PLA Issue #34

Completed On August 8th, 1995

  • Introduction – RBCP
  • The 618 Scene: Chatterbox BBS
  • The 618 Scene: The Hit Man War
  • The 618 Scene: Hack-Phreak Scene of 618?
  • The 618 Scene: Miscellaneous
  • How To Piss Off RBCP – by Colleen Card
  • What People Are Saying About The PLA
  • This Issue’s Total Loozer Award
  • Classifieds Section

    Introduction by RedBoxChiliPepper

    Wow, this PLA issue is going to be a doozie. As usual, longer and even more
    meaningless. First of all, I want to inform everyone of the little change the
    stupid bastards at the voicemail company in Austin made. They totally changed
    voicemail software (no longer the easily hacked Aspin) and relocated their
    offices to downtown which meant, without warning, my voicemail number changed.
    This all means, of course, that my plan of having a permanent number that
    wouldn’t change for a long time went out the window. Even for me, being a
    “valued” customer of over seven months, they wouldn’t refer the calls from my
    old number to my new number. So, the new PLA Voicemail number is 512-703-8910.

    I finally got my brand new shiney fridge magnet from Roy, New Mexico the other
    day, direct from their gift shop! They even sent back my change (in cash) and
    they sent back the stamps I had enclosed for postage. (The magnet was a little
    smaller that I’d anticipated.) They also included their business card and a
    receipt with a hand written note on it, “Thanks! We enjoyed doing mail order
    business with you!” Thank you, Cactus Flower Gift Shop! I feel so cool…

    In the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of bbsing in the 618 (Alton, IL)
    area. I don’t know WHY I started calling around there, but I did and you’re
    about to be treated to a four part series about the total lameness of that
    entire area. I encourage anyone who lives there to MOVE OUT before it’s too
    late! Get ready to meet the PHREEKER scene of 618… As well as the christian
    bbs scene and a few hillbillies. First, we bring you the Chatterbox BBS…

    The 618 Scene: Chatterbox BBS

    Welcome to ChatterBox BBS!

    ( O O )

    Last people who decided to call:

    Number Handle Language Time Date Speed ##
    3916 Hit Man #103 Hillbilly 14:30 07/31 14400/LAPM/V.42bis 3
    3917 Zensless1 #80 English 14:39 07/31 14400/LAPM/V.42bis 4
    3918 Morbid Death #34 English 15:42 07/31 2400 1
    3919 Captain Picard #97 Valley 16:22 07/31 14400/LAPM/V.42bis 1

    Auto message by: Chatty #1
    Nice day, isn’t it?

    * Welcome New User to ChatterBox BBS *

    You have connected to ChatterBox BBS !!! It is located in Belleville,
    Illinois which is just east of St. Louis. Our phone number is (618) 277-8040.
    We thank you for calling us and hope you find this board to be useful and
    entertaining! We offer online games, email, message bases, and a complete
    file area.

    Please feel free to use all of the time you are given. There are
    NO FEES and NO RATIOS, and only a few rules. Below is a disclaimer of
    legalities and rules for the board. READ THEM, but don’t let this get in
    the way of having a good time and using the resources of the board. These
    rules can be followed easily by using common sense and being tolerant of
    others. If you have any problems please feel free to email me and let me

    1) NO swearing, cussing, or offensive language! [<-- Isn't all of that
    2) NO pornography or X-rated material! the same?? -RBCP]
    3) The golden rule is the supreme rule of the board.
    (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!)

    Follow these rules and we can ensure a good quality board for
    everyone. Anyone disobeying these rules will be punished by having their
    access to this system denied. The systems operator of the board has final
    say in all disputes. The SysOp also holds the right to deny access to this
    system to anyone that does not comply with these rules.

    Thanx, your SysOp

    Welcome to ChatterBox BBS.. I hope you like it here,
    we have a few on-line games, and more on the way…
    We have a few files, right now, am busy working on getting
    the games working.. I hope you like the board.. Feel free
    to look around.

    YOU WILL be VOICE validated, before your
    access will be raised.

    A.) You MUST give your FULL name, address and phone #
    before validation. This MUST be Your REAl name, REAL
    address, and your REAL phone Number.

    Absolutely NOBODY will be validated unless they give
    a Voice Number where we can Call you back and Voice
    Validate you.

    B.) State where you got this #.

    C.) Give 3 peoples names on boards that we can contact that
    will tell us info about you, and if a sysop, what board
    they are a sysop of.

    Anyone not answering these three question, will NOT BE VALIDATED
    and possibity of being deleted. Anyone NOT leaving Feedback with
    the required info, will be deleted Automatically.

    But if you answered these correctly you will be voice validated
    and if it is the right #, your access will be raised..

    Thanx for your time…

    That is, more or less, what you see when you log onto Chatterbox BBS. The
    ChatterBox Incident has to come first, even though all this started with the
    Hit Man incident which is next in the series. It started when Hit Man needed
    my home phone number in Texas so he asked the sysop of Chatterbox for it and
    it was given to him. Just a few weeks before all this, Zak had logged on to
    this bbs using all of my info which I had given him permission to do. The
    sysop, being extremely paranoid of everything (he’s a christian), always voice
    validates everyone, so Zak was using my info so he could get an account just
    to cause trouble there. Zak has a habit of using my alias when he causes
    trouble, as many sysops in 618 can testify.

    A little about Chatterbox…It’s run by fifteen year old, sligtly overweight
    Amanda Eyer, whose goes by the alias Chatty and her DAD, Scott Eyer, who goes
    by the alias of Scott The Believer. It’s one of those bbses where you’re not
    allowed to say any cuss words, not allowed to express your views because they
    may differ from the sysop’s and of course you’re not allowed to express any
    disbelief in the existance of some guy named God. When I called there, I
    uploaded a GIF of the bible being used as toilet paper (which should be
    included in this archive, by the way) and I made some innocent little post
    about Jesus being dead.

    Anyway, this didn’t make either one of the sysops happy and both of them spent
    the day praying and calling up all their brothers & sisters of the church to
    get a group prayer for me going or something like that. It turns out that I’m
    not the only courrier for satan that they’ve dealt with in the past. Nobody
    likes them, their both always getting harrassing mail, their bbs has been
    hacked and the user list (names & passwords) been downloaded and distributed.

    Apparently, Chatty was gullible enough to give someone the access to view the
    user list and he/she captured it and distributed it everywhere. I would
    include it in this file but it’d be pointless because all the passwords have
    been changed and if you want a user’s phone number, all you have to do is
    e-mail Scott The Believer for it and he’ll give it out, no problem. Oh yeah,
    that’s what I was getting at. Scott gave my home voice number to Hit Man and
    this whole shebang started up. Ah, but first you have to read some private
    mail from The ChatterBox, just to get an idea of how lame they really are…
    First here’s an amusing piece of mail from Chucky #91 to Chatty #1, written
    on Monday, July 3, 1995:

    I say well, because I tried to page you and you must be asleep. Today was
    great. Though my work is still cut out ahead of me. Played volleyball at
    longacre for about 4 hours had fun. And things made me think.
    Just standing there and seeing so many people. There were so many people
    on the courts you couldn’t see the sand, it was packed. However though there
    were tons oh people having fun, laughing [Cand screaming I noticed things. On
    one court there were around 12 blacks and no whites. On the other court there
    were 6 whites and no blacks. Side by side there they were all having fun, but
    not true interaction. Each side played their games and had fun.
    Standing around I noticed there were only two watching, out of around
    about 50, that were mixing. My and another black girl. Every now and then I
    looked at the blacks staring at me in wonder, and I even got the sane looks
    from the whites too. But the most beautiful thing I noticed that GOD was
    watching too. Though I felt a bit worried that one of the two races wou

    [Somehow the rest got cut off…The next mail is from an irate user.]

    To………. Chatty #1
    Title……. Well
    Pirate: Iam Death #4
    Date: Mon Jul 03 00:17:27 1995

    Then just delete all of us becouse I could care less about being on your
    board. I also want you to stop calling my house, and all of my friends.

    [And now you’re about to see how Scott The Believer treats all of his
    users and how paranoid their family really is. The following are
    responses Scott left to New User Feedback…]

    To………. Gif Master #60
    Title……. Humm….
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #5
    Date: Wed Jun 21 22:43:52 1995

    Who the heck are you? You say you are Jason, but when we called Jason’s phone
    number, he said he NEVER called here.

    So, who are you? You are not jason, so who are you and WHY would you call in
    and say you were hm, HUH?

    Scott The Believer

    To………. Demonchild #46
    Title……. HI
    From: Scott The Believer #5
    Date: Mon Jun 12 06:09:48 1995


    ¯My name isDEMONCHILD I wish to join your bbs.

    Well, hi there. The newuser letter said that you were to give me your REAL name
    here, not your handle. AND in the info about you it asked for your handle
    first, then it asked for your FULL real name, and you and your “Brother is it”
    just gave your real first name and not your FULL name. I asked Vertico to tell
    me what his real last name was, but he didn’t do it. MAybe he didn’t even read
    my mail, or didn’t know how to answer back to me. To reply back to this letter,
    when it comes to the system prompt, just hit “A” for Autoreply to the author,
    and you will be replying to my mail. ALSO, to end and send a mail, after you
    write one, just hit return (Enter) to get to the begining of a NEW line, and
    then type /S to save your mail/letter/post. If you have any questions, just
    E-mail me.

    Scott The Believer

    [Scott was probably just freaked out about his alias or something. Here’s
    a few comments that were made in general private mail:]

    To………. Markus #17
    Title……. well,
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #5
    Date: Mon Jun 19 05:58:09 1995

    ¯Thanks my friend. Are you going this weekend to Promise Keepers? I’ll talk to
    ¯you later.

    And no, I am not going to Promise Keepers. I am just not to hip to that
    movement. I think it just pumps you up, fires you up, but really don’t give you
    any real value for Christian Living. Case in point, Rick Taylor. Came back from
    there last year, really fired up, wanted everyone to go. Then for about 6
    months I never even saw him in Church, then maybe they came once a month for
    awhile. Now look at them, up and quit the whole Church. I am just not sure PK
    is all it is cracked up to be……

    To………. Lestat #76
    Title……. humm…
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #5
    Date: Sun Jul 02 07:59:35 1995

    ¯umm…..I think it was two days ago.. you got me in chat…
    ¯that wasn’t me it was my sister. I am not usually that hostile. Sorry if she
    ¯angered you..

    Well, I see you still have that line noise, huh? NO, I wasn’t angry, and I
    didn’t cut you off, I guess that call waiting or line noise finally got the
    best of our comm programs, cause it cut us off automatically.

    No problem here, I just couldn’t figure out why I was getting a ring, ring from
    your phone. I should have gotten a busy signal. See, the problem is that we
    have a VERY hostile user here that we deleted a couple of months ago, and she
    is still trying to call in under fake accounts. That is why I was checking to
    see if you were calling from your phone, I am too cheap to get caler ID. :)

    [And the hostile user in question, of course, is Martini. Scott’s big
    security thing is calling up a user while they’re on the phone to see
    if the phone is busy, just to make sure it’s really them. Since a lot
    of people don’t want to tie up their phone, they get booted off when
    Scott does this. So that’s what their private mail looks like. After
    I was deleted, I logged back on to ask why. Here’s what I wrote and
    also the responses that I got from both Chatty & Scott The Believer.]

    Enter message now, max lines are 30
    Enter ‘/HELP’ for help.
    Why’d I get deleted? Well, maybe that’s not really the issue here. What I
    really want to know is why did you give out my personal home phone number?
    When I first logged on here I used my real information thinking that you
    wouldn’t give it out to everyone but I guess I was wrong. Was I deleted
    because I wasn’t home when you called my girlfriend? I’m sorry, I was bbsing
    at a friend’s house. I had no idea that wasn’t allowed on here.

    I guess it’d be best if you forwarded this to Scott The Believer since he’s
    probably mostly responsible for all this, from what I hear. I just want you to
    know that I don’t appreciate any of this. It should also interest you that I
    happen to have YOUR home voice number and could give that out to plenty of
    people. Did you know that the guy you gave my number to threatens to fly down
    here and kill me all the time? If that were to actually happen, do you think
    that Scott would be legally responsible for my death? I think so.

    [And the responses…]

    Chatty #1 forwarded your mail to Scott The Believer #5
    Scott The Believer #5 read your mail on 07/31/95

    (1/2): Well…
    Name: Chatty #1
    Date: Mon Jul 31 07:33:49 1995


    ¯happen to have YOUR home voice number and could give that out to plenty of

    Welll.. For your information, I already know that you have my #…
    I’m not stupid, I know who is all involved in a plot against me. But I’m not
    worried. I don’t apprecaite users loggin’ you in as a new user ( referring to
    posts made on Martini’s board, oh.. You thougt I’d never see them, I have. )
    and you have no clue…… Well.. I have to say I also don’t think it is in FCC
    regelations to give out any other users information on a post, or anything.
    They are trying to contact FCC, I know this for a fact, as he is my freind. No,
    He doesn’t have access to my user log, and no, he won’t ever. I made that
    mistake once with giving a guy that info, and someone loging on as him and
    getting all the info.. Alright, so if I didn’t give him the #, he would have
    gone and got it from someone else…. Trust me, he knows how. I’m NOT sorry I
    am freinds with him. He’s a nice guy, if you are on his good side, I’m just
    glad I am. And I wish that Martini, and everyone else wasn’t mad at me, I make
    an effort to try and be nice to all of my users, but she broke a rule, and was
    in violateon of FCC. I also have to add, that I let my dad handle that, so she
    WOULDB’T get mad at me. I’m sorry I gave your #. And I’m sorry you were
    deleted, but I was given the explination that it was because there have been
    people logging in as your name. And yes we know who it was. I do read messeges
    on martini’s boarde…. I’m not as dum as everyone thinks.

    øú. ôô .úø
    øú. €h„ÅŘ .úø

    [I’ve since changed my home phone number and the last four digits are
    the initials of a well-known phone company. Get my new number, Greg,
    it’s a challenge.]

    E-mailing Chatty #1

    Enter message now, max lines are 30
    Enter ‘/HELP’ for help.
    Go back and read that message you sent me. Not one word of it made any sense.
    Learn how to spell.
    Saving…Mail sent to Chatty #1

    (2/2): MAN
    Name: Scott The Believer #5
    Date: Mon Jul 31 17:17:37 1995

    And just how did you get that number? From our users list? Humm?
    Hey, our home voice number isn’t unlisted, anyone can pick up a phone book and
    get it, BIG DEAL! You think you are giving out privedledged info, or something?
    NOT! Having our phone number isn’t anything, BUT making crank, obsene calls is
    ILLEGAL, and we are getting them, so we have called the FCC in Washington to
    see what can be done to go back thru the phone records and catch whoever is
    making all the calls. And to trace all new incoming calls also. We will catch
    whoever is responsible.

    As for you being deleted, YES, I did that. For several reasons. 1: Stupid posts
    you made concerning GOD. 2:Stupid GIF you uploaded. 3:hanging up on me when I
    pulled you into CHAT last nught. 4:Posts you made on Martini’s board asking
    what you could “DO” to Chatterbox. 5: Post you made giving out Hitmans info on
    Martini’s board. 6: The main reason, your association with the PLA! That right
    there was enough for me to delete you, I just deleted 2 other members of the
    PLA from here too. As soon as you read this, you will be deleted again, and we
    turned on NEWUSER PASSWORD so none of you can log back on as NEW. You are not
    welcome here, your association with Martini the JERK and your stupid posts on
    her board has seen to that. Good-bye and good ridence….
    Scott The Believer

    [And when I try to respond, Scott chat’s with me!]

    Chat mode entered. You are chatting with Scott The Believer…

    [ME:] I bet it’ll be a major inconvience for the new users with that NUP on
    here. That’s funny.

    what is so funny about it?

    I think you’re lame. Will users still be able to log on if your phone line
    were to somehow disappear?

    how will our phon line dissapear?

    Oh, I don’t know. If you piss off God he may disconnect service. What’s so
    bad about the PLA?

    I think he is getting mad now

    [And he dropped carrier on me. Imagine that. While all this is going
    on, Apok0lyps has been coming through will flying colors, capturing
    most of these posts, getting debates and voting questions started,
    and (him being the only one with an account on Chatterbox) having
    a lot of conversations with Scott The Believer. The issue being
    debated mostly, was did Scott have the right to give out my info.
    Here’s a message that he posted on Roy’s Place…]

    6/7: ok..
    Name: Apok0lyps #3 @1
    Date: Mon Jul 31 09:13:08 1995

    I got a question for everyone. When you go to your doctor, he/she and you
    have a sacred trust called the doctor/patient relationship. This means that he
    can’t/won’t discuss ANYTHING about you with anyone else without your

    The same things go on with you and your laywer. The only persons he can
    discuss your case with is other officers of the court, and they are required by
    LAW to keep what they hear a secret.

    Now we all know that these things get broken from time to time, but at
    leaset there are penalties in place to punish those who break these trust. So
    my question is as follows: Shouldn’t a sysop be bound by the same set of rules?
    At least the ones a laywer uses. Your personal information is a very precious
    comoditity(sp) and when you entrust it to someone, you expect them to honor
    your trust. What should happen to those who violate those trust??

    Now stop and think of this situation: A sysop tells you you MUST leave
    correct info, and you will be voice validated. You want access to his system,
    so you comply. He KNOWS your information is correct, and you are allowed on.

    Next, I say you are making harassing phone calls to me, so I call some
    sysops looking for your phone number/real name. I finally stumble across one
    who will tell me. I call you make threats. But the catch is you were never
    making those calls to me. I just wanted your info. It may only work once with
    that sysop, but once is enough to ruin one life.

    So now, go back to the voting booth and cast your vote what should happen
    to a sysop that would violate YOUR trust.

    [Here’s a couple of replies to Apok0lyp’s mail from Scott…]

    (2/2): Legalities?
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #2
    Date: Tue Aug 01 20:22:49 1995

    Here is a legal question. RBCP called me, thinking I would answer the phone, it

    was the 2nd time he had called, I did answer it the first time. BUT the second
    time, I let my answering get it. BOOM, he called back in 2 minutes and played a
    tape of WHAT my answering maching said, Which means he RECORDED it! And if I
    had answered it voice, he would have been recording me, WITHOUT my consent.
    WHAT DOES the LAW say about that, HUH? If you are advising him, you may want to
    talk to him about it. I am keeping that tape for any future possible needs.
    Just in case this don’t just END now peaceably. I am in favor of that option,
    how about you?

    [In this reply, Scott is replying to his new & improved answering machine
    greeting which goes something like this: “Hello! WARNING! This call is
    being TRACED by the phone company as we speak. (stutters) It is also
    being recorded, copies of which are being furnished to the FCC so please
    speak clearly so we can hear every word you say…(beeeeeep!)”]

    (1/2): Thank you,
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #2
    Date: Tue Aug 01 20:12:34 1995

    I am glad you think I can be trusted cause I am older and a Christian. I really
    don’t think what I did was that wrong, I am sorry it has gotten blown out of
    proportion tho. It’s not like I gave the number to someone I don’t know either,
    I know greg, he was at my house Sunday night and picked Chatty up to play
    Volleyball. He was NOT a total stranger I gave that number to.

    BUT I saw the post where you claim that HITMAN posted his address and his phone
    number, and it was NOT his correct address or phone number. If you have it,
    please pass it to me, cause I don’t believe it till I see it. We read all the
    posts (AND captured them) and I didn’t see his correct address or phone number,
    except in RBCP’s post. AND I still believe he got it from MY users list. AND he
    is calling up here too, against your legal advise. He listened to my answering
    machine, AND then posted what my machine said on Bogus Journey. that is really
    lame, he IS calling my house and Greg also. All I can say is that it had better
    not go on much longer, or I am calling the police. This is the stupidest thing
    I have ever seen. In all my years of BBSing, I have never seen such babies
    trying to cause trouble. AND RBCP posting my mail to him and my CHAT MODE with
    him on Martini’s board is just as lame, BUT I guess that is legal too, huh?
    Maybe I should just go post ALL the PLA’s phone numbers and address’s in open
    posts on all the board I can, huh? That would be fun, right? yea. AND that post
    about Satans BBS, 2 gigs of Adult files, then MY VOICE number, that just about
    takes the cake. I want to know if you think this whole mess is about to END or
    it is really going to take calling the police in to end this stuff? What do you
    think? Is it about over? What do you think will end it? Just want your thought
    on this issue…..

    (2/2): Wow,
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #5
    Date: Sun Jul 30 23:48:18 1995

    I guess this thing with Martini not liking the Chatterbox and Amanda, and the
    fact that she forced us to delete her from this BBS has finally gone over the
    edge. Whatever Greg did, it did NOT warrent the PERSON who stole our users list
    to post his information in an open post for all to read. That is going WAY too
    far in my opinion, and very may well be illegal. I am sure the harrasing phone
    calls are illegal. Anything I could do to help him get to the bottom of it, I
    would have done for anyone including you if someone did that to you. AND I HOPE
    he does get to the bottom of it, and the police catch the person responsible.
    In the meantime, let me say this. I will try to keep your info as secure as
    possible, but I can’t guarntee your privacy. If the same situation came up, but
    he had needed your phone number to call and see if it was you or a faker that
    had done that, I would probably give him your number for him to call and get to
    the bottom of it all. I can NOT guarentee that I will never give your number
    out, it would depend on the situation. So if you want to stay on, it is ok, and
    if you want us to delete you, thats ok too, no hard feelings either way. But I
    can’t tie my hands by promising something that I can’t keep. I will just say
    that I will try to not give your info out, it would have to be a good reason
    for me to do that. So you let me know what it is to be, and we will take care
    of it. We almost shut the board a few weeks ago because of user problems, and
    that is still a possibility, so it may not matter anyway, huh?
    Scott The Believer

    (1/1): Humm…
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #5
    Date: Tue Aug 01 06:17:59 1995

    what about closed systems that only allow certain people access? How do they do
    that? Are you saying we MUST allow anyone on as a user, weither we want to or
    not? If I called Martini’s board, she would be required to let me on as a user?
    I don’t know about all those legalities, yes, If I refused to let someone on
    just because they were Black or Japeneese, I would probably be sued for it. BUT
    I do know that RBCP was deleted for posts and actions he did here, for his
    attitude about this board. ZAK and Zensless1 both TOLD me to delete them unless
    I could guarntee then 100% security, that I would NEVER EVER let out their
    info. They asked me to delete them if I could not guarntee that, so I did
    delete them at their request. You on the other hand, I have NEVER had a problem
    with, so even tho you are PLA, you are welcome here. I only delete a user that
    I have a real problem with and then only after I warned them about it. But you
    don’t have to worry, I have had NO problem with you.

    But I would like to know one thing. Why is it so wrong for me to give out a
    to post a users info like he did in an open post? Where did he get that info
    for one thing? And why is it ok to post that in an open post, yet I get raked
    over the coals for giving out 1 phone number to 1 user? What about systems that
    have 20 co-sysops, that all have access to the users list? So would it have
    been alright if I just made hitman a co-sysop, and gave him access to ALL the
    users info? I just don’t understand this, it is beyond me how everyone thinks I
    did something wrong. I see nothing wrong with what I did, BUT I see all kinds
    of wrong with RBCP posting info in a post. I just don’t get it….

    Scott The Believer

    (1/1): Redbox…
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #5
    Date: Mon Jul 31 06:22:53 1995

    Well, there is other factors that you don’t know yet about Redboxchilipeper. We
    have always considered his account VERY suspicious. Calling from texas, then he
    wouldn’t give us his voice number to validate him for NOTHING 2 months ago. so
    we deleted him then. NOW 2 months later he calls and freely gives us his
    number. I heard he posted a post on Martinis board asking what he could “DO” to
    the chatterbox BBS. Yesterday, he called our board, made some rather rude post
    concerning GOD, saying he is dead, etc, Uploaded a GIF showing a toilet with
    the Bible being used as toilet paper, knowing we are Christians, he was trying
    to get under our skin, IF IT WAS EVEN HIM CALLING. See, we still consider his
    accound a possible fake account. While he was on-line, I called his data phone,
    busy. BUT immediatly when we broke contact, it was still busy. Was it him,
    possibly not. So I called his voice number, got his wife. She said RBCP wasn’t
    home, and that he does all his BBSing from his house, so it wasn’t him, but
    someone else calling in using his name. Probably the same person who stole out
    user list. when he was on-line, I pulled him into chat too, as soon as he saw
    that I was wanting to talk, hd immediatly hung up on me. NOW after all this
    went on, then hit-mans story about redbox posting HIS info in a post, hey, I
    didn’t feel very concerned about keeping his phone number private. AS a matter
    of fact, I deleted him from our system. And I really don’t feel bad about
    giving Hitman his phone number, sorry if you feel I did the wrong thing.

    As for our user list being an inside job, you are partially correct. We think
    it was ripped off by “A Girl” who started dating a Guy. This guy was on our
    board, good friend of Chattys, and had a 255 access. She had several friends
    who she had given 255’s to. well, this Girl logged on as this Guy, cause she
    had found out his password to get onto the system. Once on as him, with a 255,
    she got the users list. Simple as pie. NOW NOBODY has a 255 but Chatty and me.
    And we have proof that they were calling in as other people, using our users
    list to log in as whoever they wanted to, and stir up trouble. Heck, they even
    tried to log in as ME and Chatty, using our Passwords that were ONLY in that
    users list, except we changed them. I tell you what, weither we shut this bbs
    down or keep it running is still up in the air. How far hitman’s problem goes
    may deceide that for us. AND we have also been getting phone calls at Midnight,
    and 3 AM, hang-ups, alot of them, and we are thinking of calling the phone
    company and let them trace them. This whole thing is really stupid, and my wife
    has had about al that she will take of this crap. It might turn ugly, who
    knows. But I still say that I can’t promise total security for your info, but I
    will use my discression as to who would get it, and it would have to be a darn
    good reason, fair or not?

    Scott The Believer

    [Ha, my WIFE?? That’ll be the day. (He talked to Colleen Card.) Anyways,
    during all the conversing, Apok0lyps convinced Scott that perhaps a
    public apology would put a stop to the harrassment.]

    Date: 4:23 am Wed Aug 2, 1995 Number : 121 of 121
    From: Apok0Lyps Base : Private Mail
    To : Redboxchilipepper Refer #: None
    Subj: apology Replies: None
    Stat: Normal Origin : Local

    Ok, after some masterful calls, I convinced STB that the harassment should
    stop, provided he APOLOGIZES to you and the PLA, and also agrees to NEVER give
    out a users info without that users consent.

    Now, if you ask me, I think Scott has seen the error of his ways
    (halajueia brother, ok I can’t spell it) and should be left alone. But good
    ole Greg…..well, he (IMHO) could apologize all day and get no mercy.

    It was cool, I told STB that he would most likley get harassed day and
    night for a long time unless he said sorry. He figured it would “just go away
    in time” but I told him all about Chris Tomkinson and he then replied with
    “well, what do you think I should say in this apology?” :) He was gonna mail
    it to you on Roy’s Place, but I told him a PUBLIC POST on his board would be
    much better. It’s in you xfer section. CYA


    [And the following appeared in Chatterbox’s System Annoncements sub…]

    Q-scan And The Sysop Now Speaks 1 – 4 msgs

    4/4: Apology!
    Pirate: Scott The Believer #2
    Date: Tue Aug 01 22:40:53 1995

    Chatty and I want to apologize to Redboxchilipeper for what went on this week.
    We gave out his home phone number to another user, and being new sysops didn’t
    realize that we were doing a great injustice. Looking back, we see that we
    should NOT have given it out, and we will never give out any user info without
    their consent FIRST. Of course our user list had been hacked and is all over
    the area anyway, we didn’t think it was that bad a thing to do. BUT we are
    sorry this happened, and we will never do that again. Hope this satisifies the
    PLA, RBCP, and anyone else who had doubts about our security. As of NOW, Chatty
    and I are the ONLY 2 who have access to the user list, and it will remain that
    way. Security will be tight from now on.

    Sorry RBCP……..

    Scott The Believer
    And Chatty

    [1] [And The Sysop Now Speaks]
    Read:(1-4,^4),? :

    [My reply to it…]

    Fine, apology accepted, and a good move on your part, as well as mine, I
    guess. I suppose that I’ll apologize for the anti-religeous comments and GIFs
    I uploaded to your system then. I promise you that I will make a point never
    to call your bbs or your voice number again. From everything I’ve heard,
    though, a lot of people don’t like you because you’re both so big brotherish
    about the way you run your bbs, so if you receive annoying calls, be assured
    that they’re NOT from me or Zak or any other member of the PLA.

    One thing I think you didn’t realize while rattling off my unlisted home
    phone number was that Mr. Carson who’s such a fine citizen on your bbs, has
    been threatening to fly down to Texas, find me, rape my girlfriend and shoot
    me. While I know he’s probably all talk and in reality works the graveyard
    shift in a crappy motel, that’s not exactly the type of person I want having
    my phone number. The day after you gave it out, Greg started calling me and
    threatening me every time he received a prank call. I hate to break this to
    Greg, but I’m not the only one who hates him. Anyway, I’m rambling, have a
    nice life without me in it anymore. You should take off that NUP because
    that’s really a hassle for legitimate users and I heard some weirdo a few
    years back got nailed to a tree for suggesting a NUP.


    [And that’s more or less the end. The next day I called up Bogus Journey,
    one of the few cool boards in 618, to see this public post by Chatty.
    Or was it STB? They use the same accounts…]

    48/50: hey RBCP
    Name: Chatty #178 @6851
    Date: Tue Aug 01 19:02:10 1995

    You are the cool one, aren’t you. I had a guy tell me you wasn’t making any
    Voice calls to Illinois, guess he was wrong, huh? I guess it really takes
    something simple, stupid and pathetic to entertain you, huh? We got capture
    files from Martini’s board, and here. Really boring reading, I must say. Too
    bad you (and the rest of your PLA losers) don’t have a life…..

    Scott The Believer

    áogus Journey ááS
    (618)656-7266 23« Hours/Day 14.4k WWIV 4.23
    IceNet @6851 TAZnet @6863 TerraNET @6863

    [Sometime during all this Zak, who at the time still had a valid account
    on Chatterbox, left feedback to Scott saying, “Somebody just called my
    house and hung up on me! Can I have your user list?” and he got deleted
    for it. Also, a few other users (Zenzeless?) were deleted because they
    told Scott if their security couldn’t be guaranteed on that system,
    they didn’t want accounts there.]

    I really meant what I said about not bothering Scott anymore, by the way.
    Since he was smart enough to make a public apology, I suppose I can respect
    that enough to leave him alone. He will continue to be harrassed daily,
    though. Not because I’m encouraging or doing it myself, but because of the way
    he treats people who call there. There’s nothing I can do about that. So
    Scott, lighten up a little. As Colleen Card keeps pointing out to me, Scott
    didn’t apologize because he was sorry, he apologized because he was being
    harrassed and wanted it to stop. Oh and if anyone ever wants to give the
    Chatterbox BBS a call to talk about good, wholesome, christian and family
    values, you can reach their bbs at 618-277-8040. And of course you shouldn’t
    ever harrass these people because they have the power of the lord behind him.
    And although I would never give out their home voice phone number in a mag
    that’s distributed nationally, you could probably dial 618-555-1212 and ask
    directory assisstance for Scott’s number in Belleville and they would give it
    to you, but I wouldn’t encourage that either.

    The 618 Scene: The Hit Man War

    In the above section you heard alot about a guy named Greg Carson aka The Hit
    Man and how he was so hard up for my home voice number. (It’s been awhile, by
    the way, and he still hasn’t used all of his amazing resources and money to
    get my new phone number.) About 75% of the 618 users don’t like Greg. It
    started in a post where he started going off about how much money he had, how
    nice of a house he had and the nice cars and job he had. I THINK that’s how it
    all started, I’m not really responsible for this war, I just contributed a lot
    to it. I never got around to doing a public records search to see if he really
    owned all these amazing toys or if his rich daddy just bought it all for him.
    Of all the posts to lose, I lost that one and I’m too lazy to go look for it,
    but here’s a bunch of other posts to give you an idea of the whole story. Keep
    in mind that this guy is supposed to be 21…

    31/78: come on BABIES
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Jul 22 12:42:31 1995

    You dont Know anything about ME! Before FUCKING with a PRO go look me up
    I will be waiting with FIREPOWER and wont be the first person I SHOT!
    yes think what you want BUT I REALLY am CRAZY!!! Ill FUCKING KILL YOU!
    Open your mouth and put it on the sidewalk and then stomp the back of
    you head ank kill you! I am laughing at this!! I LOVE IT! COME GET ME
    I have been BORED for so LONG-Get everybody you can more for my 2 Dogs
    My rottweiler will love it!


    Name: Zak #4
    Date: Sat Jul 22 03:16:12 1995

    If the hit man keeps it up, I;ll just have to *32 him.

    32/78: Hey, asswipe
    Name: Stormhawk #8
    Date: Sun Jul 23 14:39:36 1995

    You think you’re so cool, just because of what you have, not because of what
    you are. I respect people, not possesions. When you prove yourself worthy of
    being respected, I MIGHT respect you. By the way, large dogs don’t scare me,
    can you say PEPPER MACE?
    and also, I’m infinitely more mature than you, lose.

    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Mon Jul 24 23:53:41 1995

    Hit Man, I’m in Texas and can mess up your life just as well as anyone in
    Illinois. Will your rotweiler gallop down here and bite my ass?

    Name: Zak #4
    Date: Tue Jul 25 02:06:11 1995

    He’s rich, remember he can afford to hire a rotweiller in texas to go bite you.

    40/78: OK
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Tue Jul 25 20:09:23 1995

    BY: Redboxchilipepper #11

    Im am getting scared! Blow me awAy-Kill me-It wont phase me! Because you wont
    do a FUCKING thing you Loser!!!!

    Again I will repeat myself- BRING IT ON! or just SHUT THE FUCK UP
    Show me your actions not your Pathetic WORDS!!

    42/78: Hit Man
    Name: Maynard #19
    Date: Wed Jul 26 00:15:43 1995

    Is that man sane?
    Guess he has lots o faith in his dog.
    Hey, maybe his dog will pay his phone bills!

    43/78: Ok DICKHEAD
    Name: Pepsi-Man #32
    Date: Wed Jul 26 04:42:38 1995

    RE: Hit Man
    BY: Maynard #19

    You dont know about The Real Greg Carson reputation Do you people?
    He shoot someone in Cahokia about 3 years ago… A part of a gang in
    O’fallon which the cops could hardly break up. So many friends that he
    never had to do any fighting. His friends did all the deeds untill one
    stud make fun of his brohter-He shoot that bastard! WEll thats the
    O’fallon rumor. As for that number its a HOTEL… I guess he sure
    got you guys!

    Name: Zak #4
    Date: Wed Jul 26 09:12:10 1995

    Yes, he really got us. I REALLY put faith in a number he posted himself. Hey,
    Hit Man, i can shoot a chololate chip off the tip of your weiner from 100
    yards! so ha!
    hey butthead, gangs are cool or something. huh uhh yeah

    Name: Zensless1 #13
    Date: Wed Jul 26 14:19:16 1995

    RE: OK
    BY: The Hit Man #27

    I shouldnt sayt anything and just let you go into debt for the next decade of
    yourlife but you really dont wanna fuck with Zak or RBCP cause they will
    seriously fuck your little world over….

    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Wed Jul 26 16:58:27 1995

    Maybe we should give Hit Man Jack The Ripper’s phone number. JTR used to have
    the same attitude towards us.

    54/78: Some more
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Thu Jul 27 19:25:06 1995

    Did you read that post! See how stupid it is, REALLY! Just do it!
    Blow up my house?Fuck my wife?into debt because of Zak or RBCP?
    Just do it! Heres your point to show all of us in BBS Land what you
    are made of! Come on pussy! Will that give you some more reasons!

    63/78: no hard feelings…..
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Jul 29 01:15:53 1995

    I want to ask a question though….WHO IS RBCP AND ROY? And who is THE PLA?
    I just would like to know….Well I guess I will see you all around…

    Name: Zensless1 #13
    Date: Sat Jul 29 09:44:28 1995

    You will find out soon enough….

    69/78: let’s see..
    Name: Apok0lyps #5
    Date: Sat Jul 29 10:41:04 1995

    You scream and yell, threaten everyone here, and people are supposed to
    tell you where/invite you to their party?? I think not. Disturbing shit is all
    fine and well, but noone wanting you around them is the price you pay.

    Oh well, gotta sleep, had days keggin on the morrow.

    70/78: You
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Jul 29 16:38:17 1995

    You are the ones calling me names! Bring your threats to reality!
    You are the ones who invited me and now will not tell me where it is!
    Just like kiddies, ALL TALK!! Keep on talking, I guess you guys are
    good at it. I got work to do-Month End-Be back when it slows down!

    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Sat Jul 29 22:50:39 1995

    Hitman, read the issues of PLA and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s in
    store for your future. And then some.

    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Mon Jul 24 23:55:04 1995

    So, somebody post Hit Man’s info so I can get te remote access call forwarding
    set up and going to 1-900-999-GINA.

    7/21: la la la
    Name: Master #23
    Date: Wed Jul 26 00:49:01 1995

    Name: The Hit Man #27
    RN : Greg Carson
    Strt: 140 Ludwig Drive
    City: Fairview Hts, IL 62208 (USA)
    PH : 618-398-7124
    Datp: 618-398-7189
    Age : 21 M (12/18/73)
    Comp: Other
    PW :
    Last: 07/25/95 07/18/95
    Msgs: P=31 E=4 F=5 W=5 D=0
    Log : 20 0 I=0
    UpDn: U=0=0k D=0-0k
    Baud: 14400
    SL : 60
    DSL : 60

    Uedit :

    [That was the information that Hit Man put in his account on Martini’s BBS.
    After finding out that Greg Carson had put down his real work number, I
    gave directory assisstance a call to get his home phone number, got some
    other basic info, turned it into an ANSI and posted it a few times…]

    ³ ³
    ³ Ù ³ ³ / ³ Phone Losers of America Special Report Ù ³ ³ / ³ ³
    ³ ÚÄÄÙ ³ ÚÄÄ ³ The Greg Carson Fan Club Newsletter! ÚÄÄÙ ³ ÚÄÄ ³ ³
    ³ ÄÙ ÄÄÄÙ ÄÙ ÄÙ July 30, 1995 ÄÙ ÄÄÄÙ ÄÙ ÄÙ ³
    ³ Work Information: Home Information: ³
    ³ Fairfield Inn Greg & Carolyn Carson (wife)³
    ³ 140 Ludwig Drive 34 Concord (he OWNS it! :) ³
    ³ Fairview Heights 62208 Fairview Heights, IL ³
    ³ 618-398-7124 or 618-394-1774 ³
    ³ 618-398-7189 ³
    ³ He works there in the mornings. Other Information: ³
    ³ When he’s not working, annoy Hitman’s brand of computer is a ³
    ³ the boss & other employees Smith & Wesson, his wife is extremely³
    ³ $59.95 a night/single? Ripoff! overweight and wears hair curlers, ³
    ³ his wrotweiler’s name is FiFi and ³
    ³ STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES WHEN WE Greg likes to put on leather and ³
    ³ GIVE AMERITECH A CALL TO REVEAL ALL take him for walks. ³

    73/78: Alright Free Advertising
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sun Jul 30 14:22:13 1995

    Yes The Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Fairview Heights! Go stay, WEll I guess
    you POOR boys cant stay there! WEll there is the trailway motel in Fairview
    for you!

    Name: Zak #4
    Date: Mon Jul 31 02:57:58 1995

    Nice fucking try hit man. We love you! You’ve been victimized by the PLA!
    Oh yeah, tomorrow, I’m carding a room at the Fairfield Inn and I’m going to
    steal a towel..

    8/21: Personally,
    Name: Martini #1
    Date: Wed Jul 26 01:04:47 1995

    I don’t know why he thinks he is so cool… Oooooh wow, a $60,000 house,
    yipee, our house cost $220,000. He’s probably just trailer trash bull
    shitting his way around to boost his ego. Most likely he has low self esteem
    and calling people childish names, and other frivolish words makes him feel
    strong, so just let him do his little thing. People get their kicks in
    awkward ways. Although his isn’t awkward, it’s just flat out pathetic. Hey
    hit man, you should go to this party coming up on Saturday, then see how tough
    you are… It’s just an invitation, not a threat.

    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Wed Jul 26 17:02:00 1995

    Bring your gunz, hit man, you hillbilly!

    Name: Spastic Chicken #2
    Date: Sat Jul 22 11:56:19 1995

    shut up you stupid, harmless, low-life fuck…

    4/28: HA HA HA
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Jul 22 13:23:32 1995

    Look at yourself-Your the STUPID LOW-LIFE!!!!
    Find me please and then have a 9mm hole in you!!!
    NO I would rather you desroy something and then have you ASS
    thrown in Jail-That would be KICK-ASS! Yeah thats my Plan

    5/28: Question for all My loves
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Jul 22 13:27:28 1995

    Does anyone else like PISSING people off? I love it- Making people so MAD
    Getting under there skin, Knowing that they are being plotted and talked
    about in ways to hurt him(me)I love it that you all are being so kind and
    talking about me. I bet you all get together and say-Lets blow his cars up,
    destroy this, hurt him-I got insurance-I also have friends-Yes me The
    biggest DICKHEAD! I have loyal friends! Thats why I am the HIt Man!
    Thats is why I am An Asshole to……WELL ASSHOLES!

    Respect is earned NOT GIVEN!!!!

    7/28: Play with myself
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Mon Jul 24 14:25:04 1995

    I will repeat again-HOw old are? I am only 21-ok 21

    I am very proud of myself! I have went through more changes with my lifestyle
    in 5 months that it will take you 10 years!

    So you see YES I am cool! You know it! The Elite(you will always think of me)

    9/28: good
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Tue Jul 25 20:21:03 1995

    Good Im waiting! YOu people should stop before it gets out of hand!
    I will shoot you! Dont Fuck your life up because of me! Chill out!

    Fucking LOSERS!!

    10/28: Heh, I’m laughing at you..
    Name: Martini #1
    Date: Wed Jul 26 01:08:31 1995

    Posting that, is a very big mistake, on your part. The stupidity of some

    people overwhelms me. Please, keep going, you entertain me like no other can
    possibly do.

    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Wed Jul 26 17:03:02 1995

    Are you going to fly down here and shoot me, Hit Man? I’ll give you my

    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Thu Jul 27 19:45:37 1995

    I will be coming down there in about 2 or 3 months ok E-mail it to me!

    17/28: Where is the party
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Thu Jul 27 19:47:36 1995

    I need to know where the party is! I hope I can get on here to find out
    where it is….I could not get on long enough the other days to read a
    anything. Just kept logging me off, Sorry about after the 10th time you
    get sick of trying.

    Try and call back later on Friday to see where the party is..

    Name: Zak #4
    Date: Fri Jul 28 11:38:54 1995

    Right? You think we’re gonna tell you where the party is after you’re showing
    your iq as 12 and being manly and threatening to shoot people in the butts?

    4/15: Welfare SUCKS
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Thu Jul 20 22:58:55 1995

    Section 8 housing to be specific! One of my friends has a 250,000 dollar
    house but cant sell it even at 125,000 and was willing to get rid of it
    to me for just what he owes(around 89,000) Down with them all!!

    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Wed Jul 26 17:04:28 1995

    Yes, he certainly does have friends, he just has to loan them all money to
    keep them. Nobody will be his friend unless he takes them out to eat and buys
    them stuff.

    17/20: Sure
    Name: Dark Shadow #14
    Date: Thu Jul 27 03:04:09 1995

    why not, after all, “Big Bad Hitman has lots of money. Hit man can buy life.”
    uh, huh, “Taz hate Water!!” too…

    6/11: Digging my grave
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sun Jul 30 15:20:37 1995

    I just keep digging myself a bigger hole everytime I call-I just will have
    to be stopped by some force! A big box of pepper should do it! HA Ha Ha

    See I just cant stop! What should I do? I need help! No one can do anything
    about it! I am who I am! An Asshole to Assholes!

    My job is to PISS you all off and I think I will have to retire after this
    job….I am doing to good of a JOB!!!

    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Sun Jul 30 18:50:40 1995

    By the time it’s over (will it ever be over now?) the Hit Man will be sorry
    that he started all this. You don’t really NEED that bank account do you, Greg?

    (1/1): Hello
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Jul 29 01:58:47 1995

    What did I do? I just would like to hear it from your own words,
    Please be honest-dont say because your an Asshole, Fuckhead…etc
    I want to know what I did! Why are YOU so mad, or maybe your not mad
    but what did I do that was so bad? I did not brag, everyone was telling
    me I was cool so I agreed and showed them how cool I was. Whats wrong with

    Wheres the party? My dogs are tough tho, but a gun does do a better job!
    Wheres the party? no one will tell me!

    [I guess finally he’d had enough and asked Martini to delete him…]

    (2/2): Delte me
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sun Jul 30 19:58:16 1995

    I want to be deleted!

    [But she didn’t delete him and the war just kept going on…]

    34/35: You know..
    Name: Martini #1
    Date: Tue Aug 01 18:29:59 1995

    You guys want to know how much of a man hit man really is? He says, go
    ahead, i’d like to see you fuck with me. Then everyone fucks with him, and he
    runs to the police or FCC who ever and crys. No only that, but he is so much
    of a man, he had his wife call my house. Not him his WIFE. HAHAHAH, that’s a
    real man if I’ve ever seen one.

    37/39: crys
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Aug 05 12:31:04 1995

    I wasnt crying, My wife called you on her own! I wasnt even there.
    See I want you to realize something-Every action has a reaction!
    Did you think I would stand by and do NOTHING! I dont have anything against
    the PLA or anyone of you BBSers. You did something and I did something.
    I am not going to do anything else, I should act my age and not bring myself
    so low. Yes I was being immature. So what-You are doing the same thing,
    but thats not right, I will stop and I have stopped. I just want you all to
    realize that.


    38/39: No..
    Name: Martini #1
    Date: Sat Aug 05 20:51:41 1995

    I wasn’t being immature. I was not pranking you, or chatty or whoever. I
    don’t know how your lovely wife even got my number, I don’t know why your wife
    even had anything to do with me. Of course she didn’t. But I think she’s
    very manly. Especially when she hung up on me.

    39/39: She isnt here
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sun Aug 06 07:39:34 1995

    Shes not here to defend herself but I dont know what went on. Whatever
    happened already happened. Its over, who cares. Life goes on.
    -She told me you hung up on her- Whats it matter Martini-forget it

    33/34: ok Let me clear some things up now
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Aug 05 12:20:08 1995

    The people I saw on welfare where drinking outside there house and would
    be up at midnight drunk walking the streets. NOt everyone on WElfare is
    doing it but some are. Another thing I did work for a farm(Keller farms)
    and would 10 hour days. Horse Radish fields, hay bails, etc… Also
    I know what hard work is! I was in A Bootcamp for 4 months where I chopped
    down trees for 8 hours-I got blisters at first but not after a few weeks
    of it. Hard work got me to where I am today! Making you all mad was that
    one part I still need to work on, I like pissing people off and it is
    a part of me I dont like, It may

    34/34: It may
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Sat Aug 05 12:22:39 1995

    Getting too long….It may have something to do with my job, Always being
    nice and hearing people bitch all the time but I am who I am.
    Well I guess I will talk to you later. C-YA

    [Notice a slight change in attitude from just a few weeks. You can feel
    him beginning to break down… For some reason, Hitman kept e-mailing
    me as unknown. Here is a poor attempt at an apology by him in private
    e-mail on Bogus Journey…]

    (1/1): No Im sont
    Name: UNKNOWN

    Date: UNKNOWN

    I mean no Im not! If someone came to my house they would be, but I never
    threatened anyONE! I want to say Im Sorry for whatever I did to YOU
    RBCP- Im sorry-ok-Im not looking for anything in return but I just want you
    to understand that I guess Im just too GOOD at the BASHING SUB-
    Boy did I piss somepeople off just by bashing them on a BASHING SUB!

    Well I guess I will talk to you soon.


    [He’s not sorry, he’s just sick of us harrassing is co-workers.
    And my reply…]

    Private annonymous e-mail isn’t good enough. A public post, preferably on
    Martini’s BBS, at LEAST one paragraph long and apologizing not only to me, but
    Martini, the PLA(H) and everybody else you threatened.

    40/40: so the hit man decides to finally call back…
    Name: Redboxchilipepper #11
    Date: Sun Aug 06 09:26:18 1995

    I thought he’d just contiune to be sneak and fool us by calling in as the
    Pepsi Man, but I guess not. It certainly is amazing how his attitude towards
    us has changed in just a few weeks. He can be as nice as he wants to now, but
    I still remember the posts that said, “FUCK YOU BABIES! Bring it on, I’ll
    fucking shoot you all! You’re all talk! You’ll never do anything. You’ll never
    get my info. I’m flying down to Texas to kill you both!” Hmmmm, should I show
    mercy? I think not. Have a nice life, Hitman. You know you’re lucky that the
    Ameritech office is so busy lately and I’m too impatient to sit around on hold
    for you. But just wait… You made a major mistake.

    Perhaps a public apology, a few paragraphs long, similar to STB’s would change
    my mind…

    49/50: My conversation with Mrs. Hit Man.
    Name: Martini #177 @6851
    Date: Mon Aug 07 01:41:29 1995

    Mrs. Hit Man: I have a proof that you’ve been pranking me, blah blah blah,
    hacking bbses blah blah blah, 42 calls have orginated from your house telling
    me that my husband will pay, blah blah blah.
    Martini: go to hell
    Mrs. Hit Man: OH that’s it, I’m calling the FCC NOW! (click)

    It was amusing.

    50/50: who has 42 calls
    Name: The Hit Man #370 @6851
    Date: Mon Aug 07 17:24:22 1995

    I will not go to your level and prank you! If(And I am Saying IF)
    I did anything it would be to go to your house and shit on your face!

    Again it IF I did anything witch I wont-YOu are not worth my time anymore
    ok Budweiser! Hasta Manana

    Enter message now, max lines are 60
    Enter ‘/HELP’ for help.
    Nope, that’s not it, Hit Man. It’s not that you don’t want to go down to her
    level, it’s just that you know whatever you do will come back on you 100 times
    worse. That’s really it, isn’t it? You know, for supposedly being 21, you’re
    not that bright.

    [Finally, on August 7th, he called my bbs under the false alias of
    Marlboro Man and we got to chat, face to face…]

    ME: Why?

    HM: I have no reason-just wanted to ask what yoyu where talking to me about
    earlier when I couldnt respond

    ME: I was just trying to annoy you but you put me on hold on two lines at
    once. That’s never happened to me before.

    HM: I am sorry it gets busy around here-like right now I am on the phone with
    one of my guests

    ME: I could help you! I’ll forward all of your calls somewhere else so
    somebody else can answer the phone for you. Deal?

    HM: Well I cant do that then I will lose alot ob business

    ME: No you won’t, I’ll talk to your customers for you! I’ll get things
    straigtened out over there.

    HM: Ok sure no really I wish I could but it wouldnt be good,

    ME: Well, I like surprising people and maybe I’d do it anyways just as a
    surprise to help you..

    HM: Wow you will help me-WHY?

    ME: I’m a nice guy.

    HM: I am sure you are-but I got the wrong impression then-I thought you didnt
    like me?

    ME: Of course I like you. I just think you should go public with a big apology
    to everybody and that would settle everything!

    HM: Well I am not the only one that should be apoligizing then, What about all
    the bullshit eveyone else said, I was only responding back to them

    ME: Well, how about a big public apology to me then for threatening to fly
    down to Texas and rape my girlfriend and shoot me?

    HM: Ok I am sorry about that=-I went balistic for a min. That was over the

    ME: I know it’s over the phone I still have the recordings. Anyways, I was
    saying a PUBLIC post apology and I might leave you alone, just like Scott.

    HM: You have me email-why not post it-You must have captured it

    ME: Of course, but it wouldn’t be as personal.

    HM: ok I gotcha I will apologize to you personally, it wasnt a cool thing to
    do but as for everyone else they need to apologize to or I will just stop
    its over and done with but I will apologize to you public to show no hard

    ME: On Martini’s bbs too. And the other people who’ve bothered you have
    nothing to do with me. They can prank you, but I can send your calls to
    Sweeden or turn off your line or ship toilets COD.

    HM: I understand-pranks are no big deal I have *69 or traceing going on, wont
    work for you since your out of state but I can deal with it, I will say
    sorry to you and to your girlf=riend- also how did youu know this acout
    was me?

    ME: It was quite obvious. But the dead givaway was when you accidentally used
    the password UBITCH one day.

    HM: oh yes I remember, well I have so many I didnt know what I used, Good
    memory how did you know that password, Martini TOLD YOU- SEE that is
    bogus-for real

    ME: What’s bogus? I have sysop access there.

    HM: Nevermind, I didnt know that, Nvermind- I see you got your own sub now

    ME: Of course, I made it myself this morning out of boredom. I have to go
    wax my shoes now.

    [Looks like he was about to go off about sysops giving out personal info
    and try to say I’m no better than Scott The Believer until I told him I
    had sysop access there. UBITCH is the password he used on Cocktail Lounge
    and he accidentally used it on his fake account on my board so that’s
    what he was talking about there. A mere 15 minutes later, I called
    Martini’s BBS to find the following public post…]

    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Mon Aug 07 20:21:13 1995

    I want to apoligize to RBCP and his girlfriend for some things I said over the
    phone. I was having a bad day I guess and will publicly say IM Sorry. Also I
    want to say Sorry for some of the things I said to RBCP over posts. The
    Bashing got pretty heavy and I think it got out of control.
    Talk to you all Later

    [Here is what I replied with…]

    Ha, what a dork. He thinks it’s that easy just because it was for Scott The
    Believer. That little chat session you had, Hit Man, was with my eight year
    old little brother and I beat him up for making you think that’d I’d actually

    ever leave you alone for a minute. Wait, I don’t have an eight year old little
    brother so that must have been me.

    Nah…. I don’t thinkthat apology sounded very sincere. I think not. Nope, Hit
    Man, you’re in for a life of misery. Sorry, no soap. Maybe next time you won’t
    be so stupid. I’ll upload a copy of my chat log with Hit Man in it and the
    funny e-mail he sent me on here after he wrote this message so everyone else
    can enjoy it, too. He actually asked me to erase his info from when I posted
    it awhile back. Hmmmm, let me see if I can figure out the commands to do that.

    [Then, just to be mean, I accidentally post that ANSI again with all of
    his personal information on it. When I had first logged on there, I had
    gotten the this mail from Hit Man…]

    (2/2): ok I got one request
    Name: The Hit Man #27
    Date: Mon Aug 07 20:11:55 1995

    Please Delete my info posted on the 2 subs(or anywhere else you posted it)

    The HIt Man

    [And the Hit Man story has ended. Not exactly a good apology compared to
    Scott The Believer’s, but hey, he tried, right? I really have no
    intentions of spending all my free time bothering this guy so Hit Man,
    don’t worry about me unless I get REALLY bored. Apology not accepted, I
    just have better things to do. It’s hard to believe all this shit happened
    in just a few weeks… (Five bucks says nobody is still reading this
    issue because they all fall asleep by now…) Now get ready to log on
    to the lamest bbs system you’ve ever seen. The lamest in 618? Yes, but
    worse…It’s the lamest bbs in the entire WORLD. I CHALLENGE anyone to
    find a lamer bbs than the one you’re about to see and send me captures
    of it. That’s a DARE!]

    The 618 Scene: Hack-Phreak Scene of 618?


    ³ TH äXiϊ welcomes you to TWi$TäD RäAÅ“iTY (The Elite Phreekers of 618…) ³

    Do not upload commercial software
    Do not upload a virus or trojan horse file without telling me
    Do not annoy other users and expect them not to annoy you back
    Do not hold the sysop responsible for damages to your computer or
    your actions after reading anything on this BBS. This means, if

    you read how to blow up a house, don’t do it. This BBS is for
    informational purposes only.
    In yer feedback to -=LaXVaXEN=-, please include the following
    information. If you do not include this information, chances are
    yer gonna be deleted! INCLUDE:

    ¯ Your Three Newest Software Titles
    ¯ Your REAL phone number, (You will be voice validated!)
    ¯ Any Groups you are associated with
    ¯ Other handles of yours
    ¯ What you are looking for (Messages, Files, Whatever!)
    ¯ Two other boards and their phone numbers, (HPaVC)

    Include this crap and you’ll be fine. Unless of course I decide you don’t have
    the potential of being a good user, in which case you will be deleted…


    Hello! Welcome to TWiSTED REALiTY BBS. This is most likely your first time on
    the new BBS. We were previously known as the Hackerz Union. The board was
    popular, however, we had our problems. Now we are back with OVER ONE GIGABYTE
    of files. The topics include: Hacking Phreaking Anarchy Virus Cracking ANSi

    And there is much, much more! We encourage users to upload as well as download.
    To get access to some of our file library, please use call-back verification
    located in the external programs section of the BBS. The system uses a credit
    system, so please upload rather than just asking for credits.

    Currently there are three membership plans:
    -NEW USER: 20 minutes\day
    3K free credits\day
    Access to our small HD library
    -STANDARD USER: 120 minutes\day
    10K free credits\day
    Access to larger file areas
    -VIP USER: 180 minutes\day
    15K free credits\day
    Access to all files

    1. Go to USER BASHING to post flames.
    2. Do not upload virii or trojans.
    3. Attempting to hack this BBS will result in imediate and permanent
    deletion of your account.
    4. You must give us a correct phone number. Otherwise, no access for
    5. HAVE PHUN!!!!

    [Feel the cheese, feel the lameness of this total wanna-be phreaker bbs. I
    ask you, what kind of real phreak bbs voice validates their users?? I’ve
    bbsed all over the country, seen just about every level of lameness you
    can imagine, but this is absolutely the worst “phreak” bbs I’ve ever come
    across, even worse than my own. And the sad thing is that I had a hard
    time getting access to it and I finally had to resort to using a fake
    alias. A few years ago I had called this board when it was called The
    Hacker’s Union and it was sort of lame back then but at least the sysop
    didn’t try to mislead everyone into thinking it was a big-time hacker bbs.
    The sysop’s name is Phillip Wool, alias Mr. Hack aka LXVXN and totally
    not liked by pretty much the entire 618 area code. I was at one time
    last year) considered a “good citizen” but just to see if I could stir
    things up, I left Zak a piece of e-mail on his bbs:

    Attr : Read
    To : Zak #19
    From : Redboxchilipepper #59
    Date : Sat Dec 10 1994 02:22 pm PST

    Hey, Zak, I think I’ve just about had it with this board. First, the sysop, Mr.
    Hack starts hacking the users’ accounts and now he’s switching to lame VBBS and
    not giving you access. Mr. Hack’s lame questions about ESS are more than
    annoying. I think maybe I’ll call the Ameritech billing office there and shut
    off his line, his parent’s line and his grandparents line. Then I’ll blow up
    his house. Gee, I hope he’s not watching right now. Man, this is about the
    lamest, wanna-be hacker board I’ve ever seen in my life. “Hey, RBCP, keep
    uploading those k-k-k-k-kool text files ’cause you seem to know what you’re
    talking about” Stupid Mr. Hack. Let’s set his dad’s car on fire. A wire from
    the back tail light into the gas tank does wonders.

    Oh well, talk to you later. I’ll probably call back this lame board again
    tomorrow just for the comic relief. Later! *RBCP* Roy!

    [Heh, looking at the date in that mail, I realized that I wrote that
    mail while I was in Austin, Texas from one of the pay phones in the
    airport. A few months before, while I was living in Portland, Oregon,
    Zak had called up the phone company and ordered Call Waiting on Mr.
    Hack’s board line. Normally a sysop (even a stupid one) would figure
    this out within a day, but it took Mr. Hack over a MONTH to realize
    what someone had done. Even with all the users, including myself,
    sending him pissed off feedback asking why we always get hung up on
    when we call. It wasn’t until his phone bill arrived with that extra
    monthly charge on it that he figured something wasn’t right. After he’d
    figured out that I’d turned on him, he deleted me and blacklisted my
    alias from his board so I send him netmail from another system:

    Hi Mr. Hack!

    Hey, did I ever tell you that I’m thinking of becomming a psychic? Let me try
    this out on you…I predict a horrible twisted fate on your fone line. It will
    happen soon and would have already happened but somebody has been too busy
    lately doing other bad things….I’m pretty good, eh? I should get my own 900
    number? Better yet, get YOU a 900 that I could have access to and you can’t.


    [Right after I wrote that, he e-mailed Andromeda (the sysop of Bogus
    Journey) and asked her if he could have all of the personal info she
    had on me. She was amused by this and forwarded the mail to me. After
    all that I kind of lost touch with the whole Mr. Hack thing until just
    last month when someone told me that he was “wanting to get Zak and
    RBCP because they’re always making fun of me.” (I don’t think this
    issue is going to make him too happy then.) So here’s what Mr. Hack’s
    new & improved phreeker board looks like. We’ll start with the user

    Beastie #13 East Alton, IL 07/23/95 Locally
    Bucky The Wonder Plumber #12 Belleville, Il 07/24/95 14.4/V32
    Catfish #15 Cahokia, Illinois 07/31/95 14.4/V32
    Chewbac #18 Collinsville,il 07/27/95 14.4/V32
    Death Mage #4 Belleville, Il 06/10/95 9600/V32
    Dim #25 , Ha Ha 07/31/95 14.4/V32
    Eight Ball #8 Troy, Il 08/03/95 14.4/V32
    Fed Clad Madagascar #29 Highland, Illinois 08/03/95 14.4/V32
    Fiberflow #28 Troy, Il 08/02/95 2400
    Guest #5 Unknown, Unknown? 07/11/95 9600/V32
    Jay #26 Scott Afb, Il 08/03/95 9600/V32
    Joe Shambro #3 Granite City, Il 08/02/95 14.4/V32
    Kermit #21 Belleville,Il 07/30/95 14.4/V32
    LXVXN (EXiLE) #1 Belleville, Illinois 08/02/95 Locally
    Meteor Man #11 St.Louis,mo. 06/27/95 14.4/V32
    Mr.Park #17 Alton,il 07/30/95 14.4/V32
    Mr.Xerox. #24 Bethalto,ill 08/03/95 14.4/V32
    Mr.Xeroxÿ #22 Bethalto,ill 07/30/95 14.4/V32
    Primo Pyro #7 Belleville, Missouri 08/01/95 9600/V32
    Raistlain #9 Belleville, Il 08/03/95 2400
    Richard #23 Fairview Heights, Il 07/30/95 14.4/V32
    Subliminal Chaos #6 Dunno, Dunno 07/09/95 14.4/V32
    Teknorat #10 Florissant, Mo 05/24/95 2400
    Thraka #16 Belleville, Il 07/28/95 Locally
    Thä P퍤t #2 Alton, Illinois 07/27/95 Locally
    Wild Bill #20 Fairview Hts, Il 07/28/95 14.4/V32

    [It has always been my opinion that any phreak bbs with any kind of
    status should never be allowed to have a user who goes by the alias
    of Bucky the Wonder Plumber. Note how elite they are by using only
    the lower case i’s when they type in all caps! And their user list
    boasts users from as far away as Florissant, Missouri. (Right across
    the river) I logged on as a new user under the name of Brain Strats
    and the alias Fed Clad Madagascar (and yes, Chris Tomkinson, I
    ripped that off from YOU!) Here’s the feedback I left…]

    *NEW USER* Age/Sex/BD : 20 M 12/12/74
    Real name : Brian Strats Phone number : 618-654-9044
    Computer : IBM 486dx VGA 500 megz Modem type : 14.4/V32

    Hi, I’m calling you from highland. I’m looking for files called PLA because I
    heard there was some sort of story on highland in there. Have you heard of it?
    Do you know how to get axcess on Roy’s place? The sysop there wont give me
    axcess but i don’t know why. He seems like a dick. I’m really into the
    phreaking thing and i used to hhack but lost my phhone line and hhaven’t much
    gotten into it lately. so i’m sort of behind the times. I have a recording of
    pay phones tones that lets me get free calls on some pay phones in town, but
    not all of them.

    hhmmm, what else? Not much, I’m 20 years old and looking for contacts, I guess.
    do you know a way to dial long distance for free? I think this call costs money
    from highland, but I’m not sure about that one. Also, have you ever heard of
    me? I haven’t bbsed in over a year and I mostly called Fantasy Island and Tower
    of power. I don’t know of any other hpvac boardrs. there’s NO bbses in
    Highhland. it really sucks here. I don’t have many warez, just a few games but
    they’re not exactly 0day. I’m more interested in getting to know the switching
    systems in your town. Ours is lame, very old and outdated but at least we have
    caller I.D. (before you guys even did!) ha! catch ya later!

    ohh one more thing…I have lots of anarchy/hhack/phreak files that I got from
    a board in st. louis awhile back. They’re sort of old but could be good for
    historical purposes if you want.

    [I tried to go for the innocent, good guy type of attitude. Soon after I
    logged on he broke in for chat (always home, go figure!) and started
    asking me questions about myself. He said before I was validated he’d have
    to talk to me voice and I told him that I’d tapped into the line of the
    hair salon downstairs and was using their line so he couldn’t call me

    voice and the dork actually believed me! I turned on the capture file
    half way through the chat so here’s more or less what was said…]

    (chat mode with Mr. Hack, already in progress…)

    I think it’s because i’m actually in GTE territory and we’re on an old crappy
    switch still. I heard you guys got upgraded a couple years back but I didn’t
    hear which kind of switch. Do you know if it was 5ESS?

    Yes, I believe thats it! YOu seem to know of phones fairly well, am I speaking
    to a phreek?

    [Of course, he has no idea about anything to do with switches, he’s just
    read about the 5ESS in all his “anarchy files” and recognized the name.]

    But of course. I really haven’t been into it for a long time. my friend
    started my interest because he had a blue box that really worked but they’re
    trash now. I have a tape recording of red box tones that I use all the time
    for LD from pay phones. (it’s loud but it works!)

    I can’t get a tape recorded tone to work, but when you drop a quarter in the
    phone with the volume up all of the way, you can here the CHirP!-CHiRP-CHiRP-
    CHirp-… I swear!

    Yeah, it’s like that on a few phones around here. you’re not supposed to be
    able to hear that but you do.

    I tried building a redbox with a tone dialer, but phucked up when soldering, a
    and now I have a 15.00 peice of-crap-tonedialer, and a boken 6.5536 MHz

    [This guy actually bought the $15 model?? Good luck with those nickels!]

    Those actually work? I heard about those but thhought the article was bullshit.
    you could just put the tone dialer together and say it doesn’t work and they’d
    probably give you a new one.

    Problem is, everything is on a computer.. they’d send it back, see that it had
    been tampered with, then give me a call. I wouldn’t get away with it. My
    phriends think I’m paranoid. my being paranoid will save my back! I mean, you
    can’t live dangerously forever.

    True, better paranoid than caught. Like uh, you could buy a new one under a
    false name and take THAT one back. I dunno, just buy a new one a try again i

    Oh. well, I am probably John Q. Mostpopularcustomer at radio shaq. They like
    for me to come in, cause I always buy a shitload of expensive electronics.

    [I almost lost it right there. I just wanted to tell him right there that
    he was stupid, but I held back. He finally decided that since I’m so
    “knowledgable” about them phone, he’d give me access to see the messages
    and to download those froody PLA files I’d heard so much about. My main
    concern was finding a lot of posts that I could capture and laugh at but
    nobody posts there. Well… there’s a few that are worth seeing, but not
    much. Each sub had a total of about five posts. The only sub that had a
    lot of messages in it was the System Announcements sub. So here they are.
    To conserve space, I took out most of the indents, spaces and signatures.]

    Subj : Let’s Get the subs going!
    From : LXVXN (EXiLE) #1
    Date : Mon Jul 31 1995 12:21 pm CDT

    I will award every GOOD post with credits. Also, advertise the BBS. We need
    more users to get more files and better posts.

    Subj : Primo Pyro
    From : Primo Pyro #7
    Date : Mon Jul 10 1995 12:13 pm CDT

    I am the ultimate PYRO! I just thought I’d let you know…… okay bye!

    Subj : how to hack the sysops computer
    To : All
    From : Kermit #21
    Date : Sun Jul 30 1995 12:07 pm CDT

    you need
    1)a ladder
    2)a axe

    make friends (suck up like hell) with the sysop. so much that he either gives
    tou his address or invites you over. a while later, keep track of when his
    family member and him leave.
    watch the house untill they all leave.
    as soon as they leave, use the ladder to klimb into one of the windows.
    if his room is in the basement, go through the upstairs window anyway( it’s
    funner that way) now, go into the room where he keeps his computer(S)
    and HACK EVERYTHING WITH THAT BIG AXE (computers,moniters,MODEM,disks his cosz
    chair ect.) then
    go home and call the bbs to see if it is still running. (unless your totally
    stupid, and don’t know what your doing, the bbs won’t work

    [You know, it amazes me to no end how much that post resembled PLA001.TXT
    I don’t know, me and Kermit must be on the same wave length.]

    Subj : Let’s get this started: Sending fake mail in UNIX
    From : LXVXN (EXiLE) #1
    Date : Thu Jul 27 1995 02:05 pm CDT

    I have a small script file that allows the sending of mail with a fake sender
    in UNIx. It does not work, however. If anyone has experiance with UNIX script
    programming, please tell me, I need someone to take a look at it, so we can
    figure out whatz wrong.


    Subj : PHReeeKeRS [<-- Notice the eLeeet WaY he Speeeellz!]
    To : All
    From : Primo Pyro #7
    Date : Sat Jul 29 1995 01:12 pm CDT

    If there are any *REAL* PHReeeKeRS on this board who are interested in joining
    a SYNDICATION… e-mail ME, PRiMO PYRO. You will be hired by our clients to do
    certain sabotage jobs dealing with phone lines. More than likely you will be
    paid for these jobs. Any questions or if you wanna join… e-mail me!
    ||\\ //||
    || || ETALLiCA RULeZ!!!! ±±²²³³PRiMOøPYRO³³²²±±

    [Oooooooooo! Shouldn’t that be SYNDiCATiON with lower case i’s? I like
    the way el_jefe put it best: “These guys seem to think that phreaking
    mostly deals with blowing things up.”]

    Subj : Boxes
    To : All
    From : LXVXN (EXiLE) #1
    Date : Sat Jul 29 1995 02:47 pm CDT

    Contact CCVERIFIER on AOL for information on buying boxes. 20$ to 150$ price
    range. contact him at CCVERIFIER@AOL.COM I just thought I’d tell you all about

    [ “Real Phreakers who buy AOL accounts! Next on Geraldo!” ]

    Subj : ……
    From : Eight Ball #8
    Date : Sun Jul 30 1995 02:51 pm CDT

    This board is kind of gay.

    [Way to go, Eight Ball! He eventually got deleted for that.]

    Subj : Eightball.
    To : All
    From : LXVXN (EXiLE) #1
    Date : Sun Jul 30 1995 09:27 pm CDT

    Well, letz see, you don’t post, and hardly upload… Maybe it is not the
    board that is gay. just wait until we get more users. It’s only been up fer
    less than a week!

    Subj : ANaRCHy iZ my FRiEND!!!
    To : All
    From : Primo Pyro #7
    Date : Sat Jul 29 1995 01:16 pm CDT

    As I said before in the PHReeeKeR section of the posts… We are starting a
    SYNDICATION and if you are interested in joining, e-mail me, PRiMO PYRO. You
    will be hired by others do sabotage things and prettty much reik HaVoC!!! It
    will be fun and you will more than likely get paid for the job you do. Look
    for further info on this message base and post any questions or comments.

    Subj : red boxing
    To : All
    From : LXVXN (EXiLE) #1
    Date : Fri Aug 04 1995 09:29 am CDT

    RE: red boxing
    BY: Fed Clad Madagascar to All on Fri Aug 04 1995 07:49 am

    I can’t get my recorded tones to work. I have used:

    -P-80 Tone generation utilities

    and about 4 other tone generators. They won’t work. I am doing it wrong, and
    was wondering if anyone could explain their methods of redboxing other than
    recorded tones and the tonedialer. If anyone knows where I can buy a redbox,
    please post the place’s number!

    [During chat, he told me how he bought a Radio Shack tone dialer and a
    crystal and tried to solder the crystal in but ended up burning a hole
    in the circuit board. I told him to go exchange the tone dialer and
    say it doesn’t work and he said that’d be really stupid because they
    have his name, address and phone number on the receipt. I didn’t even
    bother asking him why he didn’t use false information.]

    Subj : Warez! I’ll show you warez!
    From : LXVXN (EXiLE) #1
    Date : Fri Aug 04 1995 09:32 am CDT

    AOL is the place for warez. They have the l8test stuph. I have a phull mailbox.
    I have so many warez at my disposal. I have a bunch of free packages if anyone
    is interested. Getting them from me is a hell of a lot easier than getting them
    from AOL.

    [Roy’s Place has a special sub just for Mr. Hack called “Mr. Hack Thinks
    He’s Sneaky.” Here’s a couple posts from that sub…]

    Name: Scorpion #13 @1
    Date: Tue Aug 01 13:52:08 1995

    Don’t all you Sysops feel jealous now because I got Phil trying to call my
    board now using the name EntintyX and saying he runs the Telco X Phreekers
    groups hehehehehe. When I said go away Phil he goes who’s Phil so I had to
    remind him about the 9600 and the fact that he used the same PW “rodney”
    So in conclusion the title says it all Mr. Phil “thinks” he’s sneaky.

    [Scorpion compiled a list of passwords that Mr. Hack likes to use…]

    Rodney John Mark Macdad Jake Jones

    Jack Jones Intity X Weirdo Reset Lonely
    VMX Phreeker Inet Diskdrive Lordchaos

    [Eight Ball had the pleasure of chatting with LXVXN one night and was
    nice enough to send the captures to me…]

    8B: You know you made the PLA’s loser list?
    LX: What? What’s that? I know my popularity has gone down but I don’t know
    what that is. [Yes, he really said this.]
    8B: The loser list is PLA #7 it’s a list of people’s real names and info and
    they distribute it so I wouldn’t be surprised if you start getting prank
    calls from Alaska.
    LX: Well, I think the PLA is more talk than action. All they can do is
    harrass people on the phone all day, but they aren’t true phreekers.
    8B: Oh yeah? You haven’t talked to Deter or Chris Tomkinson have you?
    LX: No, why should I have?
    8B: Oh you’ll probably see when the PLA do what they did to them to you.

    [Nobody is sure if LXVXN is trying to be elite or he just doesn’t know
    how to spell the word Phreeeeker.]

    Subj : Kermit
    To : All
    From : Marlboro Man #33
    Date : Sun Aug 06 1995 06:32 pm CDT

    Kermit is a buttfucking homo inbred. I caught him in bed with his dad, but


    Enter message now (50 lines max). Type /? on a new line for menu.
    Oh, be fucking quiet, Hit Man. Why do you use 12,000 different aliases
    everywhere? Are you trying to be sneaky like Mr. Hack? You know what’s really
    pathetic is that I logged on to this bbs just to see what it’s like and it’s
    the most harmless, stupidest, lamest thing I’ve ever logged onto in my entire
    life. First I tried under my real name, RedBoxChiliPepper, but Mr. Hacky
    wouldn’t validate me and then I went under this fake alias of Fed Clad and told
    Mr. Hack that he couldn’t voice validate me because I was tapping into the
    beauty parlor’s line downstairs cause I didn’t have my own phone and you know
    what? The idiot believed me! Anyways, I suppose I’ll be deleted, oh well. Have
    fun writing your k-rad SYNDICATION. I can’t wait for THAT one to come out!

    Kermit? You’re about the fucking stupidest person I’ve ever seen on a bbs. I
    just think you should know that. And the guy who’s starting the amazing
    SYNDICATION? You’re just about as bad. Phreaking does NOT mean going abround and
    blowing shit up. And Mr. Hack? Can you say “call waiting?” I knew you could!

    What’s even worse is their hack line at 618-397-7729…

    Thank you for calling TWi$TäD RäAÅ“iTY, another fine Synchronet BBS…

    The 618 Scene: Miscellaneous

    Well, as if anyone cared, that’s the rundown on what the 618 area is like. As
    I said before, DON’T move there, under any circumstances! As if any of the
    above three articles aren’t convincing enough, it gets worse…Brent Deterding
    lives in 618! That’s right, DETER! Also known as the guy who’s home phone
    number is 618-288-9652. There are a few good bbses, though.

    Roy’s Place (618-797-2339) for one. The original headquarters for the PLA and
    operated by Zak aka El_Jefe. With truely great message topics such as the “Mr.
    Hack Thinks He’s Sneaky” sub and “I wish I lived in Roy, New Mexico!”

    Then there’s the Cocktail Lounge at 618-451-8048, Martini’s board, the one who
    wrote those wonderful, enlightening poems about Deter & Chris Tomkinson. And
    the place where the whole Greg Carson/Hit Man war started from.

    A couple other good ones are Bogus Journey (618-656-7266) run by Andromeda and
    Twist of Cain at 618-876-6042. I would put the 618 area bbs list here but since
    this PLA is already way too long, I’m going to leave it out. Hope you enjoyed
    these. (Who am I kidding…) Stay tuned next issue when we take a look at
    BBSing in Roy, New Mexico! (ahem…not)

    How To Piss Off RBCP – by Colleen Card

    Fun things to do when you call his board, or his house (If you happen to know
    how to get that number.) things to mail, things for fun. Revenage on The
    Cactus has just begun!

    1. Call up his board and page him to chat. Then if he ever does chat with
    you type in all CAPS or lower case. (Actually this would probably bug
    alot of people.)

    2. Call up his house day and night and ask to borrow cans of Spam, cups of
    suger, and other stupid things that aren’t funny just lame!

    3. Call his house and tell him Zak is coming to visit AAAAARRRRRRGGGGG!

    4. Drop by his house unexpectedly alot and time him on how fast it takes to
    open the door.

    5. Mail him a HUGE box full of styrafome.

    6. E-Mail him Ansi.

    7. Take a few days off work to stay home and watch the Sesame Street 72 hour
    marathon. (He get’s bored after the first 24 hours.)

    What People Are Saying About The PLA

    Erik Bloodaxe: “What a bunch of dumbasses…”

    Jim Bayless: (Hysterical laughter, incoherent mumbling and face twitching)

    Gail [Thactery]: “They’re so pathetic and harmless, even I wouldn’t dare to
    try and prosecute them.”

    Scott The Believer: “May the lord help them on the path to recovery.”

    Greg Carson aka The Hit Man: “I’m gonna fly down to Texas this weekend with my
    dog and KILL that fucking idiot!”

    Mr. Hack: “You know, I think they’re pretty cool…”

    Tr1be: “y0y0y0y0y0! You think the PLA will write a text file that will detail
    how to turn on your modem?”

    Mr. Rogers: “Can you say `stupid’? I knew you could!”

    This Issue’s Total Loozer Award

    ÇÄÄ´ º ³ º ³ ÓÄÄ´ ÇÄÁ¿ ÇÄÄ´ ÇÄÁ¿ º º ³ º


    It’s been a tough one to decide, with nominees like Scott The Believer, Chatty,
    and Kevin Christmas/Jack The Ripper (who is long overdue, by the way!) but
    Andy Babbin has got to be the biggest idiot this side of the world. I’m sure
    that Hit Man could have made it here if I hadn’t decided to dedicate an entire
    article to him. Too bad, Hit Man, maybe next time…

    Who Is Andy Babin and How Did He Cross Paths With PLA?:
    The whole Andy thing began when a friend was over and we were bored so he says
    “Hey, let’s call this girl I know…Anna!” So we give her a call but rather
    than her answering, her brother Andy answers. So I give him the usual harrass-
    ment and the only part of the conversation I really remember is:

    ANDY: “You know, I could shoot a chocolate chip off the tip of your penis from
    a thousand yards?!”
    RBCP: “What??”
    ANDY: “You heard me.”
    RBCP: “Uhhh, Andy? That really wasn’t that funny, I think you need to work on
    that one or something.”
    ANDY: “But it’s true, though!”

    I never did figure that one out so the next day I ask my friend in e-mail about
    Andy and I get the following reply: (More of a thesis than a reply if you ask

    “Andy is Anna’s older brother who is like 26 and still lives with mommy and
    daddy. Anna graduated last May with my class. Anna believes very much in
    supernatural happenings and wishes to be a part of anything mysterious or would
    otherwise make her believe to have supersensory powers. Andy Babin is ‘all man’
    in his book. There’s not a deer he can’t shoot cause their ain’t a gun he
    don’t own. He likes to burp, fart, drive a red and white ugly truck with a
    big camper and Anna drives an old Chevy Celebrity. Andy is crude, obnoxious,
    and fitting of the stereotype you were exposed to by talking to him on the
    phone. Her dad is hard core into short wave radio and her mom…well, I think
    she likes to play a round or two of that Windows Jezball and Windows Tetris
    before taking herself and Anna to Catholic church where Anna is in the choir.
    Well…that’s about all the information I could think of that could in the
    slightest be possibly relevant. There is a guy named Matt in Austin that she’s
    lusted after for years cause they were on the ‘same wave length’ and she
    regretts losing contact with him if you REALLY wanna be cruel..hehe…anyways.
    I’ll owe you if you really do something spectacular!” END OF MAIL.

    Kind of sounds like a suped-up Dino Allsman, eh?

    How Can I Get In Touch With Andy Babbin?:
    Well, if you’re not able to find Andy at your local NRA meetings, you could
    write him a letter at Andy Babin, 6702 Whitewing Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78413
    or you could call him at 512-991-0217. If he’s not home then Anna is always
    willing to talk, especially if you three-way on a 900 psychic line.

    This Issue’s Featured Support Sites

    Here are the systems that have decided to throw out all their morals and carry
    the Phone Losers texts on their computers since the last issue. See if YOU can
    make this list by next issue! Also at the end of this text you’ll find our new
    FTP site which has a very extended text & zine section as well as the new Web
    page which has been provided by the editors of Delirium. Thanks, Apothesis!
    Geez, what’s with this sudden 618 surge?? Guess it’s the Chatterbox publicity.
    If you’re a PLA site and haven’t been added to the list yet, e-mail me! And if
    I forgot to ad you to the list, tough doo doo.

    219-365-1096 Suburban Wasteland………………………Crown Point, Indiana
    403-342-1458 Plad Banana………………………..Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
    408-883-9535 Land of Rape & Honey……………………………..California
    409-899-5793 Stinky’s Bar & Grill…………………………Beaumont, Texas
    410-437-3858 Command Tech……………………………..Pasadena, Maryland
    510-935-5845 Temple of the Screaming Electron…………………..California
    601-332-2446 BadLands…………………………….Greenville, Mississippi
    607-785-1427 Up In Smoke………………………………………………
    618-451-8048 Cocktail Lounge……………………….Granite City, Illinois
    618-667-8363 The Corner Pocket…………………………….Troy, Illinois
    618-746-0049 Birdland………………………Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
    618-876-6042 Twist of Cain…………………………Granite City, Illinois
    618-877-5348 Total Chaos…………………………..Granite City, Illinois
    708-251-3868 Poison Pen……………………………Chicago Area, Illinois
    801-278-2699 Lies Unlimited………………………………………..Utah
    803-772-3893 Hacker’s Heaven……………………..Columbia, South Carolina

    International Sites:
    +44-1-91-454-6978 The Doc…………………………South Shields, England
    +32-2-757-0776 Digital Fuse………………………………….Belgium

    Classifieds Section

    Here’s an interesting news article submitted by Apotheosis of Delirium:

    TRUE MORTIFICATION: AT&T mailed information on their “True Rewards”
    program to 175,000 customers. But when patrons called the printed
    toll-free number to get details, they were greeted with “Are you
    ready to get naked? If you want hardcore, uncensored, explicit sex
    now, then come and — mmmmm — take it!” Apparently, a printing error
    substituted AT&T’s number for a phone sex number. “People have been
    calling and expressing their dissatisfaction,” an AT&T spokeswoman
    noted. But not everyone is dissatisfied: “It hasn’t been bad for
    business,” said a spokeswoman for Amtec Communications, the company
    that provides the phone sex service. (AP) …No, really: I’m just
    calling so I can get more frequent flyer miles.

    [Here’s some article I found in the Corpus Christi Caller Times…]

    The classic victims of service automation are probably telephone operators. At
    one time, every call required a human switch, but then, as calling volumes
    surged, massive automation was required. The number of operators has dropped
    to 60,000 from 250,000 in 1956 and is still dwindling; in the past 15 months
    alone, AT&T Corp. has slashed its total by 25 percent. The sheer pace of
    automation takes its toll. “It seems like every day they’re telling us there
    is something new to ‘mech,'” says Addie Brinkley, an AT&T operator since 1957
    in Modesto, California.

    “I took a year of Spanish in high school and I only know enough to harrass
    the AT&T operator.” -Zak

    “I love being a shit.” -RBCP

    Psychic Sadomasochists Hotline! Coming soon! Real BDSM lifestyle participants who are also versed in various psychic arts will be offering telephone consultations. Call 1-800-4-FETISH for further information on all your fetish needs!

    Do you have experience with telephones?
    Southwestern Bell NEEDS you! Now accepting applications for security personell.
    SWB has had major problems with huge
    surges in fraudulent calling and we need
    your help in catching these fiends. If
    interested, call Ken at 1-800-800-8900.
    Refs & background check required…

    HELP WANTED: Fairfield Inn in Fairview Heights, Illinois has openings
    for a new night man! Please call us
    at 618-398-7124 or 618-398-7189 to
    schedule your interview today! Or
    drop by 140 Ludwig to fill out an
    application. The last fucker that
    worked here, Greg, kept having his
    little friends call here and bother
    me and all the other employees. Not
    to mention how much he ran up our
    phone bill with all those 900 sex
    line calls. Can YOU keep your mind
    on your work? If this sounds like
    the job for you, please stop by!

    You too can put your own ad in the PLA Classifieds!
    All you have to do is send your ad to the classified
    department at or you could
    phone in your ad at 512-703-8910. Ads are $60 a word
    and all charges will be billed to your parents.

    Like, everybody have a fucking great time at Defcon without me. I’m too fucking poor to make it this year. -DTMF


    Are you lonely? Do you have absolutely no
    friends at all? Do you enjoy hanging out
    on illegal 800 confs, but you’re so lame
    that nobody will give you conf info because all you do is tone at them? Well,
    have I got the line for you! Call the
    DefCon Voice Bridge at 801-855-3326. Even
    though toning doesn’t work so well, you
    can still sit there and play your K-Cool
    MOD files, yell at people and tell them
    all how lame they are and that they know
    nothing compared to you. Call it today!

    Pinkerton Rent-A-Cops are now taking applications for armed guards
    at many local AT&T buildings to
    stop kids from breaking into the
    AT&T vans and romping around in
    trash bins. Help is needed immediately so apply today. 901k plan,
    benefits, all you can eat donuts,
    $4.26 / hour. For more information
    call Pinkerton at 618-397-7729.

    WANTED: Submissions for PLA95FAL.TXT! The new updated PLA Phone Directory is
    going pretty good but I still need some more numbers for it. Also needed are
    cool FTP sites, web pages and internet e-mail addresses. Send anything! RBCP

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