Dino – Chat log with a friend about Shana

Jenn: OMG
Jenn: his wife
Jenn: worked at AMH??
Jenn: like she was the operator
Jenn: BRAD!!!
Jenn: omg.. i know its the same girl.. and I know her. and I know why they got divorced
and she’s a nurse now
Brad: Cool! I was just wondering that today, if she was still there.
Jenn: no she got fired
Brad: How’d you know she worked there? Did I leave that in the story some place?
Jenn: No, I KNOW Her
Jenn: i just figured out the name
Brad: AH
Jenn: She was the AMH blow job queen
Brad: haha
Jenn: she would give any guy who worked there a blow job
Jenn: Including my husband
Brad: Wow, maybe I should interview him about her.
Jenn: hehe.
Jenn: man, i had to orient her dumb ass when she became an RN and all the EMT’s would come up
and bring her coffee from QT and then she’d go blow them. I swear to you brad
Jenn: she’d brag about it and everyone knew it. she talked like it was so cool of her and we
all were thinking she needed to be committed
Jenn: she ended up having an affair with some guy that was in and then got out of prison
Brad: wow, that’s crazy. i’ll have to put some of this on the dino page
Brad: do you know where she’s working now? and why’d she get fired?
Jenn: In fact, one of my friends that worked there too got divorced because of her
Jenn: She just couldnt cut it as a nurse. She’s an idiot
Jenn: I have no clue where she is
Brad: It’s weird, I grew up knowing her and I never considered her the slutty type.
Jenn: I had always thought she was pretty nice until I started seeing for myself the shiznit she
was doing. I didnt ever believe the rumor mill at the hospital but when I worked with
her she told me herself
Jenn: the weird thing is, she bragged about it, like it made her something really great and she
couldnt see that these guys didnt like her, they just liked getting off like that
Brad: I know she still lives in the same house. We took the kids trick-or-treating there again
this year and Shana was out there handing out candy. I recongized her easily.
Jenn: she is chubby with dark hair
Jenn: and she looks like a fairly normal gal
Brad: yep, that’s her
Brad: Do you know how many kids she has?
Jenn: I’m serious, i didnt believe anything anyone had told me because when she was in school i
had chatted with her several times and thought she was really nice, then when we worked
together she told me the other shiznit and i was floored
Jenn: when i oriented her she had one
Jenn: a daughter i think
Brad: Yeah. Her daughter would be about 9 or 10 now I think. Wasn’t sure if she had more.
Jenn: not that i know of
Brad: A little Dino Jr. I bet you she goes to the same school as Emily.
Brad: Only a few more years until her daughter will happen to stumble upon the story of her dad
on the internet.
Jenn: man i wish my memory was better, there was a whole lot of shiznit going on during that break up
Jenn: she had a restraining order against him and tried to keep him from seeing the kid
Brad: Geez. I wonder where he is now. He quit his job at the Telegraph. We were gonna prank
him but he’d already quit back in 1998 or so.
Jenn: She was notorious for giving bj’s to the ambulance staff
Jenn: then the police dept and firemen started in, but mostly just the ambulance, i never personally
saw the police or FD but I did see many many of the EMT’s up there
Jenn: all it cost them was cuppacino from QT
Brad: Wonder if she made good money at that.
Brad: Ahh
Brad: nevermind
Jenn: she drank more cuppacino than anyone i knew, she was actually getting fatter from it
Brad: I should run up to Quiktrip, buy a cuppacino and go knock on Shana’s door. See what the
reaction is.
Jenn: hehe.. she’d probably drop to her knee’s
Brad: Yeah, just out of habit.
Brad: Like the pavlo’s dog experiment. She sees the cuppacino and she drops.
Jenn: one night i went out with the guys from ems and security
Jenn: Security was also coming up for servicing too
Jenn: anyway, they told me that they used to do things like pee in the stuff
Brad: Haha
Jenn: They had absolutely no respect for her at all
Brad: Go figure.
Jenn: very sad and mean in a way, she seriously thought they all liked her
Jenn: i remember one night i said.. uh.. they’d like me too if i sucked their rod s
Jenn: She was also notorious for lying and exaggerating stuff
Brad: It’s weird, she was such a smart person in school. Schools really ought to start teaching
common sense and street smarts.
Jenn: really really bad about it
Brad: Yeah I remember during the cordless phone incident, she exaggerated all kinds of details
about it to her relatives.

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  • November 26, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Shana sucks a mean dick. I’m serious I have personal experience. Never blowed a load faster or better than with her attacking the old meat popsicle.

  • May 22, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Dino (pronounced dee-no) is a fictional character featured in the Hanna-Barbera animated television series The Flintstones, and its spinoffs. He is a pet dinosaur of the series’ main characters, Fred and Wilma Flintstone. In the show, he was a metaphorical pet dog, and exhibited the characteristics of a typical domesticated canine. According to canon, his species is Snorkasaurus. He frequently leapt upon Fred Flintstone, yapping happily, and energetically licked his face. Dino could also be moved to anger, at which point he would snarl and snap. He also loves to play with Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm

    Dino debuted in the opening credits of the first episode of The Flintstones, but was not mentioned by name until the fourth episode, “No Help Wanted”. His role was considerably altered in episode eighteen, “The Snorkasaurus Hunter”, where he was portrayed (in an apparent flashback story) in a talkative, wisecracking manner reminiscent of comedian Phil Silvers. For that episode, he was voiced by Jerry Mann. In previous and subsequent appearances, Dino did not talk, but barked like a dog, with vocalisations by Mel Blanc. After Blanc died in 1989, the role was taken over by Frank Welker. However, Blanc’s voice was used for the 1994 live action film version of the show, in which Dino was rendered with CGI.

  • April 4, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    Reading this in 2021. Blows my mind that the Dino thing was a quarter century ago but this story has always been a favorite of mind. Great memories of the ’90s and the technology of the decade, when the Internet was in its infancy and phone phreaking was in its golden age. Thanks Brad for the many great adventures you’ve shared.

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