PLA TV – Miscellaneous Clips

Miscellaneous PLA TV Clips

Here’s just a bunch of random clips from the PLA TV crew.

Little Caesars Pay Phone RBCP and EvilCal are sitting in a parking lot and decide to phone up a pay phone in front of them. This clip is funny, but not.

Windows Media

Doc Richardson, Texas Lawyer EvilCal does a commercial for his new freelance lawyer business.

RealPlayer 855k

#Quiltchat: The Motion Picture As a diehard PLA fan you might remember a channel on dalnet called #quiltchat. To this day they’re still protective of their channel, fearing the PLA may return. Try this – go into dalnet’s #quiltchat and type PLA. You got kicked, right? This video was put together by RBCP and it’s mostly just still shots of the #quiltchat ladies mixed in with bad music and random porno pics. To visit the real quiltchat site, click here or here. (c) 1997

RealPlayer 581k

Nekid Amy This was created using the FLI animation file that Quinbus Flestrin made back in ’95. It’s been enhanced with a little music and Nekid Amy pics. (c) 1997

RealPlayer 178k

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