PLA’s Sound Clip Archive

PLA's Sound Archive

Below you’ll find a lot of sound files which mostly center around prank phone calls. This page is only a very small portion of the sound clips that you can find on Once you finish here, you should go listen to PLA Radio for several hours of prank call related humor. Then listen to our pizza prank calls, our hotel prank calls, our technical support calls, our Super Store calls and our auto parts calls. Also, listen to songs inspired by the PLA.

Telemarketing Calls

Like most Americans, I get a lot of telemarketing calls in the evenings. Here are a few of the calls that I’ve managed to record.

I Hate Children A telemarketer from the Children’s Wish Foundation decides that I’m a good candidate for donating money.
Automatic Dial I just don’t understand why telemarketers take so long to respond to “hello” when they call. This lady tries to explain it to me but I’m too dumb to understand.
Is This Brad Carter? Here’s another one who took forever to answer. She tries to lie to me about it and says that her phone is broken.
Four Dollars Mildred tries to sell me tickets to some hillbilly concert. Obviously she’s not much of a salesperson because she refuses to try and bargain with me.
Sprint #1 A Sprint telemarketer calls me up and tries to switch my long distance while I act like an idiot. I recommend skipping this clip and going straight to sprint02.mp3 below. (This one is mostly just her sales pitch.)
Sprint #2 The telemarketer can’t handle my stupidity and transfers me to a supervisor who says he’s tracing my call. (Kind of odd since she called ME.)
VISA/MC Lady A lady from a credit card company wants to lower my interest rates. This scares me.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is when you trick somebody into giving you information or get them to do something that would benefit you. Here are a few of our attempts at social engineering people. It’s mostly all good fun for us, we don’t try to do anything useful, but these calls can demonstrate how easy it is to get anybody to do just about anything over the phone.

Shoplifting Employee This guy works at a grocery store and we call him up, pretending to be with store security and convince him to turn out his pockets because we think he was stealing. After he does it, we let him know that it was just a joke. Then we get him to tell us what kind of phone system the store uses and we attempt to have him transfer us to the overhead paging. But that doesn’t work. THEN we get him to hand the phone to a customer and we accuse the customer of stealing too. The real punchline is when he calls his manager over and the manager chews him out for being stupid while we listen. Unfortunately we accidentally encoded this call at a low bitrate so the quality is horrible. The people in this clip are RBCP, DEC0DER and Luvox Phreak.
Bad Check Writer We call up a nearby 7-Eleven and tell the cashier that the guy who just wrote a check there was a bad check writer. She said he was on his way back to his car so we told her to run out there and tackle him. She goes out there and bring him back into the store to talk to me. This is when we start recording. We edited this clip a little because this guy gave us so much of his personal information.

Angry & Confused Old People

  • Linus Pole We call up an old man and ask him a lot of silly questions. He has a hard time hearing us.
  • Bill Gates mom This lady gets really ticked off when I call to yell at her about her son’s software screwing up my computer.
    [part 1]
    [part 2]
    [part 3]

  • Mildred Monday Mildred can’t understand why she’s getting charges on her bill from herself.
  • Alex Carbon Old Man Alex is a little ticked off about the problems he’s been having with the phone company lately.
  • Alex Carbon Again El_jefe tries his luck at selling Alex Carbon a new calling card.
  • Ride Home? We try to explain something to an old deaf man and his replies to us are hilarious.
  • Mildred’s Roof Mildred is fed up with my calls and threatens to shoot me in the hiney with a shotgun.
  • Oh no I’m not! We tell an elderly woman that she’d better pay for the pizza she just ordered or else and she has the nerve to get all huffy with us.
  • Aw, go to hell! We accidentally dial one digit off from our friend Joe’s number so we figure he must live next door to this guy. This guy doesn’t agree. Listen for his nifty reference to rotary dialing!

Deaf Relay Calls

  • Commuter Airline A man is looking for a secret access code to crash an airplane. This call was done back in 1994 when blowing up airplanes seemed like a funny idea.
  • Slow Typist This relay operator admits to us that she’s a slow typist but it’s the best job she could find.
  • She’s Green This cheerful relay operator was nice enough to sing us a song.
  • Bob’s Dick It’s very hard.
  • PLAT&T A special message from our favorite long distance company.
  • Motherfuck While on a conf, a relay operator does his best Jay & Silent Bob impression for us.
  • Dueling Relay Ops While on a conf, we get 2 different relay operators on the line together and let them talk to each other.
  • PLA Go Away Another singing relay operator, begging the PLA to go away.
  • Cactus This relay guy wants to know if his cactus is ready.
  • Summer Nights A couple of relay operators in love sing a song to each other. This is very unfinished, RBCP will probably never get around to completing it.

  • Rubicon on CNN RBCP created this fake newscast of a CNN reporter at Rubicon shortly after the 2003 convention. It was inspired by the 70’s skit called Mr. Jaws.
  • Cactus Flavored Worms Eljefe calls up Roy’s Bait & Tackle about a problem he had with the worms he bought.
  • Modem Scam This lady isn’t amused when we inform her that we just ripped off her store. She insists that scamming them was not a funny joke.
  • Big Larry #1 Big Larry tells his woman about that evil Alex guy who’s listening in on his phone calls. (Note: To read the story of Big Larry, go read rbcp’s bio.)
  • Big Larry #2 Larry goes on another drunken rampage, threatening me.
  • Big Larry #3 Big Larry organizes a posse to come over and kill me. Or maybe it really was just a bar-b-que.
  • Lotek’s Visa This is an excellent call by lotek- who called up the Credit Card fraud department while we were on a conf to report his stolen cards not working.
  • Pizza Nut I prank a lady and she *69’s me and I try to convince her I’m Pizza Hut. I fail.
  • Carolyn Meinel #1 The Carol Series is a 4 part set of conversation that happened when someone on a conference in 1997 decided to call Carolyn Meinel from Now I have nothing against this lady and it was all in good fun, but she’s a friggin’ loon. In this first one she sings us hymns of praise.
  • Carolyn Meinel #2 Carol tells us all about the pretty blue lights and that ALL serious hackers are into explosives.
  • Carolyn Meinel #3 Carol makes her own cheerful explosives.
  • Carolyn Meinel #4 Carol concludes that we’re all just plain silly. This is RBCP just getting bored with Carolyn and trying to get her to hang up the phone.

Drive-Thru Clips

On occasion, we end up taking control of a fast food’s wireless frequencies so that we can take orders from the customers and/or talk to the employees inside. This usually results in complete chaos in and around the fast food joint until we decide to stop. Here are a few sound clips of us confusing customer and employees. If you’d like to know how to hijack fast food frequencies yourself, here’s a video clip showing how.

  • Who Said That?? This is our first attempt at messing with this particular drive-thru. Is0tek is mean to a customer and the drive-thru girl exclaims, “Who said that?” Then the customer drives away and the drive-thru girl sounds rather amused about it.
  • Lawsuit Lady This lady has got to be the stupidest customers ever. The drive-thru girl can’t hear the order because we’re keying over the customer while she tries to place an order. Then after we have our say with the customer, an employee and a manager rush out to try and explain what’s going on to the lady. They explain about a half dozen times before the customer finally understands. The whole time she’s ranting to the employees, saying things like “I WILL get a law suit!” and “I WILL call headquarters!” and “I’ll slam dunk his behind and get my whole family on his behind!”
  • I’m New Here Me and the drive-thru girl get into a fight with a customer about which one of us is the real Wendy’s employee. Horrible sound quality on this one.
  • You Smell Funny We tell a customer that he smells funny and an employee rushes out to explains things to him. The girl laughing is an employee inside. The person yelling at me is a customer. And the guy trying to reason with me is the employee that came outside.

Annoying The Operators

  • Operator Information Fraud El_Jefe calls up 555-1212 and accuses the operators of 3rd party billing their calls to his house. He’s so mad he’s shaking! This call was made in 1995. All the horrible background noise is RBCP laughing and outside noise from an open window.
  • Operator Information Fraud El_Jefe calls up 555-1212 again to complain about his bill. This operator just hangs up on us.
  • Muttering Operator RBCP asks for a phone number from information and the operator is really grumpy for some reason.
  • Prerecorded Voices RBCP confronts an AT&T operator about her changing voice and they get into an argument. The operator gets mad, calls RBCP a name and transfers to a supervisor.
  • OCI tries to counsel RBCP This OCI operator recognizes us as someone who’s been making nonstop collect calls to Mr. Hack and tries to talk some sense into us.
  • Big Electric Charge RBCP calls up information and asks them to send an electric charge into his neighbor’s phone line.
  • Red Boxing An AT&T operator really scares RBCP when he threatens to turn him in to security for red boxing. This clip is from around 1993 or so, made from a pay phone in Indianapolis.
  • We’re 20 People Named Roy El_Jefe calls up information and asks where his socks are only to be transferred to a supervisor. This is from an Alliance conference in 1994.
  • Supervisors with 411 We call up and hassle an information operator who’s a very good sport about the whole thing.
  • Directory Assistance to BP We call up information looking for the number to BP. She can’t find it so we demand that she drive over there and ask them for the phone number.
  • OCI Collect Call We have an OCI make a collect call to our voice mailbox. But the voicemail has a one-sided message on it designed to be mean to OCI operators. They used to fall for this every single time.
  • Racist Operator While talking to EvilCal, RBCP uses an operator backdoor to emergency inturrupt EvilCal’s phone line. Little did we know that she would turn out to be racist.
  • Please Get Kay I call up directory assistance and demand for my friend Kay to give me a number I need so she gets the commission.


10/14/05 – Danny from Vallejo,CA: The “Aw,Go to Hell clip reminds me of one of my grandpas. he would talk on the phone like that to anyone he didn’t want to deal w/. He even had a rotary phone!

08/14/05 – Brit from London: Funny . lol . thought it was funny wen 1 guy told the police to deliver him a pizza

07/27/05 – You from Alton, IL: phone harassment is a felony. which is hilarious

05/24/05 – SATAN from Hell: Funny shit! I look forward to meet you guys when you get here! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

03/04/05 – Chillin’ Dillon from hex secks avenue: this is the most fun I’ve had on the internet since the invention of porn!

01/07/05 – Mildred Monday from New Zealand: You may think this is funny, but it’s NOT!

11/23/04 – breaks from earth: Nice stuff.. I love… the redbox one, 20roys, and “CNN interview” DO more do more!

11/18/04 – Ben from San Bernardino CA: I am a college student and listen to your clips for an average of 4 hours a day. I cant get enough. Do you know of Joe Patisti as found on

07/28/04 – Toe-B! from Vemont: Holly shit. You guys are funny as hell. Really. We need more people like you around to fuck with other knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, slow fuckers who work at fast food restaurants.

07/28/04 – Steve Brachowski from USA: So YOU little bastards did the prank im gonna sue ur ass so fast ull be begging for a job at my drive thru – haha wouldnt you be scared if this were the real deal?

07/24/04 – matthew from denver NC: these are pretty good id give your site decent rateing but the jokes good be better but you harts in the right place these are pretty funny defently worth listening to but like i said they could be better

04/15/04 – Elisa from I prefer not to tell. : This is wonderful, simply wonderful. And funny also. You guys are by far the best.

03/14/04 – Ed from 757: As usual, still great! PLA got me into this, and it’s still keeping me in it’s grasp. Keep up the good work, PLA!

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