we pick a couple of wongs. We get the info we
were looking for. Ok so dave is like just give me a ordinary person and not
a forgein person. So I feed him a random number out of the phone book. We
call direct...

Girl: Hello??
Dave: Hi this is brad from Snet, I'm having
      trouble with the old PC here...
Girl: Yea so...
Dave: Well I need your calling card number
      to enter into the system
Girl: You know you can goto jail for this???
Dave: Excuse me mam, I'm brad from SNET
Girl: Bullshit!
Dave: Mike pick up on Line 2...
  Me: Hi this is supervisor mike, what seems
      to be the problem???
Girl: I'm calling the cops (hangs up)

Well me and dave being very revengeful people. We decide that this lady
needs to be harassed. We call up OCI, the op asks to speak to domnique.
She Doesn't accept. We try again using OCI. This time she accepts. She puts
a guy on. I'm like neder neder, gotta put your daddy on. This guy tells me
how his name is officer Johnson of the Newington Police Dept. Of course we
don't belive him, he tells me to do myself a favor and not call back
anymore. He hangs up.

Ok so we call him about 17 times that night. We think he had enough for the
night as it was then 1:30 AM. So next day comes. We decided since this guys
thinks he is better than us to call a few Taxi's, Singing Telegrams, and
Pizzas to his house. I think this is what broke him. Me and dave once again
hang up.

Yesterday, I just get home from my ED (Extended Dentetion). Dave had called
the school a few times while I was there and had them page Kevin Mitnick,
Mark Abene, and Catus Roy. It was pretty funny. But anyway getting back on
subject. We are talking on the phone, when dave gets another call. He clicks
over, and comes back quickly. He says this is the cop guy from last night. I
could'nt belive this. Dave told me he gave his father's name and asked to
speak to him. Dave being the only person in the house besides his Little
brother. Dave tells his brother to say that his dad is in the hospital. Well
the guy starts yelling at Dave's younger brother, just then Dave dad comes
home. He picks up, and this Police Officer says that we were harassing the
wife of a High Ranking State Offical or something. He says he has Audio
Tapes, and stuff like That. How could this be?? We only called this guy once
direct. The other times were through OCI. I suspect that the Taxi cab
somehow got dave's number.

Well I'm dazed and Confused. I went to school and security told me
that some feds called and wanted info on Dave. But since I'm more known than
dave, the security guys brought my name up in it. So anyway I got suspended
today from school, for leaving class to go investigate this.

Oh yea the police are coming over david's house tonight or tommerow. The
Newington police officers will have to be brought to his house by a
E.hartford one. So hmm, anyway the guy doesn't have my name yet. But dave's
mom hates me and probly will give it to them. I just got rid of all the PLA
stuff, plus a database I have collected over the years. This database had
over 450 text files on H/P/A/V. I gave dave a copy of this, he daid hid it.
I hope he did.

Jolly Spamhead

Hi, i was wondering if you could tell me if radio shack has added
components to their dialers to block the freq of the aftermarket crystal
put in. If so do you have revised docs for the new config and how to get
it to work. A response would be greatly appricated....

[I've yet to buy a tone dialer that's been any different
from the one I've seen for almost 10 years now. Guess I'm
just not that lucky. People have told me that the new
dialers still have a crystal in them but they're disguised
as a capacitor. Other people have told me that they simply
moved the crystal to the underside of the circuit board.
Until I buy one myself, I really don't know who to believe.]

PLEASE PLEASE.... i was reading all your prank calls. And the one about
DINO caught my eyes!! i read ALL of it it was awsome.. so i decided i
want to do it... so iam asking you to write a txt or email me back
with info on where to start!! how do i SCAN the airwavs for portable
phones?? where i get the scanner?? what modle?? do i need to modify
it?? if so how?? please help me!!!! CAN I MAKE A SCANNR?? can i
use walkie talkies?? ca i use old phones???

[Most of the information you need is in the cordless phone
article in this issue. It's unlikely that you could make
a scanner and using old cordless phones to pick up
conversations is difficult and unstable.]

You forgot to add one important tactic to your list of revenge ideas: Mail
bombs! You can download mailbombing software and you can go to hacker web
pages that have forms to fill out that will mailbomb an asshole bigtime. Here
are some addresses for you:

[I edited out the addresses you gave me for two reasons. One,
being that I don't support mail bombing. The internet is bogged
down enough without having to deal with hundreds of idiots
trying to mailbomb you. Second, I've been "mail bombed" twice now
and it's had very little impact on me. My mail client calls my
ISP every half hour to check mail so when I've been "bombed", I
didn't have to wait for the 300 messages to download. It wasted
approximately 5 seconds of my day to have to highlight all of the
offending letters and press the delete button. I'm guessing
that the person who did it spent alot more time "bombing" me.

Hey, an interesting story to pass along and some tips on getting into
peoples garages with very much ease. I live near a large city called Ft
Wyane, Indiana, one of the most crime infested cities in Indiana. One
day some ingenious criminals thought up an idea of building a radio
transmitter (thanks to Radio Shack). This wasn't a ordinary transmitter,
it was a multifriquency one. This one opened up Garage doors! and even
electronically locked car doors too! Anyway these guys stole a bunch of
stuff, and cars by just tunning the thing to the right frequency
pressing a few buttons and BOOM opening up a few garage doors. I think
the news said it cost the guys only about $50 bucks to make. Anyway
anyone can make or even (luckily) buy a premade one in the store or at
leaste get one from someone. You can modify a garage door opener to
open any garage i would assume and even you can obtain a universal
garage door opener (the one with the little switches inside). My dad
said back in the 70's he had this piece of crap CB that at certain
channels would open up garage doors. I do have a universal garage door
opener but rarely am I bored enuf or actually dwell from the depths of
my layer.

see ya,
jeremy aka peart

[You live less than an hour away from me. Stay the hell away
from my house.]

Is there a way to attach a sound source to your telephone line (or
others) so that when they are talking you can put in all these stupid
ass sounds (like in that one pla issue with all the switches where you
compltley controlled your neighbors house, yes i know it was fake but
can you do it).


[Of course - just hook up your sound blaster's output into
the mouthpiece of your telephone handset. This can be done
at the handset or inside the telephone itself.]

Amigo, you have a SICK sense of humor! I LOVED the 7-11 piece you did! You
must have some technical savvy to come up with some of those ideas. I have a
small compilation of pranks at:

Look for "Industrial Strength Practical Jokes". These are unique in that I
either know the people involved or WAS involved. I am adding to these as I
remember them from over 20 years of working in this insane asylum (run by the
inmates) maunfacturing plant in Wilmington, NC.

I am a radio scanner freak. A favorite one of mine is to place a sign on the
speaker at the drive up at a fast food place, "SPEAKER IS BROKEN, PLEASE SPEAK
LOUD!". Then I park nearby, tune to their frequency and listen to the HILARIOUS
conversation. People will hang their heads out of the car and SCREAM their
orders out. Finally, one of the employees will say something like,"Sir, you
don't have to shout". Then some reference is made to the "SIGN"????WHAT SIGN?
A very pissed off employee will come out and angrily JERK the sign down. Fun
over for now.

Another favorite is to get a LARGE magnet and affix a LARGE soda cup with lid
and straw, to the top of my car. It looks as if I forgot to take it with me.
I saw a guy almost break his neck doing a double-take as I merrily cruised
along. People will actually GET OUT OF THEIR CAR and tap on the window to tell
me about the soda. I politely thank them and drive away, leaving them dazed
and confused. They just can't imagine why that soda doesn't fall off!

Anyway, thanks for the laughs,

PLA is cool, I read the issues when I'm bored at work, and check out the
web page (you've probably got my work IP logged somewhere)...I can give
you some good pay phone numbers in the DC Metro area, if that's worth
anything (probably not?)...I can give you numbers from pay phones that
are in _not so nice_ areas...Maybe you can prank drug dealers, that'd be
funny...Anyway, PLA is cool, and I get a serious kick out of reading
your stuff...Dino Allsman is cursed for life...Why aren't there PLA'ers
in DC???

[I'm always looking for new pay phones so send anything
you've got. The only requirement is that they accept
incoming calls. Start a PLA DC page and I'm sure you'll
find at least one other PLA addict.]


09/05/04 - what the fuck from here: this bitch wsated his life writting this, and probably doing it as well

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