Tannest’s letter to ISPNet

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 16:12:29 -0700
From: David Capurro
To: root@ISPNET.COM, root@ispnet.com
Cc: postmaster@SWBELL.NET, dnsadmin@SWBELL.NET, efnelson@SWBELL.NET
Subject: Re: www.phoneloser.org

[rs.internic.net] (bunch of internic stuff deleted..)

Hi, my name is David Capurro. I am speaking on the behalf of Samantha
Stack. The following page:


should be removed immediately. it is slanderous, rude, immoral, and
slander is against the law. it appears that rbcp is stalking samantha,
and having all of his goons harass her at work, home, her childrens
schools, etc… what he is doing is repulsive.

Just letting you know that I am dead serious about having this removed
imediately. rbcp is breaking the law, and he is slandering Samantha.
if this and/or any other slanderous info regarding Samantha is still up
in 48 hours, I plan on writing a letter to the people that provide you
with nameservice and if that doesnt work, I will contact the people that
provide THEM with nameservice, and so on and so on and so on… I have
nothing against you guys, and I am sure you are good people, but I WILL
NOT stop until the slanderous info is removed.

Please make it clear to rbcp that he can lose his internet access and
nameservice, and he will if that garbage isnt taken down, I will see to

Thank you,
David Capurro

—————-r00t’s reply:————-

Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 13:08:29 -0600 (CST)
From: root
To: David Capurro
Subject: Re: www.phoneloser.org

What a user does with his or her web space is their business. I recieved
your [answering machine] message, but you were cut off before leaving a
phone number to return your message. I was therefore unable to call you.

Normally, under these circumstances, I would ask the user to modify the
page. You, on the other hand, opted to threaten me and my company. This
is not the way to do business young man. Therefore I shall take no action
as I am not legally bound to do so. In the future if you have a problem
with one of my customers web sites I would suggest that you handle it with
a simple polite request.

I wish you and your friend well. We have nothing more to discuss.


One thought on “Tannest’s letter to ISPNet

  • May 23, 2014 at 1:01 am

    samantha dahl is a slanderous bitch who steam rolls through people’s life without care. She is a geriatric loser. She is dishonest and manipulative. She is a horrible mother. Her husband was a heroin junkie. She smokes pot non stop every single day. She brings nothing good to society,. She has slandered me and my son only because she is so jealous of my son and his father and she was SOOOO jealous of me. She could have been a cool person once a long, long time ago. But she is not. In two short years she managed to drive a HUGE wedge between my beautiful son and his once loving father, she has managed to alienate my exhusband from all his friends and she can’t hold a job for longer than three months. She is horribly ugly too. Gross. I knew she was rotten. She always will be. SCUMANTHA IS A GROSS OLD HAG WHO NEEDS A DOSE OF HER OWN.

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