PLA Issue #8: Anarchy In Your Local 7-Eleven – Old Comments

10/18/05 – Boomerang from NC: Karma might not always come back and hit you it can hit your family and other love ones, so next time something bad hapens to you or someone you care about know you deserve,

05/04/05 – lackie from 7/11: you’re all fools. I find it hard to believe you would take the energy to build this website. It shows that you you’ll have many trips back to school. Bless your foolish hearts.

01/23/05 – Scottish from Scotland: We don’t have 7/11’s here but I’ll try it on the SPAR

01/10/05 – dead bully ho slappa from baltimore,murderland: this page gave me some good and my other home boys bout to hit up a 7 eleven soon. cuz we need some cash.

12/08/04 – my chinito from orlando FL: I use to paid my addiction to heroin stealing more then 8 hundred dollars a day in different store, thanks GOOD i’m clean for the last 2 years.One thing i’m proud I dont have to steal anymore for anyreason

12/05/04 – rob from fl: if you need money why not have your friend rob you.(make sure theres alot of money to steal) and call the cops give them wrong info like if there in a blue car say it was red (find a red car and write its tag number down)

07/28/04 – Dr. Prankster from Florida: This one time i was at 7-11 and i was leaving when i saw this hooker coming up. I ran to the payphone and called the inside (I got the number from a “Comments/ Complaints” sign in the window). So anyway, i told the guy that I was coming in to give him a blowjob. I hang up just as the hooker enters the 7-11 and i go inside to watch. The Clerk goes “Hey babe, I been waiting for you” and the hooker gets PISSED!

07/25/04 – Thelostviking from Keene: keene KFC is the easiest place to rip off if you work there… for the love of god, i stole entire batches of chicken, and 1000s of dollars. I am still eating left over chivken, and i havnt worked there in a year.

07/23/04 – FireStarter from Florida: My mistake, Tuesdays and Fridays are grocery delivery nights.

07/20/04 – FireStarter from Florida: Also, on grocery delivery nights (usually Tues. and Thurs.), it’s ESPECIALLY easy to get into the back room, seeing as there’s usually one clerk stocking all the crap and the other doing all the stuff on their duty list. Bring a backpack and help yourself to the cartons of cigs in the back, or whatever floats your boat. Enjoy.

07/20/04 – FireStarter from Florida: A better alternative to unhooking all the fountain/slurpee bags in the back, would be to slice them open. Those bitches are hell to clean up, and if they don’t do it properly the floors will be sticky for weeks on end, making it hell to walk through the back room. Also, going into the cooler and turning off the fan blower is really a good one when there’s only one person. They won’t notice a thing till people start complaining that their drinks are piss warm. Just thought I’d share.

07/13/04 – Sick Fuck from Chicago, IL: The best way to fuck the store out of their magazines is to piss on them. Be casual when you have your wank half-out and read a mag while you leak all over the copies of Forbes, Harper’s, and any other gay magazines shitty people read. Its good to go in with a decoy or someone next to you to obstruct the view between you and the cashier, who is probably too busy jerking it to a copy of Swank anyway. And try and get the newspapers. The Wall Street Journal is the best, and it soaks piss up good

07/09/04 – G from Michigan: I always liked messing with the drunks or stoners who came in.You can be rude to the drunks,overcharge them/double charge them .Not give them their cigarettes,and insist you did when they ask.If they give you any shit you can threaten to call the cops….

07/08/04 – bozobommer from Paw Paw: “Get in your car and drive a few blocks from the store. Floor it towards the store and try to get up to 90 M.P.H. by the time you hit the parking lot. Smash directly into a gas pump, blowing up the pump, the car and killing yourself. Try to enter the parking lot at the right angle so after you smash through the pump you’ll crash through the store’s front window and into the cashier, killing him too.” …THAT IS SO DUMB…….hEY its better if you use someone else’s car…

06/30/04 – alex from new york: omg its my birthday today!!! lol this page is insane!! i love the ATM idea!! i am so trying it tomorrow!!!

06/25/04 – death from hell: i hope u like my ideas this will b my last – if u work at 7/11 buy 50 candy bars wholesale from a factory (it’s alot cheaper) create your own little stand at your desk and sell them say 20c cheaper than the store does (u’ll still b making a profit, wholesale is real cheap) and if any customer tries to buy the store ones tell him to buy ur ones (say their cheaper because the store has too many) and pocket the money urself when he buys them. be sure to take ur stand away after the shift.

06/25/04 – death from hell: drive upto a gas pump but park horizontally bocking it off from anyone who wants to get through or fill up. wind up the windows, lock the doors and put some really loud music on in the car. when the cashier comes out completely ignore him, it’s fun watching him go CRAZY. after he finally gives up and goes back into the store 2 call the cops quckly drive off

06/25/04 – death from hell: walk into a 7/11 and pump some of the slushie in to there largest size cup, fill about five more of them. insist that the cashier helps you take them over to the counter, being sure to spill some all over his shirt. once ur at the counter and his shirt is dripping with soda insist that they be taken back and refilled, as some has spilt on his shirt. if he refuses tell him that your only trying to do some shopping. keep repeating the process untill he finally blows. at which point u run out of th

05/27/04 – jim from sweden: we no hav 7-11 sweden. but gud idears enywey

05/20/04 – reef girl from O, FL: hah. any tips for retailers in say…clothing…………..?????????

05/18/04 – H.P. from New Orleans: yall got me hornier than a bag of antlers

05/16/04 – 2/30/04 from lake tahoe: My Family is from ruidoso

05/13/04 – John 117 from Battle Creek: We are the Board, resistence is futile, you will be raped for $100 a week!

05/07/04 – Travis from Ohio: Even though I agree with the idea of causing unplanned pregnancies being wrong, it’s your own responsibility to make sure the product is intact and without holes. As for all the other idea, it sounds like a second source of income to me.

05/04/04 – Niggers from Da Hood: I used to pump gas at a full service station. There were many ways to scam my boss & the customers. When Someone needed oil, I would fill an empty oil bottle with the used oil from the service bay and pour it in their car then pocket the $. .

05/03/04 – strippercandy from new mexico: This is hillarous. I love it, it’s pure evil. I’ve got a friend who works at circle K a convience store here and she has done a bunch of stealing and a bunch of charging 50 cents for a case of beer. It’s great!

04/29/04 – RTF from Nueva Jork: The burning question of why 24-hour stores have locks on the doors is known to all of us who have worked there… after a robbery, you have to lock the store and call the police. That’s it.

04/24/04 – gimli from middle earth: get me a box

04/24/04 – Gorgie from Boston: Demand to use the bathroom. When they say We don’t have a public bathroom, say BUT I GOTTA GO. If they don’t let you use the bathroom, SHIT ON THE FLOOR.

04/23/04 – JP from Canada: The provincial park “lost daily book” scam written earlier is a lie. Too bad, it was a funny idea, but it’s all it was (dreamt up one boring night at the park, but nobody had the guts to do it.) TR shouldn’t post things from JP’s computer! Not 7-11 related anyway. Great site (for entertainment purposes only of course). Later. JP.

04/23/04 – gotta love it lmfao heheh from massachusetts: this shits great!!! one thing though anyone ever think of ..7-eleven and other tores say the are open 24 hours a day blah blah and everything then why the helll DO THEY HAVE LOCKS ON THERE DOORS???lol lmao again this shit is great

04/21/04 – bob from nob: fuck 7-11

04/19/04 – Some Guy from Montana: I used to work at a grocery store with really lax security. they never kept inventory on cigs, so i would just grab a couple cartons, scan them as a refund, and pocket the cash

04/14/04 – Greg Turk from WVU: I don’t know if this has much to do with 7-11 but I LOVE sucking dick! Email me sometime if you’re in the WV area:

04/09/04 – JP from Provincial Parks, Canada: Not 7-11 related, but all in the good fun spirit of theft… I used to work at a provinical park (like a state park for my neighbours to the south). Anyway, we had books of tickets called ‘dailies’ that we sold to the people just coming into the park for the day to go swimming and what not. One of the books went missing early in the season. The superintendent wrote it off as ‘lost’. Weeks later it was found behind a desk. We sold them spread out over the next few weeks ($7 x 100 tickets).

04/08/04 – Trey from Somewhere: whn you go into a 7-11 or something, pick a bar of candy but knock the box over. if the person working there comes to help you, steal some candy when his back is to you!!!

04/07/04 – Sean Lamont from WVU: I like to watch my older brother Shady whack off while looking at Vanity Fair.

04/07/04 – Adam Kabulski from WVU: Me and my buddy Brian Little like to have butt sex in the bathroom. Then when I’m done, I jerk Brian off and use it to put extra glaze on the donuts.

04/03/04 – ed from mn: grr johny d grrr

03/28/04 – HAHAHA from Florida: Unplanned pregnancies are hilarious when its a kid from your middle/high school. Not when its you or your girl though.

03/27/04 – Echo from -_-: Keep up the good work, and remember that everyone who complains about the “poking-holes-in-condoms” bit ACTUALLY STILL USE CONDOMS! ROTFLMAO, the pussies. You go, Brad!

03/17/04 – Johny Edward from U.A.E.: I think that it’s all in what employees you’re chousing, in the first place, hey and chears

03/12/04 – from : Fill unpoked condoms with gasoline and tie them off place about five in a trash can, then take a pack of matches and a cigarette and light the cigarette put it in the pack of matches so that when it burns down it will ignite the matches and then the gas ( do it right before your shift) watch the poor bastard working the shift attempt to put it out while you or someone else steal shit!

03/01/04 – Fallen from Barrie: Fucking unplanned pregs. RULE! TAKE THAT!

02/29/04 – call me bob from IL: HEHE get a job a famous barr or pennys then have friends come in & “return” things give them the store credit & repeat…5-6 friends later @ 4-5 times each = $7,000 in free goods & LOL

02/27/04 – Katie from fjdlk;afjdalk;: this is gay

02/27/04 – Unplanned pregnancies from someone poking holes in: condoms are funny. Believe it or not. Of course, gay people would say that.

02/27/04 – jt from mims: good wal mart trick eat whatever you want, beef jerky’s, cookies, nachos, ice cream, whatever. When you done cut the UPC code out of it and just tell you manager that they were damaged. Your manager wont question you cause 1. he is dumb 2. your an honest employee 3. he is getting his money back for damaged goods.

02/27/04 – jt from mims: HERE IS ONE I CAN PUT ON THAT SITE. good wal mart trick

02/26/04 – BeanoButts from St. Paul, MN: I have done almost all of those things…I think I’ve fucked over every place i’ve ever worked….people here just ain’t with it

02/26/04 – tamra from birmingham: that is the funniest shit i have heard in a long time!

02/26/04 – A Person from PA: dude, you are hilarious!

02/26/04 – Whitepac from CA: That shit was fucking funny especially poking holes in the condoms, if you dont think so you aint got no sense of humor and fuck you.

02/24/04 – Me from everywhere: Man, that shit is great. if there’s one thing i love, it’s pissing off employees at a 7-11, or customers. all depends if i’m workin or not

02/24/04 – Mark from Florida: I dont care about unplanned pregnancies….Ain’t my kid…So therefore….HAHAHA

02/24/04 – steal from the 7 eleven: Lock all of the doors, and put a sign up in the window saying that the doors have a malfunction. This way no one will come in and the clerks will wonder what the fuck is going on.

02/24/04 – jay from houston: unplug the out door ice storage box.

02/23/04 – DrPet from New England: You guys are pretty stupid if you think managers don’y do this shit too. You ever see a manager cashiering while another clerk is putting stock away I guarentee he’s giving himself a bonus, Another good one is to make your own “Charity”. I managed a pet store and we had this fish bolw with a “save the…” i forget what the fuck it was but it was free lunch everyday for about a month and the registers were never under at the end of the night either. District Managers are the REAL evil!

02/23/04 – rugbychick from yurmumsass: yur a fuckin tool

02/23/04 – anon from nowhere: For the guy that mentioned voiding fees at Hollywood Video, I work at one too, and FYI, all voids (F10’s, late fee voids, etc.) are recorded. Since it’s all on computers, it’s harder to steal from the register. You’d almost have to just tell the customer how much it is without really ringing it up, but then unless you have manager’s priveledges (or their password) you can’t pop the drawer without ringing something up. That still leaves the store with movies unaccounted for…

02/23/04 – TigerSquirrel from Denmark: David Figueroa from Santee, CA, I hope that you’re just kiddin’ … I mean, this is all just one joke, right? If you’re not, I’ll have a shaman curse your balls to turn green with fungus infection. Pref. some sort of infection the doctors haven’t got a cure for. – if everything else fails, outrun the halfling *lol*

02/23/04 – TigerSquirrel from Denmark: Alright, I def. have to visit Michigan, then. I got an uncle and an aunt their. They’ll be happy to see me, I’ll see the States for the first time, AND I get to pull off all that ce-razy stuff in what-ever 7-11 in Detroit. Just hope that my uncle and aunt don’t suspect anything. They might be a little displeased :O)


02/23/04 – Erik from California: I have to agree with Nate Wheeler..That poking holes in condoms thing is VERY wrong..The other things do seem common sense and all in fun, but condoning that action and making some kids go do that just isn’t right..Luckily, I go to a Health Center to get anything I might need..I suggest you all do the same

02/22/04 – steve from illinois: another fun thing to do.. the slurpee trick. take a slurpee cup, and nonchalantly put a piece of candy in it, or something like that. fill the cup, pay for and, and there ‘ya go. free piece of candy. never got caught.

02/22/04 – hi from me: where do you live

02/22/04 – anita bath from freehold nj: go to the pathmark or shoprite down the street and using the chash registers quarters ride the baby rides for like an hour during the graveyard shift

02/22/04 – anita bath from freehold nj: this is so funny and i did it like 10 times… first find out your managers name and from a payphone go to a pay phone and order 10 pizzas from the late night pizza place. then tell them your managers name and charge it on the store. when the pizzas are delivered eat to your fill and when your manager asks what happened after he gets his cradeit card bill blame it on another employee.

02/22/04 – TAD from Dick suck skum fucker: i like to mix in shit with dominos pizza dough

02/22/04 – VengefulViking from THE NORTH: Another good one that I always used to use on the graveyard shifts is to lie behind the counter as if I was dead. Usually bendijng your body into uncoforable positions and usung the cherry slurpie syrup as fake blood can really enhance this effect. Then you can play some fun games- like still pretend youre dead when most people try and rouse you, but get up suddenly and act as if all were normal when some customer says the word “pickles”. Also, you can slowly raise up as a member of the undead.

02/22/04 – katie jo from illinois: I used to steal all the time from the register when I worked at a swimming pool, charging admission. It’s good to hear that I’ll still be able to do this at other jobs!

02/22/04 – Greg Turk from WVU: I like to jackoff in the back room while thinking of little boys when I work at 7-11

02/21/04 – roger rabbit from toontown: i did this one twice Get in your car and drive a few blocks from the store. Floor it towards the store and try to get up to 90 M.P.H. by the time you hit the parking lot. Smash directly into a gas pump, blowing up the pump, the car and killing yourself. Try to enter the parking lot at the right angle so after you smash through the pump you’ll crash through the store’s front window and into the cashier, killing him too.

02/21/04 – SUGAR from SUGARVILLE: I worked at a restaurant and they had a little shack across the street where the kept beer, and at the end of the night we would always go steal a case or two. You could only do this about once a week though so they wouldnt notice. UNfortunately some idiot stole 4 cases in one night all of the same brand and he got caught and fired. No more free beer…

02/21/04 – Nate Wheeler from Rhode Island: Yeah the POKING HOLES IN CONDOMS is DEFINITELY NOT COOL!

02/21/04 – dave sempai from bowling green KY: The snack food storage closet at the Louisville Hollywood video is off camera, and everyone would pocket as much Hulk Hogan cotton candy as they wanted, even the managers. Also, since I had all the codes, I could get rid of any late fees I wanted, specially da friends and families.

02/21/04 – try and stop me from dicking yer little sister: in her tight little ass.

02/21/04 – try and keep me from fucking your mom: love your work, keep the revolution going…

02/21/04 – Raven from VA: You’re supposed to inspect your condom wrapper and condom for any tears and whatnot. So if you don’t, and you get an unplanned pregnancy– its your damn fault, not the guy who was bored off his ass and wanted to entertain himself with a pin. Its a joke anyhow, so take it as one people sheeeeesh. Awesome site. Most slevens dont really notice if you stuff a burrito into your jacket anyway, and the cameras are barely monitored.

02/20/04 – Spongebob from Bikini Bottom: I’m totally gonna get a job at a gas station and do this shit. Fuckin hilarious!

02/20/04 – brandon from Jacksonville: Ok all that ranting about unplaned pregnancy.. Please.. who cares.. Things are already messed up.. get an abortion! Lol…

02/20/04 – you from are: a major asshole

02/20/04 – Drew from Green Bay, WI: I don’t know about you guys, but at BP’s security is not nearly so bad as you complain about.

02/20/04 – jdizzle from beantown: i worked at a fast food place for a while (free food, pocket the $) my claim to fame was BREAKING THE SECURITY CAMERAS…. my boss found out like 3 months later, but never fixed them cuz it would have cost like $800, so the camera VCR never recorded shit, you could steal food, pocket cash, leave for an hour if there was someone else on duty. granted they did get robbed and the cops were PISSED that our security cameras didnt work, but whos fault is that, really?

02/20/04 – scandalous aph from norman: damn, some of this is funny… some of it is fucking retarded… it’s all good shit till you get caught. if you don’t get caught, then ball till you fall.

02/20/04 – Macgyver from Florida: Everyone loves the “no sale” button. I used to walk out of my old job with 100 bones in my pocket every night, haha. great shit man.

02/20/04 – Billy Joe Bob from Alabama: Fucking Hilarious y’all

02/20/04 – unf from ottawa: i laughed at alot of shit on this page but poking holes in condoms is definitely NOT FUCKING COOL dude… neither is getting an STD or an unwanted pregnancy.

02/20/04 – nutsack harry from middleofnowhere: another great place to do this shit is a walgreens or cvs. once you find the right manager and entice them into helping you out, anything can happen. movies, music, smokes, you can get friends of friends of friends to come in and charge them like 20 bucks to fill up a shopping cart. just bag the stuff up and give them a bullshit reciept. the void idea is not a good one though bc the computer notifies the manager whenever there is one and for how much. would not advise to try that.

02/20/04 – Igetlaid from LOGAN UT: The condom trick is fucked up. Just because you can’t get laid while working at 7-eleven you soundn’t fuck it up for other people. NOT COOL YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

02/20/04 – b from naptown: great stories. this stuff works on any bullshit job. for example, if you work at pepboys, you never have to pay for oil again.

02/20/04 – Curry from Calgary, Alberta: Wow…. lol half this shit prob wouldnt work at u fuckin chicks sayin this shit wont work ur just to pussy and dont got good enough timing take some risks


02/19/04 – Jenni from Menomonee Falls, WI: I work at a gas station, at let me tell you, none of this would work! Security is much tighter, and policies are much stricter.

02/19/04 – brandon from Grand Forks: holy shit dude, that’s awesome! Now I totally want to try some of that shit. sweeeeeeet

02/19/04 – Jafar from fuckin nowhere: HAHAHA!! unplanned preg. ARE funny.. you people have no sense of humor.

02/19/04 – crystal hart from burlington,north carolina: unplanned pregnacys are funny as hell when they dont happen to you or anyboyd you know

02/19/04 – Scott from San Francisco: Unplanned pregnancies are funny. Except whent ehy happen to ytou. That blows donkey dick.

02/19/04 – Heavy from calgary canada: this page is great, it reminds me of my days of pissing off the 7-11 employees. they don’t seem to like it when you put a june bug (like a cockroatch) into the 5 cent candy bins, and then call the health board on them.

02/19/04 – H8sweeners from NJ: You’re a little asshole

02/19/04 – jay from who cares: unplanned pregnacy’s? if someone knows who this guy is, set him on fire

02/19/04 – Curious George from Fairfax, VA: Holy SHIT, unplanned pregnancies are NOT funny!

02/18/04 – Charlie from plano, tx: I think you’ve inspired me to find a new dead end job. Sounds like some nice perks though, I could use some free food. I take it you dont need many references to get a job?

02/18/04 – Stryker from Conway, AR: That is awsome man. I want to work at a conveniece store just to fuck with people.

02/18/04 – withnail from england : man people pull this shit all over the world. What i used to do is shortchange customers who had lots of money by £1, and give them lots of small change so its an ass to count. Ten ppl and you have ten pounds AND the till balances as you are taking the money from the customer not the store. I did this for ages and as long as you give them a whole buncha coins in the change its cool. i only ever had one guy notice, and stupidity and forgetfullness work as good excuses. peace out

02/17/04 – Jiffypop from Mars: If you happen to live in a state that takes bottle returns, then this is a GREAT way to scam. The amounts are written by hand, so you can write down as much as you want. Need ten bucks? Write it down on the bottle slip and get your grabbing hand ready for the register. EAASY money. Also, when you have to do lottery and cigerette counts, just add however many you’ve swindled that evening. (most managers make you do your own counts). When you do this, the next shift will be short, not you.

02/15/04 – Marionette Bubbles from Tampa, Fl: Another great idea is to put arsenic in all the fountain beverages. Works great! People never seem to see it coming. You can also rob customers. Shoot them, then plant a gun and ski mask on them and claim they were going to rob you, so your social engineered them into killing themselves. This plan is fool-proof; I do it all the time at my Hess station.

02/14/04 – I. M. Laughing from Magnolia, AR: Convenience store work is TOTALLY easy. Do make sure to have friends as co-worker; you’ll be surprised at how much they come in handy when you want something, :) We usually take tapes and sell them on eBay to stupid Pakistanis stupid enough to believe its ‘Amateur Video’. LOL!

02/13/04 – dragonz_death from Ruidoso, NM: I’ve done about half of these things, we have the equivelant of 7-11, it’s called Allsup’s and yeah, this shit’s EASY to do. I worked graves for a couple months, and luckily my manager was a potsmoker, so inventory was never done. It’s a great thing to have a friend working there too, cause he’ll hand you bags and you can shop for free. Allsup’s doesn’t have camaras, which kicks ass.

02/12/04 – insanebeetle from Bay Area, CA: “Get in your car and drive a few blocks from the store. Floor it towards the store and try to get up to 90 M.P.H. by the time you hit the parking lot. Smash directly into a gas pump, blowing up the pump, the car and killing yourself. Try to enter the parking lot at the right angle so after you smash through the pump you’ll crash through the store’s front window and into the cashier, killing him too.” LOL!!! This page is really funny, especially that part.

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