PLA TV – Here Comes Cal

Here Comes Cal!

This series of videos details Cal’s world travels and all the wacky adventures he has along the way.

Episode #1 – Do You Like Paper??

RBCP and Cal attend the 2003 holloween parade in Alton, IL and Cal attemps to hand out flyers to everyone, advertising A more detailed story about this event can be found by clicking here.

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Episode #2 – Project Akon

Cal interviews a couple of losers…

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03/07/06 – dorko from yarr: meh

12/11/05 – Jordan from Iowa: *Kneels down *Praises Great!


08/11/05 – neofox87 from furtopia: FUCKNG HILLARIOUS. Good job, Cal!

08/04/05 – pudge187 from arboles : cal that was funny as hell

07/02/05 – Todd from Albuquerque: This is the funniest shit I have ever seen You guys are Fucking awesome!!!!!

06/23/05 – Anthony from CowTownUSA: The paper thing was soo funny I actually hurt my throat while laughing! I hated the second one! Sorry Cal

05/24/05 – jammie from NYC: Ack! I’m a Cal Pal on that first one. My guest PLA TV spot and no one told me :)

01/30/05 – LIA from UK: I like the paper one. I’m going to do that get a little group of my cool mates and make a site…. I LOVE PAPER!

11/06/04 – Get me out from your ass! I say: OMG#$#$!!! I HAXORD THIS TING#%@$@$!!!!!!

01/30/04 – pfelon from CA: I love paper!

01/28/04 – from ms: i like pla

01/21/04 – Doc from : Cal is funny. RBCP is funny. I’m funny. It’s all good.

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