PLA Issue #3: Revenge

Revenge & Ruining Peoples’ Lives
Written by RedBoxChiliPepper on August 9, 1992 – Last Revision on October 23, 1994

Revenge and getting even have always been my most favorite things to do
even way back in grade school so, of course, I have a very extensive mental
list on how to really get back at people and make their life a living hell.
We all have people we hate and would like to see ’em suffer for a little
while. Maybe your boss for firing you or giving you shitty hours? The big guy
in school who’s always giving you a hard time? Your girlfriend for dumping you
so she can become a lesbian? You get the idea. In my explanations I’ll use the
sample name “Chris Tomkinson” as the guy we’re going to ruin. A totally
random name, of course.

Now if you decide to try all these methods at once you’ll probably drive him
totally insane and over the edge of reality. Besides, you don’t want to send
him a billion magazines at the same time you’ve forwarded all of his mail to
Africa so get your timing right so you can effectively drive him crazy. A lot
of my ideas focus on humiliating him with friends and family. When you can
get other people to hate him for things you’re doing to him, that means
you’re getting good at what you do.

Some of the things described in here require you to know a little more
information on your victim than you would usually know. Try reading the file
called PLA019.TXT on ways to obtain priviledged information. Remember that this
entire file is purely for informational uses. I only expect you to use this information so you’ll know what to expect if you piss me off.

Cancel His Membership

A video card is something that almost everyone has and uses frequently. Get
your yellow pages out and call up every video store you can find. When they
answer throw them a line like, “Hi, this is Chris Tomkinson. My video cards
were stolen today and I wanted you to cancel my membership there. It turns out
we’re moving out of state forever next month anyway so I’ll never be in there
again anyway.”

When they hear that someone’s stolen your card, of course they’ll cancel it
right away. When you tell them you’re going out of town for good, there’s
really no reason for them to keep your name in the computer so they just
completely delete you. When Chris goes in the store to check out a movie, his
name won’t show up anywhere as if he never even had a membership there and he
has to apply for a card again, which is, in my opinion, a pain in the ass.

Make sure to call up all the video stores. If you want to be really mean, you
can cancel his mom and dad’s cards too. That way he won’t be able to use
theirs’ either. If he’s the type of person to use the library alot, call the
library and cancel his card there, too.

Cancel His Credit Cards

There’s an 800 number for just about every credit card out there that you can
use to cancel your card if it’s lost or stolen. Within a few minutes of
calling this number, their credit cards will be useless. Just make up a story
like, “Yeah, I’m on vacation here in Seattle and my whole wallet was stolen
with my Mastercard in it. Could you cancel that before someone uses it?”
Pretend to be really worried about having to pay for charges you didn’t make
and so on.

They might want some extra information like the name of the bank which issued
your card. You can guess or tell them you have no idea. (Unless you actually
know which bank it is.) The Mastercard dude will want your driver’s license
number or social security number sometimes, but tell him you don’t know
either one because your wallet was stolen, dammit!

  • To cancel your Visa, call 1-800-336-8472
  • To cancel your Mastercard, 1-800-999-0454
  • For Discover, 1-800-347-2683

    If you know of any gas cards he uses, get the numbers to cancel those, too.
    There’s nothing more embarrassing that filling up your tank with super
    unleaded gasoline and finding out that all your credit cards, gas cards and
    ATM card have been mysteriously reported stolen. Who knows, the clerk might
    even call the police on him.

    Cancel His Phone Cards

    Again, the exact same proceedure. Say you’re on vacation and all your calling
    cards were stolen. All they’ll ask for is your home phone number and the cards
    are usually disconnected within four hours. Tell the lady that you really
    never use that card anyway so there’s no need to issue a new one. This way,
    Chris won’t know his cards are bad until he needs to use them.

  • U.S.Sprint 1-800-877-4646
  • AT&T 1-800-662-6214
  • M.C.I. 1-800-950-5555

    Newspaper Classifieds

    Almost every newspaper out there lets you call in the ad you want to have in
    the paper and then they send you a bill for it. In other words, it’s free.
    Look in your local paper and judging from the ads that are in there, think up
    something that would be a really hot item to sell such as a house for rent.
    (Houses and cars usually get the best results.)

    Call the paper and tell them that you’re Chris Tomkinson and you want to put an
    ad in the paper. Have something ready like, “Nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage,
    den, dining room, great neighborhood, $300/month, $200/deposit.” Compare your
    ad to the others in the “For Rent” section and be sure that yours is the very
    best deal in there.

    As a phone number to call to inquire about the house, leave two. “Call Chris
    Tomkinson anytime 24 hrs at 635-8312 or 635-9207.” The first being his work
    phone number and the second being his home. Now when an awesome deal like
    you’ve put in the paper is seen, it gets a tremendous response. I’m talkin’
    about his telephone ringing constantly for two days straight at the least.

    He’ll get in big trouble with his boss at work for recieving 2 billion calls.
    Even if he’s able to convince his boss that he wasn’t responsible, he’ll
    still look bad. I mean, what would your boss think about all this happening?
    If he lives with his parents, he’ll probably get in trouble with them too.

    Messing With His Phone Service

    My all time favorite, disconnecting his service. First, call the billing
    office and have his line password protected. This means that anyone wanting
    to make any changes in his service will have to give the operator a password
    that you’ll choose. Sometimes the operator will want to call back and verify
    that it’s really Chris. Tell her that you’re never home when they’re open and
    she’ll say “no problem” and ask for his social security number. If you know
    it, give it to her. If not, go crawl under something and die or go to the next

    A few days after you’ve password protected the line, call the billing office
    again and tell them that you’ve moved out of the house already and you need
    the phone disconnected. They’ll ask you for the password and disconnect the
    service, asking where you want the last bill sent to. Give them an address
    out of state.

    Now after Chris’s line goes dead he’s going to have one hell of a time
    convincing the billing office to hook it back up because you’ve password
    protected his line. He really has no way of proving that he is who he says he
    is because he doesn’t have that password. You do.

    Harassing Other People

    You can really get people annoyed at Chris if you call them up about five
    times a day, state his name and hang up. You can do this to his employer, his
    school, his friends, his family, anyone he knows, even the police station or
    businesses that he goes to often.

    In your spare time when you’re bored, pull out your list of phone numbers
    related to Chris, dial one at random and when the person on the other end
    answers say, “Chris Tomkinson”, listen for the reply and hang up. Pretty soon
    people are going to start to despise that name.

    If you know of a store that Chris shops at frequently and writes checks at,
    call that store a few times a day and say his name. The clerk will immediately
    recognize his name when Chris writes him a check and will probably ask him
    about it. And I know his boss would get annoyed at ten calls a day that simply
    state Chris’s name and hang up. Pretty soon Chris’s boss is going to be sorry
    he hired him.

    Police Blotter

    Check your newspaper’s police blotter and front page every night for a major
    theft that’s occured in the neighborhood. Something like, car stereos being
    stolen or maybe a school being broken into and computer equipment being

    Call the police station from a pay phone. “Hello, I want to make an annonymous
    call about the theft the other night involving the car stereo. Uh, I know who
    the guy is and he’s been stealing car stereos and radar detectors ever since
    I’ve known him. I’m just starting to feel sorry for the people he’s ripping
    off and want you to stop him but I don’t want him to know who I am or he’ll
    beat me up.” Sound really whiney and nervous, “His name is Chris Tomkinson and
    he lives at (wherever). He keeps all the stuff he steals either hidden in his
    closet or hooked up in his room and most of it all still has the serial
    numbers on them…”

    You get the idea. The police will want to move in on this horrible criminal
    and will probably get a search warrant so they can look for evidence. I did
    this to one guy and they didn’t get a warrant but the kid’s mom just let them
    in his room while he was at school. They ripped his room apart looking for
    stolen stereo equipment and didn’t find anything. They created quite a mess
    from what I heard, though.

    The Yellow Pages

    This is probably one of the best things to do and can even become a major
    news event in your area. You pull out the ‘ole phone book and open it up to
    the yellow pages. Now, starting from the letter “A” and working all the way
    to “Z” call up every single business in the book. Set up an appointment with
    every company in there for (example) Wednesday morning at about 10:00. Give
    yourself a few days to do it all and get all the appointment as close together
    as you can.

    You can probably see what’s going to happen. Wednesday morning at 10:00 his
    street is going to be totally filled up with a truck from every business in
    the entire area. From exterminators to furnace repair to roofing estimates,
    they’ll all be there asking for Chris. (Try to make sure he’s going to be
    home when they come.)

    On Wednesday morning you’ll want to make some calls. At 9:30 call up every
    pizza delivery place in the area and have a couple large pizzas sent to Chris.
    After that, call up all the taxi cabs and instruct them to come to your house
    to take you shopping.

    Tuesday night you’ll also want to make some calls. Every T.V. station and
    newspaper in the area will want to know that “something big is going to
    happen on Sullivan street” in the morning. Don’t tell them what, just tell
    them that they’d be stupid not to get coverage on something like this. Also
    call up all your friends and have them call up their friends. Instruct them
    all to show up on Sullivan street at about 9:45 am.

    As this will be an historical moment, bring a video camera and tape the whole
    event just in case you’re not happy with the camera work of the T.V. stations.
    You might want to call in a false report to the fire department that Chris’s
    house is on fire just to get them there and add to the confusion.

    I have done this only on a much smaller scale. I skimmed through the yellow
    pages and pick out about 30 business to show up at a victim’s house and did
    the pizza a fire truck thing but the media never got involved. There was
    quite a traffic jam on his street with just those few trucks there and I can
    imagine what it would look like with 10 times more and a camera crew.

    Magazine Subscriptions

    The time-honored tradition of giving Chris a subscription to every magazine
    that was ever made. Go to your library and rip out those little subscription
    cards out of each one. If a librarian asks you what the hell your doing tell
    her to go piss up a flagpole and continue your task.

    Now take this big stack of cards home and fill them all out in Chris’s name
    and send them in. Almost every one of the cards will already have the postage
    paid for so you won’t have to worry about the cost of stamps.

    Now me, I could care less if someone did that to me. I would get a little
    pissed off, though, if someone were to use my name on the subscription cards
    and send them to my friends or employers. So try this. He’ll get a couple
    issues of each magazine until they get pissed off that he’s not paying for
    them and stop his subscription. For a few months after that they’ll harrass
    him about paying for the magazines he ordered but he won’t get into any kind
    of trouble because of it.

    Some magazines let you use a credit card to pay for the subscription. Use
    someone else’s card and when the owner of the card gets his bill, they’ll
    investigate it and eventually narrow it down to Chris’s address.

    Ruin His Credit

    Drive to a city where nobody will know you or Chris. Check yourself into a
    hospital emergency room complaining of sudden chest pains and really severe
    headaches. Before they’re able to treat you they’ll have you fill out a few
    hospital forms. Put your name in there as Chris Tomkinson and use his social
    security number, address and phone number. If you can, try to forge his
    signature if you know what it looks like.

    They’ll look you over, maybe take a blood sample, an x-ray or two and they’ll
    tell you your fine. After they’ve done a lot to you, tell them you’re feeling
    much better and it must have all been in your head. Go home.

    In a couple of weeks, the hospital is going to start sending Chris a bill for
    a couple thousand dollars. (Hospitals are extremely expensive.) They usually
    send only two notices before they turn the matter over to a collection agency
    who will call Chris every couple days and ask him why he hasn’t paid his bill
    yet. They’ll also threaten to “take legal action” and so on. If Chris tries to
    explain to them that he never went to that hospital, they’ll assume he’s
    lying. They hear that excuse every day.

    Collection agencies are full of shit. They can’t really do anything to you
    except send you notices but when you refuse to pay them you’re screwing up
    your credit rating. I know a lot about collection agencies seeing as I never
    pay my bills. I went to a hospital once for strep throat and they bothered me
    about it for two years after that.

    Hit And Run

    Just like the police blotter deal, find someone who is a victim of a hit and
    run. Call the person or the police and make an annonymous report that you were
    there when it happened and you saw the license plate on the car. Give them
    Chris’s plate number.

    Mail Forwarding

    There’s a million little tricks you can play on people with those mail
    forwarding cards you get at the post office. Here are some ideas.

    o Forward all of Chris’s mail to London, England.

    o Forward all of Chris’s grandparents mail to Chris’s house.

    o Forward all of Chris’s mail to his place of employment. His boss will get
    really irked when Chris starts recieving mail there.

    o Forward his best friend’s mail to Chris’s home.

    o Forward his mail to his school.

    o Forward his mail to the police station.

    o Forward his boss’s mail to Asia.

    Have AT&T Investigate Him

    Using a stolen calling card number, call Chris constantly at his home from a
    pay phone and keep him on the line as long as you can. Only call Chris with
    this card. When AT&T sees that he’s getting all these fraudulent calls,
    they’ll ask him about it. Just make sure you don’t call from your own phone
    even once or you’ll get into trouble. Always use a pay phone.

    If possible, use remote call forwarding and forward Chris’s number to a number
    you’d like to call only dial “0” first so you have to enter a calling card.
    This will make it seem as if the card were used from his home.

    Junk Mail

    Add Chris to as many mailing lists as you possibly can. Whenever you see
    a business advertise, “Free Information!” call them and give them Chris’s
    address and phone number. He’ll recieve oodles and oodles of junk mail and
    they’ll always call him trying to sell him something. Get as many companies
    involved as you can. Pretty soon they’ll be delivering his junk mail in a
    garbage truck!


    Everyone loves a gift, even older relatives. Find out the names and addresses
    of all of Chris’s older relatives. Look in the back of a Cosmopolitan or
    nudie magazines at all the fun, sexual items you can order with a credit card.
    Send grandma a vibrator, grandpa a penis extender. Send his girlfriend some
    kind of sex cream “from Chris” and she’ll get mad and break up with him.
    (Either that or she’ll fuck his brains out.) Also, send Chris’s parents some
    items to liven up their sex life and see if they appreciate it.

    Oh, and don’t forget Chris’s boss. He needs to be a member of the Gay Rights
    Club or maybe needs some instructional videos on sex education. His teachers
    at school could probably use the same thing. When asked who it’s to be sent
    to, give them his boss’s name and tell them to put it “c/o Chris Tomkinson” just
    to be sure he knows who’s responsible.

    The Bank Account

    This works the same way that the credit card canceling thing works. Find out
    which bank Chris uses and call them. Tell them you’re away on vacation and
    your Aunt just informed you that your house had been broken into. The thieves
    took all of your banking stuff including your checkbooks, savings passbook,
    and ATM card.

    They’ll immediately put a “freeze” on his account and he’ll have to go
    through extra steps when he tries to withdraw and money. If he writes a check
    it probably will bounce and if he tries to use his ATM card the machine will
    eat it and he won’t get it back until he’s cleared up things with the bank.

    The Church of Jesus Christ

    They have this handy 800 hotline where you can call in and tell them you’d
    like to speak to someone about religion. They ask you your address and send in
    one of their goons to your house to talk to you and start sending you all this
    religious junk mail. And Chris will probably appreciate the free bible. We all
    know how persistant and annonying these people can be so give them a call! The
    phone number is 1-800-952-3131.

    Call Forwarding

    Order call forwarding to his line. Then, by whatever means you have to, forward
    his calls to somebody that you know would trace the call, such as TWA Airlines,
    The White House, local 911, etc. For this example, let’s say we forwarded his
    calls to TWA which is 1-800-221-2000.

    Now constantly call up his number over and over and you’ll reach the airlines.
    Harrass the reservation lady to death and keep claiming that you’ve put a bomb
    on one of their airplanes. Do this over and over and stay on the line for a
    long time. Pretty soon, they’re going to trace the call back to Chris’s house
    and he’ll probably get arrested. Keep in mind that when calling locally, ANI has
    been known to pass straight through to your own number. Find out for sure by using
    an 800 number that reads back your ANI.

    Even better would be to beige box into his line and call a lot of different
    numbers all night and threaten them all. In the morning he’ll have accusations
    coming from all different difrections.

    Fun Things To Do To Stupid Neighbors

    This last section of this file was written by someone named Delta Burke. Some
    of the ideas were so funny and creative that I just had to include them.

    This little article is for everyone out there who has a next door neighbor who
    is, in your mind, the worlds biggest asshole. I have neighbors that fit into
    this catergory perfectly. You know the ones, stereo up louder than hell in the
    middle of the night, water their lawn during a drought, etc… Well take
    heart, because I have just the answer for such idiots.

    1) Next time they go away on vacation, or even for just the weekend, call
    the utility company, Ma Bell (or whoever the phone co is.), and the cable
    company. Using their name (obviously), tell them to shut off the
    respective utilities, since your are going on a trip for about a month.
    Most of the time, they wont ask for any other info except for phone
    number. If they ask for anything else, just hangup quickly and forget it
    as it isn’t too easy to explain why you dont know your own social
    security number. If all works well (and it usually does), they will come
    home to a fridge full of bad food, plus no heat or air conditioning and
    no cable tv and phone. Pretty nice, huh?

    2) If they leave on vacation, and you are a hacker/phreak/BBS’er, here is
    your chance for free phone calls to everywhere! Simply go into their
    yard and locate their phone box. Using your lineman’s phone (or a regular
    phone with alligator clips instead of a modular plug), find the active
    phone line inside the box. Run a shit load of wire back to your house,
    thru your window, etc… Install a modular plug on your end and plug it
    into your modem. Now make all the long distance calls you want. Don’t
    worry, those of your with a heart, the neighbor’s wont get billed for
    the calls after they call Ma Bell and claim that they didnt make them.
    Most of the time they will let you off the hook.

    3) One night, after the neighborhood is asleep, sneak over into the
    target’s yard. Proceed to turn on ONE faucet, so that water is gushing
    out all over the place. The value of this joke is that the target’s
    water bill will be outrageous after about 3-4 nights of this, especially
    during drought season.

    4) If you have the asshole neighbor who has the stereo on LOUD at all hours
    and the police wont do shit (what else is new), here is the solution.
    Sneak into the yard, and find the breakerbox. If the stereo is up this
    loud, they wont hear you in the yard. Locate the switch that matches the
    room that the stereo is in. Or the closest to. Flip the switch and run
    like hell back to the house. Or if you are more daring, sit in the
    bushes or something and watch them come out. Most of the time, it will
    take doing this 2-3 times before they turn down the stereo.But its worth
    it when you have to sleep.

    5) Do your neighbor’s have a barking dog? If so, heres the solution.

    A) Call the pound repeatedly, using another neighbor’s name and address,
    but your number. Call at least twice a night for about a week. The
    complaints will stack up, and the target’s will most likely have to pay
    a healthy fine.

    B) Get a package of hot dogs and any kind of medicine that induces
    shitting, like Exlax(you will have to melt it down). Pour the secret
    agent shit inducing substance on the hot dogs, then toss them over the
    fence to the dog. If it is a small dog, I suggest throwing one at a time
    as little dogs don’t eat as much as big dogs. Spot or Fido or whatever
    the hell his name is will be shitting EVERYWHERE for days. Loads of fun
    for the target.

    6) Kill their lawn. This can be achieved with any kind of poison, paint
    thinner, or even piss. Simply pour as much of the stuff as you can all over
    the lawn and wait a few days to a week. Lovely brown spots will start to
    show. Nice effect. Try writing words with paint thinner.

    7) Do they have a CB radio that interferes with your tv?
    Use the old standby. When they are not home, sneak over and shove large
    straight pins into the coaxial cable to the antenna. Next time Joe
    Dickhead keys up will be his last time. This easy trick works due to the
    fact that it shorts the cable together. When he keys up, it will blow
    the CB right off the table.

    8) Do they park in your driveway or in front of it? My neighbors have
    teenage kids who have teenage friends who parked in front of the
    driveway. I fixed that by taking some large nails (about 4 inches long)
    and placed them on each side of their tires at a 45 degree angle. Two
    per side, heads on pavement, points to tires. When they drive off,
    instant flats on all four tires. Try to get them to not park there
    asking first. If they don’t care to listen, then use the nail trick.

    9) Other easy and annoying tricks:
    Use JB Weld or any other metal weld substance on their mailbox door.
    Unscrew all the light bulbs on the outside of their house just enough so
    they won’t light.

    If they have an annoying cat, capture it and take it about 10 miles away
    from where you live and let it go.

    Get some cow or horse shit and place it in a large paper bag. Place on
    porch and light on fire. Then ring door bell.

    If they have a hot tub or pool, get some goldfish and place them in it.
    If you can get some lake or river fish, they work even better.

    Place small rocks inside the hubcaps on their most used car. The effect
    is awesome. They will go crazy from the sound.

    If you get into their car, place a heavy guage jumper wire from the horn
    to the brake switch behind the pedal. The result is the horn honking
    everytime they step on the brake pedal. A sure fire winner.

    If you are daring, capture a skunk and let it loose in their yard. Just
    think about the fun this one can make.


    03/07/06 – Howard Hughes from LA: What did this Chris guy do to you to piss you off?
    Reply from webmaster: Nothing at all! I’m just a real asshole.

    02/20/06 – tracy from cork,ireland: how do i get my ex’s unlisted mobile number off the internet as i have no credit card?
    Reply from webmaster: Offer him oral sex.

    12/18/05 – kpee from tx: need help desparetly from idiot ex boyfriend keeps doing all these phones calls

    12/08/05 – noname from nowhere: The chlorine in the pool will kill the fish. Dead, floating fish in the pool. You could use a big ass catfish. Now that might be intimidating floating in a swimming pool!

    11/17/05 – Me from Colorado: My neighbor has a pool and the gold fish idea is great! Is there another fish that might be a little more intimidating?

    10/24/05 – jane n ley from the bay: very amusing, we r gunna use it all on the bitch bec who is a fat skank whore n deserves to be put in lots of pain


    06/10/05 – Jane from Arizona: HA! the magazine one works great, is a long drawn out one… sure to send the lil figurines etc also……Not that I have ever done such an act, just seems that way…..

    06/01/05 – bob from some where out there: hopefully this works, i’m going to try it on some faggot that fell in love with my girl then when she rejected him he got pissed and is now trying to get her arrested for fraud. he’s going to pay

    12/22/04 – john from texas: do you have any advice for the neighbor that lets their dog shit in your yard every day?

    12/18/04 – kelsokid18 from nunyafuckinbusiness: Im gonna pull the yellow page stuff on this lady that pissed my family off

    11/20/04 – pete from michigan: niven, you’re sick as fuck. Why make innocent creatures suffer because of someone else? I hope someone puts YOU in a bag and lights YOU on fire. Anyway, for any of the pranks involving poo, human shit is better than dog shit, IMO

    11/18/04 – it would be from nice: to change the name from Chris Tomkinson to Stuart Whitehead

    09/02/04 – Andy from London: I can hear him in his flat and last night his mobile rang about 20 times in as many minutes after 10.30pm – his girlfriend was getting really pissed off! A lot of this has time delay built in, too. And I got stuff delivered to other neighbours but with his name on it.

    09/02/04 – Andy from London: I have signed my neighbour up for all sorts of stuff – services recruitment, magazines, about 20 book clubs (all that will send books and invoice him), CDs. Plus I put a number of free classifieds in our local on/offline edition (stuff for sale etc), and posted articles offering free money or phone sex to a number of miscellaneous and ‘personal’ newsgroups with his home phone number. It gets better because he has his home phone diverted to his mobile, so he is now paying for these calls. I can h

    08/27/04 – J from BAltimore: Where can I get a copy of this? : Try reading the file called PLA019.TXT on ways to obtain priviledged information.

    07/18/04 – lollypop from uk: thank you so much for those ideas,yours are the best ive seen so far! my neighbour rubbed dog shit all over my front door as my dog shit on the shared garden we have with them,i have a baby who nearly stood in it all,i love the rocks in hub caps idea,great lol.i have made a doll that looks like her and hung it in a noose outside on my shed next to hers…cant wait to freek her out,b i t c h

    07/17/04 – Damain from from Illinois: my favorite simple sweet revenge is creamer, i pour most of creamer in sugar and my supervisor doesn’t know about it , and he seem to skip one day of work the next day.

    07/09/04 – leigh from D.C.: I was hoping for more vindictive

    06/23/04 – Anna from London: All of these r very funny but i like the one with the dog shitting thing especially


    04/09/04 – davin from vermont: now i’ll have to try the yellow pages thing

    03/31/04 – Olly from London: All very interesting, although I personally wouldn’t be bothered if somebody had all my mail forwarded to London!

    03/08/04 – nancy from minnesota: This is great. It gives me wonderful ideas for my neighbors, who has a huge loud stereo, barking dog, and teenagers!!! Thanks!!! lol.

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      sweet. im gonna try the email one to this girl hu goes to my school. haha. die b!tch die. and u could also if they have myspace and its all decorated delete their profile for underage or sending mean letters. they will normally get pissed if they love myspace or facebook etc.
      i did this 2 a girl nd her friend i really hated they wanna no u deleted it. haha

    • February 8, 2009 at 5:20 pm

      I don’t approve of harming helpless animals and stealing them to make a point. Grow a pair and take the humans on. Leave the animals alone, you pathetic cunt!

    • April 19, 2009 at 11:20 pm

      Yeah… using some of these ideas to ruin his marriage. HAHAHA! He deserves it.

    • July 29, 2010 at 8:24 am

      I like the hospital one except it’s a sure way to get nailed for identity theft. All Chris has to do is tell them that he doesn’t know what they’re talking about and ID theft is one of the considered possibilities, and they have your blood samples!

    • July 29, 2010 at 9:36 am

      Another idea would be to send a request for a license to open a restaurant to the state and give them the Chris’s address so a health inspector shows up. Or request a weights and measures license so that a scale inspector shows up at his house.

    • October 13, 2011 at 8:21 am

      Woah! what’d your neighbors do to you? lol! all my neighbors are awesome… But still, these are hilarious!

    • March 26, 2012 at 4:28 pm

      You ruined my life; then built a comedy website about it… I hate you

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