PLA Issue #23: Useless List of 10xxx Codes

Written by RedBoxChiliPepper on February 20, 1995

I decided to prove to all of you once and for all that I really don’t have a
life…So here it is…Starting on a weekend night when I COULD have been out
abusing illigal substances, I began to dial all of the 1,000 long distance
codes, one by one and here’s a list of all the codes just to prove it.

All of these codes work from Corpus Cristi, Texas but if you’re reading this
from another state, you’ll notice that some of the codes don’t work and there’s
some that aren’t listed here. Sorry, but I just didn’t have the time to take
airplanes around the U.S. and try out the codes everywhere.

To use a long distance code, dial 10xxx-1-AREA CODE-NUMBER. To speak with an
operator, dial 10xxx-0. To identify what a certain code is, dial 10xxx-1-700-
555-4141 and it’ll usually tell you what carrier owns it. That 700 number is
a free call, by the way. If you want to use your stolen calling card with one
of these codes, dial 10xxx-0-AREA CODE-NUMBER and follow the instructions.
Some of these people won’t let you place a call unless you have an account on
their system.

Most of these companies know exactly where you’re calling from and what your
phone number is but a few can’t tell so you can use them as extenders. My
favorite to play with is 109870. It’s just like 1-800-COLLECT but it’s a little
less advanced AND it’s in Spanish. It really confuses whoever you call.

10009 Long Distance Network, 1600 Promenade #1510, Richardson, Texas 75080
Customer Service 1-800-999-0395 (See also 10395)
10036 Long Distance Savers, 3009 Desoto, Monroe, Louisiana, 71201
Customer Service 1-800-256-4491 (Very understaffed)
10057 Vadacom, 711 Louisiana Suite 2300, Houston, Texas 77002
Customer Service 1-800-947-1080 (Also goes by the name of Nationwide.)
10064 Fast Busy Signal
10070 U.S. Long Distance, P.O.Box 72906, Corpus Cristi, Texas, 78472,
Customer Service 1-800-460-1111
10080 LDDS Metromedia, 515 East Amidt Suite 200, Jackson, Miss 39201-2702
Customer Service 1-800-350-4211 (Automated Collect Calls)
10084 LDDS Metromedia, 515 East Amidt Suite 200, Jackson, Miss 39201-2702
Customer Service 1-800-350-4211
10085 WesTel Incorporated, P.O.Box 1985, Austin, Texas, 78767-1985
Customer Service 1-800-580-5585
10088 Wiltel Communications, 15450 S. Outer Forty Drive, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Customer Service 1-800-864-4060
10126 I just can’t figure this one out, dammit.
10203 Cytel, P.O.Box 671905, Houston, Texas, 77267
Customer Service 1-800-324-7417
10211 AllNet Communications, P.O.Box 5032, Southfield, Michigan 48086-9958
Customer Service 1-800-783-2020
10221 Fast Busy Signal?
10222 MCI Telecommunications, 230 Schilling Plaza South, Hunt Valley, MD 21031
Customer Service 1-800-444-3333
10223 Cable & Wireless Communications, 8219 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182
Customer Service 1-800-486-8686
10252 U.S. Sprint. Some kind of backdoor, I think. (See also 10333)
10270 WillTel Communications,
Customer Service 1-800-864-4060
10272 Can’t Identify
10279 Fast Busy Signal
10282 ActionTel, 400 Pine Suite 500, Abilene, Texas, 79601
Customer Service 1-800-588-2222 or (915)-672-2222
10288 AT&T Communications, (Can also be reached at 1-800-CALL-ATT)
Customer Service 1-800-222-0300 (See also 10387)
10313 StarTel, P.O.Box 6090, Bryan, Texas, 77805 (You have to subscribe)
Customer Service 1-800-366-2030
10319 Can’t Identify
10333 US Sprint,
Customer Service 1-800-877-4646 (See also 10252)
10366 American Telco, 100 Waugh Drive, Suite #200, Houston, Texas 77007
Customer Service 1-800-444-0258
10387 AT&T Communications,
Customer Service 1-800-222-0300 (See also 102880)
10390 Can’t Identify
10395 Long Distance Network, 1600 Promenade Suite 1510, Richardson, TX, 75080
Customer Service 1-800-999-0395 (See also 10009)
10397 Phone Loser Communications Inc, Corpus Cristi, Texas, 78403
Customer Service 1-512-370-4680
10403 VadaCom, 711 Louisiana Suite 2300, Houston, Texas, 77002
Customer Service 1-800-947-1080 (See also 10057)
10423 CTI Network, 800 N Shoreline Blvd, Suite 460S, Corpus Cristi, TX 78401
Customer Service 1-800-456-9077
10425 Capital Network,
Customer Service 1-800-569-8780
10444 Allnet Communication Services,
Customer Service 1-800-783-2020
10457 Dial & Save, 4219 Lafayette Center Drive, Chantilly, VA 22021-1209
Customer Service 1-800-787-3333
10464 WilTel Communications
Customer Service 1-800-864-4060
10479 “All circuits are busy now. Try your call again later.”
10488 MetroMedia Operator Services
10502 Communications Telesystems International
Customer Service 1-800-569-8700
10509 Can’t Identify
10555 WilTel Communications
Customer Service 1-800-864-4060
10569 Can’t Identify
10596 Are circuits are busy and network difficulties. Typical.
10658 WilTel Communications
10661 Coastal Automated Operator, Salt Lake City, Utah
Customer Service 1-800-
10686 AT&T Long Distance Network. That’s Weird…
10687 This one basically says, “Fuck you, we don’t want you to call here.”
10718 Can’t Identify
10732 Private Network…If I dial 10732-1-NUMBER it tells me to dial 10288
and if I dial 10732-0 it acts as if I dialed 10288-0.
10733 LDDS/Metromedia Automated Operator
10737 LDDS/Metromedia Automated Operator (Again!)
10741 LDDS/Metromedia Communications
10751 LDDS/Metromedia Communications (Polly want a cracker?)
10780 U.S.Sprint,
Customer Service 1-800-877-4646
10797 LDDS Metromedia (Yet another LDDS automated collect call. Same as the
other ones I’ve listed.)
10800 LDDS Metromedia (Automated Collect. Sheez, how many do they NEED??)
10805 WillTel
Customer Service 1-800-864-4060
10810 U.S. Sprint,
Customer Service 1-800-877-4646 (See also 10333 & 10252)
10811 Intellical Operator Services (VarTech Payphones)
Customer Service 1-800-583-8811
10813 AllNet Communications
Customer Service 1-800-783-2020
10835 M.C.I. Communications
Customer Service 1-800-444-3333
10853 Network
Customer Service 1-800-530-4898
10872 U.S.Sprint Communications (Phoenix, Arizona)
Customer Serivce 1-800-877-4646
10878 ATI Network
Customer Service 1-800-456-9077
10879 NTS 687 (Very rude operators)
10881 Coastal Telephone Automated Operator,
Customer Service 1-800-
10888 M.C.I. Communications (Same as 10222)
10914 Century Long Distance, San Marcos, Texas
Customer Service 1-800-324-1234
10923 Thrify Call, 500 Carlson Circle, San Marcos, Texas, 78666
Customer Service 1-800-554-3057
10926 U.S. Sprint (Spanish Sprint Operator!)
10983 Fast Busy Signal
10987 LDDS Metromedia Automated Collect Call Service
You can either select English or Spanish collect calls!
10999 LDDS Metromedia, P.O.Box 628067, Orlando, Florida, 32862
Customer Service 1-800-275-0200

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