PLA TV – Taco Bell Takeover

Taco Bell Takeover

Taco Bell Takeover After weeks of messing with the frequencies of a nearby Taco Bell, we decide to film ourselves messing with ourselves. Just so we could witness the employees reactions to the prank. RBCP and a neighbor of his drove to Taco Bell to place an order while RijilV and Is0tek stayed behind to mess with their order. RBCP’s DV camera is sitting on the dashboard and the manager doesn’t seem to notice it. Unfortunately the video of the guy at the window sucks and you can barely hear him. So we’ve subtitled what we can understand. The song on the beginning of the video is called Taco Bell Canon by the acapella group Michigan Amazin’ Blue. (c) 2003

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03/16/06 – c00l d00d from Hungary,Europe: Dudezz, you like, roxxor my soxxorz, for real.. Keep up the good work !!!!

01/30/06 – Evar from her computer seat: Why bother commenting on something if all you’re going to do is give it shit? Seriously, grow up. People like myself like things like this – it’s proof that not everyone lives with a ten foot pole super-glued up their anus. Nice work.

12/13/05 – Santa from North Pole: Thats some tight shit G

12/12/05 – Mike from Joliette: That was awesome. To closest i did was going to the drive-thru and ask for stuff they do have. After 5 items, i’ll say then fuck off i’m going to the restaurant in front.

12/02/05 – Cheeseburger from Burger King: LOL!!! That was SO funny!!!
12/01/05 – Big Dick from Deep In Uranus: When we did this, the clerk got all mad, so we abducted and murdered his stupid ass.
11/30/05 – Sycadelick from Ohio: That sounds like something I would do!!! Kudos for you!!!
11/28/05 – mcdonalds emloyees from : we are onto you and we will take no more shit you fuckin cock jocks
11/27/05 – Bob from Napperville, IL: Now, Im goning to have to do that.

11/27/05 – from Atlanta, GA: Ya’ll are a damn riot! Keep it up!

11/27/05 – Kandi from Atlanta, GA: Funny shit dudes!

11/26/05 – MAD from Australia: Yeh ok, now learn some vid techniques. All single CCD cameras have an audio setting that you can adjust so we could hear it better. Or if it is still bad try dubbing it. Subtitles are hard to pull off because different res changes the visibility of them on screen.

11/26/05 – Sora from El Paso: Omg u guys are like my role models this shit is fukin hilarius …..Do not ever stop! NEVER! not when ure 80! keep it up ..hell it might even be a advantage when ure 80 they wont “suspect” you..well yeah pretty kickass! E-mail me at………tell me if ure going to put more stuff on soon

11/26/05 – Jen from RI: That was pretty amazing. I wish I had friends……

11/02/05 – douche from bag: lolz!!!111 omg hax!!!111 roflcopter!

10/24/05 – LoePesci from Montreal: Your shit is halarious….. keep up the good work .. fuck mcdonalds..

09/10/05 – josh from canada: wow i guess its true that red necks dont have a sense of humor, look at all the people who didnt lfind it hilarious, even better was the McD’s drive thru signs

09/10/05 – [Raz_] from Australia: POOPIE!!! :O AWSOME VIDS ^-^

09/05/05 – wayne from waterloo: you guys should be proud to pioneer a whole new way to fuck with people! good work

08/16/05 – Robinovic from Canada: Oh, to be 40 again…. this is so much more mature than phone pranks.

08/06/05 – from thats the best ever. I am still lapughing while I write this.

08/06/05 – liqu _ ID* from why?: i loved it, ima give it atry i just quit working at mc donalds, lol

08/02/05 – Leno from Burbank, CA: nice work boys, keep up the good work work.

07/28/05 – xxx from xxx: that was so stupid…

07/21/05 – George Michaels from Public Bathroom: I like Jerry’s taco with my bean burrito

07/21/05 – Brandon from Uranus: I think they’re kind of hot.

07/20/05 – triangs from Faut: Thats nothing, im actually saddend by the lack of effort you guys put into this, when me and my friends did this, was 9 by the way, the age you should do this kind of juvenile stuff, we got a black lady really pissed off then topped it off with the “N word” omfg!!! she went ballistic, the cops came down and they were scanning for radio recievers and stuff for hours, you guys coulda done a lot better

02/04/05 – blah from blah: yeah the guys do look like real losers but its a funny prank

04/19/04 – school from school: hey fuck you GEORGE from BAJA!

03/30/04 – electrofried from Bakersfield, Ca: that was phreaking awsome what type of equpment is required to pull off that stunt


03/25/04 – DbT from MT: How can I get in touch with Skippy to hire him as a body guard?

02/11/04 – B.P. from LA : Twenty five years ago we installed a small speeker in a Jack in the Box, drive through Clown and almost caused some fights between customers and the employees.

02/11/04 – Hate toxic hell from Michigan: Taco Bell Canon? Where in the fuck did you find that? Put it up on WinMX so I can download…I see Amazin blue has upcoming concerts…i might have to see this in person…

02/11/04 – Fluffier Nutz from Michigan: What kind of radio? Vertex/Yaesu VX-7R. Look for one on eBay…or for specs…easy to modify! Enjoy!

02/08/04 – Fluffy Nuts from : What kind of radio did u use?

02/05/04 – max atom from chattanooga: I haven’t even watched the video but I’m getting a kick out of just how upset some of the people seem who have taken time to send comments!

02/04/04 – steve from NJ: what the hells wrong with those people at the bottom they have small wieners are mad cause they never would have tought of it. . . pricks

02/04/04 – Dan from Sacramento: Pretty funny shit

02/04/04 – Ken from PA: Wow God, the guy missed one letter. You are obviously the standard by which we are all judged. Get off of your own dick dude.


02/03/04 – God from The Top: Whatever douchebag spelled sophomoric “sophmoric” needs to die.

02/02/04 – steve from Ny: skippy is my hero

02/02/04 – bob from houston, tx: kick dick dude!

02/02/04 – Matt from Indy: That shit is great, i thought it was hularious.

02/02/04 – Drew from Lundquist, Tx: If you’re smart enough to go to friggin radio shack and buy the radio, you’re smart enough to figure out the freqs on your own. Don’t tell em shit.

02/02/04 – Tim from Spring, TX: Please share the frequency!

02/01/04 – Chalupa King from Florida: He who brings sorrow to my slaves of the chalupa shall die a thousand painful deaths! Dare no think poorly of the crunhy delight with fire sauce that satisfies the late-nite hunger beast!

01/29/04 – jesus christos from Washington DC: that was amazing, wtf is the frequency?

01/29/04 – Brian from NJ: I thought it was funny. I also thought they’re rather creative in how they did the video. Great job.

01/25/04 – Doc from Alton, TX: Good idea. Weak implementation.

01/25/04 – Dusty from everywhere: its a relatively good prank.

That is a pretty cool stunt!

But they’re they ones at the drive thru. Are they pranking themselves?? It would be better to take over the intercom when some stranger pulls up.

Now, if we could just get someone to take over the cooking…

Good idea. Weak implementation.

Although this was kinda funny, y’ever notice it’s always chubby, zitty faced virgins that pull off these pranks? Not that I’m putting down chubby, zitty faced virgins, it’s just that dudes that are actually getting some never have the time to pull off these pranks because they’re always too busy getting laid. Good pranks. POWER to the chubby, zitty faced virgins of the world !!!!

Wow, they must have been pretty technically advanced to videotape themselves with radio gear…

The dude in the car needs to learn to talk like a man. Little whiney voices irritate me.

Too funny, hopefully others will take this idea and abuse the hell out of it.

OLD. That shiat was funny when people were doing it like 10 years ago or more.

What a big f’n waste of time. Those kids were losers, and they’ve got nothing better to do than play tricks on themselves… I don’t know who’s dumber, them for putting it together, or me for sitting there and watching it.

It was mind-bending how lame that was. What a sad waste of potential.

It’s nice that they put their faces on the film. I wonder if the FCC will pay them a visit.

Was I the only one who didn’t really find this all that funny?

I think it’s pretty hilarious…

They’re not really tricking themselves, it’s the reactions of the manager that supplies most of the comedy. and come on, who didn’t love skippy – employee of the week?

sure it wasn’t amazing, but we’ve all seen a worse 5 minute period of motion and sound (network tv)

I don’t know what is worse…the fact that you did that or that I watched it.

What was funny was that they actually found it funny.
Otherwise it was monkey toss.

I can’t believe I just wasted my time watching that crap.

the moronic laughing spoils the video. so does the asshat at the end. i would have die laughing if he crashed into a cop car while he was peeling out of the drive-thru..

Ahhhh, yes. Using amateur radio gear to pull a prank. Not only a good way to have your licence yanked and your gear taken away but put into debt due to fines. It was a tad funny in a sophmoric sense.

They’re a couple of asshole dorks with nothing better to do than screw with some legitimate business because they don’t have what is takes to make it in the real world. Plus, it wasn’t even funny.

8 thoughts on “PLA TV – Taco Bell Takeover

  • February 21, 2007 at 12:58 am

    had a friend who worked at a place with wireless headsets when we used to play vampire the requiem(way back in high school) i wish the idea had come up to try this then,

    also of note: ELF does not work in the human box

  • November 29, 2007 at 4:14 am

    Haha! That’s great! That’s the Taco Bell my family eats at. Last time I was there, I saw the manager (can’t remember his real name, though). Laughed my ass off the whole time; my grandparents thought I was nuts.

    Is there a place I can download this video (as opposed to just streaming it)?

  • March 27, 2008 at 8:19 am

    well I’ve been atempting this little prank, because I work at tacobell and I would like free food. Problem is I can’t for the life of me find that damn 6.5536mhz crystal. I’ve taken apart 2 brand new toasters a curling iron and a blow dryer. Help!!!

  • October 15, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    that was one of the best pranks ive ever seen u guys are awesome, i laughed the whole time

  • November 16, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    Definately better than most pranks I have seen. I was laughing most, if not the all, the way through.

  • December 10, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    BEST INTRO EVER XD… You guys never seize to make me laugh my but off.

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