PLA Issue #22: BBS Back Doors & Flaws

Written by Pestilence on February 17, 1995

Well, this is Pestilence here and I thought I would be nice and produce a file
on how to hack boards through backdoors etc. First I’d like to thank The
Cracker, Vision, and The Joker. They gave me most of my knowledge on back doors.

In the course of your BBS career you will come across a dumb ass sysop that for
some reason or another you just can’t stand. Maybe he caught you typing in
sysop commands, or he dropped your access, or he caught you in bed with his
wife and you just want to HACK his board. Well this file is for you. I tried to
include as many doorz as i could remember. Some versions may be too old for the
doorz and some may be too new so if they dont work email me at (512)
and I’ll be glad to laugh at you…


Well, there aren’t any known back doors but because of faulty language
programming there are some flaws….

Bug 1

Versions this is known to work on… cpc 12.1c and earlier

Proceedure : Download sysops password

The sysops password is contained in a file called rbbs-pc.def….there is a
trap in the code to prevent you from downloading it. (gee…I wonder why) But
unfortunetly the basic and dos are not in agreement about the equivilence of
the strings…basic says rbbs-pc.def <> rbbs-pc.def but dos truncates the last
charachter and lets you get the file under the new name. (note ‘x’ can be
substituted for ‘f’ in, x being whatever you want it to be.)


Log on as your real name and tell the sysop all your information then proceed
to go to the message area…from there do an area command and it will list:




3…fido mail

message ?

At the message prompt type ‘333333333’ 77 times(no ”) and this will lock up
the system….from there it will usually drop to dos.


From main menu type // king cott

Also on old versions enter into the bbs and go to the main menu…then turn the
expert mode on and type ‘i’ 100 times like ‘iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ etc…When at
100 press enter and this will give you sysop commands.


This part is for Excallibur since he wants to get back at the sysops in the
ray league so here you go…

Go home and make a file called wayne.bell….in this program do the following


com1 <---- substitute the appropriate comm port...

Save it and you’re set. Now this only works in registered programs that have
been registered for over 1 year. The trick lies in the fact that Wayne put a
double loop in the init files to the modem so that he could log onto bbs using
his wwiv software. It has to be over 1 year old because newer versions Ymodem
(that’s the protocol you need to use) have incorporated the newer 2.3 string
emitter to keep other people who found out this trick from it…(I’ll tell you
how to hack the new one in a second) now upload wayne.bell using y modem and
type the following description….i am god _-_ wwiv*rulez. Got that? After all
that go back to the main menu and type //chuser //boardedit //dos or whatever and it should work. If not you fucked up or the sysop is using a new version of wwiv.

Secondly….the /optik method lets you view sysop commands from the file menu
but only in certain editions…I have not been able to verify this method..
To hack the newer version see PLA001.TXT

Thats all for now. I will adress the following boards in my next edition: acid bbs celerity bbs robo-fx bbs vision-x bbs vision/2 bbs oblivian/2 bbs ….and many others

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2 thoughts on “PLA Issue #22: BBS Back Doors & Flaws

  • January 23, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    I ran a Vision-X BBS in defiance of Aftermath and Ryec for years. It is loaded with backdoors, but the fucked up part is that only the legit copies of Vision-X had these, not the pirated versions. Nothing funnier than having a warez group threaten to call the SpA on on you… Um I’ll just tell them you are the biggest distros in the area for w4r3z they actually care about?

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