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Information on Wal-Mart’s Security Tags

All Wal-Marts use the same kind of security labels on their merchandise to catch shoplifters. The labels are manufactured by Sensormatic and are based on an acousto-magnetic (AM) system (not to be confused with an electromagnetic label system), which has the ability to protect wide exits and allows for high-speed label application, uses a transmitter to create a surveillance area where tags and labels are detected. The transmitter sends a radio frequency signal (of about 58 kHz) in pulses, which energize a tag in the surveillance zone. When the pulse ends, the tag responds, emitting a single frequency signal like a tuning fork. While the transmitter is off between pulses, the tag signal is detected by a receiver. A microcomputer checks the tag signal detected by the receiver to ensure it is at the right frequency, is time-synchronized to the transmitter, at the proper level and at the correct repetition rate. If all these criteria are met, the alarm occurs.

AM material is highly magnetostrictive, which means that when you put the tag material in a magnetic field, it physically shrinks. The higher the magnetic field strength the smaller the metal becomes. The metal actually shrinks about one-thousandth of an inch over its full 1.50 inch length. As a result of driving the tag with a magnetic field, the tag is physically getting smaller and larger. So if it is driven at a mechanically resonant frequency, it works like a tuning fork, absorbing energy and beginning to ring.

When the AM tag is demagnetized, it is deactivated. When it’s magnetized, it is activated. (This is the opposite of how the deactivation of EM tags works.) You can find plenty more information on AM tags and other types of security labels by going to It’s really interesting how all the different labels work.

Something that’s beginning to be popular these days is source tagging. This means that the manufacturer of some products actually put the AM tag INSIDE the box of merchandise so that shoplifters aren’t able to peel the label off. This is done mainly on higher priced items.

Email Feedback

Here is a little prank I love to pull whenever I visit my local Wal-Mart. Look for those little security scan tags (white plastic tags with black “upc looking” identification on them) they put on just about everything over 5 bucks. The easiest place to grab a bunch is in the OTC section. There always on the large bottles of “expensive” Tylenol and vitamin boxes. If your bored one morning before the Pharmacy is open, wonder through the OTC section and there will be boxes of stock lying around everywhere and a irresponsible “associate” will have sheets of these tags lying on the counter or the floor in a box. Just reach down, grab you a few sheets and hide them in the store for a later fun day.

If you can’t get fresh ones, the adhesive is a bit of a bitch to deal with so just rip the whole darn thing off the box. The fun part is finding an asshole to target with the tag. Just casually walk by the person and stick it on their clothing, belt etc.

When they try to leave the store, that annoying, “you have activated Wal-Mart’s inventory control system” message rings out and they are chased down by the friendly door greeter. The door greeter looks through all their packages (and finds nothing of course) and damned if they don’t set it off again and again and everyone entering and exiting the store thinks, yep, caught another shoplifter. It embarrasses the shit out of people! Each time they set the system off, they look more and more like the proverbial “deer caught in headlights”.

I have a friend that works at Wal-Mart (just for pranks) in the Pharmacy and he puts the tags on prescription bags of people who pisses him off. They never deactivate the Rx bags so those dumb asses set the alarm off every time.

When you get through playing, stick one on your self and as you are exiting and that damn thing is squawking, just say, “I have diplomatic immunity” in your best foreign accent and walk briskly out of the store. All the “friendly” door greater can do (supposed to do) is to ask you politely to come back in. Fuck em!

The Mach3 Razor Blades have been known to occasionally set off the alarms.

I shouldn’t tell you this but I work for the company that invented the sensormatic system. You’re pretty much right on the money, but my wally land trick is to take tags and stick them to the shopping carts. If you use the newer tags. The long skinny black one like they put inside the cd and dvd cases. those are the easiest to hide. When you take them home on something you purchased, they have already been deactivated by being exposed to a 60 Hz. AC field. Carefully remove them from the package and put new double sided tape on them. Then take them back to the store. They will not go off they are still deactivated. Put them on shopping carts and use a perminate magnet to reactivate them. You can also take them into the grocery section and put them in various items. The soda cases that you push in the handle works great. You can always find a good magnet in the store in you look, that way you don’t have to bring one. At one of the local walmarts that pushes the carts back into a side door instead of back in the front and bypassing the towers, Most of the carts in the parking lot got done and they had to turn off the system when almost everybody was tripping it..

You have an interesting web site.

PS The system was invented by Allied Signal now known as Honeywell back in the late 70’s and early 80’s The strip contains two pieces of metal one is a hard magnetic material and the other is the magnetostrictive one. Most of the material is now manufactored by a company in Germany called Vac. Thay are owned by Morgan Crucible.

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03/09/06 – Plumloco from Ohio: Reply for Mary from MN: Yes! You can still be arrested if you can be positively identified. All retailers have a

03/08/06 – haha from whatever: whats funny is if you look back on the 8/07/05 comment made by

03/08/06 – Plumloco from Ohio: Yes … It is fun to hide extremely stinky items throughout WalMart. The catfish bait works real well. Also try sardines, any raw meat, an open pint of milk, open cheese, or anything else you can think of. Some good hiding places are inside a display tire in automotive, on top of an entertainment center in furnature, behind a display TV that is on, or under the mattress in a display crib. Have fun!

03/01/06 – MARY from MN: A question-once a shopper has left Walmart and the Walmart parking lot, can they still be arrested for shoplifting? (Do to video surveillance watched at a later time.)
Reply from webmaster: You should try it and report back to us.

02/25/06 – Tali from redmond, wa: Stealing is wrong, it is you know it…BUT screwing with Walmart is funny, entertaining, and a hilarious afternoon well spent. I can reconcile the 2, it isnt that hard…Wally-world is eviiiiil EEVVVILLLLLL

02/25/06 – Vick Frost from New York: There is a treasure trove of information about security tags at and you can by the tags and removers at . You don’t havr to guess how the stuff works. Walmart uses sensormatic ultramax labels, read about them at expert websites.

02/22/06 – tivo addict from computer chair: I put a security tag in my wallet, I set the alarm off on my way in and out and NO ONE challenges me. Not just wallmart, but walgreens sees me and turns the alarm off so it does not beep on my exit.. If I were a common thief, I could steal the store and no one would stop me.

01/24/06 – Translator from USA: The correct location to place the anti-shoplifting tags is on the bottom of a shopping cart. Security never thinks to actually inspect the cart (they are too busy going through the bags). This creates endless confusion.

01/24/06 – ur mama’s mama from @at ur dads house: all yall dont know what ur talking about stealing from wm who stealz from walmart ok well once or twice well acctually over a dozen times i stole from walmart just to pay rent but hey it was worth it i didnt acctually steal i pay ppl to do it for me lmao !~*just stop stealing its so not cool ne more!~*

01/17/06 – ONE-HUNG-LOW from MIDWEST(WHITEBOY): Listen here PUNKS! You low life maggots make me sick! Why if ain’t was not for the middle class white man paying the bills you trailer trash scumb bags would starve. Steel you stickin’ boggies! To get your kicks. Better yet GET A JOB! I know most of you are too damn stupid because you had an excues while in GRADE school why you where dumb, however, If you tried really hard, you might be just lucky enough to wipe the mud, snow, and dog shit from my shoes as I walk my rich WHITE ass into Wal-Mart.

01/16/06 – Jay from From Alaska: I worked in a Wal-Mart (Layaway) and a couple of us would slip those alarms onto small stuff, like boxes of pencils, paper, magazines, and we would take turns watching people try to get out of the door. We got caught and our manager

01/11/06 – BILL WALLGREEN from fuckhead, USA: I hope people keep stealing and fucking with Wal-Mart. I hope the prices go up on everything so that people will eventually STOP shopping there, and the company will suffer lost profits. Screw Wal-Mart. Screw its sub-human employees, and screw corporate America and fractional banking.

01/01/06 – sam from boycott the slave owners! Google Wal-Mart slave trade! Never, I repeat, never take another step in that store again!

12/27/05 – Corksil from Just out of your reach…: Fuck Walmart, I mean that. Stick it to them, every chance you get.

12/21/05 – Stinky from PooDiddle: I touch people in wrong places…. and Walmart makes me laugh

12/19/05 – shelly from CUMMING GA: alot of people on here moan and groan alot…(prozac)

12/06/05 – radio hacker from next to my radio: i shoplifted once at a shopko and only got a fine. no court, no arrestie. i talk to you soon wm on radio osama yo mamma

12/01/05 – Rhonk from Missouri: Actually, the GM (Gross Margin) on the average computer at nearly any retailer is about 6%. Most items in stores have an already low GM. Higher GM items are things like USB cables, paper, ink, toner, and office supplies. Linksys, Belkin, D-Link, Netgear, etc. items have a GM of about 15% for certain retailers. Plus take into account the number of associates working with differing pay rates, managers, facility fees (electricity, gas, etc). So what does this teach? Steal high GM items.
11/26/05 – Shannon from minnesota: Whatever happened to sam waltons desire to own a family friendly business, I think he would be turning over in his grave seeing what these Corporate idiots have done to his good intentions. I follow walmart news, such as newsweek articles, and things like that. It is very true that Walmart is the lowest paying place to work. My Husband works for a local walmart he has been there a year, and still is making a very small wage.

11/26/05 – webmaster from virginia: It is incredibly stupi how people think that theft is driving up prices. For this to be true, there would have to be a large volume of missing items. For example, a Wally stocks 20 computers at 400 USD each. the computers were manufactured from the cheapest components available to a grand total of around 50-55 USD. They are already making a 150 D profit margin, and even if you factor in wages, maintainence, marketing, sales, benefits, and Research/Development, they would still be robbing us.

11/18/05 – Hate Wally World from Some where: Take some Sonny’s Catfish Bait ( Worst smelling they have) & get it in a container where U can squese it out witjout it getting on u. Do all the Bathrooms ( Try to hide it so not easily found)& put some at different spots in the store.People will be running out of store to get away from the stink

11/18/05 – Bubba from AR: Stick a STrip that sits off alarm on bottom of shoe.When it beeps insist on Police being called & tell them U will do nothing if you’re not arrested. Then if they arrest u sue Wal Mart & the city U live in for False Arrest

11/18/05 – Just me from NE: I was a Manager at Wal Mart. I stumbled upon an Inter Office memo which referred to Wal mart not only pumping Oxygen thru their vents but in the Winter Active Cold VirusesWrote to home Office explaining what I found out & was fired within 60 days..

11/18/05 – Tommy T. from Mid West: I once had a friend that was a shop lifter. He said wal Mart was easy. WHat he did was gwt a Wal Mart bag & then go & get what ever he wanted & put it in the bag. Then he went to the restroom ( No cameras) & took off all the Alarm trippers. But, he also said be careful to notice if Greeter is looking in bags for Recipt.. Or u can buy somethiing go out front door. Remove receipt ( Put stuff in car) & go back in & get the exact same thing. Then what U do is return one the stuff U got for free

11/09/05 – Mikael from Hong Kong: Would be interesting to know how many of these AM labels are sold each year. Anybody knows?

11/05/05 – bob from texas: what magnet works the best and most frequent of all cause id really not like to use a certain magnet and the alarm still somehow go off…cause these strips are on the underneath the cd case where the cd sits now

10/22/05 – TRACE ME PIG FUCKS from NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS: I’ve worked at Wal-Mart twice in my lifetime and I can honestly say I was ripped off from my hard earned over-time. I wasn’t paid for work I did so I got back at them. Do you know the Garden Center fences outside. Well I snuck an item out there one night and put it right outside the fense in the back. The shift ended, I went outside, put the item in a bag and walked to my car and drove home. $200 item. Free. I laughed about it and thought how sweet revenge really is. Am I loser? fuck you.

10/05/05 – Erected from Your Mom: I’ve stuck some of the tags on people before when I was bored one day. I had found a whole bunch of the tags in a box, so I grabbed a few and started to throw them in bags and such. | I also find it hilarious how people don’t read everything and assume the worst. Like how this is a prank and they think it’s theft. How is it theft when you don’t steal anything?

10/03/05 – Sam from Atlanta: Im hear that it may become mandatory for manufacturers to embed an RF microchip inside an item so that the item can be tracked at every point along the delivery route to its final destination in the bottom of someone’s shoe and outside the door.

09/24/05 – haze from australia: b real from las vegas…that is the funniest thing..something i would do….im in stitches thinking about the reaction…may just have to give it a try here!!!!! Any other funny stories..i have MANY, but i like yours.

09/06/05 – Hugh from Jass: Here’s a good idea: buy a dvd burner and if u have a spare one that doesnt work return it for a refund and get it for free!

08/30/05 – ASS CREAM from YOUR ANUS: Wally will be introducing Face Reconition Technology to 60% of all it’s stores in major city’s by late 2008. I know this as my uncle works for one of the two corporations bidding for the contract. Once implemented, all arrest will be made by your local police after Wally files a complaint along with the video clip to back it up. This is basically the same tecnology that casinos use today for reducing cheaters / scamers. Once your in the “system”, dosent matter which WM you go to, info is shared

08/26/05 – Lee from Virginia: I worked Loss Prevention for three years at Wally World. The trick is to make the Loss Prevention Associate stop you. They are not supposed to, but their ego most of the time will do it anyway. Nice way to make about Sixty thousand dollars. Wal-Mart will pay you to keep your mouth shut. When that elderly door greeter does get the nerve to ask you to come back and checks your bags, he just detained you, ! They are only door greeters, they are supposed to give you a cart and a sticker.

08/25/05 – Simon from MA: When an inventory tag goes off and you are not shoplifting, just state politely and clearly: “I do not consent to remain here on a voluntary basis or allow you to search me. Am I being detained on an involuntary basis? Have you made an arrest? Am I your prisoner?

08/22/05 – bevo from parts unknown: hey laurie form DC-you mean you are appalled at this site….you must be a big time wally-world loser!

08/22/05 – Laurie from Washinton DC: I’m appauled about this website. This website is promoting thiefs and that’s the reason why everything I buy has gone up in prices!

08/12/05 – Secret ID from unknown: I do Loss Prevention and I find it amuzing that walmarts policy strictly says unless witnessed by a salaried mgr or lp officer NO one is permitted to be detained when exiting the store and setting off the sensormatic towers.So please feel free to walk with a smile and always be cutious to the people greeters.

08/08/05 – the shaman from oregon: i was just reading this site and costco has those huge things and sometimes pople could fit under them but if somone could hide somwere in walmart and sleep or wait extremley patiently till it closed could they walk arond freeley and steal shit…. just wondering

08/07/05 – Tiny from SD: I am a Wal Mart manager, and I’m glad to see that this site that has to be the LOOSER SITE of the world! What I can’t fiqure out is how Iowa’s Rick Black’s name made it here? What does a outdoor sports coulmnist and low lifes have in common? I bet that Cousin Rick Black would like to take these “Rif-Raf” for a good old hunting trip!! Keep the great books comming Cousin Rick

08/04/05 – Lord Mak’Dar from Klingon: Evil fluid to play with – photographic fixer! stains and stinks

07/28/05 – Terry from Burlington, IA: Rick is standing right here and he just read these comments of all the woman that have stated to have dated him. He has NEVER even heard of them let alone see them. Rick is happily married and still enjoys time with his family while he continues to write.

07/23/05 – DETROIT from MICHIGAN: dumb web site, set up to help steal from wal-mart then my ass, whom is an assocaite looses out on hours and pay raises i can give a shit about the stuff i nthe store but i know i need the hours. so for all you life free loaders you can kiss my ass

07/14/05 – b-real from las vegas: there was this one time i was sitting at home with a blank audio cassett. i had fast forward it about 5 minutes later and then recorded perverted sayings like “i have a very large penis” “you are a fucking asshole” suck my fat american white cock you dirty whore” and a few others. i then went to my local wallmart and found the most expensive stereo that was on display. put in the tape, turned up the volume and hit play. i had left the area and watch from a distance. reaction was huge.

06/25/05 – wally from florida: sometimes shoes bought at a payless has been known to set off the doors. i odnt know how, but it does. also, you can put one on an associate you dont like, so when they set it off, their butt is in trouble

06/15/05 – exit from AR: this is fun knowledge on sensormatic systems, nothing to do with shoplifting, and besides, pointing out loopholes in the system is supposed to challenge walmart to make the system better…but they have enough sheep buying their stupid shit to stay afloat for a long ass time, so who cares

06/10/05 – trickygv from canada: does anyone know of a something bad smelling that could be sliped into clothign or somewhere at wallmart. i would perfer it to be eazy to get and smell realy bad

06/07/05 – not guilty from texas: My best friends daughter was holding an item when she went ouf of wm and forgot that she even had it.. A wm employee stopped her and confronted her. They arrested her and she was told she could never shop at another wm in her life. Is this true? She hasn’t went to court yet, what kind of punishment do they usually get? This will be her first offense. You guys must be awefully lucky to get by so many times.

06/04/05 – Read Head from Springfield , MO: I I’m a big fan of Rick Black and I checked out all his books he wrote on Barnes and Noble. Here is what I found: Bag Em and Tag Em, The Venison Cookbook, Cookin’ with Beer, Trailer Trash Cookin’, The Wild Turkey Cookbook, The Dead Deer Cookbook, The Funky Duck Cookbook, The Pan Fish Cookbook, Cat Fish From C-H Cookbook, Bird Up!, And I hear he is with a new publisher working on another book about nothing but Deer Burger! When does he sleep!!! Keep on writting Rick, I will keep reading your book

05/22/05 – Jessica from Illinois: Hey Trent, me and a freind was also at Black’s book signing at the Davenport Barnes and Noble on Saturday 5/21. And guess what? HE IS HOTTTTT!! I’m 26 and I would guess Rick Black to be in his mid 40’s and believe me, He don’t look like trailer trash! Black is tall, frosty well groomed hair, and not only carries himself very well, but is great to talk too. I saw his wife with him latter and we thought they made a great couple. We bought his book Cookin’ with Beer and he smiled and signed it!

05/22/05 – Nikki from florida: Hey I have no idea what you people are talking about so email me GREENDAYFAN2341@MSN.COM

05/21/05 – Trent from Iowa: Rick Black was at a booksigning today at our mall for Barnes and Noble, I asked him if he dated alpot of chicks. his responce, “” Dude. look at me. heck yes, I dated, a boat load of Chicks! I think that Rick Black is getting off opn his looks!

05/21/05 – Travis from Ohio: The simplest way to kill the sensormatic tags is to run them over the deactivator pad. I worked in a kmart and the electronics department was most often vacant, so it can be done without too much trouble. In short, find a pad where nobody is looking and use it. Then you’re home free.

05/17/05 – Bow Hunting Rocker from MI: Bag Em and Tag Em! I thought was the best book I had ever spent my doe urine soaked dollers on, but then along came Trailer Trash Cookin’, oh, wouldn’t you know that Rick Black wrote em both! So, if your a bleeding heart lib, you ain’t gonna like Rick Black. However if you dig Uncle Ted and his wildman views, you gonna dig Iowa’s Wildman MR. RICK BLACK!

05/15/05 – Kayle from Canada: Holy sheep shit! You American’s really love to hate. Only the good old folks from the U.S. would turn a Wally hate site into a cookbook promo for a outdoor hick writter from the midwest. Hey if it gets sales for Black then more power to him. I have not read the Trailer Trash Cookbook, but I will. We got Trailer Trash here too! The Barnes and Noble reviews show that the rich people seem to love this book and the poor hate it. Does the truth hurt?

05/14/05 – Jason (Deer Hunter, Hawkeye Fan) from Iowa City, Iowa: I was doing a term paper on Rick Black and found this site on the net. I can’t believe this carzy chat about Black. I have been a Rick Black fan for years. Bag Em and Tag Em is the best how-to- book on deer hunting and eveyrone in or dorm has Cookin’ with Beer by Rick Black. When we read about his Trailer Trash Cookbook it was a given we would rush to Barnes and Noble. Yes indeedy folks the book kick ass! I’m proud to be a fellow Iowa hunter like Rick Black.

05/14/05 – Samual from Ohio: I agree the welfare trash and their lazy no good sence of wanting us middle class to pay the way! Trailer trash cookin by Iowa’s Rick Black is a hoot! It’s about time a book, even a silly cookbook makes us middleclass smile and poke fun at what we are working our asses off for! I bought 5 copies..

05/13/05 – Eve from Australia: So Eric, those yellowed sensormatic tags screwed onto clothes allow you to go through dooes without setting the alarm off? then what’s the point of attaching them tags onto clothes then if the sensors don’t go off? I’ve broken one of them tags into pieces before (i work in retail and try new things for fun too haha), and have seen metal bits in the tags. Could this be used to set off some sort of alarm?

05/07/05 – Gilson from New Mexico: Hey Little d, you New York Sissy, Stop whineing about Rick Black and kiss up to Hillery awhile longer! It’s the bleeding heart libs like you that cost us working folks money out the ass! So the lazy can keep popping out kids on us! Hat’s off Rick Black! YOUR THE MAN!!

05/07/05 – Daimian from New York: Rick Black’s Trailer Trash Cookbook is shamelishly dis-taste-full! Why Rick Black should be tared and feathered!! I can not believe anyone would write such a rauncy cookbook picking on our poor. Not everyone can afford to live in a big farm house in Iowa. Not everyone can afford nice cars and trucks. We should feel sorry for those poor folks that can get jobs or have made mistakes in their lives with having kids while they were young. IT’s NOT THEIR FAULT!! Mr. Black!

05/02/05 – Kayle from Motor city: Just got my copy of Trailer Trash Cookin by Iowa’s Homeboy Rick Black. I even paid for it!! Tellin’ it like it is!

04/27/05 – BlackPlague from Heaven: What’s the easiest way to steal an xbox game after the employee hands it to you and he goes away?

04/16/05 – Stizzy from PDX: This comment section is like a bulletin board in a special ed classroom.

04/06/05 – BS from Indiana: I used to work in a Walgreens, and their stickers are a bitch to remove from boxes, however we would just take the stickers and lay them sticky side up for people to walk on.

04/03/05 – Jenny from Bakersville: Steve King RIGHT, Okay I’m taking the bait, I will try out Trailer Trash Cookin by IOWA’s Rick Black..Barnes and Noble huh?

03/24/05 – Tedra from Arizona: Walmart sucks we used to have the normal old one now they have ust build a super walmart and the only thing super about it is its size every time i enter walmart i have to pick things up and then put them in a total other area way across the storethen i get xxxl sized clothing and put it in the childrens section and mix up all the clothes possible. you should have people tape the pranks and put them on the site that would be soooo cooool! adios m f

03/24/05 – Tedra from Arizona: Walmart sucks we used to have the normal old one now they have ust build a super walmart and the only thing super about it is its size every time i enter walmart i have to pick things up and then put them in a total other area way across the storethen i get xxxl sized clothing and put it in the childrens section and mix up all the clothes possible. you should have people tape the pranks and put them on the site that would be soooo cooool! adios m f

03/21/05 – Byron from Louisville: Well, I for a fact thought Trailer Trash Cookin’ was a great cookbook. I can’t believe that this iste has turned into a KILL Rick Black site, I for one love funnies, Yes Rick Black pokes fun of Trailer Trash, shit, how don’t. A VERY FUNNY COOKBOOK! BUY IT!

03/21/05 – Harlod from Mississippi: I you are really S King, than it truly shows how the rich get richer! I just want to know how a rednck Iowa boy gets all this attition! Trailet Trash Cookin’ is nothin but a fat ass rich boy makin money from us poor. maybe he should live in the court!

03/20/05 – S King from Maine: I will not enduldge my comments towards Iowa’s Rick Black. But I will say this. If the devil’s of your mind, recall, Hitler burned all books that he thought unfit! Black’s Books tell it like it is!!!

03/20/05 – Delbert from St Louis: Yea, yea, yea, Everyone in the trailers can bou, hu

03/20/05 – Stewart from Philly: I hope Rick Black is geeting nothing but sales from you dumbasses. What great advertizing. Free, and full of stupidy! Trailer Trash Cookin’ by it today folks and your local Barnes & Noble. That’s Barnes, not BARNS, you retards!

03/20/05 – Carrie from Washington, DC:: Well since this site has turned out to be a Pro or CON site on Rick Black and his Trailer Trash Cookin’ book, I thought I would say a few things. #1, Our Wally World didn’t have any copies, I had to go on the Barns and Noble site to buy my copies. #2, Trailer Trash Cookin’ is by far the funnist cookbook I have ever read. #3, I don’t see were bashing Rick Black because he is making money off of his book is any of your beezwax. What do we have here, a pissed off hick from Mo, and Tex??

03/20/05 – Sargeant Ricen from Tampa: You people are retarded. I would love to slap my steel around your weak wrist.I own 2 copies of Trailer Trash Cookin’ , and I can’t believe how funny but true Black wrote in this book. As far as I see it. You all need to get a job, heck maybe you can work for Black doing photo shoots for his next book cover! Trailer Trash Cookin’#2..”What is it you people say?” Peace Out!

03/19/05 – Jeep from Little Rock: Jesus Christ you people are stupid. Don’t you realize the more you write about Rick Black and his Trailer Trash Cookbook, the more people buy it! All you are doing by bitching about it is making more people go to Barns and Noble website and buy it along with all his other books. Oh and another thing: Hey Shelby Hones from Illinois, No one gives a rats ass that you were a cheerleader and that you dated Rick Black! Your a dirty slut!

03/19/05 – Skeeter Lewis from Unemployeed in Texas: Hey Country Hick! I’m with you brother! I’m getin’ sick and tired of everone babbling on about Rick Black’s Trailer Trash Cookin’ book. My girl friend and her kids have been on stae aid ever sence she quit middle school. The kids dads have had a bad time with the law along with myself. I anit working for no 7 bucks an hour. Texas wellfare sucks. People like Rick Black makin fun of us is just another way of the man keepin us down!

03/19/05 – Country Hick from Wayland MO: I can’t beileve you people stickin’ up for Rick Black. I also thought he was a cool writter for hunting and I thought his cookbooks on wild game were cool until I bought a copy of his Trailer Trash Cookin’ on Barns and Noble. This man is making alot of money making fun of us poor people! I think it great to pocket in books. Why let the rich get richer!!! And as far as Iowa’s superhunter goes, He Can Kiss My A@#

03/19/05 – bigben from alberta: you crazy americans why go through the front door i loaded up a tv went out the back….there are trailers they ship products in many are left over night … them even the 52′ trialers can be pulled away from the doors with a halfton truck when the dollies are lifted have fun

03/04/05 – Shelby Hones from Hamilton Illinois: Hey guys, I’m a hard working mom and had to fight for all I got. Yes I was Cheer Leader, in highschool, but it was a small school. In any case, I dated Rick Black. (Yea Let The Press Go Nuts), Rick was a down home boy that loved sports. But you guys that steel from Wal-Mart dont understand, that Rick gives all of his $$ back to the needy! . You aS@#@ Holes might think its funny to steel his books, If God only knew what Rick Black gave back into you!!

03/04/05 – Outdoorsman from Iowa: Mr.Deer hunter.. If you steel books from Iowa’s Rick Black then you steel from the workin’ man. Rick Black is a blue collar guy like us, yea he has several #1 books on hunting and he has several football and rock-in-roll, folks getting his back, BUT DUDE, Black gives it all back.. I just read on Barns and Noble where Rick Black gave 75% of his $$ to the Iowa 224th Killed in the war! Common man, Screw the rich man, ROCK ON MY BROTHER! Like IOWA’s RICK BLACK!!

03/04/05 – Deer Hunter from Denver: Yea! Well everone is WRONG! I just got my 10th copy of Iowa’s Rick Black’s book, TRAILER TRASH COOKIN”, I peeled off the tag and walked out. Boys, If you can walk out with one of the best outdoor writters cookbooks and not get busted, well thats pretty sad! Oh, I forgot to say, I got $25 a book on E-Bay:)_

03/03/05 – Heh from Houston: This is funny. You guys are funny. Esp the ones that feel shoplifting is wrong. Funny people. The original article said nothing about shoplifting. Either way, if WalMart really wanted to stop shoplifters, they’d invest in a better system.

03/02/05 – rick from illinois: to all you shoplifters that think your smart, We loss prevention accosiates for wal-mart know all your little tricks and you will be cought and cry and say im sorry after you get cought,,lol… Keep on shoplifting, You make my paycheck….

02/27/05 – far and away continued from USA: After a couple of minutes of not being able to find the item with the tag, the best they could do was ask me for my receipt. It was stapled directly to the bag. This tells me one thing: Some idiot was watching me shop and decided that I must be stealing because I wear a large coat IN THE DEAD OF NORTHERN WINTER!!!

02/27/05 – far and away from USA: I recently left a WalMart and the tags did their job. The bad news for the honest people is that WalMart and other retailers, at the urgency of the consultants, deliberately leave tags on to announce to the world that they have security. I stood there in my work uniform looking like a thief to all passersby.

02/25/05 – Spue from Iowa: I like the chicken gizzerds at Wally World

02/25/05 – Spue from Iowa: My cats breath smells like catfood:)

02/25/05 – spue from Iowa: I like the cheese:)



02/09/05 – Dave from Somewhere Ull Never Know: HA HA HA HA HA, like me right, got fired for theft, aquitted and now Im suing Your Stores Ass! Fuck You Walmart!

02/08/05 – EysonU from Local Wal-Mart: I love sites like this…they helped me personally send over 200 people to jail last year and get myself a nice fat bonus…keep on stealing and I will keep on handing out the ass kickings along with the arrests and all the fun experiences at court that go along with it.

02/05/05 – who cares from houston: fuck if yjeu get away with it let them if they get busted ….what can i say they learned the hard way

02/03/05 – Louis from Tampa: Is there any othe supplier of this label apart from Sensormatic ?

02/02/05 – John from Canada: I was just kidding, dont do that, I have never done it but I thought it might work

02/02/05 – John from Canada: Dont forget to make sure the bathrooms dont have those big sensormatic detectors. The method above is very good, infact, so good I have over 400 dvds that way…lol

02/02/05 – John from Canada: Heres a clue kids, dvds have sensormatics in em, just snagem and walk to a bathroom and cut the plastic off, flush it and pull the tag out of the case. Works everytime, sometimes you can get 8 or 10 at a time ;)

01/28/05 – busted from dont matter: be careful, watch that u’re not followed. buy something expensive(say computer, or laptop or a flat screen tv) than go to the door and show the receit to the lady, go put the shit in ur car or at home(better) come back to wal mart with the same receit. put the same electronics u just bought in ur cart and go out the 2nd door w/ the same receit and show it to the 2nd lady(make sure u take off security tags) now u have 2 of the same items. go back to wal mart and return that which u actually bougt


01/17/05 – Andrew from USA: 1, i have a really strong magnet can anyone definitly say that it can deactivate a label,2, Ihad a great way to lift stuff, have 2 people walk out the store one with goods, and the other with a sensor tag on your shirt or something, then while frantically looking for any thing to set it off you miraculously come across your black strip, you hand it to him and off you go it also would help if the one with the goods was quite foriegn looking and sounding.or just do the shopping cart trick

01/15/05 – Your Brain from Your Scull: I apologize for the previous outburst…please do not hurt me, anywho, try for an education…

01/15/05 – Your Brain from Your Scull: I apologize for the previous outburst…please do not hurt me, anywho, try for an education…


01/15/05 – John from Canada: They’re not stealing you idiots, they’re just having fun by putting tags on ppl. Yes go to college, or university, if you can even read that, dont work at WM, hell! Work anywhere but wal mart.

01/15/05 – outcastx from endopolis: rantors, think before you speak. your intelect is embarassing me. may we all laugh at your WM employment benefits; and your distributors too–for putting the magno-resonant tags on audio cassettes. .. im glad WM hired a retard over me.

01/15/05 – shadow from walmart: i love walmart.. they make a living for me and i dont even have a job! just sell your stolen merchandise on ebay!

01/13/05 – josh from oklahoma: stealing is bad lol

01/09/05 – mari from Rhode Island: I used to work for Wal-Mart. Our favorite thing to do was to take the tags place them adhesive side up on the floor, someone would walk over them, pick them up on their shoe. Then set the alarm off when they left the store. The only time I intentionally did that to another employee (I snuck it into the back pocket of their pants,) was the second wal-mart I worked at in which I was the only one in the department that actually worked. That was my little revenge.

01/09/05 – cipe101 from tx: Will the white square bar code with all the black verticle lines printed on the box or on tags make a security alarm go off?

01/08/05 – Whatsername: Your husband works at WM and your telling someones husband they need to go to from college. If your husband: had a college degree he most likely wouldn’t be working at WM in rounding up baskets. *note to the bord* FUCK WM UP THERE ASS WITH A CHEAP PLASTIC FORK THAT THEY SELL! Kathy from Ga: I think this is awful. My husband, and thousands of others work for this company. You – People – are making us pay more than needed for things that we purchase. I hope you get busted. ” Well if your family and your husband wasnt a retard and went to collage you wouldnt be having that problem now would you.

01/07/05 – Chris from Austalia: my god you people how will you learn.. will you learn when u get put in jail? man do u know what those men do in there they end up trying to fuck you ewww and once u get caught just for a warning not to do it again it.. will you be able to find a job if u get caught a number of times it goes on your record.. i hope all you shoplifters get busted.. wouldnt have to steal if u had money ( i get black people stealing in where i work god i wish i could belt em up or something for stealing

01/07/05 – ecco&tommy from from texas: i nead to know how to print out my oun return stickers and/or will someone e mail me a picture of the pink return sticker from wal*mart exact size and color tommy_preece

01/06/05 – Rick from NunaUbizz: Lol, You people that talk about walmart and ways to steal from there should get a life and stop filling sorry for yourselves, I work at walmart as loss prevention officer and you may not get cought right away, but you will…

01/05/05 – omg from wtfhax keke: OMGhi2u!

01/04/05 – Al from New England: If one is able to fish and able to reactivate the labels. Then one might put a label on the line and try his or her casting abilities in and out of the doors to trip the alarms

12/31/04 – Mike from Orange Beach, AL: The reason why wal Mart can sale for less is because they pressure their vendors to lower their prices by scimping on manufactoring quality. saling you basically stuff that is of an inferior quality to the same stuff you can buy at other stores. Wal Mart screws you while telling you they are doing you a favor. Red neck tards may not care but I do care about quality over price.

12/28/04 – kswhell from ny: i hope you know this can all be traced by the aothority

12/28/04 – ksh from ny : you are all so stupid! the reason for inflation: unions! the more the wages the cost for the product we all loose!

12/26/04 – alex from massachusetts: i cant get the fucking tag off my new tims i got for xmas so its a pain in my ass!!!!!

12/24/04 – John from Alabama: If you ca get some of the tags that aren’t already used, lay on sticky side up on the floor so that when they step back it gets stuck to the bottom of their shoe. My brother used to work at circuit city and would always do it to the new guys. It takes forever for them to find it.

12/23/04 – wOnko the sAN2 from hell, AZ: I have had exstensive experiences fucking with wal mart. Here are a few free tips for my brothers and sisters out there who also want to stick it to the man: TIP NO. ONE: THE LITTLE TAGS THAT SET OFF THE ALARM CAN BE BLOCKED IF THEY ARE IN SOMETHING METAL. For example, large cast iron pots or the stainless stell trashcans they sell. TIP NO. TWO: IF YOU PUT AN ACTIVE SENSOR IN A PACK OF CIGS AND TOSS IT BEHIND THE POST AT THE DOOR IT WILL GO OFF CONTINUOSLY, UNTIL THE EVENTUALLY TURN IT OFF!

12/20/04 – amanda from athens, ga: oh man wal mart is tons of fun… i’ve don’e that with the stickers (sensors) and put them on my panties…. and walk in wearing and skirt and tank top… they don’t know WHAT TO THINK

12/20/04 – Bob from Ohio: I put one of those tags in my wallet, whenever I walk IN it beeps, and when I walk OUT it beeps. I almost DARE them to stop me. I usually get the comment “do you have a cell phone” and I answer with “yes” some times, but others, I just let them guess why they beeper went off.

12/19/04 – Masoud from Iraq: If you come across a sheet of these tags, go to the WalMart Shoe Dept and put one underneath the sole insert in each pair of shoes.

12/19/04 – Don Juan from Texas: I hate WalMart, I would rather eat shit with a toothpick than shop in that hell hole. I love this site and would like to say that they brag that they employ more people than any other company in the US. What they dont say is that at least 80% of these people struggle to make at least 11K dollars a year. Now tell me WalMart isn’t evil. Keep up the kick ass work!!

12/18/04 – Wade from Florida: Just wondering if you had someone go thru the senso to set it off on purpose and then stick a tag on the sensor itself in a good location while the “innocent person ” is being watched if it would stay on constantly

12/17/04 – James from California: I dont shop at WalMart anyways. Who cares if people steal from that American manufacturing job robbing store.

12/16/04 – bob from texas: Darn ‘enter’ key… as I was saying, no one is goign to change their pricing strategy to accomodate a couple of shoplifters. Shoplifting is a problem for the individual store, not the corporate office that sets prices. To give you a hint as to how little corps. care about shoplifting, the reason RFID tags aren’t everywhere already is that each tag costs a little more than a cent. That’s right, one cent. That’s too much for theft protection for WalMart and almost every other corp. like them.

12/16/04 – bob from texas: To all people who say that theft drives up prices: You don’t know how corporate oricing works. If one million people will pay $20 for shirt, but only .5 million will pay at $25, they price it at $20. No one is going to lower prices to avoid 100 thefts, and no one is going to drive away a fraction of their legit market by raising prices, to compensate for a handful of stolen product.

12/16/04 – bobbydigitalmia from pennsylvania: some one inquired about the shoplifting bags… i used to work at blockbuster and we had sensormatic there too, same as walmart. the trick is to take a brown paper bag, and cover the entire inside of the bag with duct tape. two layers will usually do. this is called a booster bag. one the duct tape is on the inside and outside of the bag you drop it into an actual shopping bag and away you go. remember… big evil corperate blockbuster uses this system too, and its alot easier to get the shit

12/16/04 – Mark from London: To get through the posts with the sensormatic soft tags you just apply hard pressure to the tag in one place and walk out with the pressure applied, this stops the piece of metal inside from resonating and no alarm. This won’t work on tags that are inside plastic boxes.

12/16/04 – FUCK YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND from YOUR GRANDMAS HOUSE: QUOTE ” 06/04/04 – Kathy from Ga: I think this is awful. My husband, and thousands of others work for this company. You – People – are making us pay more than needed for things that we purchase. I hope you get busted. ” Well if your family and your husband wasnt a retard and went to collage you wouldnt be having that problem now would you.

12/15/04 – bobo from SC: The security tags on clothes are easy to remove. You take a smaill flat head screw driver and put it between the 2 peices and loosen them. Then you take small needle nose pliars and pop it off. Make sure you reattach the tag onto another clothing item before leaving. Happy shopping.

12/15/04 – bobo from SC: The security tags on clothes are easy to remove. You take a smaill flat head screw driver and put it between the 2 peices and loosen them. Then you take small needle nose pliars and pop it off. Make sure you reattach the tag onto another clothing item before leaving. Happy shopping.

12/13/04 – ckcelite from BH California: Hey Arya Etehad Co. S.M.Masoumi – Managing Director – Islamic Rep. of Iran Tehr: ……….All that crap sounds real fancy, but let me get this straight, you have all these secure and valuable documents that you need to purchase tattle-tape for, yet you use a “yahoo” free email account? hah hah hah what a joke.

12/13/04 – ckcelite from BH California: I have some questions i would love to have answered, such as: If the wrong UPC label is on an item, will the SC kiosk detect a difference in weight? Will the SC deactivate the tape even with the wrong UPC? i have great info to trade, thanks. please email me at

12/13/04 – ckcelite from BH California: I have discovered a method to get -ANYTHING- (with the exception of guns) out of Walmart for free. This info is VERY hot and I am afraid to share it on an “open” board such as this because a significant increase in the use of this method will cause WM to close this “loophole” I found. I would like to share this and much other info with anyone who is interested, but only if you have info to share with me as well. I would especialy like to speak to someone who works at a wm, CONTINUED ABOVE:

11/19/04 – disconnected from nc, usa: God hates Walmart, if you shop there, you go to hell. $$$ is the only vote that ever counts

11/16/04 – masoumeh hoseinpouri from iran: what is base and chemical analysis of alloys which are applied in this technology?

11/16/04 – masoumeh hoseinpouri from iran: what is base and chemical analysis of alloys which are applied in this thecnology?

11/14/04 – Steve from Kentucky: The tags that are used on clothes can be burnt off. By burning the end that doesn’t have the ink in it.

11/14/04 – melinda from kentucky: I saw on a cops show whhere people had put aluminum foil lined in a shopping bag. I tried it with no luck . Any one ever heard of this?

11/14/04 – phentermine 3095 from phentermine 3095: phentermine 3095

11/13/04 – its me from my apartment: does ne 1 know how to make those bags that u can put shit in with the senso tags on it and walk tru the detectors with out setting it off?I had one given to me 1 time and they work wonders u can go into ne store in the world n walk out of it with anything u want. does ne one know what im talkin about?

11/12/04 – me from here: I have taken a used vacuum back in the box of the replacement one i needed among other things you have to be very careful opening whatever it is and have your receipt don’t sign you real name though (with a receipt they do not require ID)

11/04/04 – namless from WI: fuck corporate america! im gonna stick it to the man everychance i get

11/02/04 – George from Harris: what can emit a 60 Hz frequency, and is small enough to take into a store?

11/01/04 – chaoticanarchist from hell, presently: Although this is all messing with innocent people, I say screw em cause we’re just innocent people that this damn government targets, so I say go out there and cause some meyham, why the hell do we pay these f’mn taxes anyways? Just to keep this little shitty government of ours working. F the establishment. they don’t care for us and I certainly care less what they have to go through for making our petty lives hell. A good thing to note: when I was 5 i never would have thought of anythingBad

08/18/04 – A person from Chicago said: If you could make them shut off the system with carts, that would be very useful revenge… muahahahaha!

08/17/04 – Allie from NE: I could care less what happens to WM. They came in real cheap, shut down over 6 large department stores in our area, and now have raised thier prices. They sell remfg vacumns, computers & electronics, second quality pfaltzgraff all as firsts. They made many people lose their jobs but still can’t hire enough help?? Greedy idiots, they get whatever is coming to them. They support other countries more than the US. The people in these posts aren’t making us pay more,WM greed is the reason.

08/16/04 – Your Mom from Shady Side of Town: Why don’t you shut the fuck up naruto? you’re talking to yourself.

08/04/04 – Naruto from Hidden Leaf Village: SHUT THE FUCK UP! We steal from the rich, and give to the poor (namely ourselves) 06/04/04 – Kathy from Ga: I think this is awful. My husband, and thousands of others work for this company. You – People – are making us pay more than needed for things that we purchase. I hope you get busted.

07/17/04 – Thoughtful from British Columbia: Theft remains the same, I doubt its been increasing as much as th prices have! But every year the prices of these products goes up. This could not be because of theft. We are the ones being robbed.

07/17/04 – Someone from Somewhere: That guy who said that the reason we pay higher prices is because of theft: The reason we are all paying more is simple, in spite of how well hidden it is… Corperate Greed. Ex: The price of a can of Coke, to actually manufacture is 35c. (1970s) This has not changed in years, a “Flat” for a vending machine company is about $4 CDN -still!!- but WOW every year the retail price goes up! Electronics aswell, manufactured for less, sold for more. Not inflation-GREED!!!

07/08/04 – crazy jim from us: keep up the good work slamming the system. does anyone know any scams to do at walmart that can make you cash and how do you get around security cameras.

06/21/04 – Mark from Dallas: Kathy, Tell your husband to get a real job. Then you can move out of the trailer.

06/14/04 – dan from ny: its true.. legally the store employees and security cannot detain you just for setting off the alarms, or they risk lawsuit. my wallet sets these things off because i have 2 mastercards with the metal emblem next to eachother just enough to alter the wavelength that the tags run on (i go off in about 70% of the places i go in). I have never stopped to explain myself, fuck em. read howstuffworks for a indepth explaination.

06/12/04 – me from Arkansas: lmao, I shop at wal-mart all the time, I find this funny, not mad about prices, whatever, wa-mart sells billions a year, who cares if people steal geeezzzz

06/04/04 – Kathy from Ga: I think this is awful. My husband, and thousands of others work for this company. You – People – are making us pay more than needed for things that we purchase. I hope you get busted.

05/27/04 – Rob from Greencastle, IN: For a bit of fun try to find some items that you can easily open and take the magnetic security tags out of, such as various packages of over-the-counter pills in the pharmacy area. Collect a few of these little plastic babies then as you walk past the security gate out of the store (apparently empty-handed to the door greeter) drop a one or two on the floor between the gates. All hell breaks loose while the gates go off for apparently no reason and every manager in the store tries to stop it.

05/21/04 – MediaPlay_murderor from the shadows in the bushes: By the way has any one tried carrying 20 oz bottles of stale rancid used BONG water into wally world and pouring it in the fish tanks?? heeey …whats that smell??:)

05/21/04 – MediaPlay_murderor from RE CD cases: this opens most such security cases and you can flip themapart to take out the CD,CD case and all”be sure to check the inside of the case”failing that method just cut the top corner and pull the cd out, remember hide the evedence “ie: open or broken case”

05/21/04 – MediaPlay_murderor from a store near you: RE: Robin from Washington dc…. well robin i used to shoplift at media play walmart U name it .”recovering clepto” Any way to the point , if you take the cd out of the case it wont set off any alarm ..but the case is in a case kind of … well if you carry a 16 penny nail and a good sharp pocket knife “small!!” its no problem, most of these cases have several squar holes in the bottem ,put the nail in the hole and pry it apart… this opens most such security cases and you can flip the case

05/17/04 – Nobody in particular from Somewhere: I’ve had good luck with reactivating the tags by magnetizing them… and then sticking them in a hidden location right next to the detector antennas. Works wonders.

05/12/04 – Arya Etehad Co. S.M.Masoumi – Managing Director – E-mail: from Islamic Rep. of Iran Tehr: we are need of lables to be fixed on highly secure and valuable documents and we can have an alarm when they are removed and distanced from were they are supposed to be. Please advise that you have them or not. We are working on different lables please advise us of any new product we are real buyers.

05/12/04 – Arya Etehad Co. S.M.Masoumi – Managing Director from Islamic Rep. of Iran Tehr: we are need of lables to be fixed on highly secure and valuable documents and we can have an alarm when they are removed and distanced from were they are supposed to be. Please advise that you have them or not. We are working on different lables please advise us of any new product we are real buyers.

05/11/04 – S.PAUL from PLATTSBURGH,N.Y.: Anyone that responds to you is a fucking theif and it’s because of people like them that everyone has to pay higher prices to make up for the theft!!

04/29/04 – xiaomei from taiwan: how do you remove or deactivate the tags they attach onto clothes. they are yellowish white, quite big and have a tiny metal screw or sth on them, used at some clothes stores

04/25/04 – Robin from Washington, DC: I Still have not heard of a good way to deactivate the tags inside of cD Cases. Manufacturers put them there are you dont know where they are in the case. How can you deactivate it!!!! PLEASE does anyone know how to deactivate it if you cant see it and don’t know where inside the case it is?

04/11/04 – Ben from wisconsin: we use sensormatic tags at the retail store that I work at and you can usually only deactivate them with magnets if they are placed correctly over the tag. I’ve experimented with this, and even sonsormatic had documentation about how to do it with a magnet at the tip of inktag remover guns.

03/26/04 – Robin from Washington, DC: How do you deactivate the strips? The newer black ones and the ones that they put inside CD cases (which you can peel off or even see)?

03/24/04 – Eric from arkansas: senso tags on clothes put a pocket magnet (like the ones used in autoshops)next to the tag will allow you to go through doors without setting the alarm off also a whole sheet of senso tags will not set the alarm off if you go through the doors > I work for walmart and get bored and try new things just for fun.I just try this with the tags .Wal-Mart sells nothing but made in china crap- what ever happened to made in America ? Buy American ? Corporate sellouts!

19 thoughts on “Security Tags

  • March 30, 2007 at 10:07 am

    Legally, if you beep on your way into a store, the store has no right to stop you if you beep on the way out.

    Now I have a question. About a year ago I bought a pleather jacket from Wal-Mart and two days ago I decided to go shopping wearing it. I set off the security alarms in 3 different stores because of it. The manufacturer must have but the security device inside the lining because I cannot find it any where on the jacket.

    Any ideas on how to deactivate it? Please I could really use some help on this one. I love the coat, but I hate feeling like a criminal when I walk out of the store and they stop me.

  • April 20, 2007 at 5:19 am

    Anything can be taken right out walmarts front door for between $0-$50. I do mean ANYTHING!!!!! The kicker, they will actually help you put it in your car.need help yourself?

  • November 13, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    I’ve actually stuck a few to the carts K-Mart and you should have seen the looks on the people’s faces.

  • November 26, 2007 at 10:01 pm

    Another way to have fun is to leave the little security stickers on the floor in the checkout lines. When people step on them they’ll set the alarm off when they leave . . .

  • February 4, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    I tried this before several times. They will only stop you if you bought something while stealing something else. Try buying something big and visible so when they go to check it they just stand there confused and probably let you go without further questioning then ruturn the item (if it was expensive) to another store at a later time. I visited over 25 times at different stores with the tags to trip the alarm. I also tried placing a tag on myself and walked suspiciously though walmart as if I was really stealing about 25 times without purchacing anything. I picked items up and walked away with them and put them down in an area where it might not be visible to the camera. I was wearing all black with a black winter hat and big dark aviator sun glasses. I got asked a few times but never searhed. I just told them it was my cell phone but it was really the tag setting off the alarm. I got away 25 times and even at the same store over again. That is how easy it is to steal from wally world. There was one time i ran from the store and the manager followed me out to the parking lot when I didn’t steal anything. He didn’t confront me to ask questions. He just wrote down the licence plate of the jeep with no doors on it that I got in and he walked back in the store. The jeep didn’t belong to me so I got out. I walked away secretly laughing with a grin.

  • April 1, 2008 at 5:21 am

    I have an “off the wall” question about Walmarts security…
    A week ago my daughter purchased a goldfish from Walmart. As she was paying for it, the cashier told her to hold the fish above the security towers in the door way as she was leaving… Does anyone know why?
    I am guessing it has to do with the radio frequency… but a neighbor insists it has something to do with the magetics involved. And now it is driving me crazy!
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

  • May 7, 2008 at 7:30 pm

    I just watched a little old lady greeter at WM stop a young woman who had set off the peeper but had made no purchases, empty her purse on the counter. I told her that she was breaking the law and told the young woman to sue them. I was asked to leave the store immed. The poor young woman complied. I am sad that her rights were taken away with no real evidence. Afterall, those alarms go off every five minutes here and I have never seen them actually find anyone guilty of theft. If someone actually took something the security cameras would catch it, then they would be within there rights to search.

  • June 16, 2008 at 12:27 am

    01/17/06 – ONE-HUNG-LOW from MIDWEST(WHITEBOY): Listen here PUNKS! You low life maggots make me sick! Why if ain’t was not for the middle class white man paying the bills you trailer trash scumb bags would starve. Steel you stickin’ boggies! To get your kicks. Better yet GET A JOB! I know most of you are too damn stupid because you had an excues while in GRADE school why you where dumb, however, If you tried really hard, you might be just lucky enough to wipe the mud, snow, and dog shit from my shoes as I walk my rich WHITE ass into Wal-Mart.

    This is for ONE-HUNG-LOW-whiteboy left back in January of 06. Doubt you’ll ever read it, but hey, it’s worth a try. So I was reading that comment and other people’s comments and well aren’t you all just precious POS’s. I am a WHITE upper middle class woman who lives in an $800,000 house. I have no job. I was fired because I a**hole of a boss got rid of me–I wouldn’t sleep with him. Yeah. Anyway, I haven’t been able to get a job,(like MANY people I know) and my money supply is low. So, I steal. Wal-mart being one of them. I didn’t want to resort to that, but it happens. Here is my reply to this piece of shi–gentleman who left the above comment. Ahem.
    I am NOT a punk, red-neck or a low life maggot. If you saw me in walmart, your eyes would probably fall out of your head and would have drool coming off your tongue that was hanging out of your mouth. Not being cocky or anything, but I get that reaction a lot. I am NOT a “trailer trash scum bag” sweetie, remember this. Not all people who steal are. And DO NOT f***ing yell at me to get a job. NOT appreciated. If you are so damn rich, give me one, eh?!? I am NOT stupid, I graduated from a $50,000 a year university. Don’t you even give me that. Lots of people are like this, so remember this as well. AND, what I love the very most about your brilliant-a*s comment, is why the HELL would YOUR precious self be going to WalMart anyway, hmm?? If you hate us “low lifes” so much, why hang there? Idiot. Yeah, I’m pissed, and I’m sure you pissed off a few others at the same time. SO, before you open your fat mouth again, how bout YOU use your “highly developed brain” and shut the hell up. Put your self in normal people’s shoes for once. Donate to food banks. Do SOMETHING insted of just sitting at home on your a*s writing hateful sh*t. Oh and by the way, the economy is what is making the prices at walmart go up, not us. Nice try. We go on and on about saving Darfour and so forth, yet walmart has thousands of people in sweatshops making all their ugly, cheap crap. It’s a shame. So, this comment is really for ALL of you who have some huge complex or whatever. It’s all a bunch of bullshi*. You hypocratical, holier-than-thou people just piss me off. Thank you.

  • November 8, 2008 at 10:41 am

    when a product cost 55 dollars to produce and cost 500 on the shelf there is no ammount of stealing that is going to result in higher prices. For YEARS companies like walmart have created an ILLUSION that margins are razor thin in order to justify inflation and create a morality issue out of theft. The truth of the matter is prices go up for one reason and one reason only: greed.

  • December 14, 2008 at 6:09 am

    i did this when i was america it was hilarious i also did the diplomatic immunity thing being english and it worked. LOL

  • March 9, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    The Masses stealing from those who steal from the masses. I really don’t see the problem. Retail “markup” is the ultimate theft. If it were worth that much, it would have cost that much. There is no Competition or Capitalism involved anymore. the Population is stripped of any means to do fir itself, so are left at the mercy of Gougers, Extortionists, and Pirates calling themselves “businesses.”

    Fuck em all. Fuck em for everything you can. No matter what you do to them, they deserve worse. There is no such thing as doing them too much harm. They should be drug through the streets behind garbage trucks until dead, every last one of them, then dump the garbage on their mangled, lifeless bodies and set loose the dogs!

    Genocide with money is no different than genocide with any other weapon. They are the greatest evil ever to walk the earth and should be made to suffer for it.

    • April 7, 2019 at 3:16 am

      Holy shit this is the first time I have every seen anyone come close to posting a comment that explains exactly how I feel

  • August 3, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Funny and sad. I hate walmart though. By the way,
    I saw a picture of you guys–and, well–look up fugly.

  • November 27, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    On one hand stealing isn’t the right thing to do and you wouldn’t want it to happen to you. Another hand, walmart makes employees who work for next to nothing do work off-hours and threaten to fire if they dont. Is that okay? Is it okay to close local business one after another because we cant compete with outsourced chinese laborors?

    I take so much from walmart its insane, more from Target, but still a lot from walmart. Unless theres a cop already in the store you can bet youll get away even if you set the alarm off. I was chased out once, ditched the stuff under a car, and nothing happened. Really, if you go back in the store after stealing its the ONLY chance of getting in real trouble. Also, alot of Target stores have doors on the side with the alarm sensors turned off, as TVs have to be wheeled out to the cars and it would set it off every time so they just turn the security sensor off. If you plan to take something, make your entire stay under a few minutes, as the cops won’t get there in time to do anything if called while youre ‘shopping’. My friend works at walmart and says it has only 1 person watching all cameras at all times, and doesnt even know what shes supposed to be looking for half the time. Never overestimate the security, its just someone getting underpaid who’d rather sit than get up and catch ‘bad guys’. Also, change what you wear drastically to throw off any image captures theyve recorded just as a precaution.

    I don’t think stealing is morally right, but Walmart is very immoral, and the CEO couldn’t care less about anyone who works for him or the local businesses hes closed. I’d gladly pay 25$ for razors at local businesses, but HELL no at walmart. I hope everyone in the world steals so much from walmart the CEO has to get a job at target and sees what its like for the employees. Its a self-sustaining machine thats taking over cities around the world with no possible end in sight. Whats next, buying cars at wal-mart? Get a physical checkup at wal-mart? How long before they displace every aspect of the economy and American life? I’m all for small business and everyone has the right to make a dollar, but walmart makes money by fucking over its employees (makes state pay for their employees health insurance, unpaid work etc) and by using chinese sweatshops to cut manufacturing costs. Fuck em, seriously. In fact im gonnna go steal as much as I can just to feel better.

  • June 10, 2011 at 12:27 am

    The small tag was used to produced by Sensormatic monopolily, however, 5 years ago the monopoly already broke by a Chinese company named Ningbo Sigantronic Technologies Ltd, NST already supplying the tags to all Walmart stores in China, and many many other stores world wide.

  • December 27, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Cool website. How did this post turn into talk of ways to shoplift on here. If you read the post it mentions about having fun with the security tags so that they’ll make the alarm go off everytime someone goes through the sensors.

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