The best way to get all the material that PLA creates as a podcast is to subscribe to phonelosers.org/feed/. Everything new from the PLA ends up on this feed. If you’re an iTunes/iPhone user, you can click here for the iTunes page for this feed. Below are some more specific feeds.

The Snow Plow Show – This is currently the PLA’s primary podcast, where you’ll learn about things we’re up to, listen to pranks and other humorous things. This show is available in both video and audio versions, available through audio/video feeds and on YouTube.

PLA Radio Podcast – PLA Radio is PLA’s original podcast. Each episode tackles a new subject related to the Phone Losers of America, usually related to pranks, but often involving telephone or computer security flaws in some way. Episodes are guaranteed not to suck, which is why they are released so infrequently.

The Phone Show – This was a live show that happened every week on Cacti Radio from 2009 until 2012. Subjects included the usual PLA topics, such as updates on the crazy things we’ve been up to, telephone news and exposing security flaws. Prank phone calls would usually aid in our demonstrations. This show is no longer being produced, but full archives and podcast feeds are available.

Big Beef Bueno – This podcast is more of a personal podcast for RBCP, but there are a lot of PLA-type shenanigans on it, mostly involving prank phone calls.

Other Awesome Podcasts

Madhouse Live – Carlito has been a friend of the PLA for years now and he has one of the longest running prank shows on the internet today. Each Thursday night he does a live show for listeners, then edits each week into this podcast. If you like PLA’s style of weird pranks, then you’ll probably enjoy Carlito as well.

The Prank Show – This is another live prank call show, hosting by PLA’s very own Rob The Hyena. (Yes, Rob, I’m claiming ownership of you.) Each week Rob brings you themed styles of prank calls, such as pranking employees that we can see on security cameras and making them do crazy things.

The Fun Show – Staci Stack makes lots of prank calls with various PLA cohosts in her live show and releases them to this podcast each week. At least, she used to. She’s been on hiatus forever now, but the podcast still exists as an archive to all her old shows.

Ask Mr. Biggs – This show has absolutely nothing to do with PLA, but a lot to do with phones. The fictional hosts of this fictional call-in AM radio show are actually using the audio from real call-in radio shows, twisting the audio around to make the callers sound even crazier than they actually are. The hosts, Roger and Mr. Biggs, are hilarious.

The Jerky Boys Show with Johnny Brennan – The Jerky Boys Show is a weekly audio podcast hosted by Johnny Brennan. Every week, Johnny provides behind the scenes commentary on classic Jerky Boys bits. Integrating social media in an innovative way, The Jerky Boys Show features a weekly segment of fan submitted questions which reveals light on the stories behind the laugh-out-loud pranks. As of this update, there doesn’t seem to be an official page for the podcast, so the link goes to their iTunes page, but you can probably find information about it somewhere on thejerkyboys.com.

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  • January 30, 2012 at 9:50 am

    I’ve been following the PLA for goddamn over 10 years. I still use the cactus line in daily speech.

  • June 25, 2014 at 5:33 am

    Now I’ve been following for over 12 years, goddamn!

    In the time that I have followed the PLA I feel as if the hosts and their guests are all my friends. Every night when I prepare my supper I always set a place for Staci and DarkStranger but they never show up. Please fix this issue, administrator.

    Also please do more shows about Eggs- i thoroughly enjoy the shows where you share you recipes.

    Thank you much!

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