Tannest’s IRC chat with LogicBox

Tannest’s name was originally “GOATFACE” in this log for some reason,
but I changed it to Tannest to avoid confusion. – rbcp

Session Start: Wed May 07 13:14:13 1997
who be yew?
I figured you’d be on here
sorry, I thought you were someone else because of the jim@ thing
I of course am banned from your little #loverock channel
so are you now officially a full time EFnetter?
Why doesn’t your girlfriend just come to DALnet?
dammit… look… if there is anyone on earth that I would consider my
girlfriend, it’s you
OH ya right
you know that
you really act like it Ryan
what do you mean?
Your actions have been downright sneaky lately
I have told you everything I did
Okay Mr. Innocent and Sweet and everything nice, for once you
can’t act like the martyred one Ryan
You are the one in the wrong here and you are the reason for all of
this is making no sense to me
what did I do?
and BTW this http://www.penguinpalace.com/ sucks
That’s a crappy, ugly page
ok.. now, what did I do?
Listen pal
You have hurt me really bad over this
Big time
over WHAT?
all of this
you are not a loyal person
all of what??
how am I being disloyal?
I have just had it
you aren’t even giving me any reasons as to why I’m ‘disloyal’ or
so how am I supposed to understand it?
I hope you can get over your racial prejudices so you can be truly
happy with your new girlfriend
why are you getting so nuts just because I met pinguino? I didn’t flip
out and go nuts when you started talking to Nat, did I?
That’s a completely different thing
I would never like Nat
how is it different? I would never get involved with pinguino either
you already are
how so?
you just completely have ignored me and abandoned our project
over this stupid zine thing
I have not
I haven’t even started the zine yet
and besides, I am not the only one involved with that–kcochran and
Darkcactus are too, just as much as me
Like I care what those two freaks do?
I didn’t say that you did, I was only making a point
well, we have nothing left to say to one another
please send me the stuff for my page
and I will find someone else to make it
I am no more involved with pinguino than you are with Nat or Zach or
anyone else
well, to be honest that’s a little much for me
I am not that easy going I guess
I admit I can’t deal with a lot of stuff being involved with you
do you not trust me? do you think I’m going to forsake a year’s worth
of friendship for someone I met two months ago?
I’m pretty selfish I guess
and I admit I have a real jealousy problem
So anyway
This just gets worse and worse
and it’s really hurting me
I dont want to do it anymore
everybody gets jealous… but geez, you have to learn how to deal with
I got semi-freaked about the Nat thing at first, then I forgot about it
completely after you promised me you wouldn’t like date him
It’s amazing how you just keep adding more and more people into
this problem, and of course they are all EFnet people
because I trust you
I would never date Nat if my life depended on it
so what if I like some of the efnet people? not all of them are psychos
most of them just idle
and he knows is too
the only ones you have had really bad experiences with are el_jefe
and Apok0lyps
Well since I banned from the channel always what kind of example
is that
you are just not a loyal person
and you are friends with scums that are subhuman
and even el_jefe really isn’t that bad if you get to know him, he is an
asshole sometimes, yes, but only to people he doesn’t know
whatever Ryan
even rbcp likes el_jefe… and rbcp is one of the more moral people I
I am beginning to wonder about you, ya know?
Can you just send me the files for my page?
you don’t want me to make it?
why not?
I can find someone to make it
I think that penguin Palace page is ugly
I want like a page that looks prefessional
Sam, I have spent hours upon hours trying to embed in your mind just
how important you are
do you think I’m not serious or something?
At this point it doesn’t matter
Penguin Palace would have nothing to do with your page–you know I
can make professional pages because you’ve seen my HTML skills
you are just a kid, that belongs to a online gang
I am tired of it and no longer get any good feelings out of it
Why the hell continue with something that no longer makes you
I don’t understand why I don’t make you happy
I try so hard
No, you try hard to whine that you do while all along you are
hanging out with creeps from EFnet
I am not always on efnet
usually late at night after everybody is gone off dalnet
when you and pengy and just chat and socialize?
what is this pengy thing?
can’t you understand that she is just my friend??
Okay, let me explain one last thing to you. A lesson in life for
future reference
No one would allow their boyfriend to act like you do
and how do I act?
You act like you are just enthralled with “pengy”
is any of this even getting through to you? SHE IS JUST MY FRIEND
and now they all think it’s just funnier than hell and I am
embarrassed and that’s just it
just because I talk to a girl or something doesn’t automatically mean
I’m in love with her
I wont be made a fool of
and another thing
that logo she made sucked
But I didn’t want to hurt your feelings
you thought it was cool a few days ago
I hate that font and it looks like something for a boy
You can ask Scarlett
we both thought it sucked but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings
it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings–it wasn’t my logo
But your idol made it
Sam, are you even paying attention to me?
a person I know on IRC
like W1reHead or rbcp
just a person I know
Then there would have been a real problem here anyway
why do you think I’m lying?
I cant deal with anyone I am interested in hasving friends that are
girls, let alone “kicking” with them for days
Well, that doesn’t work for me
see. you thought you knew me so well
I told you before, I would have gone to meet ANY of my friends off
IRC if they would’ve visited
you are not even listening to me
I am going to go lay in the sun
Have fun with pengy
you aren’t listening to me either
I do not understand your logic
or that sardonic smile
My logic is very simple
no it isn’t
I dont like your hanging out with Pengy
ON EFnet or in real life
Got it?
Is that hard to understand?
what if I said that to you about one of your friends?
well, since I dont hang out with anyone it wouldnt apply here
but what if?
what would you do?
But that is going to change as soon as I move in with nat
well, at this point we have made out decisions
I am hopefully going to find someone to date and hang out with
That’s my hope and plan
did I ever say hanging out with people would be bad?
I’ve encouraged it
If you and I had continued our relationship then that would have
been something we could have talked about
I don’t mind if you have other friends besides me, geez
that’s really great
what if it would have been, say, rbcp and Colleen who would have
would you have objected to me hanging out with them?
well since they are amrried I would look at that differently
There’s no point in further conversation about this
why? do you think I’m going to go get involved with someone else
behind your back?
I have never lied to you
nothing is going to change
and I never would
you know I am not the type to go get into relationships
I don’t do it a lot
at this point the way I see it you have already
if you see it that way then you are wrong
why don’t you believe what I am telling you?
well I am going now
whatever Ryam, you kow?
why don’t you believe what I am telling you?
you act so sweet and innocent when in reality you are a sneak and
a martyr
how can you sit there and call me that?
send me those icons and stuff
when you know it is not true
I have never lied to you
oh like when you talked about going to the comic thing
did you mention pengy vefore you went?
yeah, ask anybody in the channel
I did too
when you went to that college and then to her house
I told the channel several times
not to me you didnt
you think this has been funny to make me so jealous and hurt me?
I didn’t know at the time what I would be doing after the comic thing
well, what goes around comes around
no, I don’t think it is funny
and I am not trying to hurt you
so are you staying off Dalnet now?
yu may want to
actually you probably wont care anyway
about what?
will you on irc later?
or will you be “kicking” it?
I am always on IRC
woa!! Go 4 it dino! hehe
is there a DALnet #rock and a EFnet #rock???
One for heterosexuals and one for homosexuals
We are the straight group
oh. el_jefe always kicks me out on EFnet….
EFnet is promarily gay rights activists
all this time on the phone I’ve spent with you… all the plans I’ve
made… all the stuff I’ve done… doesn’ty any of it mean anything to you?
Yes, el_jefe is one of the more vocal gays
Don’t forget they also advocate bestiality (Remember
If your nick doesn’t have secret homosexual
meanings you will be kicked
that was a sick FAQ!!!
Yes, they are sexual deviants and potential serial
killers there on EFnet #rock
*** DrTHVaDeR (rickets@gcentral.com) has joined #rock
*** S_P (JunieLuvr@prince.en.net) has joined #rock
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o S_P
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DrTHVaDeR
There are also a few bisexual, drug crazed females
on that channel
Do you want me to reimburse you your phone bills Ryan?
would that make you feel better?
uhhh no
doesn’t any of it mean ANYTHING to you????
you guys dont like el_jefe or RBCP???
RBCP is cool
rbcp is okay but el_jefe I’d like to see hung
hey sp
Why not?
It means you were a bored little kid that got off on talking to me
you can’t tell me you honestly think that
I know you love(d) me
and you KNOW I love you
Now you have more fun “kicking” it
I understand though
WTF? You’re mad because I did something besides IRC for a few
Real life is a lot more fun that the freaking phone and irc
just because I left my house doesn’t mean I don’t like you
No actually, Like I said before
I always wanted it to be this way
Fuck you
I am going now
Have fun
always wanted it to be what way? living on IRC?
donut be s4d
I just told you a month ago yu should get a real girlfriend, do
stuff, date that kind of stuff
I really am glad
I am hurt right now but I am a quick recovery
what the hell are you talking about? PENGUINO IS NOT MY
do me a favor… tell me EXACTLY what you are thinking right now
el_jefe is cool
They’re both cool
guess what
el_jefe sucks
#deaf is scared of the PLA…. I typed “PLA” in, and
We just like to make fun of jefe. :=)
I got disconnected when my GOAWAYPLA WAV ZIP Was at
90 percent
I despise him myself
Seeing his picture took 10 years off my life
heh you still got it?
skools out
Anyone still have Jefe’s pic still? I just fel like dyin
its on PLA Publicity Photos
what addr?
you should know
You guys are cool… DALnet #rock harassess people, or
just kicks them…
I would not recommend viewing his pic
They also call girls terrible gross things
el_jefe pissed me off
I think el_jefe is missing chromosones
I hate el_jefe
with a vengeance
i don’t
i don’t
I think he and LogicBox are now gay together
* S_P notes that that gives him a bad picture in his head
ot involved in some sort of bizzarre threesome with
some other EFnet regulars
LogicBox is acting like a bitch too….
LB is always cool..
don’t trip Dino.. he’s just like thaty
Dino_Jr> he banned my ass for no reason at all!
oh well
They are all gay
he does that if he doesn’t know you
im going to smoke my bong
I got kicked like a motherfucker when I first came here
Well, SP< I don't hate you because you like el_jefe but I question your sanity. Session Close: Wed May 07 14:13:28 1997 Session Start: Wed May 07 14:44:09 1997 DCC Chat session - Client: GOATFACE ( - Acknowledging chat request... DCC Chat connection established - uh, I’m doing everything I normally do
what’s with this pengy hangup?
Nothing, just something to rage at you about
but why?
because you hurt my feelings and I am pissed and now I want you
to be miserable
Is that hard to understand?
how did I hurt your feelings?
I am not trying to hurt you
POint is you already did Mr. Goody Two Shoes
but I did not mean to
and why would you want me to be miserable? are you trying to get
revenge on me or something?
I would never do that to you
That is exactly what I am going to try to do
Because it’s fun
I thought you cared about me
I do not thrive on hate
I would not do anything to hurt you no matter what
I care about you like I care about EFnet’s #rock
and now you’re going to turn on me?
Aren’t you glad I never kept your phone number now?
you’re telling me that you would actually go and give my info out to
I was actually joking about that part
That’s way too much of a “moral” PLA type thing to do
But I can imagine what you and your “moral” PLA friends will do
with mine soon enough
you think I would do that to you?
I do not harass without reason
and there is no way I could bing myself to do that to you–ever
bing == bring
Wanna make a bet on it Ryan?
I do not want to fight with you
Oh I know, you are protected from me on EFnet
I can’t get into your little “love nest”
But I plan on making your time on DALnet sheer Hell
how and why?
1. By any way I can
2. Because you have hurt my feelings and now I just want to make
you miserable
how did I hurt your feelings?
if I hurt your feelings, then I want to help make you feel better
Does that make sense?
you think my feelings aren’t hurt too?
I am too lazy to do it today but I am going to take over your
pathetic channel on DALnet
It will be the new Ramsey Board
where’d you go netsexing pengy or somrthing
Or el_jefe?
I can’t believe you are being like this
-> -el_jefe- I hear you and LogicBox are gay!!!
And I am even going to try and make friends with Joe again
Just for spite
#rock can’t join channel (you’re banned!)
Some friend you are Ryan
you are not banned on dalnet
Hanging out with your creepy friends in a channel I am banned
That’s a real great friend
You suck so bad
I actually despise you
you are a wimp!
why’s that?
You suck and are a bastard for hanging out on EFnet
You are so sickeningly a follower
It is sick!!!!
so what if I hang out on efnet??? what’s wrong with it??
You are so stupid
You expecred me to stay friends with you when you hang there?
after all that they said to me and the fact I am always banned?
why would you care where I hung out?
I really hate you Ryan
they only said that stuff to you because they don’t know you, they do
it to everybody
YOu fucking asshole
I hate you
I hate you worse than Joe
I hate you
I hate you
I hate and despise you
You little fucking creep
are you even listening to yourself?
I hate you
Some day you will regret this
Very much
regret WHAT? I haven’t done anything
You absolutely threw away our friendship
I hate you so bad Ryan
I swear I will get you back for this
how did I throw away our friendship?
I’m the one who’s trying to keep us together right now
Oh, by cowering on EFnet?
why are you blaming all this on efnet?
am I not allowed to go here or something?
Why would you want to if you had cared about me?
You are a fucking traitor
Just a bastard
a coward
and a baby
it’s just an IRC network, Sam
it isn’t real
FUck you
pengy wasn’t real?
I told you she is just my friend
Fuck you baby
I hate you and all of your friends
And I swear Ryan
You may think I am a dumby
But I am not
and I will get revenge
you little wimp
you are nothing but a little coward
that is twisted, Sam…
now I am banned from DALNet rock
getting revenge ona FRIEND?
what a shame
You are not my friend
I unbanned you
when you chose to hang out with those people you ruined our
that was the final straw
There’s not a chance of any salvaging of this friendship
you are twisted and stupid
YOU’RE twisted, talking about getting revenge on ME, someone who
cares about you more than anything
I would NEVER do anything to harm you
You better phear me from now on
I am going to make your life a hell
your little buddies have to protect you from the big bad witch
you little pansy
you are a faggot
I finally figured it out
Session Close: Wed May 07 15:19:01 1997

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