PLA TV – Prank Calls With RBCP

Prank Calls with RBCP

This is an old video from 1996 of RedBoxChiliPepper making a few prank calls. Some of the prank calls you’ve heard before because they were on the original PLA prank call CDs. You’ll hear RBCP try and put a new roof on Mildred’s house, a prank call to the legendary OCI phone company and a prank to El Jefe. So also get to see a little old-school diverting and watch as RBCP refers to his massive list of stolen Mastercard numbers to make free calls.


watch it on YouTube video
Windows Media 100k –thanks LaVarious at

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03/02/06 – Ghostman from Louisville: It’s maniac, right?
Reply from webmaster: Not even close. The song is called “Obscene Phone Caller” by Rockwell. The same artist that did the song “Somebody’s Watching Me”

08/11/05 – neofox87 from over there: lol that’s hilarious! BTW, what’s the name of that song playing during the logo?

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