Tannest’s letter to RBCP

From: Samantha Stack
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Organization: BendNet
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To: bueno@midwest.net
Subject: for your records

*You* should learn to spell Dr. Seuss, you owe that
to your imbecile child. I see you consistently misspell
it through out your lame assed page.

You’re so lame. I make 36K a year. Add to your profile
of me that I make 36,000 a year it’s fact.

One thought on “Tannest’s letter to RBCP

  • May 23, 2014 at 2:00 am

    God, she really has been an evil person her whole life. Who is as dark and nasty as someone who would call a child a name? SCUMANTHA DAHL SAMANTHA DAHL IS EVIL

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