Weird Phone Stories

PLA's Story Hour

Often you read about someone having a really bizzare experience with the telephone such as strange rings, recordings, people being patched into your line for no reason, just really strange things. On this page you can share any experiences you’ve had or know about. All I ask is that they be true stories.

There was this one time, when I was having supper, and the phone
rang. It was from a guy, and he asked me if I was happy with my long
distance service provider. I almost dropped the phone, and my face
went white. My wife asked me who was on the phone, and I told her.
She gasped. Because, in fact, we WEREN”T HAPPY WITH OUR PHONE COMPANY!!
“Oh my God, how did he know? How did he know?” she kept saying. She
was shaking.

The voice on the phone was male, and he seemed nice, but I was too
shaken up to talk to him. I made polite chit chat and hung up,
spent and exhausted from the experience.
I don’t know what phone company he worked for — I never wrote down
the details — but I’m sure I’ll get something in the mail that has
all the information, that will tell me which phone company I should
switch to.

This sort of stuff used to really freak me out, but then I just
learned to be at peace and accept it. It’s God’s will. -mookiedood

Back in 1983, I worked for the University of Denver (an excursion in itself), and started getting calls with people asking to order a pizza. Well, I was getting pretty pissed for a while, then figured… why not help them out (sort of). I began taking orders, asking if they wanted extra cheese, or anchovies (always mention anchovies – really pisses people off) and what kind of crust, etc. Of course, they’d show up to pick up the pizza, and it wasn’t there. After about 2 weeks of this, I didn’t get calls anymore… they must have changed their number (or gone out of business). -TeeCee

I began getting “hangup” calls – knowing some less-than-honorable people in the neighborhood, I figured I was being cased for a rob-hit. That Christmas, when I went back home to visit my Mom, I keyed up “Call Forwarding”, and then called the State Patrol number. For the next week, everybody who called my house got the State Patrol (what a hoot!). They couldn’t trace it, apparently. When I got home, I killed the call-forwarding, but never got another hang-up call. -TeeCee

One night about 12 or 13 years ago, I took my phone off of the hook before I went to sleep because I had just moved into an apartment and my new number previously belonged to a very popular night owl…In other words, I was getting alot of calls late at night for some chick. At any rate, the phone did the usual series of stutters and beeps before dying off, and I went to sleep. Late, late that night, or early that morning, I awoke to what sounded like a dog howling outside in several different tones. I paid it no real mind until I noticed that it wasn’t stopping for breath. I woke a little more, and realized that it was coming from the house – very creepy. Upon investigation, I realized it was coming from the handset – I cannot begin to describe the sound that was coming out of the phone – like someone wailing and moaning softly, but like I said, continuosly, so I knew it wasn’t human. I picked up the receiver and asked if anyone was ! there, but it just kept going. I hung up and picked back up – still moaning – I hung up a couple of more times, and it finally went back to dialtone. This is not a BS story – it really happened, and to this day, I have no idea what it was. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? -Sir Chan destroy

Me and couple of my friends used to get really bored, so we would just walk around town all day to different pay phones and dial 1-800 numbers. Most of them were just boring stuff, but then we found this one that was really odd. For some reason this one 1-800 number went to some guys house in texas. This guy had no idea how the hell we were getting him since obviously his home did not have 1-800 number. But he was such a freak we just had to call him, all the time. He claimed his name was Fork, and he always sounded completly stoned, which was hilarious to us. After calling him for about a month or so every other day consistently, the phone number switched to someone else’s house. These weirdos never answered their phone so we just left them tweeked messages in German and French on their answering machine for two months straight. Then one day the crazy lady who lives there answered the phone, and started screaming about the messages we left and saying that the phone was being traced by the police and bla bla bla and that we were going to be arrested and all that. So we called her for a while longer and then the number switched again to some Australian guy, at least he sounded like it, but all he ever said when he answered the phone was, “I lost me phreaks”, which made no sense but that is all he would say. You could ask this guy anything, what his name was, where he lived, anything, and all he would say is, I lost me phreaks. After a while of that the number switched again to various people, but they were boring and only hung up on us. -nyphredil- ‘mac, Oregon

When I was just a kid, probably around 1955, my mother phoned “time” to set her clock. She thought it unusual that the phone kept ringing and ringing when normally the recorded time was announced quite quickly but she just held on for a while. Then suddenly a rather gruff male voice said “It’s 3:15, you son-of-a-bitch!” Obviously circuits had gotten fouled up and this man was being asked for the time over and over and over. -Whitson/Colony

I picked up the phone and dialed the number of a friend, and it was the exact right alignment of planets and karma or something, because somebody picked up the phone before it had a chance to ring on either end. Their intent was to *use* the phone…realizing this in two heartbeats, I said nothing. This was not an opportunity that could be conjured on command, I was not going to miss out. I continued to listen, barely breathing, as they messed with the receiver and tried to hang the phone up. I didn’t know my friend’s dad to well. I hadn’t spoken to him but I got an earful of him swearing into the phone trying to figure out what was wrong with it. They finally hung it up and left it. It was only then that I put the phone
back and decided to call back another time.

One evening I was relaxing with a cold beer when the phone rang… I picked it up and answered it, when this old lady asks if this was the Doctors Office, I told her she must have dialed the wrong number and she hung up.

Not more than 2 minutes later its the same lady who is now insisting that she dialed her Doctors Office and was sure of it, I got pissed and hung up on her. Now this happens again with a totally different person who is again asking if this is the Doctors Office, I told this old fart to piss off and hung up on him, but same thing as the old lady and he calls back saying he dialed the Doctors Office and wanted to complain about my attitude, it finally dawned on me what was going on … someone in the office had forwarded the Dr.’s calls to me and not the answering service.

Needles to say I had an entertaining evening by giving some weird answers to some weirder questions from some of his patients…ranging from what to do with a boil to if they should come in for a case of the runs. This happened again a few weeks later and I had friends take turns “play doctor,” quite fun. I did tape some of the calls but not sure what to do with the tape … maybe PLA will post them for you to enjoy.

This is really really interesting. I called my friend on a cordless phone and his voice sounded faint. I could barely hear him so I picked up a non-cordless phone while the cordless is still on. After we talked I hand up the non-cordless phone. I saw the cordless that was still on and I heard voices from the phone. I put it up to my ear and I could hear a guy and a lady arguing on the phone. The guy said something like, “Come on give it back.” or something. My friend must of done something weird so I hung up and called him back. He said he heard it too.

Here is a little something interesting that I found on an old Motorola Profile 300 phone. As I am sure everyone knows this is a pretty damn old phone (for me at least). Now keep in mind that it does not have service so it cannot be used to dial peoples phone numbers, bla bla bla. Well good old Motorola gives you free calls even on a serviceless phone to their customer service center. So I type in the usual *611 on the keypad hoping to annoy the hell out of one of their 24 hour support people. All of the service people claim to be “busy”, so I am on hold listening to their crappy elevator like
music when I notice something. I hear a little bit of static when I move my head and then some very faint voices. Thinking that it is the old phone not working I pick up some extra wire I have lying on the floor and make a extention to the antenna. I tilt my head again and hear someone talking about a trip to Singapore. At first I thought that the service person
might have accidently lifted the reciver off of the phone. I keep listening for about five minutes and then hang up. I try the number again, and again get put on hold (of course). I try the exact same thing again. This time I get a person yelling about a flight being canceled. Well it turns out that this works every single time I try it. The only downside to this is that I can only hear the person talking on the cell phone. Also, since mine is not connected with theirs I cannot speak to them (anyone with an IQ of 0.5 should know why). Anyways, I would encourege people to try this themselves on newer phones and let me know if it works at

Ok so I was calling my friend Greg using the switch hook and he lives in the New Hampshire 924 exchange in Peterborough. My dad kept talking to me right when i was dialing the 2 and i hung up for a minute to see what he was bugging me about. The phone rang and there was a guy on the other line and hes like, “Hello this is 911 is there an emergency because our tracing system got your phone number” and i am like no and hes like well i need your address and im like ** laurel ***** greenville nh and hes like and your last name im like ***jengren and hes like thank you then we hang up i guess when i was dialing the two i spaced it out too much and rang 911 instead. and 10 minutes later a greenville cop pulls up and starts blabbing about how people have it on their speed dial and stuff. -DJ LILJENGREN GREENVILLE NH

At home I have this old black and white tv that I watch while I’m working at my desk. Now a couple months ago I started having problem with the reception while I was watching UHF channels. Trying to straighten out the picture one day I noticed the sound of a dial tone, then a phone conversation. Apparently the person’s cordless phone is working at the same frequency as my TV. I’m hearing all these conversations and it’s like, “Do you realize that I can hear everything because your damn phone is messing with my TV?” I don’t know whose phone it is. It might be someone in my apartment building. I sometimes wish I could do something, like break into the conversation and tell them what is going on but I can’t. I just think it’s weird that I can hear someone’s telephone conversation on my TV. The least these people could do is talk about something interesting! -David Telles

I moved in May 2001 to an apartment in downtown Macon, GA. A week before the move, I arranged to have all utilities
including phone service turned on before I moved in. Well, Bellsouth jumped the gun and turned the phone off at my old place a week before I moved. It took a whole weekend of repeated calls to have service re-established. Since I had my sister and her son living with me, we needed a phone in the house. Once that was corrected, I moved as scheduled and the phone service was transferred correctly.

A few days after moving in, I began having another problem with my service. Every other day, I would come home from work and find that I had no dial tone. The first 2 times this happened, I went to a payphone and reported it to Bellsouth. The operator would run a test on the line and tell me that it showed no problems. I would return home to find that I then had a dialtone. After the third incident, I simply would go to the payphone and call my number and go back home and the dial tone was back. The next time it happened, I scheduled for a technician to come out. On my way home from work, Bellsouth did some kind of automatic line test and left a message on my voice mail telling me that no problems were found. What that message didn’t tell me was that they cancelled the appointment so I wasted a day off work. Soon after that, the outages changed from every other day to every other night so I would wake in the morning and have to go to the payphone to call my number so I could go online before work.

The pattern so far is approximately 1 week of going out mid-day, then approximately 1 week of night-time outages. Last Monday, I came home to find it out again. I knew it would be out so I had brought my multimeter home. The phone box on the side of the apartment house is the old kind with two terminals for each resident’s line, not the Telephone Network Interface. All 4 of the other apartments had 50-51 volts on the line when I hooked up to the 2 terminals for each. Mine read zero volts. When I went and called my number and came back home, it now showed 50 volts. I called to report this and told the operator what I had done. She told me that they would hold the repair ticket open this time and send someone out the next day. A few minutes after the call, my phone rang one time. Caller ID showed the call came from Bellsouth.

This morning, right on schedule, the dialtone went away within 15 minutes of my hanging up from a phone call. So I went to report it and told the operator that there should be an open ticket for me. She said that there were no open repair orders but promised that someone would be out Tuesday when according to my record, the next outage would occur. So I am now waiting for Tuesday. I have contacted the previous resident of this apartment who moved out only a week before I moved in and he said that he had never had a problem with his phone here. I tried buying a new phone and that didn’t help.

Ok, so I got this new line hooked up, and had been using it for like 2 months. I had been doing some long distance bbs calls from it, because it’s my computer line. My mom calls me and tells me that this guy named Hanson called her and said thet her number was on his phone bill. I was like oh crap what did I do. But then they called the data line and I answered. The guy was like all mad thinking I was screwing him, but I actually didn’t do anything. The stupid phone company never switched the billing address or aomething so they billed that guy! HAHAHAH It turned out that he had the number before me. I never got billed for the long distance BBS calls. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHH., New Jersey

Yo me and Nocturnus went to the mall one day so we started fuckin wif de fones near the bathrooms, and we had gotten real high before this incident… well i started gettin hungry duh, and started gettin pissed because he was fuckin around with the fone to much, so i started hittin (pounding actually) the + volume button on the SWBell phone, i hit it probably around 20 times, then all of a sudden my ass gets knocked down by the electric shock dealt by the fone. my friend is still standing but dazed and his call got disconnected, damn the was fucked up!!! So we go up to the security guard, and tell him about it and of course we were reeking, so hes all lookin at us very strangely, and we try to convince him that the fone shocked us and could possibly kill a little kid!!! He finally told us hed check it out and we went and ate and then went to the arcade until we wernt high, Beaumont, Texas>

Hey. Here’s my weird and somewhat annoying phone story: When my girlfriend stands in a certain place in her room while on the phone, we can both hear the local AM station in the backgroud. It’s pretty faint, but still intelligible. By the way, neither of us use a cordless, so it’s pretty North Carolina

i was exchange scanning my school block of # (509-573-26xx) and i found just 1 carrier. i tried to use a terminal and get into it, but all it says is a bunch of shit and then it disconnects me. so the last time i tried to call it, i got a busy signal, and i was like what the fuck, so i tried it again, and it was the fuckin vice principal who answered it!! i yelled in his ear about facism until he hung up and then when i called again after i had a smoke, it was the carrier again! wierd, about every 5 calls i will get him on the line. -aCeToNe

Right then. I live in 503 (Portland, Oregon), and Last year, my grandpa gave me his old police scanner, since the local gestapo switched to that bullshit 900 mHz system that you can’t listen to without both: A) a 900 mHz scanner, and B) a little chip in it so you can stay on the same conversation (they switch every five seconds). He said I could have it since he couldn’t listen to the cops anymore. So I gets it, and immediately realize that I can pick up portable fones with it. So, I’m scanning, not getting anything, and LO! The first one I pick up is my friend who I was getting ready to call and tell him about my newfound acquisition. -Lord Zombie

Most of this happened on January 5th and it’s all totally true. I was programming thr display model cell phone in a radio shack. For the heck of it, I programmed the manager’s cell phone number as the phone number of that display phone. I knew that even with the wrong ESN, when someone would dial out, it wouldn’t make the call but it would make the managers cell line look busy and not allow any calls into his real cell phone. So I dialed 611 for GTE and left it off the hook so his girlfriend couldn’t call or his mom, whatever. What I didn’t expect though was the next day, the display phone rang. The manager picked it up, and it was his mom! I thought since it had a different ESN it wouldn’t ring but it did. At the same time though, the manager’s real cell phone would ring constantly even though the call was answered on the other phone. He picked up his real cell and it shut both phones off. The signal meter went to 0 on both phones so I guess their signals were doubling making neither phone pick up right.

This was wierd by itself, but a few hours later, the display rang again, along with the managers phone. This time, both of us answered at the same time. It was a wrong number but the girl on the other line could hear both of us. Anyway, this girl called back about 10 times claiming that her phone kept ringing and the managers cell number was on the caller id every time and when she’d pick up, dead silence. So she tried calling the number and the manager nor the display model phone made any calls out. She thought he was playing some kind of joke but I know no calls were made. They got to talking though and he found out that he knew this girl. She was an old friend from high school that he hasn’t seen in 7 years! He never gave her his number or anything or vice versa. How that happened, I don’t know. She was in Michigan and the chances of that happening, well, are pretty slim. Weird, huh? -Bob’s Radio Show, Akron, Ohio

I was wardialing my area code and listening to the poor souls pick up and say, “Hello, hello?” and laughing my ass off at their total obliviousness. Then my dialer went to the next number, dialed, and got a dial tone. So I’m like, “Kick ass, a diverter.” Next day I try calling it and get a busy signal, so I’ve figured out it’s for a business, because it’s only busy during business hours, at night and weekends it’s free. So I call it up and us an ANI. My number is (XXX) 755-XXXX, the diverter is (XXX) 753-XXXX. The ANI returns a number that is (XXX) 737-XXXX. So now I’m figuring it’s multi-routed or something. Anyway, I try dialing it the next day because I didn’t get a chance to write down the number that the ANI returned, and I get the scratching, beeping, and howling of a modem/fax machine. It was crazy, I’ve tried dialing it up with my modem, but doesn’t work, so I guess it’s a fax machine. I thought it was odd. -Kalony, CA

This message was left on my voice mail the night the notorious BIG was killed: “um, yeah. did you do that, um thing?..’cause i heard on the, um..yeah. well, the car is there,, let me know.” The next night, another message. “great. it’s done. no mess? i left that, um..thing there. i’ll be there next friday with bring it. the gun.” true story.

Ok, so, one time i was scanning 318’s 896 and somebody answered the fone and told me not to scan their fone number any mo’. pretty weird, HUH? -PoOpNuKeM, Lafayette, LA

i was talkin on da fone one time and I heard these ppl talking in the background … so I was like ‘okay’ then me and my friend hung up and I could still here them. heh … so I sed ‘hey bungholes … can you shitheds hear me?’ supprisingly one of them sed ‘yeah’ and they both started laffing. It scared the shit outta me for some reason … but it turns out they weren’t talkin to me and they coudln’t even hear me. What a co-inkey-dink. heh. -LaZaReTH

My best friend has lived in his house since I’ve known him (8 years or so) and his fone number has only changed once. One day I was at school and my grandmother was supposed to pick me up and she was like 2 hours late. Since Matt (my best friend) lives right behind me, I tried calling him collect to ask him if my grandmother’s car was even there (I had no money and we don’t allow collect billing to my house). I was using 1-800-call-att so in case by some chance his mom answered on his line, I could just hang up. Well instead of he or his mom answering some old woman answered. Thinking I had dialed the wrong number, I hung up and tried again. The same lady answered, so I asked to speak to an operater so I could relay a message that I was calling for Matt. The lady got pissed off and insisted that there was no matt there. I was pretty confused, I thought maybe he had his number changed for some reason and didn’t tell me. My grandmother finally showed up and that nite I tried calling Matt again, and this time he answered his fone. When I asked him what was up, he had no clue what I was talking about.
-Radioactive Material, Richmond, VA

Ok so like my parents went to some party at his bosses work. I was on the phone with my friend star when I heard this weird buzszing noise. Then some how I got dissconected from Star and I could here a bunch of laughing and talking throught the phone line. I thought Star was playing a joke on me so I stayed online listnig. Then I heard my parents voices and they were talking and laughing with a bunch of people. I shouted into the phone “Mom!, Dad! can u here me???!!!!” I shouted for a bout 15 minutes and I guess they couldent now I supposed it was my dads celphone and they were playing a joke on me…So finaly I hung up…When my parents got home I asked them about it and my dad said he hadnt used his cell phone and it was in its case with him the whole time and when its in its case there is no way it can like turn on by itself….it was weird..and it never happend again! -§kitosphrantic, Springfield, NY

I live in the 804 area, one night my line got disconnected because i didn’t pay the bill. I was scanning by beige boxing on a cocot line and came across a 1400hz tone that lasted aprox. 1 sec then a voice that said please enter number to be reinitalized followed by pound so i put my number in hit pound it responded with thank you. in it’s own little bell digitized voice i got home picked up the line and i had dial tone when i went to dial a number it said please insert 25 cents so i boxed a quarter and it worked.. after about 2 hours it was re-disconnected. and i called the number to do it again and now all the number does is disconect the line for 1 min. when you call it. if people in other area codes want to see what reaction they get from it call (804)526-9929. -hEAdtrIp, colonial heights, va

The other day my dad called me from Indiana and after about 5 seconds we hear this weird loopy noise and all of a sudden his phone line is connected to some guy named Tom Alaman, who lives in raleigh (where I am), and Tom was talking to some guy named Chris who was in Alabama. For some reason my dad replaced Chris and I was on the line, but the only thing I could do was listen, my dad and this weird Tom guy couldn’t hear me or anything. My dad calls me back and then he’s in the conversation with Tom and Chris again, but this time it’s Tom who’s blocked and Chris is the one I can hear talking to my dad. I dont know what the hell was up with the lines that day. -Ravenn, Raleigh, NC USA

I was exchange scanning 248’s 699 (it doesn’t have much) and it started getting late. I guess I was getting tired and I accedentally dialed 999-9996. I get a recording that, in my opinion, if there ever was a “weirdest” recording award, this one would be a contender. Heres the message: “Your call cannot be accepted. Please call your CABLE COMPANY(!) for more info.” I am NOT kidding. To think, whats next, I call the Water Dept. when I have a gas leak? -CSX, Michigan

I was playing with the phone one day when CompUSA put me on hold, so I switched my phone over to pulse dialing and started pressing 0 a gizillion times as fast as I could until I heard an operator. I stopped and realized my phone had a huge number memery, so I just let it bang out 0’s for a while. Then, I went to hang up, and nothing. No dialtone. Then a weird sqeak sound. Then my phone started switching on and off hook, and I knew it was not an extension. I hung up, a few times, still no dialtone. I was so intreged. I tried hanging up, hoping for a dialtone for a few minutes and then gave up. About 30 minutes later I came back and presto, dialtone. I must say, I have, Since then, done this on a few instinces with the same results. Too cool. -CSX, Michigan

Ok, i’m sure if this is true, or if I got fibbed, bu someone was telling me how he got a new phone line to his house and how when ever he would dial he would hear “Please deposit 25 cents”. He called the operator, and the op told him that he was calling from a pay phone! He tried to tell the op, but she couldn’t accept that there maybe the slightest chance the computer was wrong. Anyways, Finally after calling payphone repair service, he found out the highly educated lineman hooked his phone to a pair that was used for a payphone a while ago. He He He. -CSX, Michigan

I was scanning some 9xx numbers, looking for Good Stuff and I came across a loop. I was at my mom’s house watching my sister while she was at work. She owns her own business, so I knew she had free time. My mom knows all about the fone/computer shit I do(she bought me my first tone dialer), so I called her up and said, “Mom, I found a neat number, it’s called a loop “blah, blah, blah… I explained to her what a loop was” so call this number when I hang up and I’ll be on the other side of the loop, OK?” she sez “Sure honey.” I hung up and went to call the number, but when I picked up the telephone, my sister was on demanding to talk to her boyfriend. After explaining the situation to her, I finally called my end of the loop. When I connected I heard all this yelling back and forth, it turns out that when my mom called, there was a lineman on the line and she told HIM to hang-up so her son could try the loop. He told her it was illegal and my mom went balistic on him, telling him that if I got in trouble, she would kill him and shit! I sat there and listened until she hung up, then I called her back and asked why she wasn’t at the loop. She told me that she got a wrong number and then got real busy and would try it out later with me! -CountZ3R0

I was at the Denver airport, scanning for numbers on a payfone. My brother was at another one next to me. Suddenly he yelled at me to come over to him. The fone had spit out 5 dollars in quarters. We waited for about an hour and i then went back to the fone. I smacked and beat it and hung it up a few times but nothing happened . I even yanked the handset a few times, cause it was already loose. I got shocked twice. I gave up and hung up the fone one last time and YAHOO, 4 dollars came out. Well, i would have done it again but i had to fly home.-Lineside, GA

I wuz at my friend ripsaws house and he hooked up these amps to his phone. We heard what sounded like a radio station(God channel or somethin), he scanned AM and FM but couldnt find it, and it doesn’t work anywhere else -xeroxx, NJ

I was at some payphones redboxing tonite and something really strange happened. After walking away from a payphone for a few mins, I picked it up, and I heard ringing. I quickly hung up then picked it back up and I heard a bunch of strange [non-keypad] tones. After a few seconds of those, a whole string of maybe 40-50 touchtones came out, I hung up while they were still playing, and when I picked it up next I got a dialtone. Oh, and the payphone next to it randomly makes what appear to be red box quarter tones when you pick up the phone, but no one yet has determined if you can call off it. -Korvus, Reston, VA

I picked up the phone on time and there were these two old ladies talking so i go “i need to make a call”….and one lady starts yelling to her husband to stop screwing with the extension line so i go “hang up you stupid bitch!!!!” really loud and then the old lady goes “well, i see you have your hands full so i’ll let you go” She probably yelled at her husband after that….it gives me a “special” feeling knowing i’ve helped someone out like that. -mikey, dearborn hgts, mi

One time we picked up the phone and heard two kids talking instead of a dial tone. So i started geting in on the conversation…..the kids start yelling at eachother and then i say in a real deep voice, “Kids belong in school”…..they started asking who the hell i was and i just said that i was in the basement trying to burrow up through the floor….they freaked!! -mikey, dearborn hgts, mi

One day me and my friend were sitting in my living room and a fire chiefs car pulled up and we were like oh shtit what have we done this time? well these 2 firemen knock and the door and ask “is your house on fire?” we were going to die, it was so funny! well we said NO of course, and he was like well do you have a cordless fone, i said yes, and he said that if its off the hook for a long time it dials 911 automatically, but he still didn’t belive that we didn’t call them. i was wondering if a phone copiuld actually dial 911 automatically. -acmephreak, Williamsburg, VA

I was talking one day to my friend, Rich Z… when i hear these strange clicks… We both looked outside to see if anyone was using a beigebox, but no one was there. We kinda ignored it.. and continued to talk. This happened subsequently afterwards too.. everytime we would talk on the phone, strange clicks could be heard, and the phone would go silent between clicking intervals. I decided to have a little fun…. Rich and I started (jokingly) speaking of setting up blowing up the white house with nukes.. and other shit. We would also use the word ‘assassination’ a lot, becasue phone companies begin to record conversations when you use that word… Well.. We continued to talk.. for days about forming a militia group.. and everything. Then all of a sudden, my friend, Rich, sees a strange car pull up in hsi driveway. He says “OH MY GOD, ERIK! THERE ARE STRANGE DUDES IN A VAN COMMING UP TO MY DOOR!” I gave him simple advice– hide INSIDE the house. So… he hangs up.. and i assume he hid inside the house… A few days later, i get a call from him, and he describes being hauled off inside the van and taken to a jailhouse somehwere where he underwent all sorts of questioning… it turns out, it was the F.B.I. The FBI were after a group of criminals tied in with the militia.. they had tapped RICH’s line by mistake.. they described hearing Rich talk about ‘blowing up the whitehouse’.. and assumed htis was the guy they were looking for. It was all a big accident. I was called in for questioning later.. and we were both on probation for ‘conspiring to organize an anti-government movement’ -Erik, NJ

aight shit d00ds listen to this. One time i was sitting by my fone being all bored cus i couldnt find any numbers to call. the fone started ringing and i was all like “whooopie!” and i picked it up. helo? i said. on the other line came some MF beeps and than a hangup. i was all like woa so i did *69 and it said the number that last called was 555-9423. any dumbfuk knows the 555 exchange is nothin cept for 555-1212 so i called the numbers and someone picked up. “helo?” they said. “whut the fuck is the big idea?”i said. “haha sorry that must of been my redbox he goes crazy sometimes..” then they hungup. bad as shit. -ripsaw, CA

i was at *my* payfone here in yakima(albertsons on 40th + tieton,the one hidden by the vendie if anyone cares)and i was 800 surfing, andi came across a # that said some #(like “100, 32, 53, 2, 2, 1)and played some tones afterward. i recorded the tones, and played them into a pulse fone, and i got this message “Welcome to AT+T, please enter the # u wish to call” or something. That was nearly a year ago, and i still can’t figure out what that 800 is. i can’t post the # because i don’t know what it does,(paranoia is a good thing!) but if it sounds like yur thing, email me. -aCeToNe, WA

One late afternoon I called my (THEN) boyfriend because he was late. I had it on speaker and just let it ring and ring… As you may or may not know, it will only ring x amount of times before it will just disconnect you (I believe it is 50). So, it rang x amunt of times and I heard a click. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I hear these 2 or 3 chicks talking (on 3-way). I listened, but then one of them had to go cuz her boyfriend was calling on the other line. -Jennifer Martino, Bloomingdale, IL

One afternoon I was checking out some frequencies on my scanner. It stops on some chick talking…”Garter belts and black stalkings. Red high heels….” etc etc. Another girl goes through the same schpiel with more “ohhh…”‘s and “mmmmm…”‘s. Then one asks “What are you wearing?” and the guy goes “A big smile.” Damn. How perfect. -Jennifer Martino, Bloomingdale, IL

i was in the third grade or something and i was a latchkey kid. i was real bored one day so i was thinking of stupid ways to ansewer the phone when my mom made her usual call. the phone rang and i said hello in this really high, squeaky voice, only it wasnt my mom. it was these other people someody said “what was that?” and the other guy said, “it sounded like a squeaky fart.” which of course pissed me off so i started yelling that they souldnt be callin and makin fun of me and they said they didnt call and i said well my phone rang and we had an argument in which they said i sounded like a 2 year old elf and i said “i still probably know more than you! ” and then at some point they hung up and ended up callin back and i told them to go to hell and hung up. i dont know HOW that happened cuz that was before we even got a cordless phone. -from elmergreen

stuff below this line has not yet been sorted out…

A while back I was on the road in Amarillo, Texas, and I stopped

at this Arby’s just off I-40 to get lunch and use the payphone

to call home. I whipped out my red box and dialed the number as

usual, and the call went through as usual (“Thank you for abusing AT&T!”).

After the first three minutes, though, instead of the normal recording

asking for more “quarters”, I got connected to a recording that said

something to the effect of “Your calling card # is invalid.” and cut me off!

What the fuck was that? Sounds like they got their 1+ and 0+ recordings

mixed up. I had to keep calling back every three minutes! What a pain in

the ass! Somebody should nuke the toll switch for Amarillo!

Dr. Freeze <>
Woodbridge, VA USA –

OK. I waz at my phriends howse, fLoOp-E DiSK dRiVE KilLeR d00d IV, and we called up this house and a guy answered and said “BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA” and we were like “oh crap” so we burned our red boxes and fones and became amish.
Leroy <>
Roy, NM USA –

ok… one day I was calling my friend Digital HepTitus but his phone was busy… I tried back a few times then
all of the sudden it goes through… no ring or nothing… and he is talking about licking her ear and stuff…
I just sut there and go “mmhmmm” and he goes on for about 10 min.. then I laugh my ass off because I cant hold it any more.. and he demanded to know what
codes I was useing to kick his GF off and take over his line… just ont of those freak things that phones do once in a while… oh, well… Latter…

CyberReaper <Ya, right>
Reno, NV USA –

Well the other day i made a new redbox, the first on fell into the fireplace, oops, anyways i went to my local payfone and i called a long distance number in Maine, it said “please insert .25 cents”, i did “thank you” “ring…ring…ring…”hello!!!” he actually screamed this, and i said “hy im from SO CAl, whats happenin?” “nothin really” he said, “well ok…bye now” and i waited till he hung up, “kerchink..plunk…kerchunk..kerchunk..kerchunk…kerchunk..ring..ring…ring… miachio?!” “uh hello” i said in suprised “miachio!!” “maichio!!!” “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYIN!!!” clink as he hung up, now what the hell is that, it connected me to some other countrie somewhere, but id like to know how i got connected to it. that was damn weird
B1aCkFirE <>
L.A., CA USA –

My fone rang… and someone was on the other line!

one time i was red boxing downtown, and two cats came up and tried to run me for my money. So, i says to my friend billy, “hey billy, lets do these cats!” billy’s like, “allright, ill do it.” so i pulls out my red box and billy pulls out his skateboard, and we beat the shit outta two kids with a red box and a skateboard. sick shit.
FunkMaster Frank <>
ZooPort, RI USA –

I write this story anonymously from a library computer because if I am found I will be killed. It all started October 27, 1997 when I made a red box and went to a payphone 2 am that morning and was using it. Well I called lots of people and I talked till 4 am and I was about to call China when I heard a POP then my red box blew apart and I notice bullet holes forming in the glass of the phone booths earthquake resistant windows after every gunshot bang I heard so I ran out of the phone boot behind a trash can with bullets wizzing by me then the next thing I heard was a helicopter and it came right above me and shined its spot light on me and through the speaker a guy said FREEZE YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR PHONE FRAUD then I guess he forgot to turn the PA system off and I heard him in the background saying to people “ok just shoot him and make sure hes dead and if you are not sure shoot him in the head” so I was like fuck and I saw 3 guys in black suits rapell out of the chopper so I started to run when the gunner with his m-60 mounted on the chopper started fireing at me and he kept on missing me by a few feet behind me hitting the ground then I felt a bullet hit the sole of my shoe so I jmped for ward as far as I could and through my self through a window of a closed gun store. The M-60 stopped firing but the 3 guys who rappelled were getting closer and they had night vision on so since I was in a gun store I grabbed a Colt Sporter and loaded it up, then I grabbed an AK-47 loaded it up and the same with a Mossberg Defender, and I also loaded up a LLAMA 380 (all you stupid non-social phreaks and hackers dont know shit bout guns so in other words I took 2 assault rifles one being M-16 like and one being an AK-47, a shotgun, and a pistol) I then shot at one of the 3 commandos with the AK and he fell to the ground screaming so then the other 2 took cover and started firing there automatic rifles so I fired back and hit one in the head and the other one through a grenade so I ran to the back of the gun store for cover and when the grenade blew I took a barrel of black powder I found and put a fuse in it lit the fuse and rolled it to where the commando was and KABOOM!!! windows shaddered everywhere and I saw body parts flying and his ear hit me and the sound of alarms went off and the next thing I knew about 50 police cars were driving down the street with 4 tanks 5 helicopters and about 250 troops and the national guard also came so did 3 apache helicopters I knew I had very little time so I stole a Harley and drove off and the next thing I knew 10 guys on jet packs were in front of me with bazookas so I took my shotgun and blew them away and all the cars and tanks were chasing me and troops were lining up in front of me shooting at me so I took my colt sporter and shot the hell out of all of them then I took a turn onto the freeway where I met with 2 apaches who fired there rockets in front of me so I tried turning bt I wiped out so I juomed down this sewr then I ran then troops followed down the hole into the sewer and fired at me so i stood still and looked at them and took my Pistol and shot all of them then there was one guy left who I had a old cowboy styled draw with and I won then I kept on running then I got out of the sewer and snuck behind a tank and I crawled in and killed everyone in side then I took the cannon and blew away the 2 apaches and all of the other helicopters and half the troops then I was out of cannon ammo so I took one of the dead guys m-16s which was fully auto and I peaked out of the top and shot everyone that was left up then I was alone. so I hopped out of the tank and into a police car and I took off. And here I am now at this library running from the law all for having fun by using a simple little red box.

P.S. This really happened I SWEAR AND NO I WASNT TRIPPING OFF LSD!!!
Anonymous <—-@—-.—>
Somewhere, Somewhere Someountry –

One day a while back, I was bored and decided to dial up some of the loop numbers (9999, 9998, etc.) just to see what would happen. On one of the numbers, it answered with two long DTMF tones, and a really rapid & loud busy signal, and then silence. I tried entering the pound & star keys, just out of curiosity, and on the star key (or something, Ican’t remember, this happened about 5-7 years ago), I got another beep, and then what sounded like radio pager calls to the telco linemen! Surprised, I tried entering a key to get out of this, but when I did, I heard a beep, and I was somewhat startled, because I could have been making a page! Frantically, I just said “This is a pager test, this is a test”, and about 10 seconds afterward, i heard my own (supposed) page play back to me over the phone! This whole thing almost made me shit a boulder! My guess was that the phone company in my town (US West, to be exact) was using the loop numbers at the time for their paging system for their field technicians & linemen. They just recently upgraded their office to a nortel system (probably a DMS-100 or 200), and whenever I call these numbers, I get the usual “disconnected or no longer in service” message, instead of the touch tones & busy signal. Strange…
JoJo McCheese III <>
Bismarck, ND USA –

Ah man, you won’t believe this. Alright. Some dickhead called my house. (Now this is where it gets WEIRD) The dickhead said, “Hello?”

I was like, “Yeah?”

An he was all like “Got the wrong number, bye.”

An i was like DAMN!

Ok I have 2 weird stories for that ass:

1. About 2 years ago I would scan 1800 #’s nonstop and I would use a simple diverting method such as 102880 which is an mci telecommunactations #. I dialed the number in once and then instead of pressing anything I used my hang up to see what would happen and all of the sudden there was a beeping noise and i could hear every operator talking to a customer for about 5 seconds so that means as calls came I was able to listen for about 5 seconds and then it would switch to another one and so on. It was still going for about 10 minutes and I had only heard one person curse off the operator so I hung up and tried again but I was never able to get to that bug in the sytem again.

2. One day I was home sick from school and I picked up the fon to order some smokes from a local delivery place and I heard this weird music. So i hung up and picked up again after about 2 minutes and the music was still there. I hung up went outside caught a cigarette came back in after 20 minutes and now some weirdo was singing in the backroun along with the weird music. It turns out my neighbor left his portable fon off the hook while he was in the shower listening to his new age crappy music its too bad our audio signal wasn’t crossed or I would have sang him a song he would of never forgotten

-Drone’s 2 Amazing FON stories
Drone <>
Philadelphia and Suburbs, PA USA –

I guess this falls under the chordless phone frequency fuckups.. I was calling a friend’s house one saturday morning, and after a bit we noticed two people talking in the background. We couldn’t make out all they were saying, but they could obviously hear us. Since we didn’t want to be listened to or be forced to endure their babble, we scared them off using various sexual and satanic references. Oddly enough, this has been happening more often recently.
piq <>
Hell, AL USA –

Alright, it all started when i was at my friend, PentagoN’s house. Well, he told me, that there was somethin fucked up with the fone. So, i picked up the fone and listened. i could hear some people talking a different language in the background, but it was a little fuzzy. I talked, and it sounded like they were swearing at me. heh. I hung up the fone, and told him to wait, and about an hour later or so, it was gone.
Pay-Fone (Data Case) <>
Williamsville or Amherst, NY USA –

We had a second line put in when we moved into a new house. Right away we kept getting calls for someone else. They said they were dialing a number other than ours. It turns out that I could call that number but anyone else dialing it would reach us instead. I was nice enough to pass on all her messages for the two weeks it took the phone company to fix the problem.
kira <>
San Francisco, CA USA –

Another time I was dialling 0800’s because I was bored,

I was picking up my phone and I kept hearing double clicks

we do not have another extension and I checked outside to

see if anyone was beiging on my line. No-one was.

This happened about 5 times in a row and I figured that telecom

was bugging my line. So I screamed down the line about how I’d report

them, civil liberties breach, my rights violated, what a bad

reputation when I told anyone. Anyway I heard mumbling in the background

and the clicking stopped.

PublicAccess <>
NZ –

Ok, I was scanning through 0800’s ( NZ equivalent of 1800’s)

looking for something fun to do, anyway I came across this

number that just made 3 high pitched beeps. Bored as usual,

a dialed 2 digit numbers in series hoping something would

happen. anyway, on 10 it made a beep so I pressed 1 and all

these voices started talking in another language. It turned

out that I was in an answering machine in singapore. I ended

up changing the outgoing message ( with some difficulty) and

the owners obviously did not like it because the number went

down the next day, oh well. Oh yeah, if you are in New Zealand

ring 0800444960, just do it, the guy on here is a real asshole

and his remote access code is 690.
PublicAccess <>
Somewhere in, New Zealand –

The other day when I was send out a few faxes, I misdialed

a number and got a strange recording. The number I called

was 303-288-5510. The recording said “The last call to your

telephone cannot be traced, and no charge will be added to

your bill. Please hang up and call the US West call identification

center at 1-800-582-0655 if you need further assistance.”

I called the number (288-5510) two more times through 2 different

pre-paid calling cards, one card does not pass caller-id info,

and the other passes a fone number from Rochester NY. Both of

these calls just got a generic recording “(3 tones) the number

you dialed has been disconnected…”. Very strange. It seems

that when dialing that number here is the same as dialing *57

(call trace).
In Phase <>
303, CO USA –

Just a little while ago my phone co fucked up my phone line. I was on the net when suddenly my modem got dissconected and and the phone started ringing. I picked up the phone and heard a recorded oice asking my for my id number, i didn’t know what the hell was going on so i just pressed 4 numbers at random. The next thing i knew it was asking my for a numeric message to put on somones beeper. At this point I entered 69696969 and hung up. I picked up the phone again to call my friend and tell him what happened, but when I picked up the phone there was some guy on the other line going “hello, hello is anyone there”. I dissconected and picked up again only to hear that fucking beeper message again! This went on for about 30 min, i was getting other people answering machines, conversations, and modems. I finnely cleared up, so I could dial out, but still every once and a while whie im on the phone i pickup someone elses conversations. weird eh?
Balki Mon <>

I once knew a chick who could insert a phonoe where only customs officers dare to tread. (go figure)
}VoiD{ <>
thingo, sa australia –

I live near military base(among thousands of others).Well my

house is on a small hill just above the base.So I can see every

damn thing they do in the open.And thats why they are

fone tapping my line (and all neighbourhood).

Sometimes when I talk to my friends I

just get pissed of and start saying something

about bombs,binoculars,guard on duty,fuck this and that,bitching how

stupid and lame they are…

Anyway sometimes is fun if my friend also starts to say some shitty stuff.

But they didn’t make any move except stopping me in the street and checking my ID and

bitching me why the hell I’m walking around the compound in 3am.

And when tell’em to fuck off and that I live here and I’m on my way home form a party

those stupid guards let me go saying don’t walk here bla bla bla.

Well this is not very wierd for me anymore but hey sometimes is fun

Fone Loosers my man

Abram <>
Zagreb, HR Croatia –

I was using a cell phone to talk to my buddy one day, and I guess the signals got crossed or something, cause all of a suden some pakistani guy is on the phone talking. My buddy couldn’t hear him, but I could. So it was really freaky. I’d be in midscentance and all of a sudden He’d start yelling as loud as he could. Eventually he hung up, and it’s never happened to me again.
Free Beer <>
Regina, Sask Canada –

I was dialing the 9998 and 9999 numbers of an exchange one time looking for a loop. On one of the numbers, I got a dialtone, so I called up ANI. Surely enough, it didn’t trace the number back to the phone from which I was calling. So I hung up and dialed the number again. This time, instead of a dialtone, the phone rang a couple of times and then someone picked up. The person on the other end of the line didn’t say anything, so I said, “Hello?” The other person replied, “… Uhh, hello?” “Umm, hello?” “Paul’s Pizza!” the phone company guy cleverly answered. I called information. There is no business called Paul’s Pizza in town.
Jay Allen <>
Des Moines, IO USA –

Ok one more…My dad always insists on dragging my ass to my grandparents house. Well the most advanced piece of technology they own is a cordless fone which just so happens to be sligghtly mixed with some neighbors. its REALLY damn boring over there so i usually call LAn or someone else. Well every single time ive used that fone, the SAME old lady is on the fone at the nighbors house. To bad the audio from my grandparents fone isnt crossed so i could bitch at em (jnsert random remarks into their conversations) oh well.
HaPpYKiLL <>
Ft Wayne, IN USA –

This past summer i was in NJ and i had to call a girl i knew

off the net so i walk over and pick up the reciever on the

fone, dial the number and it asks for my cash. I pull out a

quarter and pop it in, the fones guts go “kaCHNK” real loud

like and the quarter goes flying out and hits me in the

nuts. It counts the quarter and spits it back. How cool

if anyone cares its in Elizabeth NJ, at the corner of North Av.

and US1, at a BP gas station, the fone not facing the street.
HaPpYKiLL <>
Ft Wayne, IN USA –

In 5th grade I figured out how to dial with the switch hook

and for about a month straight that’s all I did. It really

ticked my parents off too, cause we had an old fashioned

phone in the dining room that was really loud when I dialed

with the switchhook.

Anyway, I was obsessed with dialing that way until one day

while I was home by myself an operator from Illinois Bell

called me and started grilling me about problems with our

phone, saying that their computers were picking up odd

dialing patterns and strange problems, etc. Really spooked

me. Then he wanted to know if we had any store-bought phones

in our house. We did have one so I told him about it and he

told me that we weren’t allowed to hook up store-bought

phones on our line and we’d better unhook it or we’d be

charged extra for it.

So I was completely freaked out and that ended my switch

hook dialing career for the next 5 years which probably made

my parents really happy. Come to think of it, they probably

paid IL Bell to call and freak me out like that.
rbcp <>
celina, oh USA –

Once I was practicing pulse dialing with the hang up on my phone (hey it was a slow day) and one time instead of the automated op saying “please hang up and try again” I go crossed with some chicks talking. Unfortunatly I was so suprised I hung up and I could never get it to happen again. The funny part is my dad works for the Phone co (and me the little phreak) and it was a phone co line I was using!
Entropy <>
Can –

hehe. GTE tapes my home phone and once while I was talking, their lame equipment went to the end of the tape, and the auto-stop thing didn’t work, so the tape went ca-chung, ca-chung, ca-chung while I was talking, making it quite obvious that the tape had come to the end. funnier still was when I heard someone say “dammit” in the background.

(oh, and GTE does tape my phone lines, they went to my house with an armful of tapes once, but they didn’t jail me for some reason)
Phantom Operator <>
Dallas, TX USA –

One time when I was a lot younger, like twelve, I made a

call to some dork that I went to church with and it was the

weirdest thing because his mother had called at the same moment

and he was telling her

‘mom I hit a home run today’ and he was so excited that he

almost lost bladder contol over the phone. I just hung on the line

with no clue as to what was going on, just riding a wierd feeling

that told me something was definitely not right. Not even

even the bonus patch through could get me to say anything, I was

mortified. I even let them hang up without saying anything. Something that

I could never let myself get away with now. ho well

Extra T <>
portland , or USA –

Guess I’ll start this out to give you an idea of what I’m

looking for. I can’t remember where I heard this story from –

it may have been in 2600 or something but it goes like this:

Some old lady had a dog in her back yard chained up and

everytime her phone would ring, the dog would take a piss

about three seconds before the phone rang. This went on for

awhile and she called the phone company about it and some

repairman came out to have a look, just out of curiousity.

So he dialed the ringback number and watched the dog. Sure

enough the dog got up and took a piss, then the phone

started ringing. After a little investigating, they figured

out how this was happening.

The dog was chained to the ground with one of those metal

spike thingies that screws into the ground. It turned out

that they screwed it right into a phone wire so everytime

the phone rang, the dog would feel an electric shock from

his chain and this would scare the piss out of him.

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28 thoughts on “Weird Phone Stories

  • February 26, 2007 at 12:49 pm

    I had a wierd call from a lady yesterday (Feb. 25, 2007). When I picked up the phone she said “Is this the number I called” (she gave the nmber which was my phone number). I asked her for her name and who she was looking for. She gave me her name then said “I don’t know who i’m looking for. This number was by my phone and I thought I better call it”. I said I had never heard of her, she must have the wrong number. She said she would delete the number right away, and I hung up. She has not called back again.


  • July 5, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    One day I got a new phone in my house. Then I dialled someone and there was like this tone, like it was waiting for someone to pick up at the other end. Then someone answered. And I was like, “amazing man!”. My phone works and I uses it everyday. Thats another amazing story innit ?

  • July 17, 2007 at 6:06 am

    one time after work, I checked my voice messages and the number it displayed wasn’t a familiar one, and when I listened to my messages, I heard a conversation with three men, nothing about a message for me, in fact, I ran across one of the three men later that evening and he said he didn’t call me, and I didn’t know the other guys..but in fact the conversation did take place earlier, but no one even had their cell phones near them…how did that happen?

  • July 28, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    One time I was in the elevator in the apartment building where my condo is (vacation home) and the emergency intercom clicked. A woman answered and asked for Nadine. I explained to her that she had the wrong number and had called an elevator. She said that was the second time that day she had called an elevator! I wished I had asked what number she had called.
    A few months later, it happened again, only with a different person. I asked what number it was. It was 302-945-4312. I called it, and sure enough the red CALL RECEIVED light lit up and the intercom clicked!

  • April 7, 2010 at 11:23 am

    i was on msn messaging my friends when
    my phone rang. my ringtone is justin
    bieber one time and it rang louder than usual.
    i picked it up and the caller id said unknown.
    i pressed the button to hang up but it didnt
    work so i ignored it but it kept getting
    louder. it was doing my head in so i answered
    it and said hello. no answer. ‘Hello?…Hi?’
    still nothing. ‘Hello?’ ‘You keep talking to
    me. You keep calling me.’ ‘I do not! I don’t
    know you or your number…’ ‘Why do you keep calling me?’ ‘I don’t…’ ‘But you do, doesn’t she mum?’ ‘Yes, she always calls you, honey.
    Ask her again.’ she asked me again so i hung
    up. the whole time she was speaking in some
    really weird foriegn accent. she obviously
    ain’t british like me. it was so freaky that i j
    googled weird phone calls. that’s how i found
    this site.

  • April 12, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    So wierd. I call the UK from the US many times a day. At least once every two weeks I get the same guy answering even though I’m dialling completely different numbers each day. It’s obviously a recording. He is British, picks up phone, shouts “yeah?” then shouts to someone “phone for you” then puts down the handset and wanders off. In the meantime a really loud TV is on in the background with a news program I can hear. Every couple of minutes he shouts up again. No one comes to the phone. A dog barks too. The first time I waited nearly 10 minutes before hanging up. It’s always exactly the same thing. How strange is that? I’m on Vonage. Wonder if it’s relevant?

  • April 20, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    I got weird phone calls this past weekend when staying with my cousin in Rockford, Michigan. The first went right to voice mail which was strange. The number was restricted number and just weird beeping beeps like morse code or an old teletype machine. The second was stranger a very high pitch voice like a cartoon saying a bunch of numbers followed by a man blurting out jibberish, sounded like “oh-dough-coy-lee-us. or something similar” The final call actually rang my phoneI answered and it was a gruff voice asking for “Tony Marissa”. I said you have the wrong number then came the rapid-fire spanish again and he hung up. My cousin told me that yesterday 2 weird guys came in a white van, with no markings, they said they were with Bell Telephone coompany and they said that her lines have been crossed and could they please check her answering machine tape? My cousin had to break it to them that she didn’t have a land line only a cell phone! This could be coincidence but thought it was bizarre since I was just there and got those weird phone calls on my cell

  • December 16, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    I got this free cell phone due to my disabilities. I was excited until I got all these weird announcement recordings having to do with the local Alumni university. The weird part is before all this happened a year ago. Some woman at the University had the cops come after me when she made up these accusations. Anyhow. When I called the Alumni and told them to quit calling my cell number they said ok.. But the calls continued when I called them back to complain. All I said was I reported you to the public service commission. They told me if I keep calling they will call the police. I ended up destroying the phone…hahahah It was free… I’m tried of hearing about their stupid announcements..

  • December 16, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Another cool thing I did with a pay phone in the past. Was I had a temp Ph’freaking code toll free so I called a buddy of mine in Az for free for a month. I also called and listened to these 1-900 ads for free!
    And the Ultimate cool thing I did. Was I called a 1-900 number in Israel. And I was using the neighbors phone but I was on the outside of the house near this window. I got lucky that I didn’t get caught it was at night. And not more than a week later my Dads renter got into a fight and knocked that window out so he decided that he was the one who made the calls. Also the last thing I did was from my own home number. I would call this toll free company message recorder. And I would play the Sarge from Full Metal Jackets voice cussing them out over their recorder. When they finally called me back to complain. I told them I just got back from a vacation and found that someone had opened the outside service box of my phone network. And they must of called you not me. I need to go and report this. And they believed me and never called back. And the last last trick I found. Was back in the mid 90’s I used this pay phone, and picked it up hitting Double 0! I would hear this voice say encore. If you like to make a collect call please dial the number. So I dialed my buddy in AZ. then it said and the tone please give us your name. So I would give them a made up name. It would call him and I would hear him say hello than it would hang up. I kept doing this till he changed his number…

  • December 20, 2010 at 5:21 am

    One day I called my mom and she picked up….thats it, that’s my story….it might not be as exciting as you peoples but it is quit bizzare….

  • October 18, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    I called a number and it picked up. I heard some voices and I talked to some guy and it turned out I was talking out of an “Emergency Box”!

    Which I guess is one of those things on the wall that you can press the “call” button in an emergency.


  • October 24, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    My story might seem like nothing but to me it was creepy and still freaks me out a little bit to this day. I was in Jr. High, around the age of 13 years old. It was summertime and for a few weeks I was receiving phone calls every few days where I would answer and just get no response, just silence. The calls came throughout the day and they were always silent, with the exception of one time when the caller did talk to me by casually asking me what I was doing, trying to initiate some conversation. Needless to say my response was “What? Who is this?” – but they ignored my question, and continued to talk to me like “yeah, so whats up what are you doing?” – I knew it was the prank caller so I just hung up. The callers squeaky pre-pubescent voice (like mine at the time) let me know, okay – this is just a kid from school messing with me. Still though, these calls continued – just silence. I would either hang up, or sometimes just stay on the line and be completely silent waiting for them to finally hang up, but they never would. I could hear TV in the background sometimes, or breathing. I was getting pissed and almost wished they would start talking to me again if they were going to bother to call so much. I was wondering who the hell is this kid who is doing this.They kept calling every other day or every few days, and even though I wasn’t really that mad I was starting to get irritated and sick of these calls, but they still continued and finally, one day they called, silent as usual and I got really mad. Now keep in mind this was a couple years before *69, caller ID boxes etc – I had no way of knowing who the hell kept calling me. Anyways, I began yelling at this person, saying “Don’t you have anything better to do than keep calling me over and over? You must not have any friends…” – I looked at the clock and it was 2:15 PM – I said something like “It’s 2:15 in the afternoon – you seriously have nothing better to do than call me like this? You’re an asshole.” click – just hung up. And the calls stopped! I was glad. Time passed, it was at least 2 months later, school had started, and one Saturday afternoon I got a call, answered it with a “Hello”? and the caller said “Hey! It’s me – your summer buddy. 2:15, remember?” – I looked at the clock, and yes it was 2:15 exactly. Now, I know this might not be that creepy, but this freaked me out so bad at that moment. Especially because they had waited so long between calls to call me back and mess with me again. I just hung up. I was really freaked out and was glad they never called back after that. I still think about this sometimes and I know it was a kid from school messing with me, not a big deal ,but yeah I had to add it on here! It scared the shit out of me when I was 13! haha.

  • June 26, 2012 at 10:48 am

    When I was in the 7th grade, I called up my friend Karen one lazy saturday afternoon. When I asked the lady (thinking it was her mom) if Karen could come to phone, she kind of softly chuckled and said “Well, there IS a Karen here but she’s two months old!” I asked what number I had dialed and it was my friend Karen’s exact same number only off by the one last digit. I told the lady that I was trying to reach my friend Karen S. and she and I both laughed at the unusual error. She was polite and wished me luck as I said goodbye. I always found it so odd that I found another Karen by a freak misdial!

  • June 27, 2012 at 7:36 am

    I remember also when I was little and we moved to a brand new house, our telephone lines were always being cross connected with other people. For instance, you could pick up the receiver to make a phone call, and you would automatically be listening in on a phone conversation just like you had picked up a receiver to do just that. The odd thing I recall was that the people were usually of different ethnicities; one time I picked up the phone to dial a friend and some little Asian boy was on the line just singing. Another time right in the middle of a conversation, and little boy picked up the phone and just started saying random words and you could hear his mother in the background shouting “You get off of that phone!!” only this time the kid was African-American. Another time I remember hearing a girl talk to her friend about her clothes (not as funny as the previous two I mentioned, but odd none of the less). This would have been in the late 80s/early 90s before we had cordless phones.

  • October 5, 2012 at 2:15 am

    Ok so nobody will probably read this but whatever… About 10 years ago I was on a cruise with my family (I was probably 13-14). I had this old Motorola phone that was pretty much a brick that made calls and let me play snake. Well out on the sea somewhere in the gulf I got a call from an unknown number. 2 ladies were talking as I answered the phone. I said hello and hi and they just kept talking like no one was even there. So I hung up, but 10 seconds later it called again and it was the same people just chatting going about their business, (it was freaky like someone wanted me to hear it) but as far as I remember the convo wasn’t about anything important (I did listen, would chime in every few seconds to see if they could hear) I was just fascinated and freaked out… Anyway they said bye and hung up and it never happened again.

    I just thought it was so weird because I’ve heard of things like that happening with land lines but never with cell phone.

    And now that I think about it we were probably in the Bermuda Triangle so there’s no telling. Lol.

    Has anyone ever had something like this happen?

  • October 25, 2012 at 11:07 am

    One day I was laying in bed and I was playing games on my old Nokia phone, the game was spores. I have caller ID and I got a phone from a 0111-111-1111. Weird. I was curious and picked it up wondering to myself “what the heck kind of number is that?”. The person on the other side of the line asked ” is this temple?” and I replied “no”, after a slight pause they just hung up without saying good bye.

  • January 4, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    One day, I received a call on my cellphone. The number displayed on my caller ID shared my area code, but the rest of the number was just 0. So the number looked like XXX-000-0000. Puzzled, I hesitated to answer the phone. I eventually picked up and asked who it was, but there was no answer, so I hung up.

    A few hours later, I received a call from the same number. This time I picked up the phone quickly and, after my questions were met with no response, I once again hung up. As soon as I hung up, my phone immediately rang again. Sure enough, it was the same mystery caller. I picked up and demanded to know who was calling me. There was just silence.

    Frustrated, I resolved to stay on the line until the caller hung up or decided to speak. I set my phone to speakerphone and waited for a sound, a voice, something. I must have forgotten that I was still connected to the caller, as I left the room to cook dinner. At this point, the phone was still in my room and was set to speakerphone. If whoever was calling me made a noise, I would hear it. However, what I was about to hear caught me completely by surprise.

    As I was preparing my dinner still, I heard a scream. It was very loud, and it did NOT sound natural. It sounded like a dying mountain lion or the like. I ran outside to find out what was going on. When I couldn’t find the source of the noise, it then hit me — the phone. I ran into my room and practically lunged at my cellphone, screaming back at it. Then, abruptly, the screaming stopped. All I could hear on the phone was silence. “…Hello?” I said.

    I began to hear a faint clicking noise coming from the caller’s end of the line. “Hello?” I repeated, louder. Silence again… until I heard a ghastly whisper. “We are the ones with the eyes upon you.” The caller hung up. To this day, I have no idea who called, or why. Perhaps it was a prank. I’d like to believe it was just that. One thing’s for sure though: I was scared for a good fortnight after this incident. It happened in 2006, and although I am still running under the same phone service provider, I have not received a call like that since then.

  • February 25, 2013 at 8:58 am

    Last summer, I had moved into into my own apartment, and I only use a “pay-as-you-go” cell phone. Well, I only answer calls to numbers that I know. So for two weeks in the summer, I had gotten calls at random parts of the day that would ring three times then hang up. Seconds later, I had a voicemail message. Curious, I checked it and I heard a lady say: “(Inaudible), you’re late for your appointment. Please pick up. You have an appointment at ‘such-and-such’ a place. Please call me back ASAP.” I asked my family, and they said that it sounded like an electric company calling an electrician to fix a line, or a repair technician for Comcast or Verizon. Really freaked me out.

    —From NJ

  • March 20, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    i was walking past the white house and i go to make a call on my cell while its ringing i heard what sounded exactly like the president say that 9-11 must happen this was on 9-10 . i couldnt believe it

  • January 26, 2015 at 8:24 am

    Me and my friend used to screw with his neighbors, two old ladies, Phillis and Stela. Stela was definatly the nicer one, but Philis woild defiantly give the best reactions. We used to ride our four wheelers behind her house and one would come out (usually Phillis) a screamin “GET OFF THOSE DAMN MACHINES!!!” So anyway, we would call her about them and tell them things based on which one answered, usually about renuing their gym membership or telling them someone was trying to send a shipment of thousands of random objects and we needed confirmation and after an argument let them know that it would be there in 4-7 busuness days. We’d also send taxis to their house every once in a while just to see one of them go out and bitch at the driver that he needed to get the fuck off there property before they call the police. But one day in the summer, probablly around mid July a few years ago, we were screwing around with a cheap pair of walkie talkies his little sister had. We were waking around the backyard when I heard a faint voice. I thought it was his sister, so I asked what she said. I head what I thought was an answer, but srill couldn’t understand it, so I said “Julie, what do you want?” She answered and said she hasn’t said anything, and her voice was much louder than the one I had heard. They came over to me and we started walking around until the voice was clearer, and it turned out to be one of the ladies talking on the phone! He ran in and got his house phone and we waited tongsther some more info before we called them. I’m not sure how this happened, but I’m guessing they were still using an older cordless phone, so the walkie talkies picked up the frequency some how. Stela was talking to her son, who my friends dad worked with, so we had his number. We called her up and said that we were with the phone company (they used Northland) and gave her some bs that she had used all of her long distance minuets, and she would be charged $150 for going over her minuets. She filliped out cans started taking out of her ass saying that she had checked with the company before the call and she still had 25 mins of talk time left. We just said she would get the bikk at the end of her billing cycle and left it at that. We heard her call her son back and explain what had happened, and he offered to pay the fees! What a nice son, he’ll pay so his mom can talking to him. We did more things with the walkies, but ever since abijt last year or so we never hear them on it anymore. They must have finally upgraded to a more modern phone. Of well, it was fun while it lasted.

  • November 12, 2015 at 2:44 am

    I have a Tracfone and get calls fom random or odd numbers quite often. They’re usually in small chains (3-5 within 45 minutes or so.) and they’re always between 1-3am. (I don’t sleep much so I’m typically up to recieve them. The most notable recent ones were at my friend C’s house. One number called me twice, both times it was two black guys yelling at me for fucking around with one of their girlfriends.. (?) I tried explaining that I didn’t know them or whoever the fuck the girl I was supposedly fucking was, but they insisted that they had the right number. I got 2 or 3 calls from 000-000-0000, which was just silence. And the last one that morning was a pre-recorded message from someone at the elementary school I live across from, saying that they had seen me smoking cigarettes on my porch and that I couldn’t do that near an elementary school. I responded with “Fuck you, if I’m on my porch or the front of my house that’s still my property.” to which I got no response and the message repeated itself.I could believe it was actually from the school I guess, but I have no idea why it’d come through at 2:39am or whenever.

    X_X Philly+Suburbs

  • January 5, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    I was up one night going through my music and I saw this recording…
    I don’t know how in the world it got there since I don’t even know how to use the recorder.
    The recording was scratchy and distorted, but me and my sister heard the words
    ” I should not have stayed.”
    I’ve been shaken up ever since…

  • March 17, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    When I was still doing that kind of thing I dialed this particular 800 number in the 223 range all it did was ask for a password of some kind so one day I was in another state and I hit the right password I don’t remember what it was and then it asked an a.n.i numberor something like that. Another time I was dialing numbers when I still used to do this kind of thing and the phone rang up right after I hung up course I didn’t answer it we walked away immediately!!

  • February 12, 2017 at 3:35 pm

    It was back in the early ’90s when the strange crossed-line calls began. Our phone would ring, and when we would answer it, it was like we were in the middle of a phone call between two people. As we listened it became apparent that they could not hear us, but we could either hear both sides of the conversation, or sometimes just one, or the other. Their names were “Scott” and “Tammy” and when the phone would ring in with this strange occurrence we would just hang up and say “It’s Scott and Tammy again.” After a while I thought it would be good to figure this out so we could get it to stop, so I listened a while, only to realize I was listening to phone sex and talk of them meeting up. I called the phone company about it, but after they checked our lines they said there was nothing they could find. The calls continued until one day when I said “Hello” the person called Scott said back, to me, “Is that you Tammy? You sound different.” Holy cow, I was now somehow connected to this creep! I advised him that we have been intercepting his calls with “Tammy” for a long time, and I though that he should know others could hear their conversations . . . at least WE could! I determined he was not calling my number, nor did he live in my area! Never found out how this happened, but after awhile the calls stopped. What was weird is that sometimes we would hear “Tammy” and sometimes we would hear “Scott” . . . but only their side of the conversation. And always in a whispering voice, like they were cheating or hiding what they were doing. Weird.

  • August 8, 2017 at 9:10 am

    Hiii today me my friends were on conference call and we heard really strange sounds like someone was moaning and we were really freaked out.the sounds were so scary

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